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on September 23, 2017
A great camera but you will need to buy a new lens from the get go. The lens that comes with the camera will not allow you to capture the full potential of the camera.
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on September 22, 2017
Difficult to use menu and no touch screen. If you can get over these 2 points then this camera take good pictures and easy to shoot RAW and JPEG once you spend sometime to set it up. Not too big but is not small either. You'll need a separate camera bag, or shoulder bag to carry it.
Fast, fast, fast shutter. Decent low light picture quality in European cities at night scene. I just wish the kit lens is 12mm.
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on September 20, 2017
I just got this in the mail and the language is set for Chinese!!!! I can't fogure out how to change it because I can't read Chinese!!!! Will have to return.
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on September 18, 2017
Mirrorless always made sense to me. Let's face it, if you were designing a digital camera from scratch, why on earth would you put a mirror box in it? DSLRs were always a transitional idea.

This is a great camera, on several reviewers best in class lists, and deservedly so. I won't live long enough to figure out every feature, but fortunately, I won't have to. I took it out of the box a few hours ago and already taking perfectly good pictures (after waiting most of that time for the battery to charge). It helps that I already have a good Sony point-&-shoot. This is a lot better camera, but the concepts and terminology are similar, I can see where they improved and built on what I'm used to - but it wouldn't be hard for a beginner either, just put it on 'intelligent auto,' start shooting, and progress at your own pace. One change over the point-&-shoot is the panorama mode, which flows better and makes better pictures, but doesn't go as wide, and isn't as sharp in the details. There is also an 'intelligent auto plus' mode, which I guess is better.

I got the kit lens, which will be fine for everyday daylight stuff, and the 50mm / 1.8 portrait lens, which I highly recommend. The camera uses an APS-C sized sensor, so if you grew up with 35mm as I did, multiply by 1.5 - the 16-50 kit lens will be what you'd expect from a 24-75, and the 50mm is like a 75 in the 35mm world. With my old Canon film gear, I used my 85/1.8 as much as anything, so I plan to get a lot of use out of the Sony 50mm. The attached pic is with the 50mm lens at f2.0 (reduced, the original was 3008 x 2000, which is the smallest 3x2 pic the camera will take). The camera can be set to automatically soften ('defocus') the background by various amounts, which as you can see works well with the 50/1.8. It didn't work nearly as well with the kit lens, which only goes down to f3.5 at the wide end, and f5.6 when zoomed to 50mm. An enthusiast-level digital camera that can compete with 1970s-era 35mm gear in portraiture is great if you ask me, and a long time coming.

I didn't get one of the bundles, I bought only the chinese knock-offs I wanted separately, including a spare battery and desk charger, and UV filters to protect both lenses. The camera kit includes a tiny 1.5 amp charger, with a usb cable to charge the battery in the camera, but no way to charge a spare battery out of the camera. I also bought a class 10 SD card (recommended by Amazon) before seeing that the manual says class 4 or better is fine. I download to the computer often, so don't need a huge card - a 16 Gb card will hold about 900 pics at largest size (24M) / RAW+JPEG, about 8,900 at 6M (3000 x 2000) 'fine' quality JPEG, and over 10,000 at 'standard' quality. Panoramic shots will consume more space, movies a lot more. 3000 x 2000 will make decent prints on letter size paper. Brightness, in-camera processing, color, and just plain 'camera-smarts' are just about perfect, and I can't imagine anything you can't control or reset if it's not right for you. Very nice.

UPDATE - Still learning. There are many tutorials on youtube, and some topic-specific user manuals (one, for example, on what the various auto-focus modes do) that will turn up in internet searches. Explore. Have fun.
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on September 18, 2017
I've had this camera for a while now and I really love it. It's small and portable and you can switch out the lenses to fit your needs. The picture quality is superb and you can add filters to the images from you're camera. The skin smoothing effect is great.
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on September 14, 2017
I'm not one of those people that gives a 5 star review very often. I'm not sure if I ever have. 5 stars implies perfection (to me anyway) and nothing is perfect. That said, this is a GREAT camera. It replaced my NEX5N that was stolen while on vacation (yes, all the vacation pictures were still in the camera). I was actually debating about just getting a phone with a really good camera, but since only the lens that was on the camera (Tamron 18-200) was with it when it was stolen and I still had 2 lenses and a spare battery and wall charger, AND some of the phones I was looking at were MORE than the camera body, I decided to simply replace the camera body.

The reviews I read, and the samples I saw from the a6000 were amazing. I'm a bit of a hack, a novice for sure, simply taking lots of pictures and occasionally stumbling on a really good one, but this camera seemed pretty much idiot proof. I was blown away at the first few test pictures I took. The detail, color, DOF etc were all fantastic and I was in full auto mode. The lens I'm using now is the original kit lens that came with the NEX5, 18-55mm. I had no idea how good this lens actually is. I also have a 30mm macro prime lens.

The focusing on the zoom was much faster than the 5N, but still didn't meet my exceptions from what I read about it having the fastest autofocus of any camera. There is a firmware update for that lens, so I updated the firmware. What a difference. Even a both ends of the focal length on this lens, it was nearly instantaneous. The auto focusing on the 5N was slow and vague quite often. Not so with the A6K. You barely know it's focusing and it locks on moving objects so they remain razor sharp.

Then we have the viewfinder. I will NEVER again own a camera without a viewfinder. I can't tell you how many pictures I lost over the years because I couldn't see the camera display when the sun was bright, and with the vague and often inaccurate auto focus, I lost quite a few potentially awesome pictures. The viewfinder, although from what I read, not the very best, is still excellent and 100% adequate for my purposes.

This is about the 5th or 6th upgrade to the Sony APS-C mirrorless E mount NEX cameras and it's been around for several years. There is apparently a major upgrade do in the next year or so. I have no idea if that's true, but I couldn't care less. The A6300 and 6500 have a few more features and a better viewfinder, but frankly, for someone like ME that is NOT a professional photographer I doubt that there is even a remote chance that I could possibly outgrow this camera.

I'm looking forward to eventually replacing the Tamron lens that was stolen, but in the mean time, the kit lens and prime macro lens are quite adequate. The 5N was 16 megapixel, the A6K is 24. That allows for some fairly serious cropping with less detail loss.

This is a great camera and I'd recommend it to anyone, novice or pro.
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on September 12, 2017
This is by far the best camera I've ever owned. So easy to use, lightweight, and compact! The picture quality is fantastic!
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on September 12, 2017
Having used this alongside a Nikon D5500, I see what they were trying to do, what they were trying to emulate, but they fall short in build quality and features, and it costs just as much.
It's just an imitation of better cameras. NO EXTERNAL MIC JACK, an incredibly wimpy, cheesy pop-up flash assembly are among its most glaring issues.
If you're going to drop this much money on a camera, do yourself a favor and look at the real thing, like the Nikon above.
If what you really want is a point and shoot that takes nice pictures, there's no need to spend the money for this one.
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on September 12, 2017
I love this little camera. A great form-factor that is wonderful for taking on a day hike and excellent image quality. The lens detaches with solid action and the interface for the various knobs is very customizable by the user. Get a quality strap like BlackRapid though because the included strap is not very comfortable.
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on September 12, 2017
Can't add anything that hasn't been stated. This camera and it's series are fantastic-rugged, capable and reliable!
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