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on May 11, 2013
I've just received this camera bag and it is perfect for carrying what I want. Versatile configuration. It has three pockets inside. On the left is a fixed partition, which exactly fits my external battery charger (the kind with the slide out prongs), and a couple of spare batteries. There is a moveable partition, which velcros onto the back and front wall to divide the remaining space. If one splits the space, the 55-210mm lens can be stood in one space, and the camera, on its side (back to the right wall, for example, and lens pointing to left wall), in the other. The camera strap can be rolled up and will fit above the lens. The tele lens fits with the lens hood reversed, and even (with a bit of difficulty) when wrapped in the bubble wrap envelope that it is shipped in. This latter configuration pushes up on the lid when closed, but will work. If one removes the movable divider, the camera can be placed in the large space with the tele lens attached. In this layout, the stock SELP16-50 lens can go into the fixed partition/pocket in the left of the camera bag. There is space above the tele lens for other stuff, one can use the divider or other padding to separate the lens/camera from the other things one wants to carry. When I put the external charger in the left fixed pocket, there is enough room to add two spare batteries alongside the charger. To get a sense of the length of this bag, it would accomodate the camera with the tele lens, with the lens in the fully extended position-not that one would carry it in this position, but this gives you a sense of dimensions. The zippered compartment in back is deeper than it appears in pictures-it will easitly take SD cards, even a couple of filter cases. In fact, the supplied charger and USB cable easily fits in this pocket. All in all, this case has the perfect dimensions for packing everything I take.

The case comes with a shoulder strap that attaches to large plastic D-rings on each side. It also has a carry handle sewn on to the front of the case, a 1/4 inch below the zipper. It's a strange place to place a handle because when one picks up the case with the handle, the case turns over so the back of the case is almost parallel to the floor. However, if I put my hand through the strap, palm against the front wall of the case, strap against wrist, finger tips curled under the bottom, it works perfectly, Still, one is likely to be using the shoulder strap for any significant carrying, so this does not seem to be a big deal either way.

Build quality. Too early to tell, I just got the case today. The main zipper seems strong and has two zips, with strong pulls sewn on. The zipper mechanism itself is plastic as is the loop on it (to which the pull is sewn). The loop looks thin and flimsy and may be prone to breaking. The zipper for the back pocket is extremely fine and doesn't look like it would deal well with rushed or rough pulling.

The nylon that the case is made of is heavy duty-this is not lunch box material. There is thick padding--3/8"-1/2"--on all six sides of the case. So this will protect your gear, but maybe not from a fall from height. It is by no means flimsy, and works well for my purpose-which is to put it in my travel backpack, where it will protect the camera and gear from all the other stuff I have in the backpack.

All in all, the build quality looks good, the case is compact, but perfectly proportioned to carry the NEX3N, the 55-210 tele lens and hood, external charger, spare batteries, a couple of filters and SD cards in their cases. And its a good looking case.
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on May 1, 2014
I have an a6000, a 16-50, and a 55-210. They fit like a glove, with hardly any wiggle room. I also carry a remote, spare battery, and a small USB battery for charging on the go. The neck strap makes the lid bulge a bit, so a hand grip style strap might be the next purchase. If you're looking for a bag small enough for a Sony mirror-less camera and accesories, this is the option, and it's a very good one.
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on January 2, 2014
This is a decent lightweight camera bag for a Sony NEX camera system (or similar) or a large all-in-one camera like the Sony RX10. The bag does not have a huge amount of padding, so isn't for real clumsy people (you know who you are). Less padding makes the bag less bulky, which I like. The bag has only one slim exterior pocket on the back where you can drop in a lens cap or memory card. For bigger items like extra batteries, you can use the spacers to make space inside the bag. If you want to carry a ton of stuff, then you will probably need a bigger, more bulky bag.

My only real complaint about this bag is that the zipper is clumsy to open or close. I prefer bags that have buckles in addition to zippers so you can leave the zipper open when you're shooting and just use the buckle for quick access.
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on July 20, 2017
Using it for more than three years, love the compact size and ease to carry. Started using it for NEX6 (with kit lens, an extra lens, and batteries, filters, memory cards, cleaning clothe), move to a6000. now using it for Sony a7 series. Too tight for full frame, can have only one lens attached and few batteries, memory cards etc. not much. Want to say it again that I love the compact size, helps me to carry my camera to difficult hikes and also to concerts. :)
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on April 17, 2014
I sold my DSLR and bought a NEX6. My NEX just looked tiny and ridiculous when I carried it in my old DSLR bag, so I looked around to replace it. Saw some good reviews of the bag, especially this YouTube video ([...]) and I was sold. It fits everything as promised, but man the size will shock you. It's tiny, like really, really, tiny. It's almost 1/3 the size of my DSLR bag was. This is not a bad thing assuming you only carry 2-3 lens with you. I carry my NEX6, 16-55mm, and the 16mm prime, and extra battery, memory card, lens caps, and car chargers. And I have no issues getting anything out or keeping everything in.
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on January 29, 2014
Into this case goes the NEX-6 and strap with kit 16-50 PZ lens inside a leather LCSELC6/B case, the kit SEL55-210 and hood, the in-vitro charger adaptor and mini-USB cable, and 2 spare batteries. At this point the 1/8" thick velcro-located divider has to come out, and wiggle room is absent, but the nice leather NEX-6 case eliminates the need for the padded divider. No more room for the Wasabi external charger, unfortunately. The outer pocket capacity might be measured with a feeler gauge and houses a small microfiber cleaning cloth. Honestly if I need to carry more than this I will be needing a toothbrush and socks anyway and I can pack anything else like the Wasabi charger or an additional lens with them. This perfectly and reasonably houses everything in the NEX-6 kit with the 16-50 and 55-210 lenses. With the camera and lens inside the leather case it's a squeeze but not unreasonable.
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on December 31, 2013
I've used one of these for my Sony NEX-5N for about 2 years. Just got a second to hold my "Conkin" filters.

