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on October 8, 2014
I have gone through 2 of the previous models and 1 of the newer ones, this one being in the middle of the production line makes number 4 for me. I use this at work for it's hand free convenience, which for me is it's only selling point. That said, they such...all of them, so far. If you pay more than 40 buck for these...well don't. These ones and the earlier ones are more comfortable than the newer ones, but the earliest model have a software issue. Both these and the earlier ones use this retched 3-way joy stick that control everything minus the volume that is very easy to engage unintentionally. Also there is no way to lock them on or off, further complicating the previous issue. The newer ones I can't even keep in my ears they just slip out over and over, but they have a lock switch and lose the silly 3-way switch. Which ever of the 3 you purchase they all have an issue. None can do anything with water despite there claims, they hate dust like most electronics, look silly, and if you manage to keep them alive for a year the battery just dies so fill out that warranty man. That said, the sound quality is great on them, they go loud, and the battery charges in like 15min and are good for 6 hours as they claim.
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on August 25, 2014
This is my go-to device for walking in the neighborhood in the evenings. The audio seal is a little loose (on purpose) so I do get some sound leakage of the surrounding environment for safety reasons. I could go with the larger earbuds and get a great seal. I tend to listen to musicals and other items that need to play in order, so I haven't used the shuffle or Zappin feature often. Controls are straight forward and intuitive. I use a folder based structure synced directly using Windows Explorer so I also can't speak to the integration with playlists, Windows Media Player, or ITunes.

I love the no-wires freedom, and it's really easy to slip one ear out to say hello. I haven't run out of battery and charge it about once a week. In my opinion, compared to the Jabra Sport bluetooth, this device has slightly better sound quality, a more comfortable fit, and most importantly, I don't have to fiddle with the bluetooth or worry about where my phone is on my body.

Admittedly, 2 GB is only a fraction of my entire music collection, but I think browsing a bigger collection without a display would be troublesome. So, I just change what's on it frequently and it keeps it interesting.
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on February 25, 2013
WOW this player. I've never used a better music player for a runner, You got just what is described in the box (and today that is very weird, you know out there is a lot of S.H.I.T they call it nowadays marketing).

I don't going to talk about the quality of the sound because I can't hear all the range of frequency audible for humans, lets to face it and other hand my music is coded in mp3 :p, but sound good for me.

BTW I used it on a mtb XC ride, guess what?, works great :)

Now I'm waiting for the test of time.


4 months of diary use and works great, but this product definitely has a big firmware issue; if I put to charge my device to an USB charger and that charger is not an USB host (your computer, a tablet, printer, TV, etc) something goes wrong, and my device is dead, completely dead nothing happen when I push the buttons. My solution to this situation:

1.- keep push the reset button 30 seconds and release
2.- connect to your PC and access to the data(music) on your device as an USB flash drive or use windows media player
3.- after 3 minutes unplug the device
4.- push play, now like magic the device come to life
5.- now you have a zombie walkman :o

NOTE: sometimes can work without the step 1.

I don't know if is a firmware or hardware issue but definitely is a pian in the ass :s
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on March 28, 2012
I am a pretty heavy duty runner. I enjoy listening to music and podcasts while I run. I sweat like a normal dude in the heat of Florida. Before this device I was accustom to buying a new iPod Shuffle every year (for $50), and every few months I would break it (from sweat), have to send it in for replacement. When the warranty would end after a year, I would buy a new one, for another $50. On top of this, I hate using itunes and I hated Apple Support. I put up with all this until a week after receiving ANOTHER replacement Shuffle it died and I had to request another replacement. I was close to a year anyhow, so I went shopping for an alternative. I always loved the Sony brand so I gave this a shot.

Almost a year later, I am still using the original. I would have gone through 2-3 shuffle's by now. I was skeptical of buying because of some of the reviews about comfort and such. I am happy to report I have had no such issues. I beat the heck out of this thing and it just keeps on working. I can drag and drop music files inside of windows without iTunes (yes I am bitter). For iTunes lovers, it does work well with that as well.

It fits well, it is easy to operate and there are no wires! Like another reviewer mentioned, the built-in voice is "sexy" and soothing. Sweat is no longer an issue, I have even taken showers with this thing on a few times. I love it! I am not music expert, but I also believe that the sound quality is better than on any of my iPods that I still have.

