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on April 20, 2014
I'm a professional photographer an I owned two additional Sony cameras (DSLR-350 & 100) and my DSC830 performs as well or sometimes better than my larger cameras. It's lighter to carry and much smaller so I can take with me all the time to capture current events and incidents I see in my daily travels. My enlargements from my DSC830 are just as clear as professional as if they come from my larger cameras.
Thank you Sony
Gary R Hudson
Corning, California
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on March 23, 2014
I recently bought the Sony DSCW830 as an upgrade from my Sony DSCWX9. My former camera seemed to be having trouble focusing, a lot of pictures were turning out blurry no matter what I did, but it had been a really great camera with lots of cool and helpful features, the panorama feature (about 180 degrees) was awesome, and at 16.2 megapixels the resolution had been top of the line when I bought it.
This one, the DSCW830, I thought would be even better. From the summary it seemed to have the same special features, an 8x zoom instead of "just" 5x zoom, and it had better resolution at 20.1 megapixels. Also, the panorama was described as 360 degrees, which I took to mean literally 360 degrees all in one shot.
Sadly, even though it's only been a few days since it arrived, I don't like it nearly as much as the first one I had. You have to hold the camera perfectly still or the shot will be blurry. The only way I've been able to get it to take a clear picture is if I set it on a hard surface and push the button, not holding it at all. The panorama feature is not 360 degrees all in one shot - it's 180, like my old one. The menu has fewer features and effects (soft skin, soft background, landscape, night portrait, night scene, low light, gourmet, pets, waterside, snow scene, and fireworks, while my previous camera also had backlight correction, anti-blur, twilight, white balance, metering mode, and face detection). The new DSCW830 is also smaller overall, and even with my small hands I find it harder to handle with the difference in size.
If you've never had a really nice camera before, this would probably seem like awesome camera to have, and the simple menu features and ease of use probably makes it a good one to start with. However, I'm going to give the new DSCW830 to my kids to use, and continue using my old DSCWX9 instead. In my case, the DSCW830 just isn't an improvement in any way except more megapixels.
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on September 30, 2014
Terrible picture quality. I had previous good experience with Sony's CyberShot model line and Carl Zeiss lenses, and that's why I bought this to replace my 9-years old Canon PowerShot A400. To my disappointment, not this time!

I took the same frame with this camera and my old Canon that I must have put at least 10,000 shots on, compensating for the difference in focal depth by stepping backward for a mere 5-6 feet (the Sony has a wider viewing angle than my poor old Canon). On the surface, both shots looked ok. On 1:1 scale, the details and edges are completely smudged and lost with this Sony. The tired lens of my 9-years old Canon was able to produce a crisper shot overall and captured more fine details of near and far objects in the frame. Mind you, I had both shots set at the same ISO and light conditions. I have uploaded and noted the pictures of the 2 cameras for everyone to see. The should by under Customer Images page

Then I thought about the difference in Megapixels. The Canon is an old 3.2 MP, this one is 20.1 MP. I'm guessing that the Sony's processor is unable to utilize all these pixels efficiently in the time the camera takes to shoot the image. My experience with older DSC CyberShots have been amazing. But this was also around the time when 4 megapixels was considered high-end for point-n-shoot cameras. So, this is all speculation. But, the bottom line remains: A new camera is unable to produce a crisp, clear, fine detailed image as a 9-years old one with 1/6th the megapixel power and outdated processing technology.

I still love an value Carl Zeiss optics. In fact I own several interchangeable lenses from this company and they are superb in every aspect. I just don't understand how Sony managed to smudge this lens's reputation so badly by installing it in this particular model.

Another possibility is that this particular camera was a lemon, but I don't have the time or energy to order a replacement just to verify that it was actually this particular piece and not the entire DSCW830 line.

Thankfully, it only took me 3 days of testing to make up my mind and decide that I'm not interested in paying for a new camera that gives out pictures that are worse than the one I'm trying to replace. I already started the return/refund process with Amazon and shipped it back yesterday! 5 Stars to Amazon though for their return/refund policies.
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on September 14, 2015
My wife loves this camera! It is the only one she will use. She can take professional quality pictures just as good if not better than the professionals. Plus she can capture lighting bolts with the continuous shooting mode.
review image review image review image
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on January 17, 2015
Purchased this camera based on reviews and thought that this would be a good choice after miss placing our Coolpix. Camera is small and lightweight which is a plus, unfortunately the camera really does not take quality pictures and the lag for taking pictures from the time you depress the button is far longer than any of my previous half dozen pocket cameras prior to this one. Understood that this is a budget camera, but I have always purchased budget cameras and this camera is the worst performer {vs Nikon, Kodak, etc} that I have experienced. I have been very surprised at the reviews vs what I have experienced. If you do not mind the 1-2 second lag (which is an eternity for capturing the moment} then you will be fine with still shots such as landscapes and such. But if you are purchasing this camera for family moments that are not staged {ie please wait and pose for 30 seconds) then this will work, but if you are like me with two kids in the age of 8 and 6 and wanting to capture moments in sports or just in the family room, this camera will frustrate the heck out of you. Hate to be negative, but this camera has been disappointing for sure. Updating a week later, camera still not taking good pictures, can not set action photos easily and auto tracking is a pain, me and girlfriend could not find how to manually set the camera to take action photos, pictures continue to come out blurry, will not buy Sony again, from 2 stars to 1 star as I tried taking pictures for my daughter's birthday at a venue and almost every picture came out poorly, not what I am used to in a pocket camera.
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on August 27, 2014
Bought this camera for my wife for our vacation to Utah. She took hundreds of great pictures. We had some enlarged and the quality of the photographs is excellent. This is a excellent camera that you can carry in you pocket and have ready in seconds. We bought a spare battery as she takes a lot of pictures. That worked well as we needed it. If you don't take a lot of pictures one battery will certainly work. We recharged both batteries every night and were ready to go every morning. When all is said and done - the pictures are what remains to remind you of those special moments. And this camera takes great pictures. This is the second Sony camera of this size we have purchased. I got her old one and it still works well - but this one is better!
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on September 23, 2015
At this price point, we can't expect miracles. My other camera is a Sony a-6000, but the DSC-W830 was purchased as a simple-to-use camera for my wife--to replace her 2006 model Canon Elph SD600 (6 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, no image stabilization). The image quality and noise levels are definitely much better than the old Elph with this Sony point-and-shoot. But the remaining question is whether my wife should use this camera or her iPhone 6 while on vacation.

