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on September 28, 2014
First year was great. But recently Netflix updated their Dolby Digital + coding and the HT-CT660 does not support it. Not sure Sony will fix this...

Update 2: Sony will now repair the units.

The Sony Support website now recognizes that all units are defective and asks you to call to schedule service repairs (see below the next paragraph):

However, when I called Sony Service I was told that my one year and 2 months HT-CT660 unit was out of warranty and that I would have to pay to get the Dolby Digital Plus issue fixed. I'll be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau. Plus I'm done with Sony products, no wonder the company is performing so poorly.

The following models will need to be Serviced to correct the Dolby Digital Plus Sound Distortion:
HT-CT370 (impacted Serial # 8200001 - 8202846)
HT-CT770 (impacted Serial # 8100001 - 8137756)

Please contact Sony Service to schedule a Service repair. When you schedule the repair, please reference "Dolby Digital Plus Sound Distortion".
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 16, 2013
Style: Without HDMI Cable|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There was a time when the only way I'd watch a movie at home was through a 5.1 surround setup, complete with receiver, digital audio cables, subwoofer, and of course, five speakers. Watching movies and playing Playstation games were immensely satisfying. However, I grew tired of the complicated setup, wires and just the sheer amount of equipment required to make everything work right and sound great. I gave it all up for convenience, but will admit that I do miss the great sound in movies -- TV speakers are just terrible.

I'd been contemplating getting a soundbar to enhance my home theater experience and was fortunate enough to give the Sony HT-CT660 a try. In the last two weeks, the HT-CT660 has had a huge impact in how much I enjoy watching videos and listening to music in my living room.

- Good sound
- Three HDMI inputs
- Wireless subwoofer
- NFC and Bluetooth
- Customizable sound

- Subwoofer level is too high by default
- No wall-mounting hardware included

The sound quality of the HT-CT660 is good for a soundbar, but I had to fiddle with the tone levels a bit to get it just right. Out of the box, the subwoofer level was way too high. I turned it down and increased the treble slightly to clean up some of the higher frequencies. I tuned it for listening to music in stereo, which translated well for movies and TV, in my opinion. The virtual surround presets worked fairly well when watching TV or movies, but had the opposite effect on music. Music sounded best in stereo mode. The 330 watt system can definitely fill a small to medium-sized room without a sweat. It'd probably fine in larger rooms as well, as long as you weren't expecting a completely immersive experience in such a room.

Setting up the HT-CT660 was a breeze. It has three HDMI inputs, one analog input, one optical input and one HDMI out. The optical audio cable was included in the box and is what I used to connect my three year old Samsung HDTV to it. The soundbar has two mounting holes in the back for wall mounting, but for some reason, Sony doesn't include the screws. However, they do provide the specifications for the screw size and the exact depth and width that the screws should be positioned. The HT-CT660 would obviously be easier to place on a TV stand, but if you've wall-mounted your TV, you'll probably want to do the same with the soundbar.

The front panel displays your input source (TV, HDMI1, 2, 3, analog, and BT AU) and displays advanced settings when you want to customize it. Just above the display is the NFC chip, which you can use to easily pair your smartphone to the HT-CT660. I paired an Android smartphone to it with ease and the Bluetooth audio came through clearly. The Bluetooth feature is actually one of the best aspects of the soundbar, IMO. Without having to pay for an extra BT speaker, you can just use the soundbar that's already in your living room to play music from your portable music player, smartphone, or tablet. It's an awesome convenience.

