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on March 1, 2013
This review and the associated 4 stars are for the Bundle not the Camera. If you have gotten to this bundle you have already decided on the RX100 and are just trying to get some additional value as I was. I will not speak to the quality of the Camera as that has been done much better than I could do.

I managed to get the Camera today with the associated goodies.
What you get for your $11 premium over the camera alone are:

Spare battery -- not Sony brand it says it is 1600mah vs 1240mah for the stock Sony time will tell if that is accurate
Tripod --------- Zeikos brand its tiny-- pocket size-- it even has a clip for your pocket. Not complaints for what it is.
Cleaning kit --- A small bottle of fluid, 5 q-tips, and a small microfiber snippit.
Camera case ---- Vivitar brand Meh it will do nothing fancy better than letting it get banged against car keys in a purse.
Card reader ---- Zeikos brand it will do the job and I suppose if you don't want to plug the camera into the computer its ok.
LCD protector -- Zeikos brand a universal product you have to cut to fit, the cardboard squeege with it scratches it up:(
32GB SDHC ------ Sony Brand item #SF-32NX this is what you are paying for. $23.20 with prime is the cheapest on Amazon.Sony SF32NX/TQ 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

So in summary in my opinion the only thing really worth the price in order of value are the Sony 32gb card-- that alone is a steal. The tripod is nice I can see it being useful and who doesn't like a spare battery even if it is cheap and craps out quickly it is basically free. The rest are junk and if I would have known the lcd screen protectors would scratch so easily I would have ordered a good one already cut to fit with the camera.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 8, 2016
Sony's Cyber-shot RX100 takes the cake as the most premium of pocket cameras, with a much larger sensor, a very bright lens (at wide angle), excellent image quality, great performance, and enough modes and special features to keep a tinkerer busy for a good long time.

- Excellent high-ISO performance for such a compact model
- Smart controls
- Small body
- Bright lens
- 10fps full-res burst mode
- Very fast shutter response
- Excellent LCD.

- Lens flare at night
- Poor rendering of yellows
- Slow flash recycling
- Soft corners wide open
- Continuous AF mode slows to lock.

For those looking for a back-up camera for when the DSLR is too bulky or inconvenient, Sony has produced a great camera that should also appeal to anybody wanting to trade up from a mobile phone or budget compact camera.


For now, I've been using this camera for almost two years, and the strange things began to happen after I updated the Software from official Sony website - it started to switch on by itself in a "photo view" mode. Sadly I found it when I had a trip to Grand Canion. So, as a result, I had to take all my photos on the phone because the battery went off after it was switched on during the car trip and I didn't notice it and didn't have an opportunity to charge it. I was really frustrated.

Sony warranty is only good for one year, so now I have to fix it with my own money.

Also, the camera is very slow, it's so hard to pictures of my daughter. While the camera is making the photo, my daughter will be out of focus.

