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on February 9, 2016
6 YEAR UPDATE: I have used this set for 6 years and the headphones finally stopped working (EASY FIX). The rechargeable batteries show no sign of wearing out. I did have to replace the foam ear pads after about 3 1/2 years. Ordered them on Amazon, of course. I found an inexpensive replacement for the headphones here on Amazon: the "XO Vision IR620 Universal IR Infrared Wireless Foldable Headphones for In-Car TV, DVD, & Video Listening." They work great with the Sony IR transmitter but are not rechargeable. Not a problem for me because regular batteries last so long.

My one complaint is that the hard-plastic head band needs a bit more cushioning. So, I added a strip of stick-on foam. That solved the problem.

Highly recommended for TV viewing without disturbing others who may be sleeping!
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on July 20, 2012
These wireless headphones arrived quickly just as advertised and work perfectly. Totally satisfied. I highly recommend them. In addition to one person being able to watch TV while the other is reading there is an added benefit. My husband is hard of hearing and I usually have to wear earplugs so he can turn up the volume. Incredibly, although we never thought of it before having the wireless earphones, HE can listen through the earphones and turn up the volume very high independently of the television so I can simply listen to the TV at a softer level of sound, therefore I can also highly recommend them for the hearing impaired.
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on December 20, 2013
Bought this 3 years ago and then a second one shortly thereafter because I liked it. Unfortunately, after a year and a half, the headsets started failing. Sometimes adjusting the set, as if I had different head sizes, would help get sound in both ears. Eventually one side would fail for good and then the other side. Between the two, I have one ear left. I was going to throw more money into the hole if there was an affordable, just headset, replacement .. couldn't find any. I wouldn't have bought the replacement if I found one that was over $30 since I know the lifespan of these guys.

There was always an element of 'fuzz' added to the program I was watching, but I put up with it since I knew I wasn't paying for quality and this is IR. One tip if you have them already: One of my SD TVs cancels the TV speakers when I plug the base jack in. When I turned the volume way up on the TV and only had to slightly increase the volume on the headset, there was less 'fuzz' than otherwise.

Found XO Vision headset in the garage that I'm not using for the car system and tried it with the MDR-IF240RK base and it works! Works better than the headset that came with the MDR base, better range, better sound and can turn the tv volume down to one bar! Here's the link...
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on January 25, 2012
These headphones work well, and we have had no issues with interference so far. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a charging base, as well as attachments for connecting it to a variety of devices. It can be connected to a regular 3.5mm headphone jack and comes with a 1/4" adapter that could be used to connect to a guitar amp. It also can connect to a television, sound system, or cable box.

I researched many different wireless headphones and really needed something that was affordable but reliable. My husband and I cosleep with our 4 month old son, and my husband likes falling asleep while watching TV. This poses a problem because the TV in our bedroom does not have a sensitive sound system, and the lowest setting on the speakers is actually fairly loud.

The other issue for me in buying wireless headphones is that we live just a few miles from the San Diego Airport, and less than 5 miles away from downtown. I was very concerned about interference issues if I were to get an FM based headset. I also wanted a decent quality sound system without paying $100 for a headset that will only be used for about an hour every night.

The day that we got this my husband neglected to set it up before the baby's bedtime. He had to set this up in near complete darkness as a result, but was in bed watching TV (silently I may add) within 5 minutes. I did tell him to do as others have recommended and connect it to the cable box rather than to the TV itself. I don't understand what the issue people have with connecting it to the cable box instead of the TV itself, because regardless the unit works and it works well.

