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on May 8, 2010
I have another model Sony DVP-NS57P for a over a year now, and very happy with it (cost about $50). Due to I watch lecture many hours a day, so average life for my DVD players is about a year, so I always look for good price model and stock up. After my other models/ brands that cost $200, $100 ones died so soon!

I like this one, because it cost me $40, and Sony name just a great value. I was very happy when I first started to use it, it's smaller size then NS57P that I use at another room. (not the mention cost $10 less) I don't need fancy functions, but most important for me is the Resume, which I can keep watch after turn the disc back on. And this is advertised as "Multi-Disc Resume -6 disc". I just need one disc.

After just one month of usage, the Resume function just died, even the screen still saying it will restart when turn back on, it's not working. I go over the menu and tried different disc because that might be the cause, after couple of weeks and several different discs later, I know it's broken. I brought 2 of this machines, one still in the box, I am not sure if it will happen to that one too, but for the time been, I will look for another model just in case. I will update this review once I have more information.


Just couple of weeks ago, I put in a disc that I watch previously to watch again. The machine could not read, and made really bad noise. I thought-it's going to die now, I took the disc out and put some other disc in, it works, but straggle a little. It's like near death experience for the DVD player, (since I had many of them die on me, so I know how it is!) my point is, the resume function is back, I do not know why, maybe just some kind of malfunction before, but for now, I am happy. Now I just hope the machine will work at least a year or longer.
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on January 1, 2013
Recently my Sony DVD player I bought 10 years ago finally died out on me, it was a reliable player and worked well for a long time. So I decided to go with this one as a replacement. First I was surprised to find out that the technology of this machine is pretty much exactly the same as the one I had from ten years ago; except certain aspects are worse since this one doesn't have an eject button on the remote control.

Also this machine does not keep track of disc space very well compared to my old Sony player(the old one always went to the correct spot I left off from); this one sometimes jumps to a earlier part of a film I'm watching instead of the exact area I stopped at(pretty annoying). Also this machine turns itself off after about 20 mins of non use(unlike my old machine which just kept showing the screen saver).

And lastly this machine sometimes makes extra noises and rattles a bit while reading a disc(the old one did not). On the plus side I prefer the ergonomics of this machine's remote control(smaller and more compact). Also the machine itself has a compact footprint and can easily be placed in any area. Overall it is an efficient machine that for the most part works as it should, but the quality is not as good as before.
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on December 24, 2009
I've had this player about 2 weeks and we are on our second one. After seeing how well the replacement unit was packaged I'm thinking that the problems that developed with the first unit were because it was shaken too much during shipping (no inflated air packs, just two deflated sections sitting in the box). The second one is so filled with air packs that I can't shut the box flaps to put it in the closet just in case.

We are happy with the functions (although eject on the remote would be nice) and I got lots of hugs and kisses from the kids last night when we were able to watch Shrek again for the first time in a week. I'm pretty sure I owe my thanks to whomever packed that second box for being a hero last night.

While I'm not happy that we had to order a replacement & that I'm going out on Christmas Eve to ship the original back, I'm very happy that Amazon made the process simple and that they cross-shipped the replacement.

Edit on 1/14: The second player is working great. It's already outlived the one it replaced. No problems, no complaints, it's a nice basic player.
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on June 20, 2011
Very slim profile standard definition DVD player, sleek and works well. I bought this unit for my Dad's birthday, and had it direct shipped to him. Problem was that the first unit Amazon sent did not work at all. Amazon's customer service took care of that by shipping a new unit, then having the defective unit picked up the next day. It seems others have had similar problems with the players not always working out of the box. A little annoying, but solved by Amazon's great customer service. The second unit worked fine, and my dad is happy with his gift.

Couple of things to note, this unit DOES NOT upscale, it is standard definition only. It does come with a composite cable (red, white, yellow), but you can get a slightly better video by adding an optional component cable (blue, green, red), which the unit does support. It also is a great picture viewer, my dad uses this function to view digital pictures I send him on CDs or DVDs. In addition, it plays a pretty impressive number of audio CD formats.
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on March 28, 2012
I purchased two of these about a year ago - one for upstairs and one for downstairs. One broke in just under 3 months and the other one is still going. It's a very basic player - no frills but I just want it to play DVD's for my kids. It can be a little finicky with dirty CD's/DVD's - we've had a couple it doesn't want to play at all no matter how I clean them (it's possible they may have too many scratches on them) but for the price it's an okay DVD player and not that I want to fork over $35.00 every three months for a new player, I did just buy another to replace the one that was broken. I'm hoping this time I'll get one that lasts a year or more like my other.
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on March 20, 2012
I ordered this to use when I replaced my older bedroom TV, which had a built-in DVD player. I have a good Toshiba player in my living room, so just wanted something inexpensive to play movies on in the bedroom. It is very, very lightweight and slow to respond to commands like on, open & close, but once it's playing it's OK. One complaint I have is that this is the first DVD player I've used that does not allow fast forwarding of movie previews - I get an on-screen message saying this action is not allowed. Had I known that, I still might have purchased it, because of the price - but if I'd found one that allowed me to fast forward through previews for just slightly more $, I probably would have chosen that. I'd say this is fine if you just want an extra DVD player & won't use it often.
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on February 7, 2012
 The first unit I received was DOA right out of the box. Plugged everything in and turned it on - the tray would not eject and I could not load a DVD. Amazon Customer Service created a mailing label and sent a replacement immediately.

The replacement unit was received today and seems to be working on all cylinders but based on the overall experience with the first unit I will keep this at three stars for 30 days to see if any other quality control issues develop.
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on September 14, 2015
It worked for about 3 years which is a good time frame, but I still have to keep replacing it. It will play the dvd's, but the sound is super garbled and there is a loud humming noise that also interferes. I've tried it on 3 separate tvs with the same result (all the tvs are a different brand: Vizio, Panasonic, and Samsung).
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on January 27, 2012
Nice and compact without looking really cheap.

Love the remote layout, which is similar to every other Sony layout so I does not take too long to remember the funtion locations.

My only draw back with this product is there are no HDMI hook ups on it.

I purchased this for the kids room, something I would not cry about it if got broken. I paired it up with a nice flat screen, but the picture quality for avi hookup can be fuzzy on certain DVD's, especially if they are old.

Worth the price for the spare room or kids room, however no HDMI definatly puts this in the bare bones catagory for me.
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on April 16, 2011
This DVD player worked great for 6 months. We bought it because the price was reasonable, and, because we're still watching movies on an old Sony WEGA Trinitron CRT TV, we couldn't justify an HD quality player. The picture and sound quality were fine, and it was less than 1/2 the size and weight of our 20 year old Sony player. But it has just started skipping and stopping during playback - exactly the problem our old player had. I put the same DVD in a spare DVD player that we won for free (no-name and cheap!), and it played perfectly. Of course, after 6 months, it's probably cheaper to replace it than send it in for service on my dime for shipping and labor. Disappointed after the old Sony lasted for 20 years.
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