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on June 29, 2011
I use this recorder for recording class lectures lectures. Works very well even with a low talker(although I would advise sitting up front)since the volume goes up fairly high. As far as my use goes I simply record the lecture and then plug in a pair of headphones to listen on the way home on the train or sometime play it without headphones in the car, and for that it does the job wonderfully. I can't say anything pertaining to computer use. Comes with software, warranty, manual, batteries and usb cord.

Only major thing I wish is that the battery was rechargeable, however I must say it does well on battery life it would just be nicer to just be able to recharge instead of buying new batteries. Also if there was a back light button for the screen just to be able to see in the dark, not a major deal though.

I would recommend this for any college student.
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on May 17, 2011
I have never used a digital recorder as such. I've had PDA's and Phones that will do that job but do not do a very good job of it. So I have no frame of reference. I am very pleased. As is typical of me I keep wanting to do things with out reading the instructions. So there is a little of ADD getting in the way. The sound quality even on the low mike setting is remarkable to me. It's very small. I expected it to be much bigger. I love that you have the option to use an external microphone and head set. I've ordered some for it, one omnidirectional and one unidirectional. I'm not sure of my choices. I'm an old ham operator so I only knew about Sure microphones and they were very expensive. I also love that it is digital. One problem I had with the old tape version is that after a while the motors started making noise that was picked up by the recorder.
The only flaws I have found is that there is no option for external power and no LED back-light. In strong light or very dark areas it is hard to read. My normal solution would be to make a shade but you have to have a back-light to do that. I may look into attaching one of those cheap key-chain lights and make a flip up shield. I researched the reviews on this same product but with different sellers and it fared well. For the money this looks like my solution for now. I'll update it later if my opinion changes. I do recommend directional and omni external mics. Another thing I may look into is making some sort of shock/wind cover so that if you have it outside or in your pocked you do not ended up recording that stuff.
Hope this helped.
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on March 29, 2012
I bought this recorder in December 2011, but only used it a few times. I had recorded less than five hours. In March 2012, in the middle of a recording, I noticed that the screen had gone blank. Thinking maybe the batteries had died I replaced them, but no good. It's pretty much a brick. It doesn't work even when plugged in to my computer or to mains electricity via the mini USB port.

The Sony warranty does cover replacement for up to a year, but there are two hitches.
1) it costs $29 + tax to participate.
2) the replacement is likely to be a refurbished model.

There's also the matter of my data. I recorded it on the internal memory, and now it's inaccessible. All but one of my recordings had been transferred to my computer, so that's good at least. The remaining one, which I was recording when the device kicked the bucket, is still there and I have absolutely no way of retrieving it. Sony customer service referred me to a data recovery service; they told me that since it's on the internal memory I am SOL. I'm sure there probably is a way of doing it, but that it would cost far more than what this thing is worth.

Anyway, the thing quit on me and I've lost my data in the process.

If you choose to go with this one anyway (I bought it because it had the best reviews for the price point), get yourself a micro SD card and record exclusively on that. Then when it dies at least you'll still be able to get at your data.
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on March 21, 2013
I purchased this recorder January 2013. Great product, but...

The "but" is that in just 2 months of use, many of the markings on the device have worn off or are wearing off, such as the markings on the "enter" button. Figuring this was just an anomaly I called Sony service and was passed along to Customer Relations. The only solution they could offer was that I return the device to them, they would evaluate the problem, and perhaps send a new device. When I explained that I use the recorder very frequently and returning would be a problem, they would not budge. I suggested that they send me a new one in advance, and then I return the recorder I have, but the customer relations person really gave the impression of not caring, even when I suggested that Sony did not have a very user-friendly policy. I then asked to speak to the customer relations person supervisor, and he insisted he was the end of the line in complaints. I asked for a US number for Sony corporation, and the answer was that he had no such information.

It is really too bad. Sony makes fine products, but if this is an example of how Sony deals with its customers, and how little Sony cares about keeping customers coming back to their products, then I suspect I'll never buy another Sony product again.

