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on December 27, 2013
Although I have a built-in DVD player in my SUV, I have four kids who don't necessarily want to watch the same movie. So, my solution was to also buy a couple of these portable players. This has worked out great for us. I bought the Sony version instead of some cheaper other versions because I was scared away by some of the reviews from these other products that they broke quickly. Our Sony versions have worked fine for a couple years now. They are rather thick and hefty, which seems to make them more durable. Plus, Sony has a good reputation. Some other things I like about this product is that you can either run it through plugging it into an outlet within your car (the old "cigarette lighter") or you can just run it without being plugged in. It has an internal battery that lasts for probably a couple of movies before you need to plug it in to recharge. You can still watch movies while it is charging. There are also two slots for headphones, so two kids can plug into one portable DVD player at once. It also comes with a power source that you can plug into an electrical outlet in your house. I also bought some cheap headphones for these, that worked just fine. Overall, these have worked great for us. I'm sure there are probably some more technologically advanced portable DVD players, but this one is reasonably priced, durable, and good for the kids on a trip.
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on January 2, 2014
This is my second Sony portable DVD player. The first was a 9 inch screen. It was just as great as this one. It still works after 9 years. I only got this one, as I gave the first one to my son for my grandson to use. Not only do I use this one when grandkids come to the house, but I use it all the time at home if I want to sit in the same room with my husband while he watches tv I put earphones to it and can listen to music or watch a different movie. It is also light weight enough to carry on the plane. The battery on this one actually lasts longer than the first one. I haven't tried it for 3 hours straight yet, as it is supposed to last through, but I did set it up in the vehicle for a 2 hour trip for my grandson to watch and it lasted that long and was still going when we stopped. It opens up and sets nicely on the console. When I first got it, I thought it wasn't working, but come to find out, the hold button was on (it is close to the power button on bottom right side) so it wouldn't play. When I turned the hold button off, it was fine. I am very pleased with this and am looking forward to many more hours of pleasure.
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on May 26, 2015
Got this and am a bit disappointed in the performance of this product. I am a huge fan of Sony products and believe they make some of the best electronics but this portable DVD player has let me down a bit. I hooked this up to my TV at night because I didn't have cable in that bedroom yet. I used this for about a week and suddenly it stopped playing DVD's. I used a DVD that I knew had worked before and the player errors and tells me that it can't read the disc. It had read the disc before so I know it's not an issue with the DVD. I tried multiple DVD's and all had the same issue.
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on September 12, 2014
We bought this DVD player less than a year ago and have absolutely LOVED it until today. It turned long car trips with a toddler from a torturous experience to a joyous experience. She actually got excited for road trips because she could watch movies the whole time. But then today we got in the car, started the DVD player as usual and no matter what DVD we put in, it could not play it smoothly. It kept freezing and skipping and couldn't seem to play any DVD smoothly. Some DVDs it can't even load at all even though it has loaded those same DVDs just fine in the past. We are now about to board a plane with a very active toddler with no portable DVD player!!! I called Sony and was informed that the warranty covers the parts but not the labor and the labor would cost $137!!! That's twice what I paid for the player in the first place. And they would not just send me a new player. Sony seems to have very little confidence in this product if the warranty is that weak. We have used this DVD player only a few times and have been very gentle with it, keeping it protected in a padded case so I am confident that the problem is with the product. We will be on the hunt for a new player but it certainly won't be this one.
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on June 13, 2013
So my first review was glowing, but after only 8 months of great care and very little use, this DVD Player stopped functioning altogether. It will no longer scan or read any of the DVD's I put into it. The disk spins and the player makes some weird noises and after a few minutes of a screen that says "Loading" ... the player informs me that it "Cannot Play This Disk".

So I thought I had a faulty disk, but not the case. I tried several disks, some of which were brand new and never used. Still the DVD Player would not scan or read any of my DVD's.

Sony used to be 'State of the Art' in electronics but it seems like they have gone the cheap crap route. Do not buy this player, I wasted my money on it and only got 8 months of use out of it. Just another cheap, shoddy, s***ty, piece of junk!
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on August 29, 2012
This is a fantastic dvd player. It's almost as if we have a 2-in-1 player- a great dvd player for our tv that also goes in the car! I bought this specifically because our other portable player died and we needed a new one for long car/plane trips. After getting burned with a cheap RCA model at a local store, I chose this one for its long battery life, two headphone jacks, remote control, and great brand name. After using it, I was so excited to see it has a matte screen, so the sun doesn't affect the viewing ability, and it remembers where you are on the dvd, even *after* you remove it and have played other discs!

