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on February 26, 2015
If I could give this 20 stars out of 5, I would. I agonized over which camera to get, almost went with a Canon Rebel T3i (which I'm sure is also wonderful! It's a consistently popular choice), and I am seriously thankful I went with this. I bought it for beauty blogging, and there are several reasons it's ideal for this purpose:

1. A built-in, adjustable skin softener. I recommend keeping it on 'low', as it does just enough. It looks insanely natural on this level.

2. WiFi connectivity. It's not the smoothest thing in the world, but it does the job of getting your photos to your phone well enough, and at a decent speed. Does just what I need it to do.

3. Adjustable screen! A must-have!

4. The camera adjusts and auto-focuses like a dream for what I'm using it for. It gives you a beautiful focus on your subject, and softly blurs the background automatically, exactly as I need it. Do keep in mind though that if you're going in for a super close-up (say, just shooting an eye), it takes a little longer to adjust. This isn't exactly an issue though.

5. This is SUPER beginner-friendly. Seriously, I know nothing of photography, but was able to jump in right away, easily adjust my settings as I wanted, and start shooting in minutes. It's not convoluted like I had feared. The finer tuning options are there for the more savvy, but if you're like me, you can get by without any hassle.

My one con with this is the touch screen when navigating through the menu - it's a little clunky. I feel like this could potentially be a frustration for someone who is really doing in-depth work through the menu and manually adjusting settings. For someone like me who isn't really getting into all that though, it's only a minor annoyance.

I recommend the package including the memory card (you will need it) and case. I haven't done any video with this yet, so I can't really speak to that feature, but will update if I do.
But all in all, this has been one of my greatest Amazon purchases. It's been a dream for a beginner like myself. You won't regret this one!
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on December 12, 2014
I wanted a camera I could take into concerts. The big cameras are usually turned away at the door. This one was small enough that it doesn't look like a full production. The camera feels well built, not cheap. It does feel like something you could drop so make sure you get some kind of wrist strap.

FLASH: I hate the flash. It blows everything out. It attached to the top and sets up at 45 degrees. I can't believe they didn't let it rotate straight up or even back to bounce light. Would have made the flash sooooo much better and usable.

CASE: You need protection on this camera. I found an awesome case, guarantee it's the best you can get for this with a little mod. Get the Lowepro DV 35 for 13 dollars. (When it gets there CAREFULLY cut out side straps and sim card holder. It will open up like a clam and be a an unbelievable case that fits snugly and secure. Will also hold your flash case. Trust me on this.

LOW LIGHT: I thought the camera did a fairly good job in low light. Like anything, you gotta shoot a bunch to get a few. It handled the colors pretty good. One thing thats cool is when it shoots multiple shots at once, like 9. Then it pieces them all together to make one great shot. Its pretty unreal. I felt like I shot better shots in the manual mode adjusting the ISO myself. I included a couple photos from an Easton Corbin concert.

WIFI: You can drop photos right onto your phone for upload to Facebook. Pretty cool. You may be able to upload to computer wifi as well.

OUTSIDE LIGHT: Shoots really nice shots. here is where this unit shines. It may not be high end camera stuff but if you know what you're doing you can get it damn close.

VIDEO: Good video, probably comparable to iPhone 6.

