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on June 30, 2013
Bought this because the HT-CT260 got rave reviews (see CNET and PC Mag) and I liked that one in the stores. This model is an upgrade/newer version of it and larger so it fits a 46" TV. Be warned that it may block your tv's remote sensor and, while it offers IR pass through, it will only do that if your TV's sensor is towards the middle of your set. I just moved my bar a few inches over. Can mount on the wall if you want but you would need 90 degree cable adapters if using HDMI. Very easy to set up, sound is very solid with multiple fields to choose from 8). Strangely, the remote only has buttons for six of them but you can also switch up/down the field menu with the remote to access the rest (remote is probably designed for the 260 - why, Sony?) Sounds best at loud volume, variable results at lower volumes, stereo and sound separation is also variable but generally pretty good considering this is not true surround. Has onboard EQ which helped because, at default, the bar lacks treble responsiveness. I like how you can adjust vocals to be louder or softer and this bar responds very well to that. I do wish that you could create separate EQ settings for each sound field as each one has its peculiarities that could use some minor tweaking. My favorite feature is the bluetooth and how easy it is to play anything off your smartphone - and it seems to have a good distance range. This bar has both HDMI (3) inputs and an optical input. I tried comparing the two and did not notice any tangible difference, though consumer forums tend to suggest using the HDMI for better sound (not sure why, the sound bar has its own processing). You can form your own opinions about this but at least this bar offers options to have it your way. Price is good for what it does. I wouldn't say the sound fills the room but it does add significant depth to the experience.

Now the negatives. While it sounds very good, don't expect it to equate to a 5.1 surround system, which you can get for the same price at entry-level quality. This is of good quality but not an audiophile's dream. This unit was working great for 3 weeks and then suddenly started to not turn on unless unplugged for a considerable amount of time - was not overheating or suffering from humidity. Sony tech support not only could not figure it out but misquoted the warranty saying I might have to pay for labor to repair it (warranty is for parts and labor for 1 year, replacement with new or refurbished parts/model at their discretion). Turned out, I believe, to be a fault with the auto system standby/power down feature so I disabled it and it seems to work ok for now. This left a bad taste in my mouth and, after some reading, found my bar is not the only one to suffer problems so soon.

While this isn't my favorite purchase, I will at least say it is probably the better sound bar out there for the price. I hope yours doesn't die like mine did - and I hope it won't need repairs. I tend to find Sony to make very good products technically but mixed in reliability and higher-priced than other brands in general. For the same price, I could have obtained a surround system with a receiver but that wasn't what I wanted due to the clutter and wires involved. Keeping it unless it dies again.
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on April 20, 2015
Absolutely love the sound. Makes you feel like you are in a theater when you are watching a movie.
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on April 22, 2017
writing to small on the Bar.
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on July 25, 2014
Pros: Excellent Sound quality
Wireless Subwoofer
Ease of Use
IR repeater to pass remote control commands to TV

Cons: Sound bar is rather tall and blocks the bottom inch or so of my Sony 50W800B TV
No HDMI cable came in the box as it was supposed to.
Internal packaging was not the best, Styrofoam was cracked when I opened the box. The item was not visibly damaged however
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on September 28, 2014
First year was great. But recently Netflix updated their Dolby Digital + coding and the HT-CT660 does not support it. Not sure Sony will fix this...

Update 2: Sony will now repair the units.

The Sony Support website now recognizes that all units are defective and asks you to call to schedule service repairs (see below the next paragraph):

However, when I called Sony Service I was told that my one year and 2 months HT-CT660 unit was out of warranty and that I would have to pay to get the Dolby Digital Plus issue fixed. I'll be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau. Plus I'm done with Sony products, no wonder the company is performing so poorly.