The sound quality is very decent for the price, and we have had no issues with interference. I can't testify to whether or no our unit works while walking throughout our house, but it has given extremely clear reception within the same room, which is exactly what we need to use this headphone system for. If you need a decent set of wireless headphones and you don't want to pay too much, go with this system. I considered the MyZone As-Seen-On-TV system, but opted for this system instead because of the rechargeable batteries and because of the IR vs FM.
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on November 26, 2015
I bought a couple of this IR headphones about 5 years ago. Still works fine. I like the way it can use an ordinary AAA battery as well as the supplied rechargeable battery. My hearing is not so good, watching the tv sounds like I have a tin can over my ears. But using these headphones makes the sound a lot more normal. I also like the volume control which allows amplifying the sound of a dvd movie that was recorded with low volume and cannot be heard even with the tv volume set all the way max. I am looking for another set to give as a gift, but I noticed the price of this model is now over 3 times what I paid for mines. The newer model IF245 is cheaper, but the reviews on it is not as good.
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on May 9, 2012
I purchased the SONY MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphone for my very hard-of-hearing
93 year old father who was coming to visit.
He loves TV but turns the volume up so loud that nobody else can stand to be in the room!
The system was VERY EASY to set up (and I'm no technology wizard!)
It required no fine tuning or adjusting. I set the small transmitter right on the corner of the
TV cabinet. One plug goes into the electric outlet (duh) and other wire goes from the TV to the transmitter.
One AAA battery goes into the headset itself. That's it! You simply click the "on" button of the headset
and adjust the volume to your comfort level. Our TV room is 15X25' and the headset provided perfect
reception no matter where my father sat. Dad wore them for HOURS and found them comfortable
to the point that he forget he even had them on. Others in the room can watch TV at the
normal volume level, and if you adjust the volume on the TV set it doesn't alter the headset volume.
Eventually all of us tried the headset, and the quality of sound is fantastic. Dad found he could
hear with greater clarity through the headset then he could with the regular TV volume cranked all
the way up. This is a great product at a reasonable price. Kudos to SONY!
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on September 28, 2011
I have 2 others bought over the years. I think I got my first something like 8-10 years ago.
Quick pros/cons
- battery life is "forever". Maybe weeks between charging. And the included (changeable) Sony battery is still strong 10 years on in my older set.
- sound quality is good (as long as the input volume is high enough (try RCA or 3.55 jack, they have different volume...)
- no interference from other devices
- compatible with 3D DLP glasses (the one not using infra-red signal but using DLP-link)
- can use as many headphones as you want with one emitter.

- volume pot. will become bad rather quickly. then adjusting the volume will be really hard as the volume will be somewhat muted on one side or the other. So the less you touch/adjust the volume, the longer the headphones will last.
- comfort is not great after a few hours. The headband is just a piece of plastic and is quite hard and narrow.
- weight (see comfort above).
- line of sight only. So no sound if going from living room to kitchen for instance...
- when charging a set, the IR emitter is automatically off. So you cannot charge one and listen with another one at the same time. But the battery life is so great that has never been an issue. Also it takes AAA batteries (including rechargeable, but you cannot charge your own rechargeable batteries in the headset as Sony made sure only their batteries will recharge).

Why I keep buying them?
- this is cheaper than buying the separate extra headphone compatible with the IR emitter. (and the extra headphones do not recharge on the base).
- cheap. Did I mention I get many years of daily usage before being too fed-up with the volume settings to buy a new one? 10 years or so of usage for less than $40 is pretty good for me :-)
- I have them on every TV. There is no pairing, channels to select or anything like that, just pick any headset, sit in front of the TV and you are in :-)
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on November 10, 2011
Review for MDR-IF240RK... Have had these headphones for about 2 months now, and they work really well for one of the most common and basic wireless headphone uses - listening to TV. My need arises from the fact that other members of family practice musical instruments (usually by listening to instruments with headphones on) in the same room as our primary audio-visual system, so I too needed a headphone solution to avoid conflicting with the silent music practice. Here are the deets:

- battery life is fine... even when listening for hours I've never lost juice
- have even fallen asleep with phones on and they still had charge in the am, and yes they are comfortable enough to doze off...
- you do have to be a bit precise when putting the headphones back in the charger/base station cradle, as the charging prongs need to line up with metal contacts on the headphones... not a big deal but the headphones don't always make electrical contact if you casually pop them into the cradle
- headphones are surprisingly lightweight, a bit heavier than but in the same class as, say, old school open air Sennheisers... even though the battery (left side) and volume control/electronics (right side) are on the headset... they are also evenly weighted left/right, probably because the aaa battery weighs similar to electronics
- REALLY like use of standard rechargeable AAA battery... no need to dump $$$ into proprietary batteries
- I find the foam ear pads slightly warm, but no different than typical open air headphones, and definitely not at sweatbox level that can be the case with closed headphones
- adjustment of earpiece height is, so far, very workable... The earpieces simply pull down out if the headband... they are lightly spring loaded, so retract when you take them off your head, but they stay adjusted to the height you pull them down to because there is a slight friction feed which holds them in place when the headband is splayed open to put them on your head... this sounds complex but it's really natural and well engineered (only issue would be if the spring weakens over the course of long-term use, but no sign of that yet)
- volume level, which you adjust on the right earpiece, is more than adequate for TV shows, fidelity is also fine for TV but certainly not up to task of serious listening to music... amazingly, range and tone is pretty good for movies... BluRay disc quality 'lows and highs' in movies like Avatar come through quite well
- I find it easy to adjust volume while wearing headphones...GREAT for muting out the commercials without grabbing the remote
- being open design, you can hear people talking in the same room, so don't buy these if you're trying to tune out a lot of ambient noise - on the other hand if you DO need to hear things in the room or area of the house (e.g. baby monitoring) these headphones can be worn very comfortably with one earpiece pushed forward or backward
- regarding range... don't buy IR headphones for extreme range... these have easily 50 foot plus range but the real consideration is that they only work within view of the base station... this is pretty tolerant - even if you can't literally see the base station they work, so not as twitchy as I feared and it can actually be a good feature, as when you walk out of the room to talk with someone, the sound mutes cleanly and completely, so no need to take them off and no worries about partial or intermittent sound
- IMPT: ZERO interference from WiFi or wireless phones... a big deal because I sit within 6 feet of our wireless router... Infrared is the key here and IR zero interference is main reason why I went only for IR
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on November 17, 2011
The headphones work well, comes with a r/l phono to a 1/4 in plug with a
standard adapter. Also has a line in plus for other connections.
Are light and built well

The good, these are very good for music and TV as well
as movies. The price is unbeatable for a Sony named product.
You have to use caution when turning up the
headphones, reading other reviews that say music is not good are over amplifying the sound. Do not turn up the headphone volume. Instead let the music unit increase the volume to the base. The headphones are not designed to amplify and will distort if turned up to loud. once the supply is turned up then use the headphones to fine tune the volume and you will have no problem. My music was nice, crisp clear and nice base.
Hold a charge along time another reason not to crank the headphones up as you will use more battery in doing so.

The Bad:
Instructions are useless, and would be helpful if they would include how to use the volume on the headphones. As it is, based on reviews many do not know how to use them properly. This said the padding needs to be better. These are inexpensive headphones
but the padding gets to feel thin after a 2 hour movie.

Over view, the price is right and came with free shipping.
These are wireless with some nice options. They are not to
big like the old school wireless. And runs of only 1 AAA battery that the unit can charge. If you think about it, under 40.00 wireless and rechargeable how can you beat that. Distance is moderate in a average room no problems, but these are line of site.
In other words if you are not in view of base it wont work. However in site which is where most people will see it, well it works great.

I am sure there are higher quality headphones but nothing this good under 50.00
I paid about 35.00 and was well worth it.
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The Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphones are decent value priced headphones that resolved the issue of the sound from my son's video games bothering us in the living room. In fact, they work substantially better than I expected after reading some of the recent negative reviews posted on Amazon. Here are my observations:

The setup was fairly easy, plug the base unit in with the included power supply, connect the audio cables to the base unit and the source (our TV did not have the correct output for the included cables - See "Cons" below), put in a battery (AAA or the included rechargeable), turn them on and you are in business.

Pros -
+ Easy To Setup - See above
+ Uses Standard AAA or Included Rechargeable Battery (recharges on the base unit)
+ Comfortable Fit - These are fairly lightweight and can be worn for hours
+ Decent Sound Quality - For games and TV, but not for music
+ long Battery Life - The fully charged headphones last for hours and hours, never had them die on me
+ Reasonably Priced

Cons -
+ Limited Connectivity With Included Cables - The set included a cable with composite (RCA connectors) to mini-phone, but my TV had RCA out so had to use my own RCA to RCA cable (not really a problem for me since I had the extra cable on hand)
+ Limited Range - These are IR and work in "line of sight" to the base unit

Overall these are a very good value for a decent set of wireless headphones but they might not be for everyone, especially not for audiophiles or those wanting to roam around from room to room. They work perfectly for our video games and casual TV usage.

Recommended, with the caveats above.

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