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on May 23, 2013
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The Sony DSC-WX300/B 18 MP Digital Camera with 20x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD is a strong entry from Sony against other cameras in this market segment and price point. It meets and beats several features of competitors, but also fails to be quite as much as it seems to be at first glance. Nevertheless, anyone considering what to take along for photo making on holiday should seriously consider the Sony DSC-WX300.

First let me say that I am a long time fan of Sony digital cameras, and that I have owned many different CyberShot models in the past, and that I am an avid user of the Sony NEX cameras. Superficially, the Sony DSC-WX300 looks like a tiny NEX model. The controls are laid out using very much the same wheel and button system on the back to access the menus, and the styling is very similar. The all metal body conveys a feeling of quality and looks great.

Aside from the controls and family resemblance, they Sony DSC-WX300 is at heart a CyberShot, the Sony line aimed squarely at point and shooters, not at serious amateurs (whatever that is; a good photographer who is not paid any money for his pictures, instead of a mediocre photographer who is?). It is packed with features appealing to sophisticated but casual users. But it is a JPEG image only camera. It does not output RAW image files. It also lacks multi exposure bracketing. Although it would be easy to assume that the Sony DSC-WX300 is a possible competitor to the Canon PowerShot S110 or the Panasonic LUMIX LX-7, the Canon and LUMIX cameras are both more "serious" point and shoot, "pocketable" cameras, with RAW output and more comprehensive PSAM modes.

All that said, the Sony DSC-WX300 has some very interesting features that make it a serious camera for holiday, snapshot and webcentric photo making. The main selling point for the Sony DSC-WX300 are its very small size, it really is "pocketable", combined with its rather amazing 20X optical zoom range, a mind boggling 40X zoom range using optical + digital. The image quality from the lens appears to be quite good. But in the end the image quality is both driven by and limited by the size and sophistication of the tiny thumbnail sized sensor and the electronics. This is the Achilles heel of all digital cameras, and very much the weak point of all pocket cameras. At the end of the day, especially with micro sized sensors used in pocket cameras, no matter how sophisticated, as ISO speed increases there's just no way to not have image quality start to suffer as heavy noise corrections start to be applied to the image by the camera.

Sure enough the Sony DSC-WX300 produces rather amazingly good looking shots up to about ISO 800. But, as with all pocket cameras, the image starts to soften after that. As is the case with almost all digital cameras these days, it's hard to tell just what part the quality of the lens, the limitations of tiny sensors and the alchemy of digital lens and image correction in the camera play in making the final result.

The Sony DSC-WX300 features excellent movie capture specs. But, as with most still cameras that also double as video cameras, the length of any one recording is limited not by storage but by the ambient temperature and other factors that impact how quickly the sensor will heat up while recording continuously. If it gets too hot it will shut down. The Sony DSC-WX300 is rated for video recording up to twenty-nine minutes. I made a ten minute test video without any problems. But, on a hot day, or if your hands have warmed the body already, or the camera starts out hot for any reason then the maximum recording time may be reduced quite a bit. It's not a movie/video camera, it's a still camera that you can capture video clips with. Still, in such a tiny size, the quality and video feature are pretty amazing.

The menus are traditional Sony CyberShot: concise easy to navigate, and without too many options. The Wi-Fi connection worked well for transferring files to and from both a smartphone and a PC, although it requires installing the Sony PlayMemories app. Of course all the devices have to be networked together, a task that's easy if you have little to no router or device security but which becomes an escalating pain as your standards for device security and interoperability increase. Still, it works.

Battery life appeared to be as advertised: rather good. You plug the charger directly into the camera rather than removing the battery and charging it alone. As seems to be the norm for these kinds of cameras, there are a zillion "scene" modes. Why it's assumed by camera makers that someone will have the presence of mind to parse, understand and select the correct scene mode but is assumed to not be organized enough to use PSAM modes is a mystery. The only thing lacking is a "two people being hit on head by coconut while standing in front of blast furnace mode" or maybe a "Batman in white cape snow boarding" mode. But, if you have time to investigate all the modes, and the memory to remember which one does which, it's an asset.

The camera has three different auto modes, but no easy direct PSAM control. About the 18MP sensor: mega-pixels alone are not a good guide to picture quality. An image from a 10MP APS-C sensor with a mediocre lens can easily look better than a picture from an 18MP micro sized sensor with an excellent lens. And let's not forget that with digital images that a large part of what you see in the image has passed through numerous digital processing and correction stages in the camera. The skill of the programmers and the processing power of the camera play an important role.

All that said, the Sony DSC-WX300 delivers some serious value, with a few compromises, and has a number of outstanding and well implemented features. It will easily beat the image quality from even the best smartphone cameras, it is almost as pocketable as a smartphone, it will produce full HD 1080P movie clips, it will network with social media picture sharing via Wi-Fi to your smartphone or tablet, and it has an extraordinary optical zoom range that should cover just about any picture situation.