If this unit ever dies, I will buy a new one again and again! Thanks so much for such an awesome product Sony! Highly recommended!
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on June 28, 2011
-Cord-Free! [My favorite feature about this ever!]
-And that you don't need a MP3 player in your pocket!
-And the 'cord' is thin enough to fit under your glasses if you do ware it. Then again it depends on what kind you might be waring.
-Zappin' feature is cool.
-"Water-resistant" against rain, sweat, and the "technique" to wash it.
-Playlist or music folder option.
-Quick Charge, Charge for 3 minutes and you get an hour of power, about there.
-Light and compact.

-The USB connection isn't always connecting.
-"Water-resistant", there's a small pamphlet saying how water can enter the device, so besides sweat, washing it, and actual rain, I suggest just keep it out of water.
-It's magnet... So unless you keep it away from credit cards, CD, your safe, but there's a cover so that you can put on.
-2GB, it's not that much of a bad thing because it's screen-less, but it's nice to just leave all your songs on the player instead of going back and drag and drop again.
-Not really fashionable, I would say.

Random Comments:
-No screen, so no absolute control on all the music playing.
-Music hears fines. Nothing great, nothing bad.
-In-ear earphones has always been 'eh' to me. So it's fine.
-Somebody said there was no scrubbing, but I'm fine with that too.
-Doesn't look that tough, but doesn't look completely fragile either.
-Somebody said one module is heavier than the other, but it's not that noticeable.
-Controls takes a couple try to get use to.
-Looks sort of weird waring it, it's like having two bluetooths.
-My package didn't come with a charging stand.
-The playlist/folder set-up also gets use to.

That's all the things both good and bad about it and if your like me, and you want to find out everything that may be wrong with it. I just love this JUST because you don't have to worry about the wires, the MP3 player itself in your pocket AND you can ware it under glasses. I sure wish it was shock-proof though and maybe smaller so that way: I wouldn't need to worry about breaking it! AND! Lay on my bed and lean to my side. I've owned it for about three days, but I've used it for a nice amount. Overall I LOVE THIS MP3 player! [But everyone has their own preferences]. But two thumbs up.
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on April 4, 2014
I'm a 35-50 mpw runner and do most of my Nov-March runs on the treadmill since I live in MN. I've burned through 4 pairs of headphones since November. Whether they're cheap, expensive, say they're water/sweat resistant or not, that doesn't seem to matter. They all become filled with sweat after the 4th or 5th long run and don't work anymore. I'm not a heavy sweater either but am frequently doing 10-14 mile runs on the treadmill. So when I got these I was expecting more of the same. But I've used them for ten treadmill runs and 4 16-19 mile runs outside. So far they still work great, and the sound is comparable to better quality workout headphones. My only complaint is that one side seems to be heavier than the other, so if I'm running downhill, I'll have to adjust the right earphone once I reach the bottom. They've never fallen out though and do work well for running even at 6:15 pace on the treadmill. They work great for working out, with the notable exception of jumping rope-too much up and down movement I suppose. I love not having any cords or something in my pocket. I used an ipod shuffle before and I have zero use for it now thanks to these!
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on May 8, 2011

Have been using this item for well over six months now. The weight has never been a problem and it stays in place well. Not having wires has been a big plus when using equipment at the gym. Have really grown to love the button design. Still not thrilled with the sound quality, and the battery life is not as long as it used to be (but still acceptable). One really ugly mistake on the part of Sony engineers is that there does not appear to be a diode on the charging circuit to keep the battery from discharging back into the charger. My laptop shuts down after a period of inactivity. If the unit is plugged in and the laptop shuts down, 30 minutes after I plug in the unit to charge, the unit goes dead within an hour or two of use afterwards. In other words, the battery drained back into the laptop when the laptop power went off. This is something I would not have expected from a Sony product, and it may damage the battery. Between that and the sound quality I am wondering if maybe quality isn't as important to this manufacturer as it used to be?


First of all, it stays in place while running, which was my greatest concern. The controls are also simple and intuitive, or at least I thought so. Volume down button was not raised as high as volume up button (higher button = higher volume - Duh!). The music jog works pretty well. Volume is quite adequate. All in all, it is an intelligently designed piece of equipment, which is uncommon. It has been my experience that most electronics for sports are designed by couch potatos. It is very natural to change songs/volume while running or doing other exercising.

