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on November 24, 2011
I have now used this tablet for almost 3 months. I am not a journalist or evaluator of electronic devices (borrowed for short period). I am just a normal user who uses it daily for myself. I do not own any other tablet but have a colleague who uses an iPad, with which I can compare.


After one month of use, I found myself loving it. After two moths, I was loving it even more. And after almost 3 months, I cannot live without. I recommend it highly to everyone.


I am an Apple fan. I have been a Mac user for last 20 years. I bought at least 4 iPods in the past. And I currently use iPhone. So naturally I liked iPad when my colleague showed me one.

Then why I did not buy Apple's tablet (iPad)? That's because I am an iPhone user! More and more I learned about iPad, it became clear to me that it is a "big iPhone without phone". I already have most of the features of iPad in my iPhone.

In other words, If I buy an iPad, I gain little while paying twice for the same things. But If I buy an android tablet, my selection of features and apps gets doubled, as I gain an access to Android Market in addition to Apple's App store.

This was one of decisive reasons why I chose Sony Tablet over Apple's iPad.


I use Sony Tablet both at home and at work, daily.

At work, I use it for emailing, web browsing, scheduling, and note taking.
At home, in addition to what I do at work, I use it as e-reader (Kindle), video/movie watching. I use it as a universal controller for everything in living room (TV, CABLE, BD/DVD Player, AV Receiver). I also sometimes listen to music (Music Unlimited) in bed.

On weekends, I take it with me when going out. I use it to take pictures and videos. I use it as e-reader (Kindle) at cafeteria while listening to music (Music Unlimited). My wife uses it to watch movies in the car when we go out for a long drive.

I charge it during night and I do not carry power cable at all during a day because I have plenty of juice left at end of the day.


A. Superb Design - Beautifully curved design with a wedge shaped body is a winner.

I found that its physical design is not just gorgeous but significantly useful.

(1) When holding it on your hand, it feels lighter than flat type because the center of gravity is closer to your holding hand.
(This is true even when holding it horizontally with both hands if you hold the upper half of the device. And it feels secure because the wedge shape on upper side works as a slip-stopper.)

(2) It is much safer and easier to carry it around room to room without fear of dropping it because the wedge shaped side works as a slip-stopper between your fingers that hold it.

(3) The screen is easier to view with less glare, and its virtual keyboard is easier to type when placed on the desk because the wedge gives a comfortable elevation on upper side. You do not need a special carrier case to do that like all other flat shaped tablets.

(4) This is the only tablet that you can gently put on the desk and comfortably pick it up without fear of dropping it because the wedge shape with hollowed sides gives you a convenient handle to hold it securely.

Sony is the first company that realized that thiner is not necessarily better. Thiner and flatter the device, the more difficult to gently put it on a hard surface of desk because your fingers are not on the sides but underneath, and you have to pull your fingers from beneath at some point. And thiner and flatter the device, the more difficult it is to pick up. (Just imagine about picking up an unbending flat thin plastic plate from a desk!)

(5) It is simply gorgeous to look at both when held in hand and placed on the desktop (you don't need ugly case to elevate the upper side).

B. Light Weight - Use of special plastics make this tablet light and strong.

(1) This tablet is lightest among all tablets in its size-class. It is essential for mobile device to be light. Lighter the better; therefore, it is the best in its class in this regard.

(2) Sony achieves this lightness by using plastics. However, not all plastics are made equal. Sony fortified its device by using very sturdy special plastics (as opposed to cheep ones used in Samsung's). In other words, it is high quality plastic that is strong, very strong.

C. Large Storage Capacity (External SD card and USB drive)

(1) I bought one with 32GB. I also bought a 32GB external SD card. Together, my Sony Tablet has 64GB at all times. That's plenty for many videos and movies and other data. (Compare with Kindle Fire which has only 8GB)

(2) In addition, with a USB connector ($17), I can also connect to my 500GB USB pocket drive if I need it. (iPad does not have USB connector.)

