Customer Reviews: Sony LCSEMF/B Camera Case for Sony E-mount Cameras
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on December 30, 2011
I was looking for a camera bag to fit my Sony NEX-5N, 18-55mm lens, 16mm pancake lens plus attachable wide angle conversion lens, and other accessories. I figured, hey, Sony makes a bag specially designed for this camera and two lenses--it's probably a pretty good bet. Unfortunately, it was a bad bet. This camera bag is a disaster in every which way. Why?

1) It is flimsy both on the outside and the inside. A drop or even a light bump would be disastrous. Plus, I get the sense that even carrying it might cause the lenses inside the case to knock up against each other and scratch each other's exteriors, because the velcro divider is super-flimsy and doesn't extend all the way to the top.

2) Unlike other camera bags I've owned, there is hardly any room for the secure storage of additional accessories, such as extra memory card, extra battery, cords, lens caps, filters, etc. My LowePro camera bag has four separate compartments that are either sealed by velcro or zippers. This thing only has one on the back, which has room for approximately one or two lens caps or filters.

3) Most damning of all is that my Sony NEX-5N (the camera the bag was designed to hold) doesn't fit conveniently into the bag. It might fit okay if I were to take off the shoulder strap, flash, and the lens hood. But obviously I can't be bothered to take off my shoulder strap every time I want to store the camera. Taking off the lens hood or flash would be less of a problem, but there is absolutely no extra room in the bag to store them. (And keep in mind that my second lens is a pancake lens--if your second lens is a telephoto lens, good luck.)

4) I haven't the slightest idea how the only other reviewer (as of time of writing) managed to fit his camera, 18-55 mm, 16 mm, and 55-210 mm lenses into the bag. I could barely fit my camera (without shoulder strap, flash, and lens hood), pancake lens, and a spare battery into the bag. This left a small amount of remaining room above the pancake lens, and I could have stuffed my shoulder strap, flash, and lens hood loosely into that space. Which is bad, because you don't want things floating around in your camera bag. But my wide-angle conversion lens (which fits onto the pancake and is much smaller than a telephoto lens) didn't fit.

I really don't write many reviews, but I hope this one helps people in the market for a camera bag for their Sony alpha NEX camera and lens(es). Do yourself a favor and buy a sturdy camera bag from a company dedicated to designing them.
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on May 1, 2014
I have an a6000, a 16-50, and a 55-210. They fit like a glove, with hardly any wiggle room. I also carry a remote, spare battery, and a small USB battery for charging on the go. The neck strap makes the lid bulge a bit, so a hand grip style strap might be the next purchase. If you're looking for a bag small enough for a Sony mirror-less camera and accesories, this is the option, and it's a very good one.
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on May 11, 2013
I've just received this camera bag and it is perfect for carrying what I want. Versatile configuration. It has three pockets inside. On the left is a fixed partition, which exactly fits my external battery charger (the kind with the slide out prongs), and a couple of spare batteries. There is a moveable partition, which velcros onto the back and front wall to divide the remaining space. If one splits the space, the 55-210mm lens can be stood in one space, and the camera, on its side (back to the right wall, for example, and lens pointing to left wall), in the other. The camera strap can be rolled up and will fit above the lens. The tele lens fits with the lens hood reversed, and even (with a bit of difficulty) when wrapped in the bubble wrap envelope that it is shipped in. This latter configuration pushes up on the lid when closed, but will work. If one removes the movable divider, the camera can be placed in the large space with the tele lens attached. In this layout, the stock SELP16-50 lens can go into the fixed partition/pocket in the left of the camera bag. There is space above the tele lens for other stuff, one can use the divider or other padding to separate the lens/camera from the other things one wants to carry. When I put the external charger in the left fixed pocket, there is enough room to add two spare batteries alongside the charger. To get a sense of the length of this bag, it would accomodate the camera with the tele lens, with the lens in the fully extended position-not that one would carry it in this position, but this gives you a sense of dimensions. The zippered compartment in back is deeper than it appears in pictures-it will easitly take SD cards, even a couple of filter cases. In fact, the supplied charger and USB cable easily fits in this pocket. All in all, this case has the perfect dimensions for packing everything I take.

The case comes with a shoulder strap that attaches to large plastic D-rings on each side. It also has a carry handle sewn on to the front of the case, a 1/4 inch below the zipper. It's a strange place to place a handle because when one picks up the case with the handle, the case turns over so the back of the case is almost parallel to the floor. However, if I put my hand through the strap, palm against the front wall of the case, strap against wrist, finger tips curled under the bottom, it works perfectly, Still, one is likely to be using the shoulder strap for any significant carrying, so this does not seem to be a big deal either way.

Build quality. Too early to tell, I just got the case today. The main zipper seems strong and has two zips, with strong pulls sewn on. The zipper mechanism itself is plastic as is the loop on it (to which the pull is sewn). The loop looks thin and flimsy and may be prone to breaking. The zipper for the back pocket is extremely fine and doesn't look like it would deal well with rushed or rough pulling.