There is no screen, of course, so I had hoped for better sound quality for the price. Not convinced the speaker magnets are even Neodymium, which I had expected. The shutoff appears to be a magnetic switch, which I don't particularly care for, but it does remove a button, which is good. Music download is trivial, which should be expected of ALL MP3 players these days. Doubt the small plastic cover to the USB port will last very long but could be wrong. The low power LED showing Li ion cell is charging is a nice touch. Can't comment on battery issues at this time.

Really have mixed feelings about this device. The lack of wires is a big plus, but the sound quality just isn't what I had expected for a Sony. I could have gotten a small MP3 for a lot less money. Sure it would have been wired but it would just clip on my shirt collar. Not really having buyer's remorse, but also not thrilled with the purchase. Perhaps my old memories of SONY standing for top quality just isn't valid anymore.
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on July 8, 2011
I love my Sony Digital Music Player. The sound quality is good and the volume can go plenty high. It holds over 250 songs or 16 hours of music, which is more than adequate for my needs. The player is small, comfortable and stays in place while running and lifting weights. It is highly water resistant and holds up to sweaty workouts and poolside use.

The Sony Digital Music Player has several features which I like. You can play songs in alphabetical or random order and easily skip forward or backwards to the next song. It also has a feature, Zap, that plays 4 or 10 seconds (determined by the user) of a recognizable part of a song (determined by computer algorithm). It "zaps" from song to song until you find a song you want to hear.

The computer interface is easy and intuitive. And, the battery holds a ten hour charge and recharges quickly.

Last but not least, it is quite affordable and a great value for the money. It is not the be all end all for all music players. If you want a player to hold ten thousand songs and have a computer screen for playlists and album art, then this player will not suit your needs. But if you are looking for a player to wear while working out, it is ideal.
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on October 23, 2011
As a user of Sony am/fm headphones for 15 years or so I was intrigued when I saw these on the market. Having had the sweat issue with Ipods and trying a few mods to deal with them, finding a water (sweat) resistant device with no dangling wires or chords sounded like a good idea. I'm not a runner or a jogger. I wear these sometimes on my bicycle and while doing chores around the house (yard work, auto detailing, home improvement etc). They feel different than ear buds (heavier I guess) but they don't bother me when doing my activities. Didn't like my download results with Itunes and WMP. I ended up downloading my favorites off of RealPlayer. The shuffle feature works fine for me. I don't need to search for particular songs or folders when listening. Nor do I need a video screen. I had 600 or so favorites and they all downloaded so the capacity seems to exceed what is stated. Everyone has their personal preferences and needs so I can see where this device wouldn't be for everyone, but it suits my needs just fine. I think its a sturdy piece of equipment, very reasonably priced and a great alternative to ear bud chords and non wet resistant mp3 players.
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on February 26, 2011
When I'm working out, I need a good distraction, so I rely on my music collection. The music at the gym is good, but it never exactly matches my mood when I need it. Like a lot of you, I have had a number of iPods and other MP3 players. In fact, I currently have a Zune HD and a Windows Phone; however, when working out, almost any MP3 player is bulky and difficult to work with.

There are two reasons: the headphones, and the lack of pockets in gym shorts. With Bluetooth headphones, you need to find someplace to put the MP3 player. I have tried arm bands and clips, but ultimately they get in the way. I also have had hit and miss reliability with Bluetooth headphones. With small MP3 players like the iPod shuffle or nano, you have to weave the headphones through your clothes, or otherwise feel tangled when moving from exercise to exercise.

The Sony NWZW252 2GB Digital Music Player goes over your ear and has similar earbuds to noise cancelling headphones. It comes with different sized earbuds for you to change if the default size isn't right for you.

In the house of the headphones contains the USB port you plug into your PC. It then shows up as a device that you can copy your music to. On Windows, you can use Windows Media Player and iTunes to move your files over. I have not tested it on Mac OS, but it should show up as a mountable drive where you can move your AAC or MP3 files.

Navigation controls are performed using a cool jog dial that is easy to find during intense cardio sessions (although I forget which direction is forward and reverse sometimes) and volume controls are located on the headphones as well.

Overall I really like the headphones. They fit securely enough in my ears to provide good sound, and when they are on, I literally forget about them entirely, something I was never able to achieve with other MP3 players. Because I use a music subscription service (Zune) I was only able to move my subscription music to the device which was a bummer, but I usually workout to music from imported CDs.
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