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on April 5, 2014
I couldn't care less about a few silly, post-capture, in-camera picture effects. The purpose of a good camera is to take pictures out in the field, not play around with them afterward. There's plenty of time for that, after you get home.

The image quality and the quick, effective functions of this model, put it far ahead of the deficient HX300 of last year. I sent that one back after 5 days, but this one is a keeper. Even at full-size, most of its photos look presentable and at normal full-screen viewing sizes, they are sparkling good. I didn't think anyone could put 21 Megapixels on a tiny sensor like this and get good results, but Sony has proved me wrong.

The photo and video quality clear out to the end of the 1,200mm lens is sharp. The HX300 lost resolution at full zoom. With video, you can engage the Active Stabilization Mode and get 1.41X, or a 1,692mm equivalent in focal-length and there's no loss of quality. There are several other superzoom brands on sale now, that seem to match the HX400V in some specifications, but their overall performance for all purposes falls behind this one.

I recommend getting the Sony ECM-XYST1M stereo hotshoe mike, to put on this camera. It picks up distant sounds well and mostly eliminates wind noise using a furnished furry wind sock. Breathing sounds from the operator are not recorded, which is a problem if the built-in mikes are used. The two elements can be swiveled out wide or pointed ahead for varied pickup patterns. I also bought two sets of Wasabi NP-BX1 batteries and chargers here on Amazon. You don't get an external charger with the camera and having 5 batteries and two chargers gives me plenty of backup power and charging capability. This brand of battery seems to have the best reputation for an after-market source.

The autofocus for both photos and video is quick and solid. There is no better camera for shooting flying birds or aircraft. The low-light abilities of it are amazing and the unique multiple-exposure modes make it possible to get good photos in very dim light.

There's a KiwiFotos lens adaptor tube here on Amazon that is built to fit the HX300. Although it is claimed that the lens is the same size as that of the HX400V, it is not. The HX400V outer lens housing is 1mm larger in diameter and this adaptor will not fit. Perhaps KiwiFotos will build a new one later that matches the HX400V.

Although this camera is listed here and at other dealers in the USA as the HX400 (B), it is in fact the HX400V (B) they are selling. This model has GPS and the HX400 that is sold in some other countries, does not have GPS.
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on April 16, 2014
I caught this camera at a lower price when it was available for pre-order only and thought I'd give it a try. My primary reason for wanting a mega-zoom camera is for birding, but I've also tried shots indoors and close up flower photography.

I am not a serious photographer, so my review will not be technically rigorous. I do enjoy my casual photography, especially when I come home with a few "keeper" shots like I've been lucky enough to do with this camera.

I have been extremely pleased with this camera. Even in auto mode the photos have exceeded my expectations, even at the highest range of zoom. The details are staying crisp (water droplets on a loon's head, the iridescence of feathers) and the focus speed/shutter speed have allowed me to catch a couple photos I would not have thought possible with a camera of this type.

I'm looking forward to learning more about this camera's capabilities and becoming more adept with the mega-zoom.
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on March 26, 2015
I read a ton of reviews before purchasing this camera. The only negative I read was that it had a "cheap plastic feel" to it. hmmm...okay, the body is plastic....does not have leather bindings......but doesn't feel cheap to me. After using the camera, I don't care if it feels cheap. The results speak for themselves. Do yourself a favor and go on to the sony site and download the user help guide. A ton of great information in there on how best to use the camera. Last night too a picture of a half-moon and only supported the camera on a tripod with no mount....the zoom was phenomenal! I took a lot of macro shots and was beyond impressed. FYI...the macro is plain old ground pepper. Would buy again in a heart beat if needed
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on May 14, 2015
I have had this camera for less than a week and I absolutely love it! I have had the Sony DSC-WX150 for the past 4 years and it has been a great little point and shoot, but I wanted something more. I came across this Sony and it seemed to be exactly what I wanted given it's huge optical zoom. I'm nowhere near a professional photographer and I wanted something affordable so I chose to stay away from DSLRs. While this camera doesn't give you the ability to attach different lenses, I, as the non-professional don't find the need given the lens this camera has. I took the camera to a butterfly museum and I am amazed at the results (see attached pictures). If you are a non-professional looking for a camera that produces pictures at what looks like a professional level, then this camera is the way to go.
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on October 20, 2015
Bought this camera to replace my older Nikon P510 because of the bigger zoom and was exactly what I was hoping for and more. My main concern was how the Autofocus would perform in still and movie mode at high zoom including out to 100x digital. It was great. You need bright sunny conditions to shoot good quality video out at max-zoom, but if you have that then it is pretty amazing the quality of the photos and video even at the full-max digital zoom. Tried the comparable new Canon and Nikon out in the store and the AutoFocus couldn't get a good quick fix at high zoom so went with this one. I was also concerned about having heat issues using this for extended periods in 100-degree plus temps since the build seemed a little less solid, but I never had an issue with it. My Nikon P510 would heat up and shut off at times. Don't think it's possible to beat the performance of this camera at this price level. Make sure you get 4-5 extra batteries and the ability to charge them in the field as batteries during operation using the zoom and autofocus constantly are good for about 45mins, taking about twice that time to charge.
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on May 2, 2015
This is a fabulous camera for shooting distant shots. It also has excellent picture definition. The biggest issue with this product is that the batteries do not last any longer than 50 or less photos. This is not an acceptable feature, which will cause me to return the product if I cannot get any resolution from Sony on this matter. HAve send a request to Sony for feedback on this problem. Have also researched a plethoria of web sites trying to locate a similar problem. Every site advises a minimum level of 300 shots per battery! Anyone else run into this issue with this model of camera? Bought the camera because a friend has it and takes fabulous photos all day without need for a battery change out.
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on January 24, 2017
I am not an expert, but I do take lots of photos for my internet store. This is great at capturing up close detailing on my antiques and art. It has a manual zoom and auto.....for the price it is fantastic I think. I had a Nikon briefly, but it couldnt compare, especially the zoom as it was auto and it kept coming in out of was a little more than half the price though. For the price difference this offers much more that double the price in features.....absolutely fantastic for zoom and photos in general as we often take pics outdoors. The wireless feature is somewhat slow to me, and I prefer to upload them wired for this reason. Great all around camera for under 500 bucks......and really great for internet photos. I hope it lasts 10 years like my H1.....and the Sony I had before that took over 100 pics a day on avg., for 7 years before it went kaput.
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on April 14, 2016
I was dead set on getting a Nikon DSLR even though I didn't know why those four letters meant so much to me. After research and staking photography forums it dawned on me that if you don't really need a fancy crazy expensive camera to take good photos.