The following models will need to be Serviced to correct the Dolby Digital Plus Sound Distortion:
HT-CT370 (impacted Serial # 8200001 - 8202846)
HT-CT770 (impacted Serial # 8100001 - 8137756)

Please contact Sony Service to schedule a Service repair. When you schedule the repair, please reference "Dolby Digital Plus Sound Distortion".
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on October 29, 2013
I can't speak highly enough about this Sony sound bar. I previously had a Panasonic 5.1 surround system in my living room, and it was wires everywhere along with little satellite speakers that, shall I say, kept my little ones entertained and kept me on edge! I was looking for a streamlined sound system with minimal wiring and speaker presence, and this Sony sound bar fits the bill perfectly. (I also considered the Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar System, but reviews of that item suggested it has Bluetooth connectivity issues.) Upon opening the Sony box, I found the sound bar and separate subwoofer to be very substantial and aesthetically pleasing - at least to my eye. The system assembles easily out of the box, and I didn't even have to read the included instructions. I just installed two little included rubber feet onto the sound bar; set the sound bar in front of my TV; plugged in my FIOS DVR, Blu-ray player and Apple TV into the sound bar's 3 HDMI ports; plugged the sound bar into one of my TV's HDMI ports; and plugged the subwoofer into an AC outlet on the opposite side of the room hidden underneath a piece of furniture. I turned the system on, and the sound bar connected automatically to the subwoofer as indicated by a green light on the sub. The sound out of this thing is superb, is an improvement over my old Panasonic 5.1 surround system, and is a vast improvement over the TV speakers. Oh, and the Bluetooth audio feature works flawlessly: I can stream music from my iPhone and iPad with ease. The system is also a decidedly less conspicuous presence in my living room than my prior system. One word of advice: With this system comes yet another remote which you will need to use regularly now that all of your components are connected directly to the sound bar. For that reason, I recommend getting a universal remote to avoid having to constantly use the sound bar remote in addition to whatever other component's remote you may be using. In the universal remote department, I highly recommend the Logitech Harmony 700 remote (Logitech Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote with Color Screen), which I've written a review of separately. That universal remote is extremely easy to set up and can easily control the various input switching that this sound bar requires to access your various components.
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on November 6, 2013
Let's face it, sound quality on TV's is just bad, even on the new big screen 3-D TV's. I just had to get a replacement and after reading the specs and reviews, I bought this Sony sound bar and I'm glad that I did.

I wanted great sound, Bluetooth, a subwoofer, various sound settings, and no extra speakers that take up space. This system provided all my requirements at a reasonable price.

The sound bar is far better than the build-in TV speakers even at low volume. I rarely crank up the volume except watching an action movie or listening to music through my tablet via Bluetooth. And with most sound systems, the higher the volume, the better the sound quality.

I have a 55 inch LG. I did have a slight problem when I placed the bar on the same stand of my TV and in the front bottom of the TV. I found the remote sensor was on the lower right of the TV about 4 inches from the side. I simply moved the sound bar over a couple of inches and now the TV remote works just fine.

For the price and my small living room, I'm happy with my choice.
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on March 22, 2014
I am an average Joe, with a great ear for detail. While my experience with sound bars is limited to the JBL Cinema SB400 (MSRP $549) and the Sony HT-CT660 (MSRP $399), I will try to convince you why you couldn't find a better, all-around budget sound bar with all of the features you'd want and more.

Design: Much like coffee, an acquired taste.

The bar itself is a rather odd hexagonal shape, piano black with a metallic grill and a shiny plastic information center on the front. Sony did not find a need to be flashy in the design department, and didn't need to, as sound is what is important. The back has several recesses with which to hook up your inputs with 3 HDMI, an ARC HDMI Out, auxiliary and optical inputs. The subwoofer is nothing special, standard, plain, black and can be easily forgotten when you put it into the corner. The remote is reminiscent of the late 90s remotes, a hefty size which is good in this case because it accommodates buttons from everything to inputs, volume, Bluetooth pairing and even controls for the connected bluetooth device!

Sound: Good, but needs adjustment out of the box.