OVERALL: If you want a good camera that you can take with you on the go this is it. It's not as compact as others but it's not as large as a full blown cannon. Take a look at some of the shots I've included and if you get make sure you get the case and do the the mod.
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on March 28, 2015
I purchased this camera as a lightning deal not really knowing what to expect. I was blown away by the quality of the photographs it could capture of my kids. My wife and I had been searching for a camera that could capture our fast moving kids and this camera nailed it! The camera consistently captures clear pictures (not blurred) of our kids even inside. Before this camera we had a point and shoot Nikon that could not focus fast enough to take good pictures of our kids in action. The Sony NEX-5TL is just what we needed to start capturing the moments that really show our kids personalities. My wife is a photographer and uses a Canon 6D to photograph clients. The 6D takes great pictures of the kids, but it is hard to get it out and running before a good moment of the kids is past. The Sony NEX-5TL is not a full DSLR, but it is dang close in its shooting ability. My wife and I can now grab this camera quickly and snap pictures of the kids when they are doing something funny or cute. This camera is great and I am sold on buying these cameras in the future instead of a point and shoot. This camera is fairly small with the included lens, but also gives the options of other lenses if desired. I will not purchase another point and shoot in the future. I also purchased the Lowepro Adventura 120 Camera Case which is perfect for holding the camera and the Sony 55-210mm lens. I would definitely recommend this camera to a friend. This camera can also shoot in RAW format if that interests you.
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on December 17, 2014
This tiny camera has a APS-C sensor that that takes just as good or better pictures than the entry level DSLRs from Nikon and Canon, but it blows away those entry level cameras when it comes to features. Not only that, it will fit in a coat pocket or purse. No more lugging around a huge camera to get DSLR quality photos. I don't necessarily rate this camera as better than the Nikon 3300 or the Canon strictly on image quality. This is an older Sony Nex and the newer C/N DSLRs do have more pixels. That being said, the 5T will probably outperform them low light, though maybe not the newest Nikon. 16 pixels is plenty and produces more manageable file sizes. You will need to pixel peep to find any noticeable differences in image quality.

Here is were the 5T shines:

It will focus faster. It has both phase detection and contrast detection auto-focus.

It will snap off a blazing 10 frames per second. Granted the buffer fills up fast, but I generally want to catch that perfect action shot within a one second time frame. The Canon will only shoot 3 frames per second and the Nikon 5 fps.

It has all the features that a mid-range DSLR has and then some. The Nikon 3300, for example, won't even exposure bracket. I teach a college level Into to Photography course. One thing I cover is HDR photography. Students that use any of the Nikon 3000 series cameras need to use a tripod to exposure bracket for HDR work. All of the Nikon 3000 series cameras lack an auto Exposure bracketing feature. Heck, I haven't even come across an advanced bridge camera that didn't have this feature.

It has useful scene modes like "Hand Held Twilight" and Auto HDR. Once you learn to use your camera, you don't need most scene modes but the 5T has a couple of scene modes that don't just adjust your settings for you. They use the cameras fast shutter speed to take multiple pictures and combine those multiple pictures in camera. The Hand Held Twilight mode lets you get low noise pictures at night without a tripod. Auto HDR lets you combine pictures to give your photo more dynamic range (detail in highlights and shadows).

It has a touch screen. Some may like the ergonomics of the larger DSLR with more buttons. I have several cameras including a Sony A55 (the 5T actually takes better pictures) and a full frame Sony A99. I will say that the A99 is a dream to use ergonomically. I'm not necessarily sold on the the touch screen but I do really like it for selecting focus points.

It is wireless - you can send pictures to your phone or computer. This will be important to many though not so much to me as I do usually want to use at least Lightroom to edit my pictures before I post. The wireless feature also lets you use your smart phone as a remote, something that I probably will use in the future. The latest Nikon has an optional device that you can connect for wireless.

It has a tilting screen that lets you see it at just about any angle. This is great when you need to do over your head (for crowds) shots, lower shots, or macro shots. It also lets you take selfies, though the removable flash gets in the way.

You can add apps that perform specialized functions. Some say they shouldn't have to pay for additional features, but since the 5T already comes with more features than other entry level cameras and many mid-range cameras, I think it's nice to be able to add apps such as an automated time lapse photography function and multi-frame noise reduction. You don't get that opportunity with the other cameras.

It takes better videos. It particular, it will focus much more seamlessly, if you do not use manual focusing.

It currently (12/15) costs less than the other entry level cameras. This is an older model and it is being sold at a heavy discount. Sony has replaced it with an A5000 (the 5T is better) and an A5100. I picked it up because I couldn't resist the Amazon pre-Christmas flash deal. It fits in my pocketbook easily and is replacing a Panasonic LX-7 that I never really like all that much.

