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on June 12, 2012
If you're reading this review, chances are you're researching and shopping around for a camera. I did the same thing for over a year (no even kidding). I had my heart set on a Canon because every person at Best Buy pointed me in that direction. Here were my wants:
Long zoom
Light weight and small
Cool color
Easy to use - I wanted a point-and-shoot... I wanted to do exactly what it said in the title... point... and shoot. Not point, adjust, move, zoom, adjust, tweak, change color, move a few steps, and finally shoot. No thanks.

I seriously had my heart set on a Canon until I walked into National Camera Exchange in Edina and the sales guy showed me the Canons, said they were great cameras but wait... have you checked out this Sony? Again, I was stubborn but decided to check it out. The guy literally spent a half hour with me trying to sway me away from the Canon and towards the Sony. I'm SO glad he did. Sony has a 10 times zoom - the Canon only had a 5 or 8, its much lighter and smaller, so much easier to use, really quick - I can point... oh and look at that - I can shoot! And it turns out awesome! Have you used panoramic before? It sold me! I just got back from Hawaii (the reason I bought the camera) and it took AMAZING pictures of ocean, beaches, rocks, ohhhh amazing. The picture looked better than it did in real life!

I know the other reviews on here have given the camera a 5 star and I did too but coming from someone who: A. I'm cheap. Spending 250 bucks on anything is a lot to me. B: I used my iPod touch camera for a while... apparently my standards aren't that high. C. I'm stubborn and for a year thought I wanted a Canon. Turns out I didn't. D. I listened to the expert at the store - he wasn't a Sony rep, he wasn't on commission - he sold me the camera he thought fit me the best and gave me the best 'bang for my buck' as I told him I wanted. Well done, sir, well done.

You won't regret the camera =)
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on May 14, 2012
If you're still using a point and shoot camera that's more than a few years old and you're tired of pushing the button and holding it down waiting forever for the damn thing to take a picture then this is a great next camera for you.

Our old digital camera was fine for throwing in our pocket when we went on trips, but the shutter delay was so horrible that we'd miss fast paced moments or people would get tired of smiling as they hold a pose anxiously waiting for that flash. We had a few trips planned this summer and wanted an upgrade that would take clearer faster pictures generally for photo books and online viewing.

I did TONS of research online and got all tangled up in megapixels and optical zoom and features that I probably would never use anyway. I'm not advanced enough to move up to a SLR camera, but I wanted something that was a step up from the camera I have now. After getting dizzy from all the online reviews I finally just went to some big box stores and played around with the cameras on display. I used them like I would use them on a trip and I even brought along my wife to make sure that she was comfortable using it.

Based on the reviews I was all set to buy a Panasonic Lumix model, but there were too many dials and settings and it wasn't user friendly when actually holding and playing with the camera. I honestly hadn't even seen a review for this Sony WX150 camera, but it was so easy to use and was much smaller than some of the other "travel zoom" cameras. It has three basic modes that you could easily toggle with a button - camera, movie and panorama.

Camera is where you spend most of your time and on here 95% of the time we live it on "auto". There are several scenes you can select if you want to optimize something for a specific setting. For example, if you're shooting through glass in low light you can set it to that it doesn't flash. If you're moving around a lot you can set it for extreme anti-blur where it takes like 5 pictures super fast and then puts them all together for a crisp image. Most importantly it's easy to toggle between the settings and you don't have to scroll through countless menu/info screens to find things.

Panorama mode seems awesome when you read about it, but in practice it's been tough to get to actually work out well. The pictures always end up getting cut off pretty short. Maybe they'll look good on the computer when you blow them up, but on the camera screen it's a little disappointing.

I haven't used movie mode yet so I can't speak to that feature.

So this camera doesn't have GPS (which I think is just a battery drain) and it doesn't have wifi (another battery drain) but it has everything else you could probably want for the best of both worlds between point and shoot and travel zoom. Sure you can probably find more zoom or more megapixels, but if you play around with this camera I guarantee you'll appreciate how easy it is to use, how compact and lightweight it is, and how fast and clear it takes pictures.
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on March 6, 2013
I really, really like this camera. Super fast turn on, WONDERFUL low light shooting. The digital zoom was ridiculously clear. But the battery door didn't sit flush with the camera and I felt like it was going to snag on something and break off. I contacted Sony, and they advised a return. I sent it back, but will be buying another with the hopes that this was just a manufacturing fluke. Will leave another feedback when the new one comes in. Great camera, but I can't have something in and out of my pocket that may break off at any time.

edit*** I wanted to edit this as I finally got a new WX150. I returned the original purchase and picked up another WX150 off site. The new one does not have the same battery door issue that the first one had. So this camera is looking like a good buy, as long as you know that the QA may not be superb on these and you may have to send it in for a replacement. But the images coming off at least inside the house in artificial lighting are spot on.

Getting into manual mode takes a few extra steps than with my previous P&S, but if you know you will be shooting manual instead of auto, then you can have the setup tailored beforehand.

Still can't believe how well the digital zoom comes out. Looks just as good as the optical zoom. Unheard of.
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on July 21, 2012
I've owned the DSLR's, and even tried a "bridge" camera (or mega zoom), but the camera I always take with me is my older Cannon SD750 "point and shoot". Now it's time to look at cameras again, and after reading many reviews from all over I decided on this Sony WX150. Reasons for me where simple, I want to take the picture, not do calculations. I have kids, and I have animals, these are difficult to take pictures of for a lot of cameras without blurry images. Here is where this Sony Cyber Shot excels, in fact I have tested this camera in different lighting conditions, kids running around, taking the usually impossible pictures of the cat and dog and they have turned out great. I had a little difficulty with the panoramic mode at first, but it was because I was moving the camera too slow. Video quality is much better than I expected from a point and shoot, video is smooth and sound is decent. I would say this is everything I was hoping for in a small easy to take along package.
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on December 5, 2012
I purchased the Sony WX150 to replace an old Canon which had limited zoom and never really took great pictures, especially in low light. I narrowed my options to this camera and the WX50, which is very similar but has a Carl Zeiss lens, smaller LCD screen, less zoom (5x) and less megapixels. I ended up choosing the WX150 primarily because of the 10x zoom and the larger LCD screen; these features fit my needs better and the special pricing was just right too!

