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on May 17, 2011
 This is a great little tripod and handle for your camcorder. It is well worth the money. Please see video for details.
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on March 2, 2010
I recently purchased a Sony HDR-CX100 AVCHD HD Camcorder with Smile Shutter & 10x Optical Zoom (Black) and realized very quickly that my large hands would have a problem wrapping around the camera to access the buttons to record, zoom and shoot stills.

This grip is noted in the literature of the camera, and I searched Amazon and found it for around $75, less than the Sony direct purchase. It's a little pricey, but the concept is to utilize that camera to it's fullest, so using this accessory allowed that, and is excellent quality for that price.

The grip is comfortable, easy to hold, and with the included wrist strap, gives you a little peace of mind when shooting. The mounting head has a small button on the left side which is easy to push, that allows the angle to be changed relative to the grip. At first you want to just push or pull the camera to lift it up or down, but the grip head is locked to keep it from flopping. Pushing the button releases the mounting head and allows you to angle the camera on the grip (or in tripod config).

I found this grip great for taking over the heads of the crowd shots, since you can flip the LCD viewfinder on your camera down and hold the camera high in the air and still see your subject. It's also great for 'professional' style video shots, holding the camera at waist level and adjusting the angle and viewfinder up.

The materials are well made (it's Sony), and sturdy. Althought the interior of the grip sections (three, as show for tripod) are hollow, they are rib reinforced so there is no flimsy-ness.

The cable attaches to a proprietary Sony connector, and is long enough (a little too long for very small cameras) to reach the port on Sony cameras. It also comes with a clip that allows you to loop or shorten it so that it's out of the way.

The controls are very easy to use, the zoom is excellent, changing pressure allows you to fast zoom or slow zoom, and I found it has the same feel as the camera itself.

The Rec button (left) along with the Photo button (right) require slightly more pressure to operate. You will find when using the photo button on close up zoom, your picture angle will change when you press the button...this is ergonamics and not a defect...as you move your thumb to apply enough pressure to push the button, it moves the camera. You can compensate for this with a little practice.

In tripod mode, the camera is very study, great for table top use. The legs are sturdy, and the mini-tripod has a solid feel, unlike some cheap table top tripods where the legs spread wider under the weight of the camera. The front two legs have anti-skid rubber pads so it won't slip on smooth surfaces.

The product comes with a wrist-loop that fits into the bottom of the grip, a small felt storage bag, instructions and attached cable. Oddly enough, the instructions actually say do not use the grip to hold the camera...too funny. Must be a translation error.

I only have one gripe: Accessing the battery release is a bit difficult on the CX-100 while the camera is mounted on the grip, but with a fingernail or coin you can press the release and replace batteries without having to completely unmount the grip. I recommend the Sony ACC-TCH5 Camcorder Pouch (includes NP-FH50 Battery and BC-TRP Travel Charger)available on Amazon as another accessory.

