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on November 10, 2012
After testing a few different IEM's, I feel these Sony's are some of the best sounding I've heard yet. The type of music I have been testing these on: Movie and Video Game soundtracks.

Compared to the Brainwavz R1:
The R1 edges out the Sony's in overall soundstage size, and has more bass but that is where the R1's positives over these Sony's end. These Sony's offer up much more detail, better instrument separation, much more accurate bass and a more mid forward presentation (much more so than the R1's which tend to have the mids more recessed).

Compared to the much more expensive RE-ZEROs:
The Sonys are almost as detailed in the upper range as the RE-ZEROs, but this is where the RE-ZERO's are at their best. What the Sony's offer that the RE-ZERO's don't is a much warmer, more pleasing overall sound with more bass and lower-midrange. Personally, I'll take some less upper-range detail for a warmer sound signature anyday and it is why I consider these Sony's to be far superior to the more analytical RE-ZEROs.

To my ears, these Sony's sound quite similar to the popular Sennheiser HD 280 Pro cans (though their soundstage isn't quite as spacious as the Senns) and are more than worth the $30. For me, the sound is so satisfying, I don't care to look elsewhere for "better" headphones because I think I'd have to spend $150+ to get a better sound.

CONS: J-cord is a bit frustrating, no carry case.
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on December 18, 2012
After reading ClieOS's review on headfi([...]) and seeing all the rave reviews all over the internet, I had to buy myself a pair. I was not disappointed.

I unpacked em, and plugged em into my phone(It's Voodoo Sound enabled, so it's quality). I started off with my standard testing track Hotel California from the '01 remaster on DVD-A ripped to flac. The 12 string guitar was bright, the stereo panning of the maracas and cymbals was perfect,the bass drums had the right amount of kick...I was sitting there in awe. The only other pair of IEMs that had a similar amount of detail (especially when it comes to the clicking of cymbals, the racking of pick over guitar,etc) that I had listened to is the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 which retails for $300 and has three drivers! +1 for the sonys

Next up was Cosmic Love by florence+ the machine (CD rip). Florence sounded just right and I was awestruck at how detailed the harp at the beginning was!

No Suprises by Radiohead(CD rip) was impressive as well...I could hear a bit of that analog tape hiss at the beginning of the track,something that I've only been able to hear with the UEs!

Unfortunately, I do not like the cable layout(need to loop behind the neck) and the included tips don't hold em in your ears well but otherwise, for $30, these are one of the best IEMs on the market! And to think these were packins!
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on November 16, 2013
Absolutely love these. I have other IEMs that are many times the cost of these but I keep coming back to these earphones.

Are they better, or as good as the more expensive sets? No IEM that I have heard is perfect, but I have only purchased sets up to +/- $300, and as good as they are they do have their minor annoying quirks and limitations.

I listen to a variety of music, but more often than not, it is symphonic, chamber or ensemble performed in a hall or studio designed for that purpose. In addition to the instrument and/or voice being recorded, the acoustic characteristics of the hall or studio contribute to recorded sound. These IEMs provide that discernible level of detail for me. I have more expensive sets that will provide a slightly more detailed leading edge on the recorded instrument or voice, but not necessarily more detail in the overall spectrum.
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on November 4, 2012
Forget the "For $20 blah blah blah" disclaimer. These headphones are amazing for the majority of the universal price range. They wipe the floor with everything under $100 and legitimately compete with headphones up to $200-$300. They require absolutely no EQ unless you prefer to tone down the bass some. They are the definition of a SMOOTH sound. No harsh highs to be found here. They are a tad difficult to drive and are almost begging to be amped. They still sound great unamped though. You will need to make use of the included shirt clip to relieve the weight of the remote on the left bud. The included tips provide very good isolation and seal. Bravo to the engineers of this MH1C!
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on December 3, 2012
When first reading up on these (by all means cheap buds, especially if buying the bulk version) there was a lot of doubt as too if they would actually be an upgrade to my MEE CC51's. Now I'm no audiophile nor do I have the equipment (atm :D) to match those aspirations but I can easily say these headphones are great for just about every genre of music I can throw at it, from Circa survive to Nostalgia 77 to ambient artists like Tycho and Trupence, these easily handle their own. The ONLY thing I will say is that they do need a bit of an adjustment on EQ which being that I do most of my music listening on my laptop works out just fine.

