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on January 6, 2010
I've been using this camera for several weeks now and I am very impressed. Here are the pros, in my opinion:

(1) The camera is very light and balanced when using the 18-55 lens. My wife was very surprised at the weight, or lack of it.

(2) Minolta Maxxum autofocus lenses work flawlessly with this camera! I have two old telephotos (20 years old) that produce incredible pictures with the new Sony. My old zoom flash works too, although I have to adjust exposure manually. Although the newer Sony lenses are much lighter, quality older lenses can be purchased on auction sites for a fraction of the cost of new lenses. Just remember: they will be much heavier than today's modern opticals.

(3) The A330 functions well as an automatic point and shoot camera, but also allows the flexibility to set everything manually if desired. I especially appreciate the ease of setting white balance for those flashless shots in changing lighting conditions. Depth of field was easy to adjust using Aperture priority.

(4) Picture quality is outstanding. Viewing the high definition output on my Sony Bravia through the HDMI output is an incredible way to preview photos. My TV remote even advances the photos in my camera as I watch!

(5) It will take both an SD memory card and a Memory Stick Pro Duo card AT THE SAME TIME. When one is full, the flip of a switch changes to the other card. Memory is mostly limited by the size of your wallet.

(6) The 3200 iso setting does well in low light situations, although there is some grain.

Here are a few cons:

(1) Some functions are buried in menus. This seems to be par for the course these days for all camera manufacturers.

(2) In moving up from an 8 mega-pixel camera, this 10.2 creates substantially larger files. It is important to take into consideration what the photos will be used for, and then set the resolution accordingly.

(3) The pop up flash knocks my hat off!

I did a lot of research before purchasing this camera. The primary selling point was the ability to use my old Minolta lenses, and the tilting rear screen. This camera reminds me of my old 35mm. It feels like I am really taking pictures again, instead of merely capturing digital images. Those wanting or needed more features should look at the higher end Sonys. However, for beginner or intermediate photographers, this should fit the bill just fine!
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on August 11, 2010
I am by no means a professional photographer. I was sick of my point and shoot taking so long to start & the delay between each picture. It's ridiculous & plain doesn't work with my toddlers. I also was sick of paying photographers hundreds of dollars a couple of times a year to do photographs of my kids. This will save me a bundle, two trips to the photographer & it's paid for. Google how to do professional portraits at home, you'll be amazed at what you find. The accessories you'd need/want are so inexpensive. A light disc can be had for under $20, for example.

Having said that, if you are looking to move up to an SLR from a P&S model, this is a great option. It received stellar ratings from Consumer Reports, earning their best buy logo. I have never used an SLR and read lots before purchasing this camera. I took it out of the box and as soon as the battery was charged, I was shooting away. The camera comes with an ultra simple quick-start guide & a full owner's manual. This is helpful when you can't wait to start shooting.

When purchasing this camera for photographing kids/sports, spend the extra $20-30 and get the pro-stick duo memory card made by Sony. I am always skeptical of the need to purchase name brand, but the additional speed the Sony card gives this camera is exceptional. I had a generic memory card from my point and shoot. It works in the camera, but slows down shots, especially in sports mode. Since this is very important to me, it is well worth it. If you were going to say, take pictures of landscapes and flowers, maybe not so much.

In hand the camera feels sturdy and comfortable. However, there isn't a great place to hold on with your left hand. I think they sell grips for this purpose, but it isn't a deal breaker, so I'll just let it go for now and see if I get used to it. In the regard of hanging on with just a couple fingers from your left hand, it's much the same as you would do with a little point and shoot.

Let's be honest 10.2 megapixels is plenty! How big do we really need to print our pictures? The price difference between this and 12 just doesn't make it worth the extra definition.

Price (especially on amazon)
Quick shooting
Quick start up
Easy to use
Professional looking results
Internal stabilization
Crisp images
Plenty of functions/features
Well built construction, solid feeling

Ergonomics for left hand isn't great
Functions best on relatively expensive memory stick

In conclusion, I will keep my cheapy point and shoot in my purse for emergencies. When I know I want quality photographs, this is my new go-to!
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on October 20, 2013
I am a Photographer so i have to do my best to give it an educated review
very light weight
very fast auto focus
great flash
10 mp Sensor
good color saturation
live view is great
great price
works with my old minolta lens
pretty good battery life
Takes SD card and Memory stick
built in Image Stabilization

Slow battery charging... takes about an hour and a half
having to go in the camera to turn flash off
kit lens is not as good as my old minolta lens
hand grip is 3/4 of the way up so if you have large hands it take some getting used to.
does not shoot tethered

with all the cons i listed why five stars? simply because the camera is really great there are no hardware issues build quality even though a little less heavy that the A300 it still has the same impressive features and works real well the image quality stands against my 16 MP camera that i wont list that brand name. I am trying a Sony DSLR for the first time and trust me it wont be the last.