The super long zoom of this camera appealed to me because I'm nosy and need to be right up in people's faces. You'll see the sleeping primate pic I've attached. That was taken from quite far away and through the hole of a chain link fence.

I like the quality of the photos this camera produces. I don't do any post production or editing on my pics and to my eye the colors and details are natural here. There's a wifi photo transfer feature that is a bit cumbersome but it works. There's no input for an external mic, which bugs me. And I wish there was a rotating screen so so can record tutorials and vlogs while being able to see my shot when I'm in front of the camera. Those small factors make this camera lose a point. Still, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it all over again.
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on June 16, 2014
As a serious hobbyist of photography for the past 65 years, I have lost count of the many different cameras I have owned and used. So far this Sony HX400 is working fine. It's picture quality' is very good clear and sharp with beautiful color. The menu system is easy to use and gets you easily to all the camera's myriad of features. The 24 to 1200 mm zoom is extraordinary. If you are looking for a camera the does it all without spending the money on a single-lens reflex, this is it.
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on July 5, 2015
Light weight
Amazing focal range
1 cm focusing distance handles macro
Good price

Overly aggressive JPEG compression, no RAW
Extremely noisy in anything but perfect light
Ridiculously slow processing speed
Hard to use controls for changing settings

Bottom line: would not recommend. Returning mine.

I bought the HX400V because I wanted a camera I could reasonably take with me nearly everywhere, without it being an inconvenience. I do most of my shooting with a Canon 7D and a few "L" series lenses. I love DSLRs for their flexibility, but sometimes I just want to travel light, and still be able to take better shots than my smartphone can give me.

The appeal of this type of camera is it's amazing focal range and easy portability. The HX400 fully delivers on both those points. It's small and light enough to comfortably put in a backpack on a bike ride, without being noticeable. Having the such a huge focal range means it can take nearly any shot you want, wide-angle to macro. The versatility is astounding.

On the other hand, the image quality in anything but perfect circumstances is not good. Images become extremely noisy above ISO 400, and the JPG compression is extremely aggressive, softening images far more than it needs to and leaving artifacts everywhere. There is no RAW or TIFF mode available, and no way to tone down the compression.

Image processing is incredibly slow on the Superior Auto setting. I mean, snap a picture and wait up to 3 seconds for the camera to process the image and be ready to shoot again. It isn't always that slow, the speed depends on the mode and what you are shooting. Choosing a mode other than Superior Auto speeds things up quite a bit, but that is also the mode that gives the best results, especially at the longer zoom ranges.

After shooting burst images, be prepared to wait 10+ seconds before you can shoot again, even using the fastest card on the market.

The slow delays aren’t a deal breaker alone, and are not even unexpected in a sub-$1000 camera. The biggest issue for me has been the quality of the images. As I look back on shots taken with my old Sony DSC-F828 (2004, 8MP), I’m sad to say that it’s images come out of the camera BETTER than those from the HX400. (I’m happy to share samples with anyone who’d like to see what I’m talking about).

This has nothing to do with the quality of the sensor or the lens, but with the in-camera processing and JPG compression. Consider: those images from my DSC-F828, 8MP camera are BIGGER in size (average 10MB) than the ones coming out of the 20MP HX400 (average 7.5MB). Where is all the extra data going? It’s being deleted.

Overall, the HX400 is an OK camera at it’s price point, but if you are looking for something that can stand in for your DSLR, this isn’t the camera for you. If Sony had included an uncompressed shooting mode, or a way of lowering the JPG compression, I think this COULD have been an outstanding carry/travel camera. As it stands right now, I can only recommend this if you are strictly budget shopping and need the super-zoom capability. If you can spend a little more, consider something like the Lumix FZ1000 (still sub-$1000) that at least offers an uncompressed image format.
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