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on October 22, 2011
I was really hesitant about buying a voice recorder. I thought about it years ago but thought it would be a waste to hear 2 hr lectures again, BUT with the "T-Mark" button which allows me to "bookmark" a part of the recording, I can easily skip through all of the other stuff to things I thought were important. I especially like that I can also place a T-Mark after the recording has been made and I have reviewed it. The sound quality is great on this recorder, and the Noise Cut is a great help when reviewing with ear buds. Especially since I tend to move a lot of paper around during lecture. I also really like that you can record in different folders, and you can come back to where you left off if you leave the recording. The speed control is also great in case the person said something too quick, you don't have to sit there and try to figure it out. Although I have yet to try it, I'm really looking forward to being able to transfer things onto my computer. I really like that this function is available, or you can also use a memory card for transfer. I like that it has a little "stand" attached to it so it does not have to lay flat as it is recording (reduces noise). The recorder also saves batteries by shutting down after about 1 minute of non use (not playing/recording/deleting). You can simply place it on hold if you need to step away for a small period to say for example take a quick phone call or bathroom break. Overall great product, lightweight, easy to use, and comes with a carrying bag. Although it is a bit on the higher side of the price scale for all of the recorders I looked at here on Amazon, it is well worth the investment if you plan to use it for a long period of time.

*UPDATE*- Have been using this for about 6 months now with no problems. Sounds great when played back and has come in real handy after a LONG day of lectures in multiple classes. I sometime listen to it in the car instead of the radio. Also, if you ever find that you transfered one of the MP3 files to the computer and it's a 6 hour long file that you forgot to break up, there is a program I use called Slice Audio File Splitter. It is free to download on CNET. It lets you choose how many pieces you want the file broken down to or you can choose to break it down by any amount of time you choose. I use this for audiobooks as well that I listen to on my MP3 player. Hope this helps!
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on March 1, 2015
I got this recorder on sale before going to music camp last summer. I've used one of the more advanced USB-chargeable Sonys before. I record my music lessons and source recordings for music I'm studying, and carry this around like an MP3 player. This device is amazing. I got an expansion card and can record lots of audio. I sometimes put lectures in one of the folders, which makes it easy to keep track of categories of audio- I have lectures from one class in one folder, source recordings in another, audiobooks in a third, and recordings from my classes in a fourth.

The fact that there's an audio input has also been very useful. I sometimes record low-grade audio off of YOuTube or off of Coursera videos this way by plugging a cord from my computer's audio jack into the mic input of the recorder (there are other ways to strip audio from YouTube, but I've found some of the apps and browser extensions that do this to be buggy). Being able to do this while studying music and listening to educational material has been transformative for me, and this piece of hardware has made it so easy to do.
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on August 28, 2014
After one use and after transferring the files and clearing the memory, it won't let me record, says "memory full". I called Sony support and they were able to walk me through to format the recorder. It is an excellent recorder, I use it to record speakers and then make CDs and it works well for this. Would recommend this product highly and Sony support stayed with the issue until it was resolved. If you get the "memory full" and there are no files. Go to menu>detail menu>format>erase all. problem solved.

Update almost 3 years now. It records with a great quality, good enough to duplicate and sell copies of!
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on January 11, 2012
I bought this to record lectures in my History class. Four hours of pure lecture a week for a full term, this unit worked to perfection. I sit in the back of the class, and with a few settings changes, I was able to pick up my professor from the back of the classroom with perfect clarity. It also does a good job of cancelling out other sounds while recording (like zippers and general shuffling that occurs in the classroom). I have the entire term recorded in mp3 128mbs quality, and have like 80% of the memory left. Also, it is still using the pair of batteries that came with the unit. They are close to dead, but this is because I left it on accidentally over the course of several weekends. I highly recommend this to anyone that has a lecture heavy class, or just wants to make sure they don't miss anything.
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on September 12, 2012
I bought this last semester (Spring 2012) in order to record lectures. I must say it has been most helpful. I have recorded it in only a graduate class setting (small classes) and it has worked wonderfully so far. The reason why I bought it was that I do not remember what the professor said in class at times. The added advantages are that 1) I do not have to take notes most of the times (just watch the slides and listen to the lecture simultaneously) implies I can completely focus on understanding the lecture 2) Sometimes you miss the point being discussed in class (maybe it was too complex or it had a deeper meaning) -- when you go through the lecture again -- it is easy to pick up. Last semester, I was taking a lot of courses. As a result, I did not get time to read from the book. At those times, this scheme of going through the recorded lecture and watching the slides proved crucial for preparing for exams.