Even though I've only had the camera for a short period, about 3 weeks, I've used it quite a bit and am very happy with my decision. Over Thanksgiving weekend I took several hundred pictures and about a dozen videos, 98% of the pictures and all of the videos were perfect. I kept the camera in Intelligent mode for the pictures and it performed exceptionally well through the entire weekend from mornings through night. Low light scenes came out amazing as did varied light scenes at the bowling alley, which are challenging for all compact cameras. I strongly believe this camera will meet the needs for the majority of consumers looking for a sub $200 compact camera. Given the price, features and performance this camera is a keeper!
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on October 28, 2012
I own a Nikon D3100, but found it to be too cumbersome to take along to situations where I needed a smaller camera. After much research, I came across this camera. It had good reviews and all the features I was looking for. I still wanted a high quality picture, but with a longer zoom than the average smaller cameras. It is perfect! In fact, I love that you can change your settings so fast and easily to suit your needs. I did not have to study a manual to learn how to use this camera, which is a good thing. Some of the cameras that I have owned prior to this one, were not as user friendly. While, this one still doesn't measure up to an DSLR, you are getting a fine camera for the price. I have not tried the video feature, but it is supposed to be high quality and I have no doubt that it is. Be sure and purchase a good quality memory card for the camera, as it can make a difference in the quality of your pictures.
I would highly recommend this camera!
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on December 25, 2012
We bought this camera to replace an 8 year old Sony 6mp point & shoot camera. The DSC-WX150 is cheaper than the old model and quite a lot less configurable. We've tried three or four cameras over the years and until now haven't been able to find an adequate replacement for it, not for 200 bucks anyway.

This is a tiny camera, we have it set to 6:4 picture shape or postcard size as I always think this shape looks so much nicer when emailing or printing images. The default aspect is 4:3 the same shape as the cameras sensor so like an old fashioned TV screen. By setting aspect to 6:4 does mean a pair of small blank strips to the he top and bottom of the monitor screen. This also brings down the number of pixels in play from 18mp to a more manageable 13mp - so more space on the card and your PC for images. Who needs 18mp pics anyway?

Okay about the camera, first the few niggles and quibbles I have with it. The camera does a lot of smart processing of images, there is no raw or less compression settings, so you're basically stuck with this whether you like it or not - Ideal for anyone who who's not into post-processing. The result of this process is revealed when you look at images at full size, white faces look pink and smoothed with artifacts evident. This appears to be caused by some over-zealous noise removal. The flip side of which is the camera performs well in quite dark situations without needing flash. As with most things your gain can have consequences elsewhere,in this case cropping and blowing up a portion of the image isn't very rewarding to say the least. I would also have liked the usual menu item giving, vivid/bright/natural saturation options. This is not much to ask in a camera at any price level.

That's the not so good, hows about the good and very good and there's plenty of that! The 10x optical zoom is smooth and there appears to be little image degradation at either wide or telephoto. The zoom works in movie mode. Movie mode? why bother? This is an excellent movie camera. My wife has a dedicated Sony DCR-SX65 handycam and this baby knocks the socks of it and it's full HD as well. Pictures are sharp straight out of the camera with reasonable resolution, until you pixel peep, but we're looking at a $200 camera here and not a $1000 dSLR. We intend taking this camera which easily slips into a top pocket without bulging or weighing it down to Thailand and Cambodia next month, it looks exactly what we need.

I agree with other feedbacks, grab yourself a replacement knockoff battery, they're as cheap as chips, we had one delivered to our home from China for $3.50. So for a few ommissions like the ability to choose some settings I can recommend this Sony for anyone looking for a cheap point and shoot which delivers sharp and decent resolution images in a very small case.
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As you can guess, this is light years ahead of phone cameras. Nothing beats optics when it comes to picture quality. I do love the camera in my iPhone 7, but it cannot zoom and had far fewer settings. This camera is a great P&S that will fit into almost any pocket. I take it hiking all the time when I don't want to be bothered with my Sony Alpha gear. It's good enough for photo quality shots without the bulk. Don't kid yourself. No phone will ever match a decent camera.
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on June 18, 2013
I have been a photographer for 10+ years. Having 2 toddlers and now another child on the way, i felt it was time to get out of the business and be a stay at home mom! So i sold all my equipment and was looking for something at almost the same quality but very compact that i could whip out fast and would be great for kids on the run! WELL after weeks of searching i found this and let me tell you the picture quality is AMAZING! I LOVE the fact that it has a "kid on the go" mode for those little ones that dont sit still much like my children! I would HIGHLY recommend this camera to anyone. The only complaint i have is it DOES look cheap and feels light so it feels cheap. But its DEF not! I think im just so use to my 15lb DSLR cameras.
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on July 11, 2013
Bought the camera in January and the battery died last week. Wouldn't work at all and I was afraid that it was the camera. Took it to Batteries plus and they tested the battery-dead (I had tried charging it on the wall and with the computer with no luck prior to this.) A new battery and we're back in business. I love it, but hope the battery isn't an issue anymore. At least I have a year warrantee on the new battery!
Update 10/22/2013 New battery died as well so tried to charge battery with a charging unit. Charging unit says the battery is fully charged. Sounds like a camera issue now. Not very happy.
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