I recommend this grip without hesitation to those accustom to Sony quality (and cost of that quality) for use with any mico-small cameras a Sony AVR style jack (like a mini-svideo jack, only there is a blade instead of pins in the center). Check your camera to ensure compatability.
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on March 7, 2011
When u dont want to use a tri or mono pod, this is essential. Big hands make holding this small camera (cx 150) awkward. This unit is really good. Only con I see is the cable needs to be plugged into the side of the camera sticking straight out. I always unplug it when storing the camera and handle still connected. I think the constant plugging and unplugging might become a problem. If I leave it plugged in I know I'll eventually break it off. Plus the wire is not neatly tucked anywhere. The cord clip helps but it's still a lump of wires hanging out. (if someone has a solution I'd like to hear it.). Still its a great item that works well and helps ALOT with stability. Your wrist will appreciate it. Highly recommend it.
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on November 15, 2013
I am using this grip with the sony HDR CX580, and i find to be an extremely useful item. It lets the user hold the camera with one hand while steadying the LCD screen with the other hand. Not only does this allows you to firmly hold the camera, but it also makes it easier to align the LCD screen with the horizon.
The stop start button on the handle is very useful. However, being right handed, the wide/tele toggle is difficult to use when the camera is running. In that case, you will be better off using the screen icons to control the wide and tele functions. The only problem i have with this unit is the grip connecting wire sticking out horizontally from the right side of the camera. I wish the wire was flush against the body.
All in all it is an excellent item which remains mounted on my camera at all times.
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on December 16, 2012
The pistol grip is a BIG ergonomic improvement over the handycam in-hand-with-strap position, and definitely worth the purchase.
Three possible improvements:
1.) I would like to see the camera rest with about 1/2 inch more clearance over the thumb camera control button. My thumb is a little cramped beneath the camera.
2.)I would like the plug on the camera control umbilical cord to be a 90 degree plug. Sony provides a nifty little cord lock thingy, but still, even with the best application of that which I can figure, the cord feels vulnerable as a big catch/snag-able loop coming out from the side of the camera into the grip.
3.) I would like to see a standard screw fitting on the bottom of the handle. Once attached, there is no provided way to join/detach the camera handle combo to any other equipment. I'm going to have to MacGyver something with PVC pipe, a heat gun, and velcro to fit my camera monopod. I was filming a friend's band and the camera pistol grip was SO LIGHT that it was hard to keep the camera steady when moving. I think my monopod with a light counter weight will fix this issue.
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on April 9, 2013
I have the Sony HDRPJ760V handycam and at least for my hands it is too small to handle and reach the zoom and start/stop buttoms while using the strap. This attachment makes it so convenient to use the camera even in situations when you want to shoot by raising over head. It gives so much more control. The buttons to start/stop vedio recording or to shoot a photo are all on this attachment itself. very convenient and useful indeed.
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on May 23, 2013
i bought this for my sony hdr-pj260v camcorder. seems to have good balance and feel and is more comfortable than holding camera alone. the record button is in a better to reach position than camera alone. the grip opens to a small tripod which seems very sturdy. all in all i would recommend, especially for long recording sessions.
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on October 3, 2013
Picked it up and all of my worries were unfounded. The quality is extremely high. It is not flimsy and does not feel cheap. The actual buttons work well, however, zoom button does seem "non-precise" (and takes some getting used to). You must be delicate to achieve a smooth, slow, zoom. When it is configured as a tri-pod, it is actually extremely stable (for Handycam use). That was a happy surprise, because any table top tripod I've ever come across has been pretty cheap, leaving you worried your camera would fall over. This one works.

As far as in-use, The Camera becomes easier to manipulate in order to get smooth video. If you have a Handycam, you know how uncomfortable and awkward it can be to hold the camera with your hand under that little, silly, strap. Overall, its a great deal. and although, I don't know how they came up with the pricing scheme, but this may be the answer for you.
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on August 22, 2011
I have a Sony CX160 Handy Cam and in the book that came with this
product, I saw this grip and called our local Sony store.
Found out that Amazon had this product considerly cheaper and decided to try it.
This shooting grip (for me) is great!
The A/V wire that plugs into your camara is a little too long, but it's o.k.
The controls are easy to use and the angle fits your thumb position.
You can adjust the balance by sliding you camara forward, or backward, on the grip
and tightening the adjustment wheel.
The only problem with this, is that when the camara is all the way forward, you can't
take the battery off to replace it without sliding the camara all the way back, so I
just leave it adjusted in the back position all the time.
There is an angle button on the side that works great, and when I get done using my camara,
I fold the camara down against the tripod handle, and it fits into my case with plenty of room
for other things.
I use the strap that came with this grip quite often, because of what I am filming at the time.
I put a slide squeeze lock on the strap so I could secure the strap against my wrist.
The grip seems to be very well made and if you are interested, I reccomend it.
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on January 21, 2014
I Have a very tiny Sony Handycam: HDR-CX150, and I have big hands, so it was very difficult for me to handle the camera and all of the miniscule buttons like the zoom, photo, start/stop, etc, without shaking the camera like crazy. So I decided to purchase this little gadget, which for me it is very expensive (for a handle) but having remote functions, it was worth the price, I can now start/stop recording, zooming in and out and taking photos from the grip more easily, but still a little difficult. The only BIG issue, is that after sometime, maybe 6 months, the zoom button starting getting really hard to push, so that if I try to use it while recording, you can even hear the "clicking" sound on the recording.
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