All that performance is packed into a package that will fit in a coat pocket or purse.

There are a couple of negatives.

In my opinion, the biggest negative is a lack of lens choices. The Sony E lens offerings are pretty sparse, particularly when it comes to less expensive lens options from Sigma and Tamron. On the other hand, you can buy cheap adapters that will let you use old legacy lenses that you can find quite inexpensively on Ebay. Using these lenses requires manual focus. To help you with the manual focusing, the 5T has a feature called "Focus Peaking". Focus peaking outlines your in focus areas and makes manual focusing much easier. You can buy an adapter that will let you auto focus with Sony Alpha and older Minolta lenses but the adapter costs as much or more than the cost of the 5T.

It doesn't have a viewfinder. You may buy a viewfinder but is costs almost as much as the camera. For those that have previously used point and shoot camera, you might find that the multi tilt screen is more of a plus than the lack of viewfinder is a minus.

The flash is screw on and not internal. This doesn't bother me, I just leave the flash on the camera. Adding it doesn't change the small form factor much. The flash is included with the camera.

A larger DSLR can be more ergonomically friendly. You need to decide if the small form factor is more important than better ergonomics. I have both this camera and a full frame DLSR/SLT Sony A99. I love my A99 but I don't want to carry it with me all the time. The 5T now lives in my purse and will be with me most of the time.
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on March 29, 2015
Easily the best camera I've owned. I bought this as a travel camera so I didn't have to take my DSLR. I had used compact cameras for travel before but I was looking for better images. This camera takes great images, even in low light.

If you take most of your photos without a flash then this camera works really well.
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on May 1, 2015
This camera is a ridiculous value. The images it takes are spectacular, and that was my primary concern for a small travel personal camera. I don't care too much for many of the menu settings, things such as the built-in HDR are far more difficult to access and enable then they should be, and I'd often hit the wrong button while doing something else, but still I'm not going to fault a camera at this price point.

Can you do better at higher costs? Absolutely, but at just above $300, this is just insane in value. I don't care if you have the latest greatest smart-phone, it won't even touch the quality of shots this camera takes. The APS-C sensor is very good, and of the same size as what used to be included in the far more expensive DSLR's; this camera takes about as good shots as my a580, which was almost a $1000 camera at the time. Not as good a full-frame camera, but you'd also have to tack on an extra digit at minimum to the price point to get one, so again, the value here is excellent.

The camera also has a very nice feel to it, its not as difficult to hold onto as most point and shoots, but also not quite as good as a full blown DSLR, although I adapted pretty quickly anways. The thing looks ridiculously tiny, so many people assumed I had some little point and shoot while they setup their gigantic DSLR's with tripods and whatnot, not realizing I was taking better pictures than they were.

There are countless reviews that go over every little detail of this camera at this point so I won't get a super lengthy and detailed review, just some general observations that were important to me.

The video it takes is of great quality, using the AVCHD codec is familiar to me at least since that's what my work camera uses to record in as well.

The included kit lens is terrlble. Honestly the worst piece of glass I own, if you look at the lens carefully you'll see the actual glass portion is like 1/2" wide if that, and because of this, the images it takes in the RAW look like they were taken with a fish-eye lens. So editing in the RAW with the included kit lens requires serious tweeking, so at this point for my own personal use I've just given up and decided to edit the JPEGs instead, which have a correcting algorithm already applied, which 95% of the time turns out great. Still not as ideal as actually getting good glass as sometimes it can stretch it oddly, such as my wifes arm being stretched near the bottom corner to make it look like its double its actual size, so yeah, that is something to consider. Also, I don't really like the power lens; I'm used to it now, 5000 shots later, but it was VERY annoying to not have separate zoom and focus rings. Might be good for those new to interchangeable cameras barrel zooms, but was a major step backward if you're used to traditional DSLR and SLR lenses.

