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on October 31, 2013

$11.99... worth it!

Holds my Sony HD-SR11 camcorder, its charger and chords, 3 L-Ion batteries, remote, mini tripod, charger (bought an after market wall charger w/ two L-Ion batteries which hold 5 hours each - see my review on here on Amazon), USB cable, mini tripod... everything. Snug and not too tight - very nice fit. Not overly roomy and not too little room either.

It is very clean and well built. Nicely padded, nice logo, nice storage areas.

Top flap has a hidden storage zipper on its roof. The front of the case has a padded zipper storage area. The backside has a slot for slim items as well. All fasteners snap well/ solidly lock in place. Very good quality.

Like I said I was able to (safely) fit my camcorder, all power supply and chords, usb cable, remote, 3 batteries + charger all inside snugly but not overly tight. A very nice case and with a nice price as well.

It did seem small when I first received (and actually was able to see it in person), but everything fit inside without any problems - very nice. Great case.

If you need a camera/camcorder bag and your camcorder is of average size this case by Sony will work GREAT!

5 stars - very happy I purchased this. It is a great carrying/storage case which looks nice and works nicely well. Very protective and very good quality. I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you Amazon!
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on January 1, 2012
Sony LCSEMF/B was my target to get the right camera case for sony NEX5N with 18-55mm and 55-210mm lens; however, it doesn't able to help holding extra len pen, battery charger, and the flash. After search and try many Sony camera cases such as LSC-U20, which is not tall enough for 55-210mm. Sony LCS-X20 is able to fill my needs as below key points.

1. It has better shoulder strap than LCSEMF/B
2. It can hold both 18-55mm(attached) and 55-210mm lens (Same as LCSEMF/B)
3. It's easier to open than LCSEMF/B and LSC-U20
4. Beside main storage space for NEX5N and lens, you can put microfiber cloth, filters, and len pen with in internal top holding. In addition, the front pouch can hold extra battery, battery charger, and flash. (Neither LCSEMF/B or LSC-U20 is able to make it)
5. Compact size.

It fulfills my need to manage most required accessories for recharge and clean lens within a bag.
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on December 2, 2014
I searched hard for a case that would hold my Sony HDRCX 330 camcorder, but I wanted to make sure it fit my accessories with it, as well. It does. The flap design even allows you to overload it a bit while keeping things secure. My modest amount of accessories include:
- 2 batteries and a charger (purchased together from Big Mike on Amazon for $25!)
- car charger (included with camcorder)
- HDMI cable (included with camcorder)
- 2 USB cables (included with camcorder)
- Camcorder Instructions
- Memory Cards
- Small Sunpak Platinum Plus Tripod (angled in, but secure)

There is still almost enough room to fit my fist, yet I wouldn't say this case is over sized. I would say it is just right in size.

The design of the bag has a vertical partition that allows the camcorder to sit in vertically. It is secured with velcro and can be removed. There is also a small, flat mesh pocket in the flap for memory cards and a front, zipped pocket for cables and instructions.

Great case! It goes well with my small tripod and battery kit (see above). If you have or are getting a Sony HDRCX 330 camcorder, I highly recommend this combination!
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on September 28, 2014
This case is very nicely put together, and will easily fit any current Sony handheld camcorder. The failing I found was that it doesn't have enough separate pockets or compartments. There is the front pocket, and internally there is a single (tight) mesh pocket inside the top. The case also has a single separator to make internal compartments. I made a "pocket" for the camera itself, but that left the entire rest of the case as an open bin where whatever else you put in there will be tumbling around loose. I ended up getting a Sony LCSU21 case instead.

I do like the way they made the lid of the case -- the sides come down a good bit and overlap the main body in a way that really keeps outside contaminants out. Nice design there.
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I actually bought this to use with a Canon Vixia HFR500. It's a bit too roomy, but it's solidly built and offers good protection for the camera.

It would easily fit a larger camcorder -- like my Vixia HFS10 -- and it would even fit a mirrorless DSLR, like my Samsung NX30 -- and still have room for cables and chargers and extra batteries and such.

It's got a very roomy "box" inside, with an adjustable "wall" so that you can customize the two compartments. There's also a zippered mesh bag on top, where you could fit things like extra cards and batteries -- or documents. There's also a ziippered compartment outside for easy access to other accessories.

The strap is adjustable and it fits nicely over the shoulder.
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on March 16, 2014
I purchased this for my Sony HDR-PJ230. The camera fits perfectly in main compartment. There is a velcro divider there as well to keep it as snug as you like it with more room in the same space to put a charger etc. The main enclosure is secured by a buckle and on the bottom of the main lid, is another zippered, mesh pocket with enough space to fit several small items.

The front of the case has another zippered pocket capable of carrying up to a small point and shoot camera etc. On the reverse side, there is a tight pocket, almost unnoticeable, that seems to be suited for something thin, like a manual etc. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and a carrying handle. The bag is very small and compact, an excellent buy at this price.
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on December 20, 2012
The case easily holds two camcorders...exactly what I was looking for. The only downside to it would be the difficulty of closing the plastic clasp one-handed when trying to unload the camera with no where to set it down. Another small item would be the lack of pockets for accessories. You can fit a few extra batteries in the front pouch and maybe a couple of memories cards in the small pouch under the top. That's it. No room for a light or other attachments if you have two cameras. If you're only using it for one camera, it will probably fit your needs perfectly.
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on March 31, 2017
I would say quality, arguably good for longevity, and the picture for this bag is not actually color. This bag is not green. It is black, description innacurate! The bag is 5 stars, description unacceptable!
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on June 12, 2013
I bought this bag because it was cheap and i needed it to hold my camcorder(Sony PJ710) and my camera together with a few small accessories and this fit the bill. After reading some of the reviews, i was confident i could squeeze in both my camcorder and my Canon T3i together in this bag and to my surprise, they both fit it(it was tight but nothing too bad since there is the cushiony space divider to prevent them rubbing). Inthe front pouch i was able to fit in spare batteries for both my camera and camcorder and on the inside of the flap, i could store my memory cards and card readers in the mesh pouch. Overall, a fantastic value for a camcorder bag.
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I got this case for my new Sony hand held video recorder, and it is the perfect size - not too big and not too small. Lightweight and easy to handle, it easily holds the camera as well as the power adapted / cords for the inevitable recharge plus my set of car keys.

The price here is $10 less than the exact same bag with Fry's - sure, Fry's matches any Internet price, but buying from here saved me a trip to and from the Fry's store or about an hour and a half out of my day on a weekend. That, to me, is worth a heck of a lot more than $10.
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