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on October 26, 2016
 I bought this to use with Sony A6000 because the built in mic quality on that camera sucks! This is an excellent replacement. I will post a video of me comparing this mic with the built-in mic on the Sony A6000.

Directional microphone so it drastically helps reduce background noise such as wind, objects, or television.
Clarity is better when shooting a subject directly
Comes with Wind Screen for better quality outdoors
Can set mics to 0 degrees or 120 degrees depending on the subject you are shooting

Videos seem to have a very feint white noise which I believe is coming from the microphone
A little pricey but still worth it
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on May 26, 2013
This microphone works on a wide range of Sony camera/Handycam models supporting the Multi-Interface shoe. This will not work on Active Shoe Interface devices, and there are no adapters for converting the Multi-Interface devices to fit Active Shoe devices, as Sony is streamlining and standardizing their devices to use the Multi Interface from here on out.

This is a very nice pro quality microphone that captures extremely life like audio. It's honestly better than my Rode Stereo Mic. This mic is very compact, it's got a bit of weight to it and it is very tall and a bit wide. But for an on-camera mic, this is as good as it gets for these kinds of mics in this price range and size.

The mic eliminates sounds captured by your hands rubbing against the camera body, and thanks to it being tall it isolates the audio better on what you're capturing. The mic is split between two channels and can be manually adjusted from 0* to 120* for either capturing audio on a single subject, to a wide acoustic setting like a concert or party. And having it manually adjustable makes it great for acclimating to different audio situations on the fly.

It comes with a windscreen, an audio cable for connecting to the mic port on the camera, and a rubber spacer ring if you have a camera model with a sliding compartment to keep the piece from hitting the mic and causing unwanted pick up by the compartment door hitting the mic.

It also has a dedicated switch for switching between normal audio recording and low-cut audio to reduce vibrations and background noises and wind. It's a very smart and well engineered microphone, and certainly better than the older model Sony stereo microphone, and for such a compact unit, it has amazing audio capture that certainly gave my Rode stereo mic a run for its money.

It is a pricy microphone. Not gonna lie, this is the price you are going to pay pretty much anywhere you go, I have not seen it cheaper anywhere. But if you ask me, it's almost worth picking up if you're planning on buying a new Sony camcorder or camera in the high price range. If you have a high quality camera, then you will want high quality audio out of it. I definitely recommend it if you don't want to spend $300 on a microphone, this is just the right microphone for almost every need you'll have.
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on November 24, 2016
I have the Sandy FDR-AX33 4k video camera with the ½" sensor and the on-board 5-channel sound. But I was recording stage productions and I needed the ability to pierce the ambient sound and get a more focused sound from the product, and I needed to be able to pickup a wide-range of audio to record entire choruses singing down to a 4-person quartet or a solo singer. This microphone has proven to be up to the task. I intentionally selected Sony because of the connector at the base of the microphone would match the capabilities of my camera.

Spoiled by the Camera. While it's a great all-around microphone with a solid ability to pickup lows to highs, it is hampered by the camera's inability to control the gain or disable the on-board auto-gain. That single factor has proven troublesome to get good audio from live performances when the singing is quiet or someone is speaking from a distance. The other thing the camera does is record nearly all audio at peak levels. When importing the video/sound into Final Cut Pro, I have to lower the volume level 12db so the audio won't distort on playback! This has very little to do with the microphone, but it is a failure of the video camera itself to not allow any adjustments to audio.
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on October 8, 2015
So far so good with this new Microphone. It fits perfectly on the Alpha A6000 and I'm happy with the sound. At times I can't really tell a difference from the normal internal mic but it sounds clear and a bit louder. It is easier to mix afterwards since it is clearer. It doesn't have a battery pack on it, it works right off the camera's battery and i have not noticed any sort of extra drain when shooting video. The fluffy mic cover thing won't stay on at all but that doesn't bother me at all.
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on December 1, 2015
This thing looks enormous when just looking at the pictures, and I worried that it would be this huge mic on my small Sony A6000 camera. However the size is really a fairly small footprint while on the camera. It fits directly onto the camera mount without any need for an adaptor or mic to camera cord connection (which was supplied). Taking a movie, and playing back on my Mac, I didn't get any feedback or other noise recorded onto the video, as has been discussed in other forums with this mic. Perfectly satisfied with this purchase.
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on February 3, 2016
It works well with my SONY RX 100 2
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on March 7, 2017
Its been a year now since I purchased this.
Still glad I got this model.
Works very well in outdoor & windy conditions (beach)
Compact and excellent sound quality
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on January 17, 2017
PROs: It works, and is convenient to connect with the multi-interface shoe on a compatible Sony camera -- easy to carry and easy to put on and take off quickly (no cables needed to carry or hang on the camera when in use). The Sony camera switches to it automatically. Comes with a cloth bag, and it is easy to carry in any little spot in a camera bag or even in a pocket. Has a wind sock, so does better in the wind than the built-in mic in the camera. So it is very convenient to carry with you just in case you run into a case where the built-in mic won't do (such as a windy situation). It is a little big on top of the camera, but much less so than a full-size microphone (and much easier to carry around than one).

CONs: I find the sound of it to be "tinny". Lots of high-frequency sound, it doesn't sound as good at the built-in mic in the camera. I find when editing the final video, I have use the audio equalizer of the video editing s/w to adjust the sound, by boosting the bass and reducing the treble. Also reducing the overall gain, as it seems to be much louder than the built-in mic. The wind sock works, but not as well as other socks I have used. There is still a little wind noise (although it is way better than the built-in mic in the camera).

I've used it with a Sony FDR‑AX33.
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on March 12, 2017
great sound! I record my youth orchestra performances
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on March 4, 2017
great mic perfect sound
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