I love good sound quality, but these days, I prefer convenience, ease of use, and less clutter. Unfortunately, relying on TV speakers means you sacrifice a lot of sound quality and power. Soundbars like the Sony HT-CT660 are a good compromise between using sub-par TV speakers and a full-blown surround system. The HT-CT660 is a two-piece system that sounds good, doesn't take up a great deal of room, and has modern features (NFC and Bluetooth).
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on January 14, 2014
I first bought a sound bar last year. I went with a cheap LG model on sale at Walmart. I rarely used it because it didn't have what I was going after. A fuller sounding speaker to play WITH my TV or instead of my TV speakers. After many hours of research and reading reviews, I settled on the Sony HT-CT660. First, setup was easy and hassle free. We have a 60 inch Sharp mounted above our fireplace and it has a good mantle for the sound bar to sit. I connected it to my TV with the provided optic cable but may change to the HDMI instead to see if it gets even better sound. We have a large sofa sectional with a small void behind the corner piece and have hardwood flooring. I placed the wireless subwoofer in this area. WOW! I love this whole system. I've played my iPhone music using the Bluetooth and it sounds amazing and PLENTY loud for me. I spent some time playing with Bass, Treble, Subwoofer levels and settled on a good setup for me. It sounds great for movies and regular TV watching too. The placement of the subwoofer and the fact that it's speaker is on the bottom (combined with the wood floors too I guess) makes a great surround effect. Love this system and very glad I bought it.
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on September 9, 2013
I have had a 5.1 system for the last 10 years and I was pretty apprehensive of getting a sound bar. I hate seeing cables so i was getting a little tired of trying to figure out where to place the speakers of my 5.1 set up and how to hide the wires. I had to move last weekend to a space that was going to be smaller than my current so I decided to finally take the plunge and get a sound bar. I was completely blown away by the sound of the HT-CT660. Like other people have said out of the box the sub-woofer is a little bassy but I like it like that and don't mind it at all.

Setting it up as far as it pairing with the sub-woofer is easy, no menus at all, it was done automatically. If you are placing this on a TV stand then it will take you 5 minutes tops to wire it up to your electronics. If you are mounting on the wall be prepared to do some work. I would have actually preferred if they included a mount. It has two keyhole mounts so be prepared to take some measurements and get the level ready to make sure those mounts align with the screws on the wall. I also had to drill 2 holes on the wall to run the wires, the HDMI 1 and 2 ports are barely recessed and this will not mount unless you get 90 degree HDMI adapters or drill a hole behind those ports which is what i did so no wires were visible. Take a look at how I mounted it in the consumer images page.

Overall Im very satisfied with the HT-CT660 sound bar and it looks like my Pioneer receiver is gonna be sitting in its box for a while.
review imagereview image
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on July 13, 2015
Big disapointment.
We purchased the Sony Sound bar to use with are Sony Bravia 55" HD TV wich also has poor sound quality with rear mounted speakers. The sound bar works but we disconnected it due to poor sound quality. Remote and the setting you have to go through are over kill. The bass speaker has to much or to little boom with little means to ajust. Remote has various buttons to set for TV. Audio. Video ect. Each rendering a preset. It sits and collects dust. They won't allow return to much time passes. Sony was called. Emailed. Ect. Each time "take it to certified Sony repair" TV now 3 years old and has blacked out areas on screen, again no personal comms just one liner take it to Sony Certified repair. We did try that but we can buy a new TV for what they want for repair. It wont be a Sony you can count on that. Bye sony.
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on October 1, 2013
I like that this model adds tweeters that the lower Sony models do not have. This makes it much easier to hear voice (that you can turn up or down) and adds a much better high-end response in general. You do have to tweak this model to get it to sound good. Tweaking specific settings will depend on your room. It is definitely capable of sounding great, just not right out of the box.

I like putting the subwoofer behind the couch. It almost feels like proper surround sound. It's great! There's no going back to plain TV speakers, that's for sure.

There is a downside, and that is the wireless sub. The fact that it's wireless is a plus, but it's also a negative. You can't have the sub behind too much stuff or too far away, or it will drop its signal frequently. Anytime someone sat down on my couch the signal would drop, so I had to move the sub beside the couch to fix that problem.

Bottom Line -- If you don't like wires and a have at least a 46" TV, buy this sound bar to get some great sound with a little tweaking. Bluetooth is a plus as well.
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on February 23, 2015

I'm one of those neurotic types who looked at every sound bar on the market before buying one for my TV. If you're looking to spend under $1000, this is the one for you. I truly love my Sony HTCT660/C. (At the time of this review, Amazon has two listings that are identical in name and price except that one comes with a free HDMI cable; they're not different in any other way.)