D. High Quality Camera and Video Recorder and Crisp Video Replay
One of the things that my friends envy about my Sony Tablet is quality of pictures and videos it can record. You take video in front of them and replay immediately in beautiful resolution. And watch their reaction :). It's fun.

E. Universal Media Controller
I use it as universal media controller in my living room. I have now one device to control my TV,Cable, BD/DVD, and AV Receiver.

F. EReader Apps
I have all with Sony Tablet: Kindle app, Nook app, and Sony EReader app in this one device. I use Kindle app to read, well, Amazon books. I use Sony Reader app to read books from local libraries.

G. Music Unlimited
My music life has changed drastically after I became a Sony Music Unlimited subscriber. My music life was centered around Apple's iTune, in which case I was listening to same music over and over again because I had to buy every songs that I want to listen. And I can buy only so many. However, if you become a subscriber to the Music Unlimited, millions of songs become available to you. Suddenly my music world became drastically widened. I now listen to more music that I have never listened before. My favorite songs no longer become boring due to overly repeated listening. And I can listen to Music Unlimited at any place (not just Sony Tablet but any networked device such as PC, PS3, BD/DVD, etc).

H. Wide Screen
Unlike iPad or iPad-wannabe tablets, Sony Tablet has a wider screen. That gives Sony Tablet at least two major advantages. First, it is much more suitable as a movie viewer. If you intend to use tablet for movie viewing, this is an important consideration. Second, it gives Sony Tablet a comfortable space for a virtual keyboard that includes numeric keypad, just like a normal keyboard. I really hate iPad virtual keyboard because I have to keep switching in order to type a number. Another good thing resulted from Sony not followling Apple.


1. You do not need to buy a carrying case specifically made for a tablet if you already have a laptop case. I did not buy one because the wedge shaped Sony Tablet does not need one. I simply wrap my tablet with a soft cloth and put it in a case I had for my old laptop. In a cafeteria, I proudly pull out my Sony Tablet and place it naked on a table and look at a guy at next table, who is typing into his iPad submerged inside an ugly case that he has to use in order to give it an angle.
2. You need some kind of screen wiper. I bought "Monitor Wipes" from Staples. I carry several wet sheets in a small plastic bag, which I refill once a week.
3. You do not need to worry about power plug that some evaluators seem to complain. It works just fine.
4. You do not have to buy Kindle or Nook devices to enjoy Amazon or B&N e-books. You can get a free Kindle app or Nook app as well as Sony EReader for Sony Tablet.
5. You need headphones if you intend to use it for music or movies in public (such as cafeteria). I bought Sony Ultra Lightweight MDR-W08L ($7) from Amazon. It's very light and easy on your ears.
6. Configure system so that you can have your virtual keyboard with numeric key pad. It is so much easy to type things if number keys are available without switching keyboard.
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on November 7, 2011
Review of Sony S Tablet

