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on December 9, 2014
I love this alarm clock it is one of the best ones I have ever owned.

1) its nice and small so I still have plenty of space on my night stand.

2) You can actually turn off the display, so the room is not annoyingly lit up at night. Even better is that when the alarm goes off the display comes on dimmed but readable so you can see what time it is but not get blinded.

3) My iPhone 5S docks in a slim line case (Incase metallic slider) and charges rapidly.

4) There are two alarms and settings for the 2, 5, or 7 days so that I can set my alarm for work but don't have to worry about turning it off and on over the weekend.

5) I was quite pleased with the actual radio and the reception, My previous Sony Dream Machine I had to uncoil the entire antenna, and even then I had iffy reception, but with this model I don't really need to worry about the antenna because the reception is so good.

6) For a clock radio the sound is pretty good especially for a clock radio.

7) The dock has a cover on it that hides it away and protects it when not in use.
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on November 9, 2014
I have a 5S with iOS 8.1 and this clock radio charges it fine. I have a plastic rubbery case on my iPhone and had to trim a bit off the bottom to make it work, otherwise it won't charge the phone with a case on.
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on May 10, 2013
I've been waiting for someone to come out with a Lightning/iPhone 5 alarm clock for some time. Both iHome and Gear4 are (as of this writing) still not actually shipping, and I'm really glad since I'm much happier with this unit by Sony than I would have been with either of those other products. Very small footprint, white on black display (doesn't light up the room in the dark), dual alarms, and a decent iOS app to boot. In fairness, the sound quality is probably not as high-fidelity as some of the iHome offerings will be, but it was certainly good enough for my taste. I also really like the button arrangement, with the A&B alarm buttons on the sides of the unit - makes it very easy to adjust the alarm settings by touch.
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on December 12, 2014
It is December 12, 2014 I just received this product I have an iPhone 6 the product does work and it does charge the phone it is a good product however the only issue is that it will not fit with an OtterBox case therefore every time I use the product I have to take my iPhone six out of the case which is proving to be a pain other than that it's a good product and that's why I gave it four stars
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on January 26, 2015
I needed to find a new bedroom clock/radio with docking station for my iPhone 5s. The important features to me were (1) small size, (2) LED display, (3) time synch from iPhone to clock, (4) able to dock the phone with a case on, (5) charges my iPhone while I sleep, and (6) battery backup. Radio quality was not even a factor as I never listen to music in my bedroom and I wake to a chime on my iPhone.

Why do clock manufacturers prefer to use an LCD display instead of LED? LED displays only the time usually in red, amber or green with a black background, producing very little light. An LCD display lights up the entire rectangular display window. I don't want a bleeping nightlight while I sleep. The nice people who answered my question about this feature told me it was no problem because you could set the brightness way down (see my comment below). And, the only LED docking clocks I found were either too large or had poor reviews. so, I bought the Sony ICFC11IP.

Here are my pros and cons of the Sony ICFC11IP clock/radio:

1. Small size
2. Synchs time from iPhone
3. Synchs not only time from your iPhone, but loads your alarm times from the phone as well. A helpful feature if you plan to wake to the clock radio or beeping.
4. My iPhone docks without having to remove my case
5. Radio sounds really nice if I ever care to use it

1. LCD display is too bright (if you want to also be able to see the time). The Sony ICFC11IP has the following brightness settings:
a. High - much too bright to sleep with
b. Medium - still too bright for me
c. Low - very dim (good) but difficult to see the time (not so good)
d. Off - no display at all
2. Time synch requires a special app download called "D-Sampli"
3. The time synchs only when this special app is running on the phone.
(my old iPhone 4s and clock/radio didn't require a special app)
4. Arrives with EST time zone set. I live in the PST time zone, so after synching the phone and clock, the clock showed the time 3 hours in the future until I set the appropriate time zone. So, why should the clock be concerned with time zone? When I synch my phone, the clock should just take the time from the phone. I don't understand the need for this feature at all.
5. Out of the box, the clock started beeping at 12 noon. This was not even an alarm time on my phone. Why was this alarm automatically set by the manufacturer?
6. Using the remote to cycle through pre-set radio channels, it will cycle through all available pre-sets, not just those you have programmed. When it hits a pre-set you have not programmed, you get just static noise. It should be smart enough to bypass these unprogrammed pre-sets.
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on October 27, 2013
When I got the iPhone 5, it was time to upgrade my clock radio and reduce bedside cord clutter by getting one with a charging dock. I considered and i-Home system, but was dismayed to see the radio did not include AM bandwidth. I was very happy to find this Sony, especially to see that it had a separate AM antenna.

I like to listen to nighttime radio as I fall asleep (Coast to Coast!) so I really wanted a clock radio with strong AM reception. This clock radio really does the trick by having the external antenna. My radio station comes in loud and clear consistently. I also like to listen to podcasts on my iPhone, and the sound coming from this Sony is perfect.

I really like the lighting of the numbers on this radio, especially the different levels of light. It's easy to change the light level by hitting the large snooze bar right on top. If you prefer no movement on the numbers, you should know that the dots blink the seconds.