UPDATE: A day later I found the names and emails for some senior people at Sony and picked one and sent an email asking that my concerns be addressed to someone who has some authority. To my surprise, I received a voice mail a few days later from a person in the presidents customer relations office. I called back and the treatment I received was totally different. This person, in Florida, could not have been nicer and he not only immediately agreed to replace the recorder, he offered me an upgrade since they did not have this recorder in stock. I had to call back a few days later (due to a tiny mix-up) and the person I spoke with then was equally pleasant and helpful. So, the question is why is it not possible to get THIS customer relations group when first trying to get help from Sony, and why, when the people at the number given on the web are adamant about their customer-unfriendly policies the group in Florida are so totally willing to bend over backwards to help a customer?

Out of curiosity to see if the number I called was on the web, I discovered that Sony does not, apparently, give it out. However any number of people have posted after having the same issues I've raised - terrible overseas customer service and excellent service from the US after finding the "secret" number. So, the number to call for problems with Sony products, and to get a really caring response, is (239) 245-6475.
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on November 17, 2014
I loved my little Radio Shack mini cassette. But when it died, the cost of replacing it was ridiculous because they are no longer manufactured. So I got this Sony digital flash voice recorder because it was the right price and well reviewed on Amazon. Now I agree with the other reviewers who liked this. Easy to use and small. Very handy.

Now it took me three tries to get it set up ... but that no longer matters. I was stupidly trying to set it up while watching something else. A little more focus and I could have done it on the first try.

An additional thought several months later: The sound is great and ease of use is great. My only problem was that I could not send the file! All are too big to send via email. But a flash drive got the file to a person who said it's on her computer now and runs with great sound.
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on January 15, 2014
I bought this to record sermons at church on October 4th, 2013. The first 3 sermons recorded fine. The 4th sermon had times of scratchy background noise. I was able to clean those up in my editing software. The next recording had constant scratchy noise. I could clean some of it up, but it wasn't good. The last sermon was no good. I took the recorder home to troubleshoot, tested a bunch of different settings, went online looking for solutions, got into an online support chat with Sony. My only option is to pay $29 to get a refurbished replacement. I'm not going to throw good money after bad. Will go back to using my iPhone recorder, which worked well and consistently. I bought this recorder as an attempt to have a device we could leave at the church so anybody could turn it on and record.

During my troubleshooting I learned that the recorder can't be near a mobile phone, AC power source, or florescent lights. With all the CFL bulbs we need to use now, that last one is a tough one. I asked him how far away does the recorder need to be and he said at least 2 meters. That's 6 feet. With 8 foot ceilings you're going to have to put your recording device near the floor. Nuts.

Buyer beware.
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on September 9, 2012
I bought this along with the recommended 8gb memory card that pops up for my mom to record her thoughts for her book. Once you through the setup, which can be a bit painful, the product is fairly easy to use, until you put the memory card in. I turned the recorder off, put the card in, and switched it back on. The memory card, even though it was not the default write to device, took a full 6 minutes to "access", during which time you can do nothing. The recorder shuts off by default at 10 minutes, so you have to watch it or you'll be powering up again and waiting. I even reformatted the help. So my mom and I agreed to take the card out and only use it if she's out of memory and downloading isn't possible.
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on April 25, 2013
Definitely followed the recommendation given on Sony voice recorder.
Didn't want to spend money on features I wouldn't use. I record our monthly meetings.
Great clarity, easy to go back and type up the minutes at a later date.
Product works exactly as described.
I would not be with out it.
Fast shipping.
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on July 22, 2011
I wanted an easy-to-use digital recorder to record my song-writing on guitar, with reasonable sound quality and the ability to save files to a PC, without paying a lot. The Sony ICD-PX312 fills the bill nicely. Using a separate PC microphone plugged into the recorder, I get good recorded sound from the guitar, and upload to a PC is a snap. The built-in mic works, but is harder to position close so I went with a separate mic. The small speaker in the unit cannot produce any bass (as expected), but upon playing the MP3 files on larger PC or stereo system speakers, the full spectrum of sound is there, and the bass comes through. This recorder has many sound file editing features I might never use (mark, split, merge), but nice to know they are there if ever needed. I have not used the recorder for voice yet, but since it handles guitar so well I'm sure it handles voice at least as well. All-in-all, a very good digital recorder for a very good price.
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on January 26, 2017
Used this as an undergraduate to record lectures. No issues with sound quality, easy to use, long battery life. Best recorder I have used.
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