* I ordered the tablet on Oct 25 from digitalBargains, through Amazon and received it Nov 2.
* The first thing you notice is that it does not look like any other tablet on the market. It is thicker on top so that when you hold it in the portrait position most of the weight is on the one side and it is less strenuous for reading. What might appear as a marketing ploy actually has ergonomic value. This also allows room for the USB port and SD slot.
* Charged it before use and set up was a breeze.
* Battery life is listed as 6-7 hours. I used it for 3 3/2 hrs general use and the battery was still at ½ power. It has 16 G of storage and 1 gig RAM. It weighs exactly the same as an iPad2.
* It starts up very quick and is very easy to navigate.
* Connecting to the internet is very quick and the processor seems even faster then my laptop.
* I am not sure how good audio and video are supposed to be on a tablet but both are very good here. The speakers are better then the ones in my laptop.
* It has a GPS, which I didn't even know about until I printed out the User Guide. It zoomed right in on my current location.
* As with other devices you can rotate and stretch the screen. It is capacitive touch.
* Setting up your email is pretty much automatic. You can sync it to your PC account and do not have to use webmail.
* Rear facing camera is 5 mp. DLNA automatically synced with the TV so I should be able to swipe pictures directly to the set. Oh, and it has a universal remote that works well too.
* If Play Station is high on your list of reasons to want this device, you will be disappointed. It comes with a pinball game, which works very well, and Crash Bandicoot, which doesn't. The Play Station Store only has about 10 games you can purchase for it.
* The on-screen keyboard is really neat and changes depending on it's function.
* One of the reasons I was interested in the Sony S Tablet is that I already have a Sony ereader. The tablet has a large enough screen that you can turn it to landscape and have 2 pages at once on the screen. Turning the pages is a breeze.
* This gets a 5 star rating as it has exceeded my excpectations.
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on January 21, 2018
I am very unhappy. This product came with high marks from various tech sources but the reality falls far short of the target. It comes with a very dated version of android that doesn't seem to be upgradeable. The apps are dated & don't seem to work. Probably because they are all in serious need of updating. The battery is NOT holding a charge at all. It works only if plugged in & even then, it doesn't always start up. I love the physical design & size. That part is perfect. I even love the screen lighting when it's actually working. This thing has way too many quirks to make it functional. None of my favorite apps work which that in itself is hugely disappointing. Right now, it is nothing more than a way overpriced paperweight. I really expected much better especially from Sony. Buying this was a highly risky financial venture that apparently I lost at. I am very sad that something I had such high hopes of having some real fun with has fallen so far short of. One or two issues I could handle but the device doesn't even really work. Buyer, beware.
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on January 10, 2012
I bought this tablet about a month ago and i can summarise the purchase with this: One of the best buys i've ever made.

I can do pretty much everything i do on my computer. I can even stream videos on hd from websites other then Sony store. And here is the best part, video streaming doesn't stutter or disconnect or give errors or anything of the sort. It's smooth streaming like a lake on a calm night. No more annoying popups or popunders.

The wifi reception is great and works flawlessly. Battery lasts about 7 hours with wifi turned on and streaming videos and games mixed use.
I had 4 remote controllers for tv, home theater, cable box and playstation. Tablet remote is fast and really handy.
The screen is really great and hd movies are a joy to watch.
I already purchased a 32gb sdhc class 10 card and i can't notice much difference between using the memory card and the internal memory.
I haven't tried the usb port yet but the onscreen keyboard is easy to use and very sensitive.
Switching between applications and tabs is smooth.
Web browsing is very fast.

Cons: It's very easy and comfortable to hold due to it's design but a bit heavy to hold on one hand for long periods of time. I tried to pair the tablet with my iPhone but it didn't work due to different operating systems but I'm sure it would work with an android mobile though.
The speakers are facing backwards, it is quite difficult to hear on noisy environments. But i suppose that's common with all tablets.

All in all, if you can afford it, don't think twice.
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on March 31, 2012
I like this, I like this alot! It is a good size and easy to hold in your hand from both weight and it's unique design. It is one heck of a fingerprint magnet but I got a cheap matte screen protector and that issue is all but completely gone. It takes a bit too long to "boot up" IMO and it is a tad bit annoying but I can deal with that. It is at times a bit touchy on the touch screen as in several times I hit it and not even know I hit it or several times it takes a few times to respond as if it is locked up. It doesn't happen too much so I can deal with that as well. My only real complaint is battery life. I just wish the battery lasted longer on full charge. I have to charge it every other day or so. The added memory is not quite as I would like it since you can only transfer files and not really access it for use. A free app took care of that though. It does this "SD Card Inserted" pop-up every time you turn it on so you can tell it if you want to transfer files or not. It is quite annoying especially since it has a transfer app already, seems just a bit redundant. The custom background image setting is kinda lame since you only get to use the very center of the custom image and most of it is completely dropped off. Something about it having to clip so much cause it changes landscape to portrait view yadda yadda yadda.....I had to customize one in photoshop in order for it to look right. Takes mediocre pictures and less than mediocre video. This is where it is very lacking if at all. Bottom line, as a tablet it does very well but all the "non-tablet" items it does, it lacks greatly.

