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on February 26, 2010
Took a chance on this camera as it was just released by SONY and no reviews were available. But I really like this camera. The pictures are sharp. Color reproduction and exposure is accurate and all of this is done automatically. This camera has 14 mega pixels but I shoot with an aspect ratio of 16 X 9 which uses 10.5 mega pixels. The camera has a panorama feature that with a little practice takes cool panoramas that could definitely come in handy for some landscape shots. This camera has a 26mm wide angle lens with 4X zoom. I love the wide angle which works beautifully with the 16 X 9 aspect ratio. Indoor low light performance has been very good. In bright rooms with the camera on auto flash it often chose not to flash and still the pictures were very good. My other cameras always flash indoors no matter how brightly lit the room was. Indoor shots without a flash create more natural colors. Of course this is probably only possible due to the really good anti shake technology built into the camera. The camera can also shoot hi def movies but I haven't taken any movies yet. One other thing that I like is that this camera can easily fit into any pocket. It is slim and light.
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on February 24, 2010
I've had this camera for a few weeks now and I'm still tinkering with all the settings so I know there's more this camera can do. I'm just an amateur but I love taking pictures and am trying to use this camera not only for personal use but for artistic photography as well. My main comparison though is an old 7MP Cybershot DSC P200 so it's better than that.

The good:

- The automatic settings work pretty well for me so far. I like the advanced scene recognition mode which will automatically take 2 pictures in lower light, one with the foreground more lit up and one with the background more lit. Produces some fun results(see customer shots).

- Decent low light pictures, not too much noise.

- Face recognition is great, it even picked out my dog's face a couple times hehe.

- The panoramic feature is neat just practice using it a couple times to get everything in (or stop) right where you want to.

- The LCD screen is big and bright enough to see if the pictures are blurry or anything like that so that helps a lot.

- It starts up super fast, well I don't have much to compare it to but it's great for me. If something's going on I can get the camera out and press the power button and it's ready to go as long as I have it on the right settings before I turned it off.

- Light weight and very slim. Even in a case I can fit it in my small purse and carry it wherever I go. Sometimes I have to double check that the camera is even in the case because it's really light.

The not so good:

- Washes out often. I took a trip to the park on a lovely sunny day and it seemed like every other picture I took was washed out. Also if I was even partially pointed towards the sun (not directly at it) I would get large lens flares. The flash really washes out the foreground as well, I'm not sure if it's just because you can get so close to your subject with the wide angle lens or if it's because the flash is overpowered.

- Can't zoom in much. The 4x optical zoom is great but that's as far as you can go at the full 14 MP fine picture setting. If you want/ need to zoom in more you have to go down to 10MP and then it gets a bit blurry.

- No zoom with the panoramic feature. You also have to just practice and get a feel for how long the panoramic is going to be with this feature so it may take a few trys to get the picture to start and stop right where you want it to.

- The power button is tiny and flush with the body of the camera. I have small fingers so I can usually press it when I want but I've had to resort to using my finger nails sometimes to turn the camera on. Someone with large fingers might have troubles getting the button to fully depress.

- Only pressing the shudder button halfway is sometimes a challenge. It's very easy to accidentally take a picture when you were still trying to just hold it halfway to focus.

Overall for the price and for being a point and shoot it's a nice little camera. I'm sure once I figure out more of the settings I'll get some better results and the automatic settings have been pretty good to me so far. My complaints aren't enough to make me want to take the camera back I think I just need to get used to it a bit more.
I hope this helps :)
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on May 13, 2010
Sony DSC-W350 14.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Wide Angle Zoom with Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue)

I bought my first Sony Cybershot in 2005 - it cost me $100 and it lasted just shy of three years. So in December of 2007 when I went to replace it I looked at many different kinds: more advanced cameras, that didn't fit the kids-concert-park-beach-camping lifestyle I live. I needed something small and fast. I tried the Coolpix and the FinePix cameras because they we in the price range and they had similar features. None of those cameras come close to the performance of a Cybershot. In the end I bought my second Cybershot. That one didn't last as long, though I have to admit it was put through A LOT. I literally tossed the little camera in my purse. It's been assaulted by pens, lipstick, spilt lotion and left in the well-over-108^ car, until finally that camera bit the big one after only being alive two years.

`Kayso, on to the DSC-W350 - AWESOME! It takes pictures fast - and by that I mean the time between actually pushing the shutter and getting the picture is practically non-existent. It really bothers me when taking pictures of our kids or our ani-babies and by the time the shot it taken the shot was ruined. NOT WITH THIS CAMERA! HA! Charges last fairly a long time; I however will not be without a car charger and a spare battery, that's just me. Pictures are sharp and color is true! While it could take a picture or two to get used to the panoramic this is nothing to worry about, I found using this feature EASY! [On a side note about the color, I got the blue as all my cameras have been blue and I was pleasantly surprised that the blue is a much richer, truer blue than the screen lets on.]