That camera was good for the first year, but now, I would recommend to find something better, quicker and with WiFI.
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on September 24, 2012
Bought this camera recently before a trip to Europe and would highly recommend the RX 100. wow. It captured great video quality and very decent sound inside a 1000 year old dark cathedral, wonderful panoramic shots and the stills are also spectacular. Love that it fits in my pocket, metal body, and great lens. Best all around camera I've ever owned. Only thing that's missing is a bigger zoom but gosh, this little thing packs a lot of great features. Own a Sony Nex 5 with several lenses that I also like a lot but it's large for travel. Have also owned Nikon SLR and bought a Canon S100 that I returned because of bum picture quality. A great little camera.
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on September 9, 2012
The purchase of this camera was as a gift for a close family member who had read the reviews and thought it the best value for a small, lightweight but high resolution camera suitable for travel. I reviewed both the camera specifications, the combination packages in which it was offered, and the prices, and my Amazon purchase was the least expensive, most all-encompassing solution, from the many vendors and packages I searched. The camera is just as featured, its 20.2 MP resolution exceptional, and its recipient delighted. I am considering a purchase for myself.
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on July 17, 2013
I hate to admit this, but I now own 8 digital cameras (too many) ranging from an Altoids box sized Pentax to a Fuji X100, to two Infrared-converted cameras, to full frame Canon Mark II 5D. Was looking for that ideal combination of a pocketable camera with a decent-sized sensor and some zoom capabilities and the Sony RX100 is in a class by itself that fits the bill. Have now used this camera for several months and am thrilled with the results.
The best things about this camera are it's unique combination of small size, large sensor, and top resolution. No need to carry around a dslr on a daily basis in case I see something worth photographing - which is every day. This guy fits easily in my pants pocket - not possible with the 4/3 cameras with their bigger lens. I have a 27 inch monitor and the images of the Sony appear to be the same resolution and quality as a dslr.
A few other comments:
1. As others may have indicated, the only small flaw (if you even want to call it a flaw) is that the access door to the SD card and battery appears a little flimsy - but I've never had any trouble with it.
2. Some sort of grip or texture on the front might be nice, but I've added a leather Gariz 1/2 case that provides a little better grip without adding much to the bulk.
Having compared and tested the Sony RX 100 to other compact-sized camera - including my slightly larger Olympus XZ-1 here are some final comments: 1. I find myself going to the Sony when I want especially high quality images. 2. I use the Olympus when I want easy access to special effects such as "dramatic tone" or "pop art" or "pin hole."
The higher price of the Sony RX 100 (over $600) is worth it to me - especially if I want enlargements beyond 13 x 19. Otherwise the Olympus XZ-1 is a perfect lower- priced pocket camera with outstanding capabilities as well.
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on November 18, 2012
I picked this up just prior to leaving on vacation to the Grand Canyon. Learned its ins and outs on the plane...very user friendly...GREAT PICS! My only issue is that because the on/off button and the shutter button are so close together, I would sometimes shut it off while trying to take a picture. Once I realized what the issue was, I just paid more attention! The compact size is great, but the results of the photos are AWESOME,!!
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on December 26, 2012
I wanted a compact camera with SLR features, and the Sony DSC-RX100 certainly fills the bill. Although I use mainly the Macro lens (for photographing small items that I sell on-line), I appreciate all the features and the fact that the camera automatically adjusts to different situations. My only quibble is that this camera does not come with a battery recharger and the ones offered for purchase as substitutes do not work. However, I have luckily found a source for inexpensive X batteries. The ones offered by Sony are expensive, and believe me, this camera eats up batteries. Also note: this camera gives no warning that the battery is low. It simply flashes "Battery Exhausted" and stops working, so I always carry a spare one.
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on October 18, 2012
I love my digital SLR, but it's so bulky that I end up leaving it at home. I've had various digital point-and-shoots, and they are great for snapshots, but don't do exactly what I want, which is to be able to shoot in burst mode (to capture fast-moving animals), or in low-light situations. I'm still learning what this camera can do (and it appears to do almost anything a photographer would want), but at first blush, it thoroughly meets my expectations (and then some). One of the best things is its's small enough and light enough to fit into my purse (or could be worn in a case on one's belt), so it will get used. Very happy with my choice.
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on February 27, 2013
The camera is awesome. I would highly recommend getting the book Phtotographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 to make sure that you are understanding everything that this great little camera can do. The camera takes excellent pictures - sharp and crisp. It is exactly the camera I was looking for when I take trips - even day trips - when I do not want to lug along my DSLR.
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on January 21, 2013
This is a fantastic, versatile and sturdy compact pocket size camera. The menus I believe are set in quite an intuitive way and give access to lots of shooting options and features and you can customize the function's menu to suit your preferences. The ring around the lens with which you can control the diaphragm aperture, the manual focusing or other functions which you can assign to it, feels great. It is also great that you can take pictures directly in Raw (for which you will need to use a program as could be Image Data Converter ver.4 that you can download freely form Sony`s web site, capable of correcting the strong optical distortions produced by the lens at some of the focal distances it covers and which the camera corrects automatically when shooting for jpg) and that the sensor, apart from being quite big considering this is a compact camera, covers a 12 EV dynamic range. Noise is not too visible in images nor bothers much below 1600 ISO, which is good enough. It has a pop-up springloaded flash which you can twist backwards to bounce the light on a ceiling when the camera is in a horizontal position or against a wall if it is in a vertical position, which is a nice detail. As with any camera without an optical viewfinder, with just an LCD screen, taking pictures under the sun can be tricky. Not a good camera for macros (most compact cameras with smaller sensors can do better in this respect) as it only focuses at short distances with the zoom at its widest angle. The same can be said for the maximum aperture, which closes rapidly as soon as you zoom-in just a bit, though it stays big enough anyway. In spite of some minor drawbacks, I would recommend this camera for anyone that can do with a 28 to 100 mm (35mm equivalent) focal length zoom and does not need the camera to shoot macro photos of flowers nor close-ups of birds, but want near DSLR quality images delivered by a pocket size camera.

Regarding the bundle which is being offered by this seller, I would say it is worth paying for it. Except for the "deluxe case", which is not a great deal (the one I got is too big for just the camera), the rest of the accessories are fine and I think that having a spare battery is a must and if not as part of a bundle, you ought to buy one anyway.

PS. (added): The lighting of the flash is quite weak (it has a very low guide number). It is of course strong enough so as to be able to trigger (using the camera in Manual mode) a photo cell from an independent speedlight which could be used nearby or beside the camera as slave to achieve more flash power.
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