The nylon that the case is made of is heavy duty-this is not lunch box material. There is thick padding--3/8"-1/2"--on all six sides of the case. So this will protect your gear, but maybe not from a fall from height. It is by no means flimsy, and works well for my purpose-which is to put it in my travel backpack, where it will protect the camera and gear from all the other stuff I have in the backpack.

All in all, the build quality looks good, the case is compact, but perfectly proportioned to carry the NEX3N, the 55-210 tele lens and hood, external charger, spare batteries, a couple of filters and SD cards in their cases. And its a good looking case.
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on July 24, 2012
This case is perfect for my Sony NEX-5N with the 18-55 mm lens AND my 55-200 Zoom lens. I fit in not only the camera, extra lens, both lens shades, the extra battery and charger, the cable to connect to the computer, a lens pen and the carrying strap and a wrist strap. I can put it in with the flash attached though it's a better fit with the flash off the camera. I really like the size of the case because it fits pretty well in a carry on bag for air travel with the essentials needed for photography and protects the camera. It is also an easy bag to carry because it is fairly small. It is well thoughout to be used with this camers with the standard lens along with the telephoto lens and an extra battery with charger. There is a little pocket in the back for extra memory cards etc. Just couldn't fit in the instruction book.
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on January 2, 2014
This is a decent lightweight camera bag for a Sony NEX camera system (or similar) or a large all-in-one camera like the Sony RX10. The bag does not have a huge amount of padding, so isn't for real clumsy people (you know who you are). Less padding makes the bag less bulky, which I like. The bag has only one slim exterior pocket on the back where you can drop in a lens cap or memory card. For bigger items like extra batteries, you can use the spacers to make space inside the bag. If you want to carry a ton of stuff, then you will probably need a bigger, more bulky bag.

My only real complaint about this bag is that the zipper is clumsy to open or close. I prefer bags that have buckles in addition to zippers so you can leave the zipper open when you're shooting and just use the buckle for quick access.
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on August 6, 2012
I was searching for a case for my Sony Nex7 for awhile now and came across this one. Yes, it is small and compact, but it is very convenient. Especially when you are a mom and not only carry your own purse, but a diaper bag as well. It's small enough to fit into my purse and provides the right amount of protection for my camera.

The camera bag itself fits the camera with the lens attached, the battery charger and a additional lens. Overall I was happy with my purchase.
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on April 17, 2014
I sold my DSLR and bought a NEX6. My NEX just looked tiny and ridiculous when I carried it in my old DSLR bag, so I looked around to replace it. Saw some good reviews of the bag, especially this YouTube video ([...]) and I was sold. It fits everything as promised, but man the size will shock you. It's tiny, like really, really, tiny. It's almost 1/3 the size of my DSLR bag was. This is not a bad thing assuming you only carry 2-3 lens with you. I carry my NEX6, 16-55mm, and the 16mm prime, and extra battery, memory card, lens caps, and car chargers. And I have no issues getting anything out or keeping everything in.
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on February 17, 2014
I like this bag for its simplicity look and good padding, and own several of them, using them mostly for storage of, and travel with, my point & shots, camcorders and the like.

With the one removable Velcro divider, as well as the small but expanding pocket inside, I can fit my NEX6 with a couple of small lenses, and some extra batteries for a nice tight secure fit - but for travelling only. I wouldn't try using that combination as a walk-around camera kit because I would be fumbling around too much while grabbing the camera. So as a walk-around kit, I usually only keep my NEX6 with one lens attached (including the 55-210mm) and a few extra batteries within the expandable inside pocket (which only really functions as a separate space for small miscellaneous items.

I also like the strap that comes with the case as it offers a simple yet secure attachment to the camera case. It can be expanded to a quite long length or short depending on your size. I am 6'2" at 200 lbs and it fits perfectly for me either over one shoulder or across my body (I don't carry over my neck) in a sling like configuration.

So I have 4 of these and like them mostly for storage at home when not travelling. In one case, I carry my Sony RX10 as well as three extra batteries and a small case of extra cards. You can put those extra cards or a small amount of documentation inside of a zippered enclosure on the outside of the bag.

You can also carry an NEX6 with pancake lens attached or even the 16-50 lens attached standing on its side along with the 55-210 lens standing on end.

I also store and carry a couple of small camcorders in one case along with extra batteries.

It's a lightweight case, small and well padded as well as appears to be well made. And for the price, I don't think you could go wrong with this case
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on March 6, 2014
Reading some of the reviews concerned me - would my equipment fit?
Well, the answer is yes, and not forced fit either. I have my NEX-6 with it's 16-50 lens, my 55-210, my charger and (2) spare batteries in the main compartment with moor to spare - I have room for my wallet and checkbook plus more. Side pouch is small, but I have my camera remote, spare lens cap and several SD cards. And yes; room for more thin item. I want compact like my camera and Sony gave us just what we need. Oh, appears to be well built and is still attractive for a camera bag.
- I'll update if I have any issues.
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on June 20, 2014
Nice and compact. Fits Sony a6000 with the 35 mm prime and 55 - 210 mm e-mount lenses. There is a little extra room for the cables and extra battery. The case is soft and doesn't have a rigid outer body.
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