Will be using the video to review my Flip tonight (`cause I can't vlog a flip review using the Flip, duh! Will update after I have some pictures to upload! Hope this helped.
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on September 18, 2010
My husband and I both have nice SLR cameras, but we do a lot of hiking and horseback riding, as well as traveling and we were looking for a camera that didn't weight as much, or that was as bulky as an SLR. We considered two other cameras seriously (Nikon Coolpix and Cannon Powershot), but stumbled over this camera when looking at models in store. The camera boasted 14 megapixels compared to the 10 and 12 of the other cameras we were looking at. This camera has a protective cover over the large view screen, which was important to us. It has a slim design and a metalic casing. The field of view and zoom capabilities are nice. Our favorite feature is the panorama feature where you can sweep the camera from left to right to design your own panorama. We took the camera to Ireland and got fantastic shots of Trinity College, Cliffs of Moher, and Ring of Kerry. My only issue so far is that I seem to take blurry picture 25% of the time, even with the stabilization feature. My husband doesn't have this problem. I suspect it's operator error, as I am use to locking my arms to my body and looking through a view finder (like the old film cameras) and I am not use to holding a camera in front of my and looking at the view screen to frame my photo. This camera was reasonably priced and it takes as SD card, which is nice because they are far more reasonably priced compared to the Memory Stick most Sony's require. We are both pleased with this camera.
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on January 16, 2011
I am currently in the Army deployed to Afghanistan and I needed a small yet reliable camera to conduct public affairs missions and that means I need to take lots of pictures whether it is inside or outside. I used it inside my vehicle and in the dusty areas of Afghanistan and yet the pictures came out crystal clear even on a small camera like this. I took pictures of the mountains that are more than 5000 meters away and come out very clear.

I take a lot of pictures on the move and the pictures came out not at all blurry or distorted. It may be on a specific setting but it is awesome for someone who is on the move.

Size compact so it is easy to find a case if you need to use it outdoors
Fits sony minipro stick
Comes with Video cables + USB to connect camera to computer
Landscape pictures come out great and even in low light scenarios it comes out nicely
Move and shoot is easy to do
Menus and settings are easy to set up

Does not look it is meant for rugged use
Video sound is on average

Great camera if you want something affordable and takes great pictures makes a lot of your pictures look almost professionally taken.
If you are in the ARMED FORCES and would like a camera for deployment or field use I would suggest this camera with a good case to put in your utility pouch. Takes really great pictures in harsh settings and it auto adjusts quickly between landscape and for those pictures you want to take with a battle pose with your brothers and sister in arms.
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on May 31, 2010
I did a lot of research on mid-range cameras in the $150-$200 price range and this camera stuck out. After reading generally positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to take the plunge. I started using the camera on a trip to NYC and it worked great during the day. My only complaints came at night when the lighting conditions were severe. There was either too much light or too little light, depending on where we were in the city. I liked the panoramic feature, which I thought was a nice compliment to the low price. Overall, this is a great point-n-shoot, but if you're looking for a camera that will take excellent pictures in all dark lighting conditions, you may want to look further.
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on January 23, 2010
I had the camera now for two days. There is nothing really negative about this camera. The pictures are sharp, great colors, it's easy to use, all important features are there and work as advertized. The display is great, the build quality is solid, it is small and lightweight. The objective with a 35mm equivalent zoom from 26 to 105 is great. I often found with my old camera that I can't get all people in the picture and there is not enough room to back away to get a larger field of view. The 26mm wide angle helps a lot. In addition you can use the sweep panorama function. It works very good and is very fast. It just needs some practice to get good subjects beyond the usual panorama sceneries. Super Steady Shot is great.

So to help in a purchase I write about missing features. This doesn't mean the camera is bad. For $200 it's a steal!

-In camera HDR would be great
-No exposure bracketing mode (but you can shoot from -2EV to +2EV manually).
-Panoramas are limited to 1080pixel height x 7500 pixel wide. I had hoped to get higher resolution from a sensor that has 3000 pixel vertical resolution.
-No remote control
-Unfortunately Sony offers no waterproof cameras.
-Video is 720p max. 1080p would be nice but is not necessary either
-more colors would be great

As you can see it's hard to find something negative about this camera at all.