Pro: great balance providing an all around fun sound, non fatiguing for extended plays and warm mids to cuddle you into submission, can easily compete with headphones three times their price range

Cons: Cord may not be to everyone's liking (not everyone seems to know how to use or prefer a flat j-cord). Also some seem to have trouble with the headphones staying in their ear though I've never had a problem with this. Sub bass may be a bit too much for some.

P.S. This is more just my additional 2 cents on top of the review, if your one to be inclined as there's such a thing as burn in then do give these at least 50 hours if you feel like they are a bit to "boomy" out of the box. A lot of people have reported this and get turned off rather quick, I for one found them to be great and even better after letting them bake on high for a few days going through my collection of music. Bass is tighter and sound more balanced, though like I alluded to as well I have also EQed the bass down a good bit so they wouldn't upstage the mids and highs.
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on December 29, 2012
I researched earbuds quite a bit online. I tried this pair, a pair of Klipsch S4 and the Klipsch S3. These have MUCH better sound than the Klipsch (I use them with my HTC One X phone which has Beats technology built in). The Klipsch did not fit my ear at all (would not stay in, no matter which size tips I used). Plus, the Klipsch had NO BASS at all for me -- they sounded very tinny. Certainly the Klipsch for me were far inferior to the Sony's. The Sony's I had to play with to get the right fit for my ears. In fact, I use a different size tip for my left ear than I do for my right ear to get the best fit that stays in place. I absolutely have to use the enclosed clip to clip it to my shirt to get them to stay in, even with looping the cord over my ears. The cord is a pain in that it is flat and has a mind of its own. If you don't get it on right, it pulls the earpiece out of your ear. The buttons on the one cord is so close to the earbud that it adds weight that tries to pull the earbud out of that ear. It should have been further down the cord. However, once adjusted, the sound is excellent for an earbud, and for the price ($33), it is fantastic! I also bought a pair of Audio-technica ATH-M50s/LE as full-size headphones, which are night-and-day better than any earbud you will ever find! And, I believe the best headphone for the price ($100) on the market. Absolutely fabulous sound. I use it when I am sitting at my computer (like now). Hope this helps as a review.
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on December 3, 2012
these are 5 star headphones in sound quality. they are favorites on the headfi audiophile forums, and the bass is so impactful and clear. The mids are warm and well balanced with the highs (no sibilance or tinny sound), and the whole listening experience is exactly what you'd think you'd get from an audiophile forum favorite, and a driver engineered by Sony Europe. The drawback is that these are a completely dropped ball when it comes to design. The fit can be awkward, and the almost roughshod way the flat cord was designed and connects to the joint and the control box (which only works for Sony phones) is just plain STUPID and almost unwearable. Despite the absolutely gorgeous sound these budget phones produce, I simply don't use them very much because I can't stand the flawed design. Too bad. These could have given the JVC FX40's and the Monoprice 8320's a true run for the Kings of the budget IEM world.
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on December 3, 2012
I'm a fan of finding "budget-fi" headphones and this qualifies as an absolute GEM. There is a smoothness to the sound that is truly unexpected from headphones of this price point. Unlike your average cheap headphones, that smoothness is not achieved by throwing a wet blanket over the highs and muffling the sound. Instead, the MH1C balances lows-mids-and highs evenly for a non fatiguing and pleasant listen. Bass response is excellent and true to the source without becoming boomy or overbearing like most of your consumer level headphones today.

My biggest complaint is the cord. I've used plenty of J-cords in my day, but by combining a flat cable with the j-cord style, Sony has created something that is nearly impossible to keep out of your way.

Despite the cord, these headphones are worth every penny and perform just as well as many $75+ headphones from just a couple of years ago.
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on January 14, 2013
This is a fantastic headset that works perfectly with my Galaxy S3. The earbuds produce a great range of accurate sound, and the microphone works great on calls. My only gripe is that the cable is very stiff and it is difficult to keep in place, especially when moving a lot (gym, etc.). Sitting at my desk or in the car (with only the left earpiece in, of course) isn't a problem, but if I walk around the house or outside it starts getting fussy. i would still buy this again as it sounds terrific!
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on January 9, 2013
To avoid a lengthy review, I'm just going to say what a lot of the Head-Fi reviews of this product say: these are easily worth double, maybe even triple, their price. They are simply outstanding in terms of bass tightness and impact, and the clarity and spaciousness of the mids and highs will make your jaw drop...

...if you connect it to a small amp or a good source. I have an amp at home that I can connect them to and they blow my mind, but when plugged directly into my phone or computer... they're just pretty good.
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