I got the sound bar to go with my 2014 Samsung UN65H7150 television. That TV is beautiful but like many thin LEDs, has weak sound. This bar is great and is long enough to give a nice, full feeling to the room. It can play really loud and syncs with my TV perfectly every time via the HDMI ARC channel. The sound bar syncs with its woofer wirelessly and does this perfectly EVERY SINGLE TIME. That is truly amazing when you think about how many times your Bluetooth devices have issues with pairing, right?

The woofer produces fantastic, rich sound, especially in the moderate-to-low range of bass frequencies. When I play on my PS4, you can really FEEL the punches and gunshots! Mind you, it's no THX surround sound system, but this is--in my opinion--the best sound bar under $1000.
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on October 23, 2014
Terrible Sound, Terrible Menu. I bought this, because I wanted something that did HDMI switching, but was smaller than a full receiver. It was meant to replace a 2.1 setup that I had that didn't do HDMI switching.

The Sony does HDMI switching. The cables aren't too hard to go in, and it's pretty easy to setup. The wireless subwoofer connects automatically, no pairing or anything. Bluetooth to my phone worked really well as well. Super easy to set up.

The sound from the thing is TERRIBLE! there are no mid tones. It's either incredibly tinny, or incredibly boomy. You can adjust treble and bass, but not a full EQ, and it's has to be reset per input.

There is no on screen display, therefore everything you do is done through the small 2x2 inch screen on the center channel. We have a big living room, and you need to stand RIGHT in front of the device to see the screen. which is where I don't want to adjust the sound.
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on October 6, 2013
I installed this for a friend who wanted to update his entertainment area of his basement who had a 55" plasma, an xbox360, blue ray and cable box. He was considering purchasing an AV receiver but I found this and thought it would eliminate the need for spending another $400.
What I liked:
1. It has 3 HDMI inputs and switches easily. It has only one output to the TV so you only have to calibrate that input.
2. Easily connects to a smartphone or MP3 player via bluetooth.
3. Has a number of soundfield for what you are watching such as sports, movies, music.
4. Works well with Logitech programmable remote.
5. The sound is very good for a 2.1 surround sound. It gets plenty loud without distortion for my friend's downstairs family room (about 500sq. feet). I will have to say it was WAY better than his TV speakers but I am no audiophile.
What I didn't like:
1. Connected the Sony blu-ray player had "snow" in the picture. I do not know the cause as the XBOX and cable box did not have snow. When troubleshooting, I brought over my Samsung Blu-Ray. It too had "snow", so I tested out various cables and all the HDMI in connections. All had snow with 2 different players which told me it was an issue with the sound bar and blu-ray players. I fixed this by connecting the Blu-ray directly to and HDMI on the TV with the TV audio connecting to the sound bar via optical. Looks and sounds great. I took off one star for this.
Overall, if I had multiple accessories that I wanted to connect via HDMI and did not want to spend a lot of money on an AV receiver this would be the way I would go. Again, to me it sounded great but I am no audiophile but overall it sounded great. A great 3 dimensional sound with the subwoofer. I am considering this for my mancave as it was so easy to install and set up.
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on March 8, 2014
I love this sound bar and so does everyone that hears it it has 3 hdmi ports plus one hdmi out that's 4 ports
Everything works just like it should and the ez setup was outstanding
If you have a sony tv it works seamlessly at this price point and 46 inch bar wireless subwoofer there's nothing else to think about unless you want to spend over 500.00 and even at that it will be hard to match
I have it set up in a big family room and it sounds big my wife though I was crazy to replace our older system but speakers were everywhere now we have a clean look and better sound oh and bluetooth sounds great just tap you phone on the bar
Sony thought of everything and I looked hard to find all these features but nothing came close in price
I don't understand why people say it's great for small rooms it's a 46 inch bar with big sound
I love it and you will to just read the manual for the best set up the manual even underlines the right settings
These are the products Sony is best at so enjoy
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