Unlike the JBL SB400, the Sony HT-CT660 has options to adjust the treble, bass, bass range and dialogue, giving you the ability to cater sound to your liking and best suit your environment. 8 presets are available and can be further adjusted within the menu. The Sony has more wattage than the JBL, but the JBL exceeds in sound quality to a noticeable degree. However, the Sony manages to produce a simulated surround environment better than the JBL. Also worth mentioning, the JBL is easier to hear and produces greater sound at lower volumes than the Sony. Still, the Sony is no slouch in audio quality, be it supplied by HDMI or the amazingly simple to pair bluetooth. Also, the Sony supports all audio profiles of Dolby, from simple Stereo to dts-HD Master Audio, something which the JBL doesn't support and would cause damage to the bar.

Accessibility: So simple, I could do it...I mean a caveman can do it!

This is where the Sony makes the JBL an embarrassment: accessibility. Unlike the JBL, the Sony is quick to pair the sub and bar. ARC is immediately recognized and a sinch to setup. Bluetooth can be synced via NFC, just a tap away, or easily paired by a button on the bar or the remote! You can setup HDMI pass-through or an IR Repeater, both of which the JBL, at its premium price, do not offer.

While I have described many features of the bar, there is still so much I haven't discussed, and can't because they are features I don't use. What I have used was good enough to convince me I made a better purchase with the Sony HT-CT660 over the JBL Cinema SB400. The JBL wasn't as accessible, and it suffered a lot of technical issues that you can read about in my review. Don't expect the best audio considering that it is a sound bar, and a 2.1 at that. However, for its features, its compatibility, its ease of use and price, if you are looking for a budget sound bar with good sound, HDMI and bluetooth, then look no further, you have found the perfect bar.
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on January 14, 2014
I first bought a sound bar last year. I went with a cheap LG model on sale at Walmart. I rarely used it because it didn't have what I was going after. A fuller sounding speaker to play WITH my TV or instead of my TV speakers. After many hours of research and reading reviews, I settled on the Sony HT-CT660. First, setup was easy and hassle free. We have a 60 inch Sharp mounted above our fireplace and it has a good mantle for the sound bar to sit. I connected it to my TV with the provided optic cable but may change to the HDMI instead to see if it gets even better sound. We have a large sofa sectional with a small void behind the corner piece and have hardwood flooring. I placed the wireless subwoofer in this area. WOW! I love this whole system. I've played my iPhone music using the Bluetooth and it sounds amazing and PLENTY loud for me. I spent some time playing with Bass, Treble, Subwoofer levels and settled on a good setup for me. It sounds great for movies and regular TV watching too. The placement of the subwoofer and the fact that it's speaker is on the bottom (combined with the wood floors too I guess) makes a great surround effect. Love this system and very glad I bought it.
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on September 9, 2013
I have had a 5.1 system for the last 10 years and I was pretty apprehensive of getting a sound bar. I hate seeing cables so i was getting a little tired of trying to figure out where to place the speakers of my 5.1 set up and how to hide the wires. I had to move last weekend to a space that was going to be smaller than my current so I decided to finally take the plunge and get a sound bar. I was completely blown away by the sound of the HT-CT660. Like other people have said out of the box the sub-woofer is a little bassy but I like it like that and don't mind it at all.

Setting it up as far as it pairing with the sub-woofer is easy, no menus at all, it was done automatically. If you are placing this on a TV stand then it will take you 5 minutes tops to wire it up to your electronics. If you are mounting on the wall be prepared to do some work. I would have actually preferred if they included a mount. It has two keyhole mounts so be prepared to take some measurements and get the level ready to make sure those mounts align with the screws on the wall. I also had to drill 2 holes on the wall to run the wires, the HDMI 1 and 2 ports are barely recessed and this will not mount unless you get 90 degree HDMI adapters or drill a hole behind those ports which is what i did so no wires were visible. Take a look at how I mounted it in the consumer images page.

Overall Im very satisfied with the HT-CT660 sound bar and it looks like my Pioneer receiver is gonna be sitting in its box for a while.
review image review image
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