I like to listen to the radio without disturbing anyone so I use headphones or my pillow speaker. I remain surprised that this Sony does not have a headphone jack. I felt like an otter trying to crack a clam as I was picked up this radio and turned it over and over trying to find a headphone jack. I reread the instruction packet and looked online, and learned that there is in fact no headphone jack on this unit. I really like the Sony otherwise, so have kept it. But, if I want to listen to the radio with headphones at night, I am back to using my iPhone (listening through an app). This mean the phone does not charge and this Sony and up being a simple time teller. With the headphone jack now moved to the bottom of the iPhone, I cannot let it sit in the radio dock and plug the headphones into the top.

For me, the lack of a headphone jack is very disappointing. I am left wondering why Sony wouldn't include one. I thought that was a very basic feature.

Other negatives: my iPhone won't fit in with its case (I have a SwitchEasy) but it's easy enough to remove the case to dock, when I dock which isn't as often as i'd like on account of the headphone issue. Also, the instruction packet that comes with this radio is on a giant single piece of crinkly paper in three languages that has to be folded up like an old roadmap and I still haven't been able to fold it back up the way it was. It would be so much nicer if the instructions were in a booklet.

I am keeping the radio, but most likely would not have purchased it if I had known that it had no headphone jack.
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on February 27, 2014
This has a feature that allows you to hit the snooze once to snooze for 10 minutes, twice to snooze for 20 minutes, and continues to adjust the snooze by 10 minutes every time you hit it after the alarm goes off. This is a nice feature....if it had its own button maybe. However, since the snooze and dimmer are the same button, you can no longer adjust the dimmer after the alarm has gone off and you're in snooze mode. The button only works to snooze.
This is a serious problem if you turn the dimmer on a low setting or all the way off at bedtime. You won't be able to see the time in the morning!!! There is absolutely no way to get that light to come on without turning the alarm off. So the alarm goes off, you hit snooze, fall back asleep, wake up and wonder what time it is. You push the dimmer button to adjust the brightness, but it doesn't get brighter and you cant see what time it is. instead, you unknowingly adjust your snooze for another 10, 20, 30 minutes, fall sleep and oversleep. And when you wake up, you still won't know what time it is. You must turn the alarm off before you can find out what time it is. and if you decide, hey, i can sleep for another 10 minutes, too bad. You've turned the alarm off, you can't snooze anymore. You have to completely reprogram the alarm and that's just not going to happen. If i cant see what time it is when i wake up and i cant adjust the brightness to see what time it is, I consider that to be a useless alarm clock.

Feb 2015 update:
Some have said this won't charge with IOS 7. Well half the time it doesn't charge with IOS 6 either. I never upgraded my iphone 5 and i also get the error messages. I don't think it matters what software version you have. In the beginning, it worked perfectly. then i started getting the message that this accessory isn't supported, but it still charged. Now i get the message and it doesn't charge. I redock the phone if i see the message and that usually, but not always, takes care of it. Sometimes it will charge for a couple minutes and then stop charging. When I go to sleep, I don't know if it is going to charge the phone or not. I consider that to be a useless charger.

All the people giving good reviews obviously haven't had the device long enough. I'd like to know their experience after a year!

Now after 16 months, the snooze button doesn't work at all.

I threw it away today and I'm getting something else. I'm going to use my built in iPhone alarm and just use the regular charging cord to charge it. The cord always charges my phone without any error messages. i never have to worry whether it is charging. My iPhone alarm lets me set a different alarm for every day of the week! I can choose from a multitude of sounds to wake up to. The snooze button always works to perfection. I can make the screen go dark at night, without doing anything!, and it will always light up again, whenever i want, even after the alarm has gone Into snooze!! Imagine that.

For anyone boycotting China made products, this one is made in China.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 28, 2013
I bought two of these, one for myself and one for the wife. They work perfectly.

I was disappointed to find out we could not use these with the Apple iPhone 5s leather case. A little touch up with a dremmel on the clock fixed that - see my uploaded picture.

It will likely invalidate your warranty, so it is not ideal.
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on November 14, 2013
I replaced a 30-pin Sony iPod clock radio with this until when I switched to an iPhone 5S with a lightning connector. For years I have docked my phone next to my bed at night and I love the convenience of just popping it in. My first complaint with this and all similar clock radios I have found is that I had to find a case that had an open bottom on the phone as all cases that I tried that had some kind of covering on the bottom of the phone would not work with this clock radio as the lightning connector wouldn't go in far enough to make contact and charge.

My second complaint with this unit is that it is too light… every time I pull my phone out, the unit comes up with it. A bit more weightiness will keep that from happening.

Otherwise, the sound is quite good and I think the unit is a great value for the dual alarm functionality.
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on August 15, 2016
It was an okay docking system, however, I couldn't use it with my Otterbox case, and the remote control didn't work. The buttons were misleading, and the alarm was a pain in the butt (and eventually the reason I returned it). The alarm would go off everyday and there was no way to turn it off, so on the weekends when I wanted to sleep in, it would go off and ruin my day. There's no dimming setting and the snooze was not made right. It was all around too hard to use and was a pain. I'm sure if I had more patience and was "clock radio inclined" I would be able to figure it out, but I just couldn't, and therefore was a waste of time/money. 2/10. Would not recommend.
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