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on February 22, 2012
Purchase date: February 10, 2012

My previous camcorder: Sony DCR-SR42 Handycam purchased approximately 4 years ago Sony DCR-SR42 30GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom

Accessories purchased with CX190:
32GB Transcend Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card Transcend 32 GB Class SDHC 10 Flash Memory Card TS32GSDHC10E
Gold Plated HDMI to HDMI Mini cable Gold Plated HDMI to HDMI Mini cable, 2 M / 6.56 FT

What you need to know:
- CX190 does not have a touch screen (CX200 & CX210 do)
- does not have internal memory
- requires class 4 or higher memory card
- doesn't take pictures while recording in highest quality
- 32GB card holds a little more than 3 hours in highest quality
- camcorder has built in USB cable for transfer or charging
- lens cover is manual
- camcorder automatically turns on when screen is opened
- buttons/controls are in the same place as my previous handycam
- camcorder is surprisingly slim and light
- video is extremely clear (outside is better than inside but both are so clear you feel like you are in the video)
- no wind noise can be heard in the play back of the video
- camcorder has a threaded receiver for tripod
- USB cable (about 3" long) is built in and slides into the strap when not being used

I have to say, "I love Sony." Having owned a handycam before, I immediately felt comfortable operating the CX190. My previous handycam was not an HD camcorder so the video shot with this camcorder is unbelievable especially compared to my SD camcorder. The indoor and low light video is not as clear as video shot outside in the sunlight but the video is still very clear.

I am very impressed with this camcorder. It is smaller than my previous handycam, takes much clearer video, and was less expensive. I don't have any complaints. I didn't want a touch screen and the memory card was cheaper than internal storage.

You won't regret purchasing Sony HDR-CX190
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on May 6, 2013
My brother requested I help him find a good inexpensive camcorder, after seeing his; my wife wanted one also. I have ordered
2 of these.
This model doesn't have a touch screen, the owners manual covers all models, my brother found it confusing to operate.
It really should have its own user manual.
Once you get past that learning curve; It takes very good sill pictures and movies.
Be sure you download the FULL VERSION of play memories, the camera has a starter version preloaded.
Also order a HDMI to HDMI mini cable or you have to hook up the A/V cables to your tv set. A much longer process.
The camera takes movies in HD which look great; However if you want to burn to a DVD, you have to use
a blueray disc or convert the file to standard Def. The play-memories software will convert it for you,but it is
a lengthy process. If you want to make standard DVDs or post on line; you are better off to shoot it in standard
def to begin with.
You can hook the camera up to your computer with the USB cable(included). I found it much faster and
more convenient to just plug the SD card into my computer. The play memories software works well either way.
As a added bonus; the play memories software will scan all picture files and movies on your computer(similar to picassa)
It will let you edit movies and enhance all you pictures, not just the ones you take with the Sony HDR-CX190.
It also makes it extremely easy to email files or post online.
main points:
1.order HDMI cable with the camcorder
2. order 32gb sd class 10 card with computer
3. read owners manual carefully for proper model
4. download FULL VERSION of play memories software
5. Remember the software will convert HD to SD; but if its
a slow process, it you want to post it or burn standard DVDs
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on August 25, 2013
For under $200, I'm super pleased with the CX190. If lighting is adequate, the picture is awesome, even on a 50" TV. Controls are intuitive enough. And over all, Using this camera is very easy. Lightweight enough to work great with a mini gorilla pod (the one with the magnetic feet). Manual lens cover and non-touch screen are nice. Get the sony cable that hooks up to an external drive. This allows the use of an SD card/reader for backup/playback when on the road; or use an external HDD; both work great.

This little camera has not lived an easy life so far, and it keeps on going. I crashed my bike with this camera and a bunch of beer in a backpack. A a bottle exploded, covering the camera in beer and broken glass. I don't remember the details very well but the camera still works great. Just a little sticky.

Couple things tho...
If a subject smiles during filming, it automatically takes a still shot, and these are usually poor quality for some reason. No biggie. I just have to delete them.
The built-in USB cable is annoying; I wish they just designed it with a mini USB jack instead.
Software is a bit odd, but they've done a decent job.
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on February 27, 2013
I bought a refurbished model. So far, it has had no issues whatsoever.

This camera takes really nice footage. It looks great on my HDTV. Not as crystal clear as a blu ray, but in order to get video like that, you have to spend thousands. You're just not going to get that caliber of footage from a little point and shoot camcorder. I don't know why people expect that. As it is, the footage this camera takes is sharp, colorful, and doesn't have much noise as long as there's enough light.

Zoom--This camera has more zoom than most people would need, and the steady-cam feature helps to make the picture more steady. It is hard to hold the camera still when it is zoomed all the way in, but honestly...you can't knock it for that. Even professional level cameras are hard to handhold still when zoomed in that far.

Low light--The Sony CX190 has nice low-light capabilities, especially compared to my older camcorder. Where my old camera could see practically nothing, my Sony captures a fairly nice picture, albeit slightly noisy.

Transferring to computer--This is the only issue I have with this camera. You have to download Sony's software and use it every time you need to unload your camera. You can't just use it as a 'flash drive', where you just plug it in and navigate to your removable storage. You HAVE to use their software. But, once it's transferred, the files work just fine in my editing software. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11, and it recognizes the files without me having to transcode them. I believe the files are .mts filetype...one I've not heard of before, but they playback just fine in free programs such as VLC and Media Player Classic.

Note that you may need to run a deinterlace filter on your footage, as the camcorder records in 1080i rather than 1080p. Many video editing packages have an option to do deinterlace for your final render. If you're not sure what the heckkkkk I'm talking about, do a google search on interlaced footage and deinterlace filters.
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on April 13, 2013
I really wanted to like this camcorder tried it out for a couple weeks.