This camera is certainly capable of taking professional photos though, don't let others discourage you from that. Now more than ever, it matters more upon your ability as a photographer to setup/line up a shot, wait for the right moments, etc, than it does what equipment you're using. I have little doubt I could use this camera to take pictures good enough to go in a magazine or website (and yes, I have had shots published; not National Geographic and more government boring nonsense, but published nonetheless).

I would whole-heartedly recommend this camera to beginners looking to get more serious about photography, or for the rest of us who want a nice compact concealed carry-around piece.
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Still really enjoy the camera but felt the need to comment on the current pricing. I believe the camera has been discontinued which has driven the price of this camera up. My review used the purchase of $350 and while I can still recommend this up to $450, anything beyond that and I would recommend waiting until the new cameras come out. At around $500, if you really like the Sony mirrorless cameras, the A6000 base model starts here and would be a much better buy in general although you lose the 180 degree LCD screen and the touchscreen.

I've been using the camera for about two months now and I'm still finding out just how great and versatile it is. I upgraded the lens to the Sony 35mm 1.8 lens and it was a big improvement over the kit lens

I think it's important that if you're going to invest in a camera like this coming from point and shoots, it's important to really learn about and understand all the features to make the most of your investment. This camera is just fantastic for everything and you'll notice huge improvements over point and shoot compacts.

I know someone that uses this camera and they really like it so I did my research on it. It had very positive reviews everywhere I looked and seemed to fall in an appropriate budget for what I was looking for.

I wanted something for a recent international trip. I like taking pictures with my smartphone as they're more than good enough but I didn't want to waste my battery on my phone taking hundreds of pictures a day so I wanted a good option. I wanted something compact that offered excellent quality photos and a lot of versatility. I'm no expert so this review will be based off of my current experience as someone who is new to anything beyond the standard point and shoot. This camera fit the bill perfectly.

The NEX-5TL comes with an adjustable strap, a battery, a charging cable, and a wall wart for charging. In this package a 16-50mm lens is included with a flash that can be attached to the top port which can be used for other things such as I believe a microphone or a digital view finder(DVF).

It features wifi and nfc for easy wireless connection and transfer of pictures to smartphones and tablets. It also has a fairly large display that flips up for selfies and makes it easier to see what your taking pictures of if you have to hold the camera lower then your head.

The camera has all the familiar camera modes; program, aperture, shutter priority, intelligent auto, superior auto. I don't want to go too much into these because I honestly don't know enough about photography to elaborate to a degree worthy of what this camera is capable of.

Basically they are generally auto modes and some will automatically control certain things like shutter speed or aperture or will generally automatically control all adjustments including exposure. The one main exception is the program mode which will leave all of the settings to the photographer and this is where I left it for the majority of the time to learn on. Occasionally I would try some of the auto modes to see if I could get a better shot than the settings I was using on program mode. The more I learned the easier it was to use program mode and apply the proper settings easily before taking my shots. Again I won't get into the specifics because while you don't need to be a pro photographer to use this camera, reading up on the subject a bit will increase the chances of the pictures you take being closer in line with what you want. I recommend reading up on photography whether you're using a $60 point and shoot or something much more expensive.

I had no issues with battery life although I did buy an extra battery(Sony) as well as the Sony charger. I was able to take hundreds and hundreds of pictures between battery changes and rarely did I get close to using up a full charge in one day although mileage will vary depending on usage of course.

I found the flip screen perfect for taking nice selfies and if you're using a tripod it is able to set a timer or connect to a wireless remote including I believe your phone to snap the picture although I didn't use these features.

Connecting the camera to my iPhone 6 was simple with the app on my phone and didn't take very long to transfer pictures but totaling maybe 5-10 minutes when I transferred over large quantities of pictures.

