Customer Reviews: Sony LCJRXF/B Premium Jacket Case (Black)
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on September 29, 2014
***The good:
1) Both the microUSB port and viewfinder slider are completely accessible with the case on. Excellent!
2) The fit around the camera lens protrusion is good
3) The jacket provides light protection against knocks
3) The surface of the jacket proves a much better grip of the camera

***The bad:
You'll have a hard time flipping out your LCD screen. The bottom part of the case (right below the LCD screen) juts upwards a little, and presses against the bottom edge of the LCD screen, especially at the bottom left corner.

Whenever you need to flip your LCD screen up to take a selfie, you'll need to use your left thumb to pull the bottom left edge of the case downwards, to expose a gap for you to use a finger from your right hand to almost pry the LCD screen outwards.

When you need to flip the LCD screen back, because the bottom edge of the case is blocking, you'll need to press the LCD screen a little for it to be fully recessed into its resting position.

Either the QC is poor, or the designers didn't even spend 5 minutes test-using this jacket case on the RX100M3 camera.

***What I did:
I had to DIY a little, using a penknife to shave off about 1-2mm of the bottom left corner that obstructs the LCD screen. Its now a little to tilt the LCD screen for selfies.

***Other comments:
I had a similar jacket case for my Panasonic LX5. It felt of much higher quality. Seems like Panasonic makes better camera jacket cases. Anyway, these cases are absolutely essential. There's just too many dings and scratches on my LX5 jacket case - very telling of the amount of abuse it protected my camera against.
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This is the latest jacket (ever-ready) case for the RX100 series cameras. It is not made of real leather but the feel is pretty good.

The camera is secured to the bottom portion of the case at only ONE point - the tripod screw socket, so you would want to make sure that the fitting is tight.

The RX100M3 comes with a set of "strap adapters" that would allow you to tie the camera to the strap at TWO points (left and right of camera) and then to the case through the tripod socket. This is a safer way, but I don't know if earlier models of RX100 are provided with these strap adapters.

The top half of the case is attached to the bottom half using two buckles. To use the camera, you unbuckle either one so that the camera can be operated. Of course, you can also unbuckle both, but that means the top half is then completely separated from the bottom half of the case. In practice, you'd leave the two halves still attached so that you can take pictures using both hands for better steadiness and security.

With the camera LCD facing me, I like to unbuckle the right buckle instead of the left one, because it seems easier (you swing the case from the back to the front, whereas if you unbuckle the left buckle, you swing the case from the front to the back). This may seem hard to understand, but when you have the case in hand, you will quickly know the difference in ease of use.

I love the case because it is only slightly bigger than the camera itself and it can protect the camera until the moment I want to use it. It's quicker than having the camera in a bag and the whole camera/case is definitely less bulky. Be aware that the case will most likely NOT protect the camera if you drop it to the ground. You need to take care of the camera like an expensive computer or electronic gadget as you move about. Otherwise, I would suggest a padded case of some kind.
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on July 4, 2014
I was one of many who were wondering if the LCJRXC case for the M2 would fit the RX100 M3 camera so I went ahead and purchased it from Amazon when I got my camera because I own the M1 and don't feel safe carrying it without a case. Then I saw that Sony (finally) announced the this newer version and it was backordered everywhere but Sony so I went ahead and paid the $90 and ordered it also. I'm returning this case to Sony.

I spent about an hour comparing the fit of both cases and found I liked the LCJRXC case better. I noticed the LCJRXC case did seem to have a few gaps on the edges that another reviewer mentioned, but the LCJRXF case had the exact same gaps. The only difference I could find examining both side by side was a fraction of perhaps a mm more clearance over the top of the "Multi" side jack. And the newer F case first more tightly over the lens, it actually almost snaps on to it, but it feels awkward to me because you have to yank on it to get it open. So if you want a super tight snap on fit, you might want to get this one instead. But I'm used to the original RX100 case, which opens and closes easily and still feels the best in my hand, but unfortunately won't work with the articulating screen on either the M2 or M3. I'm keeping this one for the M3, and not because of price, it just feels like a better fit to me.

I carry it with the "Rainbowimaging WS1BBlack Leather Wrist Strap for Sony NEX" and it fits neatly in my purse pocket without bulk and feels safer to hold (and it's a pocket camera, I don't want to use a neck strap or the little string strap the camera comes with).
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on July 23, 2015
I bought this for my Gen 1 Sony DSC-RX100, and then managed to screw up my camera the day before it arrived. The camera remained functional for a few months, and the case fit great, and is not only stylish but wonderfully functional. I then purchased a Gen 3 Sony RX100, and it fits that camera as well! So fear not, it fits both, no problemo!

The split-case design makes this a two-part case, allowing the top section to either fold out of the way or be entirely removed. It doesn't interfere with the viewfinder, or the articulation of the screen, and you can still plug in the charger without removing the case.