The video for me was just ok and the pictures were just ok. I havnt been in the market for a camcorder for many years I just usually end up doing pictures. But I new it was time to get some video of the grand kids. The camcorder is small and sleek and very light. I liked all the features it had to offer but the biggest draw back for me was the way you had to interface for video and picture retrieval.

What I wanted was a camera that I could take video and pix and be able to reteive and organize without any hassle and where the finale video and pix where easy to share on any device for viewing. Well thats not going to happen with this camcorder. The only way to view pix or video is through a TV witch is just fine but you just cant take out the SD card and slide into your laptop and start watching and organizing.

You have to have the camcorder plugged into your latop to watch and view your pix/video with the Sony software package provided. Also if you want to share your video or pictures the only choice you have is to burn a picture disk or DVD disk...Useless! I was very frustraited to say the least. When I do video I want to play through windows media player or quiktime or itunes from anyones PC. But with this camcorder your going to have to have the included software to retrieve and veiw your pictures and video. I forgot from past experiences that Sony was so proprietary witch I feel is a draw back to the consumer and to Sony.

It just doesnt make it user freindly in my opinion, it defetes the hole purpose and it forces you to only use their product to see your results...not fair! All in all this is a decent camcorder if you dont mind being locked to the Sony software to see all of your video and pix.

Amazon was awesome with my return and promptly refunded my money, I went with the Canon SX260 a very nice
digital camera that does 720p video. This camera gives me all I need..
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on May 18, 2013
Nice camera with good features. Good price. I was surprised at how small and lightweight this camera is. The quality of the pictures is excellent, the array of features is fine. The included software (downloaded from the camera, updated from the internet) is sufficient for some editing work, though for more complex editing, I suggest using a more powerful software package. The file type seems proprietary to Sony. That has not been problematic yet since the included software allows converting to other more generic video file types.

There is one issue with the file type that I will mention. If you intend to take the SD card and plug it into an SD reader, be aware that you may have to install the Sony software to use the files.

I mentioned that the camera is small and lightweight. It definitely is both. In fact the camera seems to weigh less than the battery pack. This is a good thing with a caveat. With such a small camera that is easily hand held (more like palm held), for action shots, it is really easy to forget that you are taking video. For example, I was videotaping my grandson's little league baseball game. The results were at times jerky because I was involved in the game and cheering and such. The camera is so unobtrusive that it's easy to forget that one shouldn't applaud when using it. That's the fault of the operator. For this type of video, better results would likely result from using a tripod or monopod. Note that this is not a complaint about the camera but rather an observation that the smaller size and weight may result in more camera movement. Practice and use will improve this.

All in all, I am quite pleased with the camera. This is the first camcorder I've purchased since my Digital Video 8 and Hi8 days. The technology has moved forward nicely.
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on April 29, 2013
This is the first video camera I have ever used. that being said, it is incredibly easy to use, has a pretty decent amount of features and the HD quality is very good.

After a weekend in New York City full of filming (like a tourist, sorry) I got home, plugged in an HDMI cable to my 1080p TV (HDMI cable isn't included with purchase) and found that it's HD quality is fantastic.

For the price this is a great starter camera. If you're looking for a cheaper camera that produces great quality video (and sound for that matter) this is a great product.
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on March 3, 2016
Works great! I've had this for two years and its still going strong. HD quality is good, it is more for a beginners camera. It is very easy to set up and all the functions are pretty simple to catch on to. It has 30 times zoom and a 5 megapixel camera shot which still looks great. Camera battery life all depends on the battery pack that you get. The one it comes with only lasts about an hour and a half fully charged. That is the only one I use since I do not need to use it for a longer period than that. I do think this is a great camera for a beginner, however, I did notice that the price on this has gone up. When I bought it in 2012 I got it for I think about $187 and was originally about $300 but now it is at $400 and at that price I am pretty sure that you can get something newer with maybe better quality and cheaper. It does not include a SD card so you would have to buy one separately and I would also recommend a carrying case for the time that you are not using it. Nothing too big since it is a small camera and it is not very heavy either.
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on March 30, 2013
I bought this for the price point and was willing to sacrafice some of the features of a higher priced model (mic jacks, internal hard drive, auto lens cover). In exchange for that I have a great HD camera that takes crystal clear video and very good still shots. It's small, light and has plenty of zoom for my needs; plus it's a Sony.

If you're not trying to film the next blockbuster and want a camera you can toss into a bag and film your next little league star then this is it. The on board mic is clear, the zoom feature is fantastic and the It even has an intuitve menu so I could start using it straight out of the box. And of course the HD video is excellent.

Remember to buy a class 10 memory card (or 2) when you order.
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on August 28, 2015
I took my time to research a lot of camcorders and I am very pleased with this camera. I just received my Sony HD camcorder and could not wait to start video recording and I must say WOW!!! Crystal clear video and great zoom action I am very happy. When you connect it to your computer it installs a great video editing and conversion program with tons of features. Love this camcorder. Also low light night videos are excellent.

UPDATE INFO: I have brought my camera to be tested and checked to be sure it is a true product that if represented in this description and it is 100%. Now I don’t know about what others have gotten if they ordered it from another seller but mine was and is a true Sony HD camcorder with the exact detailed descriptions here in that is noted. All I can say to those who think they got a fake or not what described camcorder is as noted here, then send it back. I am very pleased with this camera and it is NOT hard to use on the contrary it is very user friendly and again the movies and pictures are superb even night shots plus videos. Also be sure to get a SD card that is a class 10 with a highest that you can afford read write. It makes a difference and picture quality. I use a Sandisk clas 10 64GB. Freakin awesome.
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