1) does not scream "Hey, steal this expensive camera stuff!"
2) fits, very well, the NEX plus an additional lens - I used it, with the help of a lens cleaning cloth to protect the smaller lens, to hold three lenses; the one on the camera (35mm), the 55-210 standing up in the second compartment, and the smaller wide-angle with nested below the camera tetris-style. Use the cloth to keep things from scratching.
3) adjustable strap
4) thin outside compartment for an extra SD card or remote.
5) interior narrow compartment is great for a mini-tripod, spare batter, and lens brush.
6) BONUS: seems perfectly sized for a set of Conkin or similar filters, even when they are in their separate case. In the second case I have 13 of them along with the brackets - best cost-effective solution I can find.

1) padding is a little thin for unattended use. If it's on you, or attached to your carry-on everything should be fine. Don't toss it down a flight of stairs or the number of parts contained within will increase.

The thing is a bargain.
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on March 6, 2014
Reading some of the reviews concerned me - would my equipment fit?
Well, the answer is yes, and not forced fit either. I have my NEX-6 with it's 16-50 lens, my 55-210, my charger and (2) spare batteries in the main compartment with moor to spare - I have room for my wallet and checkbook plus more. Side pouch is small, but I have my camera remote, spare lens cap and several SD cards. And yes; room for more thin item. I want compact like my camera and Sony gave us just what we need. Oh, appears to be well built and is still attractive for a camera bag.
- I'll update if I have any issues.
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on December 22, 2013
This bag is perfect for a small unassuming travel bag. This is not for the professional photographer or the avid enthusiast. This is for people who want to carry a couple of lenses and the basic accessories.

I packed the bag with my standard lens (attached to the camera body) and my zoom lens, and was also able to include the flash attachment, extra battery, extra memory card, charging cable, 3 lens filter attachments, and the cleaning cloth. Everything was secure without cramming it in there too tight. There was still some room to fit other items if I needed to get creative. I could toss the bag around with little care and everything inside stays put.

No complaints at all, I would recommend this for anyone who wants to travel with their Sony camera and take an extra lens and a few accessories with them.
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on February 4, 2013
First of all; If you are looking at this bag vs other larger bags out there, you are looking at it because it's compact and inexpensive. Certainly there are plenty of larger, more expensive bags out there. So let's not complain about the size. The bag was designed to hold the NEX e-mount 55-210 lens, a couple of batteries & SD cards, and an NEX camera with a small or mid-size lens attached. I am here to attest that it does this job perfectly.

The bag has one moveable divider that attaches with velcro. It runs ALMOST from the top of the bag to the bottom - far enough to keep the 55-210 lens, or any smaller lens adequately protected. It also has a narrow permanent divider built in to one end to act as your small stuff storage. The zipper, handle grip and neck strap are all strong and well attached. The bag is compact and very light.

What the bag does not do;

It does not hold the larger 16-200 lenses well. They are larger enough in diameter to cause the bag to bulge. It does not hold any of those zooms with the hood attached - duh - it's a small bag and those are big hoods.

It does not give you 101 different tiny compartments to fit a buch of little stuff in. Why? because it's a small bag and it's inexpensive.

It does hold - but just barely - the NEX 3 & 5 cameras with the flash installed & folded down. I wouldn't suggest it, however. The cameras are great in low light. Just forget about the flash. If your photo would really look better with a flash, pull out your iPhone. There is no reason to use a $500 camera with a $500 lens to take that photo.

With a little care and a bit of extra padding, you could even pack the camera & 3 lenses in this bag including the 55-210, as long as one remains attached to the camera and none are wider in diameter than usual.

I'm going hiking in New Zealand with this bag creatively attached to the waist strap of my backpack and it will have three lenses and my NEX 5n inside along with two extra batteries & a few SD cards. I expect it to be the perfect combination of light weight, slim profile, and still able to creatively hold a variety of lenses. Plenty of other bags would provide more storage for more cost and more weight and more bulk. But if you are looking at this bag, then that's not what you are looking for, is it.
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