It is nice and heavy for a portable player, so I don't feel as if it will snap in two if it falls on the floor of the car. It also doesn't make a "running" noise when playing- the other cheap player we have is very loud until the disc stops spinning. The flip lid is not flimsy and the buttons are simple to use. We needed a new home player too, but decided to use this one instead. Unlike other players, the screen will go black when you plug it into the tv- no more having to turn the player around so you aren't watching the same show on two screens.

I'm very happy with this player.
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on October 5, 2011
I'm not sure about other reviewers who rated the product as not reliable...

Mine gets beating for months already from my younger daughter, who is 10 now and is not really abusing the player, but is not wiping the dust out of it either!

- battery life is reasonable good for the size and price: more then enough when you and your 2 kids are having to line up into queue during the long trip for who is charging first his cell phone, player or iPod
- picture quality is OK: no complaints, it may be better on pricier models, but reasonably good for the purpose
- slightly scratched disks were working fine (unlike our home DVD player)
- design and build quality are GOOD

I would recommend!
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on June 27, 2014
I wish it played Blu-ray Discs, but other than that it's a great player. Good sound, good viewing angle range and I can play back from where I left off as long as the disc stays in the player. Very much a timesaver if, like me, you watch DVDs at work on a half hour or 15 minute break and hate having to take extra time to load a DVD, wait sometimes way too long to get to the main menu then find where you left off watching last. The playback feature is especially handy if you watch tv shows on the player. It's somewhat heavy, but I got a shell case with handles (also from Amazon) that easily fits the player with space for all the accessories I need.
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on August 23, 2011
i am at a loss as to how many stars to check off.....!

unfortunately i had to return this to amazon as it did not function properly out of the box. the screen only displayed a 5 inch image with a black bar on each side...

sony customer service was great, called them late in the evening and they worked with me till 11:15 pm trying to resolve the problem, however they could not resolve the problem and told me to send it to them for repair....

i dont like keeping something that was delivered to my door 16 hours earlier and does not function properly out of the box, so i chose to return it to amazon...

that being said, the picture quality on this unit is outstanding, could use a tad bit more volume but it is adequate, and like i said, sony tech support is awesome.

so even though i did not keep this unit, i thought this post would help someone else who might have questions about the video, it is super sharp....also the unit is extremely easy to use, no rocket science here....if any questions, call tech support who are very pleasant and helpful......
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on April 15, 2012
I bought 3 of these players, one of reach of my 3 daughters for a long road trip. Years ago I bought one of those dual screen car dvd players that you can have a single dvd play on both screens. I forget the brand, but it was a well known common brand. It started acting up within 6 months, stopped playing dvds after a year. Plus, it just felt cheap. For the next road trip I decided on a different strategy and purchased 3 of these which came to about the same price as some of those dual screen players. We're 2 years in and not a single problem with any of them! We've gone on several road trips and they've stood up very well through minor drops, bumps, etc.

Features I love:
- Dual headset outputs. If 2 of my kids want to watch the same dvd, I just have them sit next to each other and they have no issues. Plus I bought child headsets so I don't have to listen to Disney princess movies the whole ride!

- Power! It comes with an A/C adapter for the car AND a standard wall plug AND it holds a charge of about 4 hours or so (I've never really tested it, but they can usually get through 2 movies at least). I usually charge them all up the night before a trip, then let them watch in the car and plug at least one up in the van while we're driving (depending on who sits in a seat close to the power plug). Then if one runs out of juice, I just swap them. Basically I've never had issues where they're all dead at the same time. Power just isn't a issue for us with these players.

- Fairly simple controls, even for kids. Only my 4 year old still needs some help, my other 2, ages 5 and 6, do not.

- Loud volume. If they don't want to use the headsets for whatever reason, they can watch without them even in a not-so-quiet car and they can hear fine. Of course, with 3 kids, we can't have all 3 listening to them without headsets at the same time, but it's nice as an option and has come in handy when one child is sick of the headphones.

- Durability! They have held up fairly well and they just feel durable and solid. I'm pretty sure they can take a fair amount of abuse.

- Bright screen

I know you can get players with larger screens, but I don't see how younger children would care. My 3 kids have never complained about it. I could see potentially older children wanting larger a larger screen, but my kids just want their movie!
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