If you don't need features like RAW file output, exposure bracketing and PSAM type controls that are offered by cameras like the Canon PowerShot S110 and Panasonic LUMIX LX-7, and are after a super portable high quality point and shoot for holiday and family snapshots, then the Sony DSC-WX300 is a serious contender and well worth buying. RECOMMENDED.
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on July 6, 2016
This is a great camera I love all of its features I just need to learn how to have a steady hand when I snap pictures one problem though was very disappointed about Sony the 3 inch display, I purchased the camera in Oct 2014, in September 2015 the i turned on the power and the display was black then the power turned off after 3 seconds, I sent it into Sony for warranty repair
they told me the display had been cracked or was cracked, it was replaced at no cost and the camera was sent back now
December 2017 I had been using it all day I put it in my jacket pocket and threw it 2 feet onto a chair with it in the inner pocket don’t think it was really bad, I went to turn it on Christmas morning and displays all distorted camera only stay on for three seconds and then turns off (“here we go again”) seems like if you’re going to carry this type of camera around you might want to put it in a hard case display cracks very easily
I take very good care of this camera and I would not pooting heavy things on top of it,
Dec 2017 it in clothing when I put it in my bag for travel just to make sure that it doesn't get smashed
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on March 30, 2014
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC WX300

This is one of the best cameras for non-professionals. The camera takes flawless pictures and the quality of Sony Lens G is uncompromised with that of Carl Zeiss Lens. The camera has different setting modes to suit your needs.

However, please note that the zooming is not that powerful, I mean when zoomed to the 100% (all the way to 20x), the picture has grainy texture, not to a great extent, but to some extent. If you want to take best images in bright area with sunlight or similar conditions, the Program Auto (P) works good.

The pictures from the camera can be exported to computers or laptops or smartmobile devices that are directly connected to the same wi-fi router. What I mean by this is that if the computer has been connected to the same router using the ethernet cable, the export is not successful. In order to export the pictures to your computer, you may use the following guidelines:

1. Download the PlayMemories software from the link:
This link will take you to direct download page bypassing all other pages.
2. Installation of this software takes around 25 to 35 minutes depending upon the speed of your system. (Do not connect your camera to the computer using the USB cable before the installation of the PlayMemories software, this causes system crash.)
3. Connect your Sony WX300 camera after installation of this software, and confirm the location. That way the camera understands the destination location to export the pictures over the wi-fi.

The battery has good backup capacity, way better than WX50.

If you are a professional and would like to capture a butterfly with its original colors in sharp contrast for scientific purpose or aesthetic view, this is not for you. This camera is the best for vacationers for their everlasting memories.

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on July 30, 2014
Love, love, love this camera. My last 3 cameras have been sony and I've always loved them. This camera has a great zoom! I decided to get a new camera when my little cousin was graduating and was going to be a key speaker. I'm so glad I did, I didn't get a great seat so the awesome zoom really helped me get great pictures, everyone thinks I was sitting in the front row when I was really several rows back and on the wrong side of the room. Take great quality pictures and video. I especially love the transfer from photos via wifi. I no longer have to plug the camera into my computer and wait for them to download and then proceed to exchange via different medinas. With the wifi photos I choose go straight from camera to iPhone in just a few minutes (less depending on the amount of photos) I haven't tired the camera to computer via wifi yet. Only down fall of the wifi feature (on phones) is that you have to download an app and the wifi selection. Most times I find the set up a bit time consuming especially when the actual transfer takes less time than the set up. Also the zoom and scene selection feature should have been switched with the shutter button. It's a pain when I ask other people to take a picture of me in it, I always myself explaining that they're using the wrong button. The shutter is on the inside (towards middle) and the zoom/scene selection is on the outside (where the shutter button should be. Either way I love my camera, take great photos and I love the wifi feature.
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on April 6, 2014
Before my trip to Peru, I was looking for a nice, compact camera in the $200 range. I looked around at different manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, but ended up with this due to the price, size and features. I like the Wifi sync feature, but to be honest didn't use it much since the image transfers can take some time if they are high quality images. The 20x optical zoom is fantastic and probably the main reason I purchased the camera, since digital zoom is completely awful. This camera is great in that I can easily carry it in my pocket if I want or the compact Sony case that I purchased with it. The other cool thing I found was that it was pretty rainy in the mountains of Peru, but this camera handled the moisture beautifully. I did keep it in a ziploc bag while not using to protect it, but it was exposed to the conditions when I took some pictures and it still works great. I also like the fact that the flash is built into the camera and doesn't pop-up like others, which can easily break.

It's definitely a good camera that I'd recommend to others. I'll try to remember to post an update in the future to see if it's still OK after a year or two, since alot of these newer cameras don't last too long, but I have a feeling this one may last.
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on June 28, 2014
My Nexus 5 takes very good pictures, but when traveling, as techie, I use my phone for everything ,so battery life is a constant struggle.