2/13/2013: Gotta edit this since I have had it for a while now and I will say at this point I am VERY disappointed. It seems to have deteriorated over time when it comes to performance. The worse being is pure aggravation getting online at all. The screen becomes completely unresponsive as of late online. Pure frustration. Clicking the screen multiple times to get a response and most of the time it only zooms in. It has begun to reset on it's own for no apparent reason as well. Then this error constantly comes up saying "yadda yadda has quit working" and the desktop background does not display and then it shuts down on its own over and over again. The only fix is to do a hard re-set. WiFi is the speed of molasses on a cold day and most of the time only loads less then half a page and then hangs up. About 40% of the apps that are suppose to be compatible do not work at all. Really disappointed at this point and won't be buying another Sony Tablet again.
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on June 1, 2012
Nice in the hand with a great screen. The "book" shape really is comfortable and the screen has top notch contrast and detail. The touchscreen works flawlessly even when a bit dirty (my kids are addicted). Seems durable and solidly built. Sound via headphones is of very good quality. Built in speakers are as good as I have heard in a tablet, which still isn't saying much. Things like the internal accelerometers, GPS, etc. seem to function well.

Fast and well designed software. Sony's custom Ice Cream Sandwich interface is intuitive and smooth. Fast enough for any app I have come across and seems to crash less than some other tablets. A few, relatively meaningless, Sony only features such as pay to play some old PS1 games (comes with Crash Bandicoot"). Comes preloaded with a solid selection of basic apps.

Unique features: The remote control is great, particularly with the ease of access under ICS where you can punch it up while still running another app underneath. Codes for most common remotes and for my fairly uncommon AMC amplifier it took a couple of tries, but it learned the signals fairly easily.

Cameras on both the back and front, a USB port, and a memory card slot round out the advantages. Sound and video for Skype or similar services is fine. Like most tablet cameras, it isn't much good in low light.

Sony is generally quick with updates and fixes.

Memory card only for transfer of data, not storage.

Makes you overpay for the dock.

Slightly smaller screen than most comparable tablets.

Does try to sell you on several Sony media options like the games, music, and video services. Easy to ignore and replace.
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on November 6, 2011
I am rather new to the tablet world. This is my 2nd tablet and I have been using the Android operating system for since April. I like the flexibility of the Android operating system over Apple. I like to customize my laptop, and now tablet, and Android widgets are wonderful. Android itself is very easy to use.

The good:
--The screen is very good (however, I think the Samsung Galaxy screen is a little bit better)
--Comes with Honeycomb (The version of Android built for tablets)
--You can use a regular SD memory card with it (16 or 32). That was the final reason I chose product over the Samsung Galaxy 10". It doesn't have one.
--The shape of the tablet. Makes it extremely easy to hold

The bad:
--Power cord - I wish they (all manufacturers) would use the same power cord. It is big and inconvenient.
--The software doesn't really work with the memory card. It wants you to download stuff to the tablet from the card when you want to use it. However, there is apps out there (music player) and file explorers which allow you to use stuff and run stuff directly off the memory card. You just got to take time to find the apps and install them (they are free).
--Comes with an older version of Honeycomb. With the older version, all Internet explorers I was using crashed/closed frequently. However, I discovered quickly, that I could upgrade to a newer version of Honeycomb. Since I have done that, no issues what so ever.
--The price. $500 dollars for any tablet (including Apple) seems outrageous. For tablets to become more main stream, they need to charge the 10" tablets around $300 or less, and the 7" tablets at $200 or less. If Sony would do this, and advertise it, I bet they would compete a lot better with Apple.