My only "issue" (which isn't really the fault of the case) but is good to know is that I like to use a quick-release plate, and when you attach the plate it blocks the "buttons" that attach the case top to the base. I wish Sony had put these a bit further to the side, but still LOVE this case.

The leather is high quality matte black... very nice indeed.

My only gripe is that you must unscrew the tripod adapter plate from the bottom of this to get at the battery and SD card... But it's a small price to pay for a solid, well-designed case like this (and any change in that design would likely mean a much less functional case while using the camera... I'd rather suffer 1% of the time when removing the battery or SD card, then have less functionality 99% of the time when I'm just shooting).
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on May 28, 2015
Very nice quality retro design. Fits very nicely and unlike my initial concerns when unsnapped and flipped open it does not interfere with the camera or operation of the LCD. Nor does it make it awkward to hold. In fact the bottom portion that fastens on via the tripod mount is a nice grip for the camera!

Note in my pics I did not include the use of the neckstrap as I prefer the one shown which is nice for a neck or wrist strap. Not as nice as the leather one but it works.
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on April 7, 2016
I bought this for my Sony RX100 mark II and it is a nice snug fit and the camera is well protected.
It is faux leather, but it feels nice in the hands and the leather-like texture adds some grip.
It has two snap buttons on the bottom to keep the two parts of the case together. There is also a small cutout on the bottom for the speaker.
There are also cutouts on the side so you can attach a wrist strap to the camera, and there is also access to the multi port. Access to the HDMI port below the multi port is restricted by the case, so I would have to take off the case to get to it, but I don't really use the HDMI port anyway, so it is not a problem for me.

Also, you would have to take off the case to get to the battery and SD card, which is not a huge problem if you recharge the battery through the multi port, but if you have back up batteries or need to switch out cards, it is a small inconvenience, but it only takes a few seconds to take off the entire case.
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on July 27, 2015
Definitely protects my RX100, but adds a lot of bulk & inconvenience.
My main issue is the brass knob that attaches the bottom: 1) it makes the camera sit off-level when placed upright, 2) the threads are rough and can difficult to remove, and 3) You must remove the bottom to part of the case to replace the battery/SD card. For the price, Sony should have found an alternative to the brass turn knob. :)
The two-part design is nice as I can flip open one catch and the top of the camera and lens are ready to go. The thickness of the leather (& strap) made NFC difficult when transferring photos to a Nexus 6 (note: Nexus 6 is also in a case, so the issue is probably the combination of the two additional thicknesses).
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on April 7, 2015
I LOVE THIS CASE! It fits my Sony Cybershot RX100iii perfectly and isn't too bulky like I thought it might be, since I plan to carry it in my purse. I use a wrist strap in place of the long neck strap it came with when I want to pack lighter. Really happy with this purchase because it's hard finding the perfect camera case. Now I can easily carry my RX100iii around without any problems or worries since it's in this durable case.

-Sleek black leather design
-Fits my camera like a glove, perfect fit, well made, protects screen
-So easy to put on my camera with a tiny bottom screw and button to snap over lens
-When you want to take a picture, you just lift the top flap off with a button.
-I had no problems swiveling the LCD because the camera is attached to the cover so I did not have to completely remove it case.

-not crazy about the camera neck strap but it will still be useful when I go on vacation! :)
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on May 31, 2015
I received this case free as part of a promotion when purchasing the SONY FX100Miii. I also read all the reviews, pro/con regarding this case with respect to attaching/not attaching the optional SONY grip for the camera (I did). We know that, once the grip is attached to the camera, it will NOT fit into this "retro" case. I also had the Sony LCSCSJ Soft Carrying Case for Sony S, W, T, and N Series Digital Cameras from a previous SONY mirrorless trial. I found this leatherette case, while looking spiffy, was distracting with the unsnapped cover dangling beneath while walking. Compared to the soft case: I appreciate the little pockets in the soft case to hold extra cards and several batteries ... the leatherette case has no pockets. Thus: spiffy ... yes; functional: the soft case, to me, wins. Just one tiny/personal opinion from the Peanut Gallery. Regards.
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on February 2, 2015
I'm a very active mom of 3 very active boys. I used to tote my SLR around but after my 3rd kid I found I was leaving it (camera) home in lieu of 50 other things required to keep moving. For a year or more I relied primarily on my smartphone but I missed the SLR quality images. Enter Sony RX100iii. LOVE IT! ...but it was getting left behind UNTIL I added this case. I have zero complaints; I love the protection, I love the neck strap and I love that it remains compact and light. I also highly appreciate that it connects via a tripod-like screw at the bottom; now I just unbutton the case, flip the lid and snap! Case is always there, not to be disguarded carelessly amongst sports bags and groceries.
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