I felt the lens was basic but versatile enough for every kind of picture and offered a good zoom for further shots. You can use a variety of different lenses from Sony and other brands which makes this much closer to a DSLR than to a point and shoot. I'm already looking to improve my shots even further with a low aperture prime lens although this is where you're going to start spending money. The variety of lenses range anywhere from $200 to well over $1000. While this seems like a lot to a novice photographer, it's still really nice to know you can really grow with the camera.

It's bigger than most if not all point and shoots but much smaller and easier to travel with than even the smallest of DSLR cameras while still offering DLSR quality pictures or near their quality. This was perfect for my travels and is very easy to recommend to novices up to the very experienced photographers. I tried to cover a lot but there's too much for me to cover here right now so I'll update the the review with any new things I discover and try to answer any questions people have.

I paid $350 for this which I think is a fantastic price and would have been willing to pay more but look for sales and bundles on amazon as I know they've had great ones for this camera.

UPDATE: after about a month of use I'm still really liking this camera. I did however run into issues charging the battery through the camera. I kept getting a blinking charging lamp which turns out to mean there is a charging error and the battery has stopped charging. It was happening quite a bit until I finally kind of pushed the plug in as snug as I could and it seemed to resolve. I have a spare battery and a charger so I didn't really run into this problem before. Since I seemed to have remedied the problem I won't deduct a star unless this problem persist despite having other charging problems but I just thought I should update my review with this finding. Still a great camera and updated with a SEL35F18 lens which is a great upgrade from the 16-50mm kit lens.
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on January 20, 2015
Not selling my Canon DLSRs anytime soon, but I will tell you that this camera is very impressive in IQ and it's abilities. As other reviewers have noted the menu goes pretty deep and until you get to know it, can take some time finding what you want. As the saying goes, "the best camera you can have, is the one that is with you". I take this thing everywhere!
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on August 9, 2014
My mother owns this camera so I already had a chance to use it before I bought it. I would classify myself as a serious amateur photographer right now (previously did professional photography and have had professional training). I have a Nikon DSLR that I enjoy, but the drawback is it's bulky, heavy (in comparison to the Sony), and I have to be intentional about using it. What I love about the Sony is that it is small, lightweight, and takes amazing photos for its size. I also like the creativity features (various shooting modes), the ability to do panoramas, and the fact that you can take beautiful hand-held night photos with automatic exposure being right on, or near right on. This camera is so flexible while maintaining quality and it allows you to be spontaneous and creative. I actually carry this camera with me all the time because it is so small and lightweight (I keep it in my purse and I have a medium-size purse, or I put it in a messenger bag I sometimes carry). No more missing great shots because my camera is at home. I used to work as a photo-journalist and I like shooting unique and day-in-the-life types of shots. Although cell phone cameras can meet the need for some of these types of photos, for me I really like having the option of taking a higher quality photo with various modes and settings in - literally - my back pocket.

That being said, there are a few things I don't like. The biggest drawback for me is the lack of a viewfinder - much too hard to use an LED screen and see what you're really getting, at least for me. I know you can add one (and some day I plan to), but the cost is about $325. And because of it's small size, it can sometimes be awkward using the buttons/dials. But I guess you can't have everything and I am willing to work with these things because the benefits of this camera outweigh the drawbacks.
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on April 7, 2015
I bought the Sony NEX-5TL to replace an aging Nikon D90 that I wasn't using as much because I've grown tired of lugging around a big DSLR and associated lenses. First impressions of the NEX-5 are positive. It's definitely a downgrade in functionality from a DSLR body - in order to access common functions and settings you have to delve into the annoying Sony menu system via the touchscreen or scroll wheel on the back. Aside from that, it seems to be quite a capable little camera.

Image quality and auto-focus are at least on par with my D90, although still far below what you'll get from a full frame camera like a D810. ISO performance is decent, but anything above 1600 ISO starts to show considerable noise. The 16-50mm lens is pretty terrible at 16mm. The edges of photos are extremely soft and blurry compared to the center.

All things considered, it's a great camera to take out for the day if you don't want to carry around a DSLR and extra lenses which usually require a dedicated backpack.
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