Apple vs. Android - If you are new to the tablet and smart phone world and are not very tech savvy, you may want to look into Apple first. However, if you like customization, this tablet is very easy to use and I highly recommend it.
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on June 15, 2013
I purchased a used version of this tablet on here but, unfortunately, had to return it for performance issues. I played with it for a whole day and it seems to have touchscreen navigation problems. When I scroll down (say, when I'm reading a newspaper article), it sometimes misinterpret my command and zooms in into the page. This has happened quiet a few times, minutes after I started using it for the first time out of the box, to the point that I decided to ship it back to Amazon Warehouse Deal (which is where I got it from -- Warehouse Deal is the used, open box division of Amazon). I have purchased -- through the same vendor -- the newer version of this tablet, the Xperia S. Reviews for the S seem to be promising. Frankly, reviews for this first generation were for the most part good as well (I just might have gotten a bad apple). This tablet has a lot of potential. For instance, I love the remote feature. It is, simply said, impressive. Without setting it up by putting in codes -- like you would do for a universal remote -- it was able to control my Sony Bravia tv set and my roommate's (a Sony brand as well). It can also work with non-Sony devices. I can't wait to re-use that feature with the Xperia S. Another reason I decided to buy the newer tablet is the fact that it doesn't appear Sony is going to push for a Jelly Bean update on this one. Various research online suggest that an update was initially announced last year only to be (quietly) withdrawn. Since then, the Xperia S, its cellphone version and its other younger sister, the Xperia Z, all are running on Jelly Bean or have been approved for the update. But not this Tablet S. Knowing how fast technology advances, I didn't want to invest in this tablet any longer. Don't get me wrong, it is not that old. It was released several months after the iPad 2 back in 2011, so it can't be that bad. But Apple is committed to making the necessary updates for the iPad 2. I can't say the same for Sony in this case. Hopefully, the Xperia S will provide me with a better experience. I will make sure to review it on here after playing with it.
Disclaimer: This is my first review about a Sony product since owning shares with the company.
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on October 30, 2011
This tablet has everything a person could ask for in a hand held device. The universal remote control for starters is amazing. I have been controlling everything in my sight. The games and the music player - fantastic. What is most useful, however, is the fact that this tablet is expandable with the SD card slot and the adapter for the thumb drive is so affordable. My boyfriend and I have been arguing over whether his Iconia A500 is better than my Sony but I believe that I have the edge. Last of all, the shape is genius. When I am reading my books the Sony is light and comfortable to hold for long periods of time unlike other the other flat tablets. I know that I have made the right choice. Sony is superior.
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on December 31, 2011
I really really like this tablet. Good features and interface and has access to the Android Market, unlike others I've seen that filter the available apps. Seems to have really good battery life and I like the wedge shape better than the thin flat tablets I've handled. Wi-fi works good. The universal remote feature is what really drew me in, though. It's nice to be able to operate the TV, Stereo and Cable box using the one device, which works better than my other universal remote. It comes with Android 3.1, but can automatically upgrade to 3.2. Sony support indicated that it will get 4 soon.

I'm not sold on the whole e-book thing. Perhaps part of it is that I don't read that many books anymore. I remember a time when a new paperback novel was only about 4-6 bucks. It seems that now even older titles available as e-books are 6-10 bucks with new relases as high as 25. I can't convince myself to pay for them. The video/movies is about the same. I haven't tried any of the Digital Copy titles I already own. The "free" movies that come with their bundle appear to be only viewable once within 24 hours of download, which doesn't seem that great a bargain - particularly given the price paid for the tablet. Not to mention that the titles are either ones I've seen or ones I'm not sure I care about seeing.

Several things I wish this tablet did have: Hulu Plus (although maybe that's just a matter of time), the ability to function as a remote control and/or keyboard for the PS3 (I hate entering text with the controller), the ability to use the SD card slot as an ordinary removable storage device (perhaps also only a matter of time) and a little lower price tag. A less proprietary power supply would be nice, too. The email app that comes with the tablet is not the greatest, but works ok (I haven't found a better one, yet).

I also recommend the STM skinny case and a screen protector.

Now if only the tethering plan to the cell phone wasn't so expensive...
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