So after some more usage i am back again, there are a lot of complaints about shooting in low light being very bad the flash on the camera is so superior that once you use it there will be no trouble at all. The grip is a bit hard to get used to and if you hold it straight up and down it feels like it may just fall from your hand but in using it the 3/4 grip comes in handy.
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on November 13, 2010
I love my Sony Alpha A330. Sure I know it's not max mega giga, gigs but 10.2 is all I need to print great 8x10s when needed, but mostely print 4x6's. This little gem is a joy to use and it was not until recently that I realized the ture potiential of the camera by getting the Tamron 17-50 2.8 SP/XR lens for it. Pictures looked good before, but now they look great! Insead of more mega pixels and a larger sensor, try a really good lens. You'll be suprised how good a picture this little camera can take with a the fast Tamron zoom. It's like night and day when compaired to the kit lens. I'm keeping my A330 until I die. I may very well get a full sized sensor model with maybe 20 to 30 gb's or so, but only because I may want to print a poster sized print one day. Until then, I very very content with what I've got. BTW, only paid $450.00 for the A330L on Amazon with Prime shipping. For me, a great camera and highly recommended. Get one on sale without a lens if possible, and pick up the Tamron 17-50 to start off. You'll be glad you did.
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on October 1, 2010
This is a fantastic product for an entry level dSLR user. It may be a great camera for an intermediate or advanced user too, but as I have little experience with photography, I really can't speak to the more advanced demographic. To research my purchase I spent time in two different brick-and-mortar camera shops. When I explained that I use a point and shhot digital and that I had experience 15 years ago with a 35mm film SLR, both shops instantly directed me to the Sony Alpha line (and to the A330 in specific when I disclosed my price range). They said that for the price, its the best quality camera in town and the only camera in the range with a tilting LCD for live view (They also mentioned that SOny makes most of the sensors used in Nikon and Canon dSLRs) which has already come in handy. The menus and display options are what really sold me. The menu interface when shooting on aperature and speed priority mode are very straight forward and the location of the scroll wheel is perfect for making changes without moving yout eye from the viewfinder. Changing the aperature, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, auto-focus area and all other in-the-moment settings are very easy and therefore fast. If you remember to look and pay attention the two different LCD displays make your shot all but dumie proof (which helps me a lot) and in live view you can get a histogram and a few more options to help optomize your shot. The body feels very solid in my hand and, despite being an entry level lens, I have captuered some great wild life and macro shots in the month that I have owned the camera. I have cropped some shots up to 60% and, on a 4x6 print, you would never know it was blown up.

Over all I am excited about my purchase and the quality that Sony is putting into A330.
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on August 12, 2010
Not a professional photographer, but I was really getting sick of my point-and-shoot camera and its dull pictures. I've had quite a few point-and-shoot cameras and they've always been very "meh" to me. So when I lost my Canon camera I decided I wasn't going to waste money and I decided to just get a decent DSLR camera that could take somewhat professional looking shots.

I've had this camera for about three months now, and I always load my best shots onto my Facebook page after a party, event, concert, etc. My friends are always complimenting my shots and how good they look! I'm not even really trying that hard and I'm still learning how to use all of its features, though I am becoming increasing interested in photography due to the compliments I've gotten. So if you're interested in getting professional looking shots for a really good price, I highly recommend this camera.
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on September 25, 2010
This camera is easy to use right out of the box even though I purchased the book that explains all its features in depth. I bought it to take pictures at my grandchildren's football, soccer and hockey games. It is amazing how fast the sport mode is - it is like looking at a movie one frame at a time. I followed the recommendations of other reviewers and purchased a Minolta zoom lens for under $100 and it works perfectly. I like the fact that it uses two types of media to record on and I really like the fact that I wasn't paying for a camera that had a movie mode - I already have a great Sony movie camera and have never yet used my still cameras for movies. You can't go wrong with this camera if you want SLR features and yet don't want to pay over $1000 - checkout the review in Consumers Magazine!
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on September 13, 2010
I initially was drawn to the Sony line of DSLR's because I've used a Sony SLR like camera for a few years now and just love it. Infact most people already thought I had a full DSLR from the picture quality. So when it was definitely time for me to upgrade, I knew I had to keep Sony on the list to compare. I talked to other photographer friends, and most leaned toward the Canon XSI as a good entry level DSLR. So I compared it to my Sony alpha 380. In all areas it was either comparable to, or exceeded the Canon, for my needs. To top it off, it was less expensive than the Canon. So I made the purchase of the Sony, and am in love with it! I love the picture quality, the ease of use, and for me the live view feature is amazing. I take a lot of pictures of my dogs, which requires me to lay on the floor a lot, with this camera I can switch it to live view and tilt out the screen, and not have to break my neck in order to get the shot. I've used it for fast action photography, taking photos of the USMC RS Milwaukee 2010 CFT, and just love the great shots I was able to get. This is a great entry level DSLR! Don't discount it just because it's not a Nikon or Canon, it is definitely worth a look!
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on February 25, 2017
Great camera. Didn't know it wouldn't come without batteries or charger but got a good price on them.Thanks to prime had that next day and was up and running
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on July 25, 2010
My son writes this review:
I won't elaborate on all the features and stuff of this camera, which can easily be found on the internet. I will just mention my feelings of this camera.
First of all, the ergonomics. I was a little nervous about the hand grip because of all the bad comments it had received. When I was finally able to hold it for longer period of time, i found that there are subtle grooves on the hand grip that help the fingers. The hand grip could be a little bigger, but no complaints.
i love the camera as a whole, except for the placement of some of the buttons, namely the Menu, AV and the button next to the Live-view switch.
The optical viewfinder is a little small, but is fine. It is also noticeable that the optical viewfinder doesn't give 100% coverage, but one just has to get used to it and frame accordingly.
Love the camera, just remember to try the camera out before you buy it.
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