I bought the WX-300 to help conserve my cellphone battery life while traveling, and it was a great buy.

Easily 2-3 days heavy use, beautiful video. Wifi transfer to Android app works well (amazing).

Picture quality is good, not great,comparable to Nexus 5, which is quite acceptable .

Yes, 20x zoom requires a stand or very steady hand, but that degree of zoom gives you a flexibility to obtain pictures you otherwise could not.

So light, you can place in your shirt pocket easily.

Cons: screen scratches easily,Mini-HDMI exposed and hidden micro USB port causes endless user confusion ( see other reviews), can't control all picture settings

For less than $250, a steal.
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on June 8, 2014
Okay, I'll admit it. When it comes to electronics I'm technically challenged and want a camera that is easy, quick to turn on and use (we have three grandchildren) and takes great pictures in all lighting conditions. Have been using the Sony HX5V for the last few years and love it because it's so easy to use and takes great pictures. I have left the camera on the anti-shake mode and have had just a handful of bad picture out of the thousands have taken. Since we are going to China in a few months wanted to get a backup camera just in case since this will be a once in a lifetime trip for us. I have been trying different makes of cameras (mostly canon and Panasonics) thanks to friends loaning me theirs but have been disappointed because the pictures have varying quality depending on the lighting (even the one's they took). Recently I came upon this camera and noticed the price dropped but was a bit concerned since it didn't have the anti-shake mode my other camera has. Have discovered that the superior auto mode has the same function as anti-shake. This modes takes multi pictures in a row and somehow stiches them together to give you the best picture. Have only had a few days but gave it a workout since I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it. Pictures have natural color and come out very clear even with the grandchildren playing or hand held low lighting. I will say that this camera is very small and will definitely use the strap at all times. My only complaint about this camera is that the doors for where you plug in the charger and even the battery compartment seem a bit flimsy. I have bought additional batteries and charger so won't have to open battery charger door anymore since that seems extremely flimsy I can see that breaking pretty quickly. I would say if your looking for a reasonably priced camera that takes above average pictures and is easy to use give this a try.
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on January 2, 2014
I have had a lot of Sony DSC cameras and this is by far the best one yet. Now, I'm no camera guru. I still can't explain what an F-Stop is. So from a typical casual user, this camera is great and easy to use. It takes excellent pictures. One of the big problems with prior cameras was picture blur from moving kids and pets. I've tested this camera's ability, puposefully taking pictures of fast moving objects. NO BLUR!! The 20x zoom is phenomenal. The picture was a little gritty in full zoom in some poorly lit interior shots, but crystal clear at full zoom in outside shots. Maybe the F-stop thing has something to do with it?!? I haven't used the Wi-Fi feature yet. If you have to download 300 pictures, seems Wi-Fi isn't really feasible. Another improvement is the mini USB charging ability. No longer need the special "Sony-only" charging cable! Lastly, Sony is finally using a standard SDHC Memory Card. No longer have to hook up that special "Sony-only" cable. I'm not going to comment on all of the other special features, because this camera has already proven itself as a great, great buy. Yes, I'm sure there are even better ones out there, but for the price this one is hard to beat.
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on June 20, 2014
My daughter bought this camera a few weeks before I did. She's pretty camera-savvy, and needed a compact camera to take on a trip overseas, as her SLR camera was too bulky. She was amazed that you could get a camera with Minolta technology, 20 power actual zoom, 18 plus pixels, loaded with many features, for such a great price. She loves it, so I got one for myself, and I love it too!

Taking the memory card in and out for downloading is a breeze, as is the battery (which actually doesn't need to come out, as it recharges while in the camera, using the provided corded charger). Memory card does not come with it, so you may want to order a 16GB or 32GB while you're at it. Does everything one would expect from a much more expensive camera! And it's so compact, with a telescoping lens that really reaches out for great zoom shots when it's turned on.

I took the extra step and bought some Tech Armor clear screen protector for an iPad (they don't make a protector the size of the Sony SSC screen) while I was at it. I cut it down to fit, with plenty left over for other uses.
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on June 9, 2014
Great camera! This camera is worth the money. This is great for people who want features of the big expensive cameras in a compact size. The camera arrived in the expected time. I actually requested 2 day delivery, because I was going on vacation. It arrived as expected. I was very happy, with the functions I used. I have to admit, I did not have time to read the instruction booklet. It was easy to use, but still has many options I have not yet explored. The camera is able to take pictures fairly quickly and offers great zoom options. I would recommend this camera to others. I personally, likely this color, it is actually more like a dark pink than red, but still pretty. If you're a guy - this camera also comes in black. It is able to take panoramic pictures and has setting which allow you to take black and white pictures and just focus on one particular color.....
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