I like this sound recorder because it has two mics and it records clearly. I have set the sensitivity to medium so you can pick up unnecessary sounds like stuff moving, etc but that's okay because sometimes you can pick up the questions asked by your peers from some remote corner of the room. Disclaimer: I do not use the advanced features of this voice recorder. For my basic purposes of recording the lecture and then transferring the lectures onto my computer -- this device works great and I am really happy with it.

Note: Do not delete the files on the device using your computer. The recorder does not recognize it. I made this mistake yesterday. As a result, I could not record a lecture today because the device thinks there is no memory left. Use the erase button only to delete files. The customer support (chat) was helpful. I basically formatted the built-in memory and now the device is okay.

Here is a link to the user manual for those who intend to buy this device:[...]

Hope that helps. I plan to use this device to record meetings with my professor.
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on July 10, 2012
This is the second Sony digital recorder we have purchased and are delighted with the features and ease of recording found on the ICD-AX412. We needed a good recorder that was expandable in memory, easy to use, and had some ability to download to a computer. We found all these features and more with this product. The Record/Play buttons are easy to see, and one-touch recording makes it a favorite for what we use the product for.
We record music primarily on this for composition and classroom playback. The sound quality is great for the price we paid. There are better performing units available, but they are typically four times the price. Combined with the SD card expansion capability, and ability to download your recorded materials into a computer via the mini-USB port, there is no better performing product in this price range. The internal 2 GB of memory is sufficient for most our recordings, but when we need additional memory, the SD card slot is the perfect answer. We highly recommend this product for voice and music.
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on March 14, 2012
I've not had this long enough to play around with all the features yet but I had to write a review of the voice clarity. The background reduction is amazing!

I'm a newspaper reporter so I record about a dozen interviews a week in all types of conditions. Yesterday I did an interview in the parking lot of an auto dealership that fronts the interstate, in the wind, with people and vehicles constantly moving around. It is ASTONISHING how clearly you hear only my voice and the interviewee's!

There is a slight rub when the wind blows really hard, but not nearly as bad as my previous recorder (the Sony ICD-B600), and never does any background noise overcome or distort the interview! I've battled this for years, and the clarity of this new recorder is the best I've ever had. If you really need to hear every word of your recording you will be happy with this device.
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on February 1, 2012
I am a volunteer for a local agency that collects oral histories for the Veterans' History Project(Library of Congress). I wanted a recorder that is easy to use, provides good quality sound and enables me to easily import the audio files to my laptop and then burn a cd copy. This recorder met all of my requirements and fully exceeded my expectations! I have used it several times and have been pleased with the quality of the recording and ease of use.
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on October 27, 2013
I’m a journalist who depends on my recordings. In the field this Sony just works. My interview subjects always sound crystal clear.
The built-in stand is perfect and one of the most ingenious ideas I’ve ever seen on a recorder.
The biggest upside with this recorder is battery life. I am a heavy user and record hours of interviews per week. I was astounded that the batteries supplied lasted all summer. There was still one-bar showing on the power meter after four months of use. I probably could have used it for a few more weeks, but decided to change the batteries just to be safe.
I use a Sony ICD-AX712 for more critical recordings (because of the wav file editing capabilities), but the MP3 files from this unit have been used in radio broadcasts and numerous podcasts with excellent results.
If you’re looking for a recorder that won’t fail you in the field this is the one you want.
The only reason I can’t give it five stars is because on my particular unit the battery door pops off fairly easily. I use a snippet of gaffers tape to keep the door secure.
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on January 16, 2012
I bought this as a gift for my husband who has previously used a cassette recorder to help him learn lines for his part in plays with the local community theatre. We haven't figured out all the bells and whistles yet, but the goal is to record the lines and be able to play them back at home or while out jogging. I like the multiple folders and files for different things he can record, although I haven't found a way we can actually put a name on each folder. He can pause, add to a file, etc. Those are features he will use. My only other concern is that the instructions aren't as user friendly as I would have liked.
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