The only negative I found so far is that the camera has one slot that takes either SD cards or Memory sticks. This means that inserting the memory stick is a bit tricky compared to older cameras that have only a dedicated memory stick slot. But it's not a big problem either.

All in all highly recommended.
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on February 23, 2013
I bought this camera largely for the ability to take panoramic shots. It takes decent regular shots and video as well. At first I was very enthusiastic about the camera and took it on business trip to Las Vegas. I took many shots with the camera and many on Panoramic mode in parks like the Sahara National Preserve, Red Rock Canyon (just outside of Las Vegas) and Joshua Tree National Park.

Panoramas are easy to take and produce good quality images.

The downside is that the panoramic images are not as high a resolution that you would think - especially in regard to the height. It also tries to make you take a panorama that is a very large angle. I suspect the longer it is - the less likely you are able to hold the camera steady (without a tripod) and the up/down movements reduce the height of your image.

There are some neat features of the panoramic mode that allow you to take panoramas going in any direction.

Would love to take two panoramas from the same position at slightly different angles and have the camera put it together. Then I could address the height issue. I really want to print my images in large format and this is difficult to do. Microsoft has a product that can help with this as well. Using a GoPro camera and the Mircosoft software you can produce really good panoramas as well, but there is a slight distortion due to the wide angle of the lens in the GoPro.

Between the two cameras - I had a lot of great pictures that I really want to print and cover my office with at work. Now, if I only had more money to do that...
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on March 23, 2010
Still and video capture capability packed in one very portable package. My old 2MP Canon S330, though solid-built and still working, is not gonna work for my wife anymore. And ever since I had my Canon Optura 300, I just wasn't able to find time to transfer videos from tape to PC or DVD. I love this Sony DSC-W350 because now I have a much better performing point and shoot with some neat new features like the sweep panorama, face detection, smile detection, fast startup, easy-to-use menu. My S330 has the stitch mode but it requires post processing. What I find using mostly since I got this camera is the video mode. The quality is great at 720p and you can zoom in and out although the zoom motor sound gets recorded too. Also, zooming in and out is not smooth because the buttons are hard to press. The mono sound quality is good although it would be nice if there is a mic input. The best thing is that now it is very easy to download the pictures and videos into my PC.
Now I can readily capture precious moments while my kids are growing.
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on June 18, 2011
I was surprised by how affordable this camera was. I bought it to take on trips abroad, and I was particularly looking for a camera that was portable, would take good pictures without a tripod, and worked well in low-light conditions with no flash. I've had issues on past trips where lots of my pictures came out blurry because I couldn't use flash in a church or around art, so that was a top priority for me. This camera got good reviews at CNET, so I took a chance.

First of all, the size is perfect. It fits in my pocket with no problems, and I am not someone who wears baggy pants. The only issue I had was that there is a sliding selector for shooting mode (camera, panorama, or video) that I kept hitting when I pulled it out of my pocket. Not a huge deal, but occasionally annoying. Second, the pictures really did come out great. I had a few that were blurry, but only about 1-2% of the total. Some of it was me, some of it was the camera. I was impressed with the picture quality. I was also impressed by how quickly I could snap a shot and turn away. The camera took a few seconds to process, but there was very little shutter lag, so I could take the picture and move on (a big plus in crowded, touristy areas). Third, the camera worked AWESOME in low light with no flash. I took pictures in rooms that were almost dark and they looked fabulous--not blurry or dark at all. I held the camera as still as I could, but the image stabilization really did it's job.

Finally, I liked how easy it was to take a panorama. You just slide a selector on the back of the camera down one click and hold the shutter down while you sweep the camera in the direction of the arrow on the screen. It couldn't be easier. Zoom is not available in panorama mode though, and it is very picky about making sure you move in the right direction. If you try to move the camera off of the line it wants you to follow, it will give you an error message (straight lines only, no veering off). The video worked well enough, but you need to move slowly at first to make sure the camera knows what to focus on (or you'll get a blurry video) and it's a little awkward to stop the video, so you should plan on a little editing later.

Additionally, I would recommend getting some large SD cards (I went with 8GB, which will give you about 1,500 pictures) and setting the camera down to 10MB for most photos. I got a second battery (a cheap one from an Amazon merchant), which was very necessary. I was averaging 200+ pictures a day on my most recent trip, and I just about ran down 2 batteries each day. I never use flash, but I used lots of zoom, took panoramas, and spent plenty of time moving in and out of various lighting conditions. This is the first camera I've had that's been able to keep up with me. I felt like the pictures I got at the end of the trip matched the memories I had, which more than I can say for many of the other cameras I've tried.
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