On paper, the DSC-W830 should be better: its sensor is 50% larger than the iPhone sensor, and it boasts 20 megapixels compared to the iPhone 6's 8 megapixels. And the DSCW830 sports a Zeiss lens. Using the intelligent auto setting, I shot several scenes using the DSC-W830 (lens at widest setting--25 mm focal length equivalent) and the iPhone 6 (29 mm focal length equivalent) and the standard photo app. In the centers of the photos, the DSC-W830 images were clearly sharper reflecting the improved resolution of the sensor. But at the edges of the photos, the iPhone 6 images were much sharper because of the large chromatic aberration for the Sony product.

I haven't tried out the P mode on the DSC-W830 in with various settings (exposure compensation, ISO, HDR changes, etc.), and I suspect that by fussing with the Sony camera I could make it perform close to the iPhone 6--in the center of the image with wide angle. The chromatic aberration appears to be a lens issue, and I haven't tested different focal lengths (levels of zoom) to see whether it gets worse or better when focal length is increased. The iPhone 6 probably has less of a problem with this because it uses a prime lens (no zoom). Of course the DSC-W830 has the zoom capability (an advantage), which the iPhone lacks.

I tried out the panorama feature on the DSC-W830, and found the resolution of images to be so bad that the panoramas were useless. The iPhone 6 panoramas are excellent--way, way better. The SCN setting on the Sony camera may be useful, but the 4 picture effects are gimmicky in my opinion. The screen menus are simple and easy to navigate.

Based on sensor size and number of pixels, I would have thought that the Sony camera might have been better than the iPhone 6, but overall it is equivalent in some circumstances and worse in others. Did Sony use a cheap sensor and other inexpensive electronics? Is their firmware less sophisticated? I was disappointed in the lens performance (chromatic aberration, softness at the edges of the images).

I think that the Sony DSC-W830 is suitable for snapshots made by people who may be technically challenged--Aunt Ida or your 12 year-old pre-teen. It is convenient if you are going to an amusement park with the family and just want some fun shots. But if you don't need the zoom, you can probably get comparable to better results with your iPhone 6, particularly if you install the ProCamera 8 app, which makes the iPhone work more like a digital camera.

Previous shots were done in the evening, when conditions might have been less than optimal. I tested the DSC-W830 in bright sunlight and with different zoom settings. Results were disappointing. The right edge of the image was blurred at 1X, 2X (equiv. to 50 mm), and 4X zoom. I had thought that perhaps a smaller aperture (resulting from the bright sunlight) might help, or that the lens would have a "sweet-spot" at mid-zoom. The blurring would be just detectable with a 4x6 print, but I wouldn't use images from this camera for any greater enlargement of the whole image. You can have an acceptable enlargement if you crop off the edges leaving the center 50% of the image. One of the photos below (about 1/3 of the whole frame) shows the blurring on the right edge. I'm disappointed.
review image review image review image
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on December 11, 2014
I wanted a small, lightweight, easy to use camera that takes good quality photos. I did some research and i chose the Sony W830. The camera is very small and will easily fit in your pocket. It's made of aluminum that looks great. It does not have that cheap plasticky feel. The menu system is very easy to learn. I tried the Full Auto, Program and Scene modes, they work fine. I viewed the photos on my 27" iMac and 50" HDTV and i am very satisfied with the photo quality. The HD movie mode is also good. Battery life is OK but i recommend buying a second battery and a case. In my opinion this is a 5 star camera.
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on April 2, 2014
The spectacle of this tiny camera is big, when you consider its' tiny size. I bought the camera for its' large 20.1 sensor, but mainly because it boasted a premium Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. The results are unmistakenly grand.
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on March 22, 2015
I am so sad about this camera. I've been brand loyal to Sony, since my first child was born, and we've used Sony Cybershot since 2006. When they broke in the past, it was my fault (dropping it etc), but this is my 4th time buying one, and the quality has taken a nosedive. It is not worth the name anymore, and now I don't trust the SONY name either. This camera is flimsy, so the battery is hard to get in and out, but once it's in, it can easily fall out. But worse than the battery issue is the fact that it takes a long time to focus/take the shot, and then a really long time to take a repeated shot, even without the flash. You can't effectively take photos of children, which is mission critical for me. The other Cybershots, even back in 2006 were not this slow! How can it be this bad 8 or 9 years later?
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