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on March 7, 2012
Let me start off by saying this review is 100% my personal opinion and not fact. I am not a videographer or anything of the like, just an average consumer, looking for a nice video camera.

- Look & Feel
The first thing that struck me about the camera is the weight (or lack of it). The camera is very light almost to the point of feeling kinda plasticky (like a TV remote.) I suppose it could be a good thing for some but I prefer my electronics to have a bit of weight to them. I like the look of the camera it is very sleek and clean. The chrome accents really pop and look great.

- Video Editing & Conversion
The video editing is very easy and if you opt to store your data on an SD card it is a very quick process. The default folder structure is very easy to navigate to find the files and transfer them to your computer. The camera also has an attached USB cord in the handle so you don't need and additional cords to retrieve your videos/pictures.

- Battery Life & Other Features
Battery life is OK not great, not bad just OK. On the highest video quality setting you will get about 120 minutes of filming which seems about right.
My biggest gripe about this camera is there is no power button. The camera automatically turns on and off when you open or close the screen. It is nice because you probably won't need the camera on with the screen closed but I would prefer a power button anyways. There is a switch to open/close the lens cover though which is good thing. The camera also has several different video settings sports, indoor, ect. The camera does a pretty good job of automatically switching between them (if you have that feature on) and generally looks good in them.

- Video Quality & Lens
The auto stabilization feature does its job well and it makes the video look significantly smoother. Shooting varies depending on light conditions. Daylight and outdoor look great, very crisp but it's indoors that's my problem. Filming indoor with decent light is extremely grainy. There is a lot of noise in the video; this isn't a complete surprise but a bit disappointing considering the specs given and the alleged low light features.
Using the low light setting just makes things grainy almost to the point of being unwatchable.
As I have used the camera more I will update my review, also if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will answer as best I can.

Even though I am a bit disappointed in the indoor shooting quality I do like quite a bit about the camera. It is still pretty nice in the sub $400.00 range.
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on April 6, 2013
I'm going to start off by saying if there was a 3.5 stars review I would have rated this camcorder that. I do like this camcorder, but it does have some flaws. I have used this quite a bit since I got it, and it works well for most home projects, such as recording family gatherings. I'll break down how I felt about it.

-Look and Feel
Like one of the reviewers said, this camcorder is extremely light, and has a cheap, plasticy feel. It's almost like I could crush it but just holding it too tight. Every time I open the screen, I'm afraid I'm going to rip it off. I do realize I have quite large hands and fingers, but this is just so small and feels easily broken. Also on the note of my hands, the buttons can be a little difficult for me to manipulate without constantly adjusting how I am holding the camcorder. However, this might just be an issue with me. I love that the lens cover is built in with a switch on the front.

-The Interface
I personally dislike touch screens on cameras/camcorders. However, most needed functions can be controlled without ever using it, so it's not a big issue. The screen is bright and easy to see, and I like how the information displayed onscreen is minimal. Navigating the menus was a challenge for me, I often misclicked what I was trying to do. This was especially the case when displaying the videos on my TV. It's much easier to use a SD card and a computer. I also don't like the fact that video and sound from the camcorder while on standby are outputted by HDMI. It makes it where there is feedback as soon as you turn your TV over to it. I don't see any practical use for such a feature anyway.

-The Videos
The video quality greatly varies depending on what scene you are shooting. Bright, outdoor scenes come out fairly clean, whereas darker indoor scenes have a bit of noise. This is to be expected of a camcorder in this price range, though. Even on the highest quality setting, the videos are not what most people consider "high-quality". Again, for the price, it's about what is expected. You can view videos directly from the camcorder, through HDMI, or transfer them to a PC. I use a SD card, so I simply took this out and plugged it into my computer.

Bottom Line: If you are looking to make home videos that have a decent quality, then this camcorder will be exactly what is needed. If you plan on making higher quality videos for either internet or film, though, you may want to look to something more expensive.
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on March 5, 2013
The 210 is pretty nice. It works well in lower light, and also outside. I got it for Christmas and used it to recoded family Christmases this year. I must say that I like the functionality and flexability of this device. You can use a SD card which is handy cause I already had some and I believe it came with a small one.You can transfer content by the SD card OR you can just plug it in via USB cable in the strap. Nice little things like that help a lot sometimes.

The bad:

The LCD screen isn't like an iphone or any other device that has a good touch screen right now. It works about as good as some of the other devices that came out when the iPod touch came out...the ones than were touch, but you had to push harder or in a more specific spot. Not terrible by any means, but just a little annoying sometimes. Once you expect it and get used to it you don't notice it too much though and can breeze through the menus pretty fast.

I would say that if you are looking for a good camera, check this one out! It's definitely worth it.
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on January 22, 2013
I should have known that I wasn't getting a fine camera for the price I paid for this one. The battery is not so great, but is not a reason to complaint, video quality on the other hand is a reason to complaint. I have a 55 HD tv and the image, even when I recorded in the highest available quality, is all pixelated.
I didn't return for two reason, (1) it seems like my wife didn't care much about the quality of the video, and the camera is just for my wife and (2), I don't think I can get a much better camera in the price range this was. I gave it three stars because Sony is not very accurate while decribing the HD capacity of the camera.
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on July 26, 2012
The Sony HDR-CX210 is Sony's lowest high definition model. It is also the lowest model with a touch screen. You turn on the camera by opening the video screen. There is no on/off button. It focuses very well even in low light. I have found that it will take about 90 minutes of HD video in the HQ mode which is not the highest resoloution. Which is good since the battery that comes with it is only good for 90 minutes and they recommend that doing any playback be done with the power cord attached. In the High definition HQ setting, it uses about 9Mb per second of video. It transfers the videos to your computer quite fast, and will even burn it to DVD with the software you download. But you cannot use these DVD's in a DVD player unless you first convert it to the .mpg format with some other software first. I guess that and the batteries capacity are my only gripes. On the positive side, I really like the size & weight of the camcorder. Its quick startup time and the sharp focusing of this model.
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on December 22, 2014
Good so far, Purchased November 2012,

Use sporting events, and Family trips.

Just a great all around camcorder.

Recommended to all.

Enjoy !
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on November 23, 2014
Love everything but one thing about this corder. When you have it set on the HD the focus while zoomed out is grainy. You can un zoom it and instantly see where it goes from HD to blurry. So you have to get in and reduce the HD when zoomed out far. The recording while in low light though is amazing! I took this out to film our hunting trips this year and long before the sun came up, was able to film in the low light conditions with stunning results. Overall very impressed with this corder.
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on June 12, 2017
No ext mic input, camera is worthless in low light
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on January 3, 2014
This is my first camcorder that I have purchased,

I took it right out of the box and started using it. The touch screen menu is very easy to use.
I also like the fact that I can take still images while recording and the zoom is unbelievable.
Now I know this is not the top of the line Camcorder but I am not a movie producer so I do not need something high end.

If you want to record family activities, gatherings with friends or just sight seeing this cam is for you and I think it will amaze you in the quality of movies that you can take.
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on December 7, 2013
1. This one does not have enough wide angle coverage, so, I you plan to shoot indoors (in close spaces) you'll find yourself wanting and frustrated.
2. The Auto focus during nights is erratic, it takes a long time to focus, if you have a bright light in the foreground; since it does not have any manual focusing, some of the night shots turn out blurry.
3. Software - The supplied software for converting the videos to Blu-Ray DVD is very slow (not just the writing part, this depends on your DVD Writer), and its hard to combine/merge video thru the supplied software.
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