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on October 15, 2015
The very best small radio out there ! It has a strong, digital tuning system for AM, FM, and Weather stations and you can lock them in and still change them later. Do read the directions on how to set the clock and use the 2 bands of AM, and FM, so you can set many stations. Digital tuning: which means you just have to run through the stations and choose them instead of setting them across a row of numbers. If you use the headphones that come with them, your own or small basic ( not bluetooth) external speakers...you will feel like you are in a concert hall. I did not know this radio sounded so fabulous until I was looking for one to give a friend in Rehabilitation. I gave him that one with headphones and ordered myself another one. Worth the money.FABULOUS SOUND ! Updating this review as I ran across this radio by accident. 4-13-2017 : This small radio is FABULOUS and packs a TON or SOUND and is amazing. Small just means it is easy to carry. I originally gave mine to a bed ridden friend and while testing and replacing the batteries, and replaced it for me with a second one. I forgot it was WONDERFUL.
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on January 17, 2016
It's a classic AM/FM Walkman. What more can you say about it?

I wanted this because I commute 8 hours a week for school on a motorcycle and listening to Ipod music is getting quite repetitive. I commute on I-80 over the Sierra Nevada mountains so I intentionally purchased the M37W as it also picked up NOAA weather broadcasts...Well, the item was shipped quickly but what I received is the SRF-M37 which DOES NOT have the weather band.

So yeah, the headphones are different than pictured (which I knew about from other reviews) and I received the wrong model. It's not worth returning the unit over that issue (I'm lazy) but it certainly is a bummer it doesn't have the weather feature that I wanted.
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on October 7, 2013
The good part is that it does have very good sound. It's bright and full for most of the FM stations. I bought this to use while working around the garage and yard. After having used it for a few months, here are my thoughts to help potential customers on their decision. GOODS: good sound, uses AAA battery (easily change out so don't have to wait for charge if you didn't plan ahead), lots of preset stations, locks in tuned stations well. BADS: The worst for me was the size and clip. It's WAY too big for what it does. I finally reverted back to my Sansa Clip which is less than 1/4 the size and 1/10 the weight. I couldn't find a good way to carry it without it constantly falling out of my pocket or getting caught on things when clipped to my belt. The volume control is analog, and even though the unit is "locked" I was bumping the volume wheel constantly and getting a blast of volume in my ears, And lastly, there is no way to easily tune the stations - it doesn't seek the next stations, etc. You need to manually push the "+" button and find the frequency of the station you want. When you don't remember exactly what that frequency is and off by 0.01 mhz, it comes in fine for awhile, then fades away. Eventually I was able to dial in all my preset stations, but WHAT A PAIN to use. I've seen on previous reviews that people were buying this for the AM reception, but I rarely listen to AM. If you only listen to FM, I'd skip this one. I think this thing was good maybe 10 years ago, but in this era of electronics, you can do much better - especially for the price that's still charged for this radio.
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on December 16, 2012
The Positives: The sound was VERY good. With my Bose headphones the sound was outstanding. Was easy to program. Like the small size.
The Negatives: While walking outside, the local FM station was constantly (like about every fifth second) being intruded upon by some other station. In other words, another station would "whoosh" in with about a one second sound bite, and then "whoosh" out. I moved the tuner plus .1 from the designated signal position, and then minus .1. Tried the "local" and the "DX" designations to try to eliminate the intruding station. Nothing helped. The problem could well be the weak signal strength of the FM station, but I wasn't wanting a radio that could not filter out the intruding "whoosh".
Sent it back.
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on April 4, 2015
This is a decent pocket personal radio. Its practically the only model available these days
(without a speaker). I have owned 4 or 5 of them over the years so I am very familiar
with their benefits and pitfalls. The reception is very good. The sound quality is clear
and static free. The single AAA battery is easy to load & unload. The case is solid.
The presets are easy to lock in. On the negative side: one or more of the preset buttons
becomes very hard to push (10 - 20 lbs presssure) after many months of use (maybe
a couple or few years). It will pick up static if held near a running laptop pc or some AC
electrical circuits (less than 18 inches). The volume dial only reduces the sound to
very low, not fully muted. The characters on the preset buttons (12345) will wear off
after a lot of use (but you'll have memorized them by then).
Over all, its not bad, but Sony had better models in the past. Who knew this would be their last.
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on June 10, 2008
I bought this Walkman for mowing the lawn and have ended up using it all the time, riding my bike two miles to work, while putting around my shop,and mowing the yard. The reception is crisp and clear, and even here in "Radio Free Wyoming", I can pick up several F.M. stations and the weather band. It is like having a mini-stereo system.
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on May 4, 2014
great little unit but it only worked for 33 days and it quit working. the radio comes on but when you tune for a station you get nothing. all you get is static on all the bands, am fm fm2 and weather. the really sad thing is amazon won't take it back because the thing broke about five days too late. apparently amazons policy is 30 on electronics. if that is the case i will not be buying electronic items from amazon. sad really!!
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on February 13, 2016
On FM it is finicky. I have to constantly move it around to a better positioning an attempt get rid of the FM hiss.
The local/DX switch seems to have no use and the WX presets are absolutely useless. I have a local WX station loud and strong on 162.400 that I can pick up on just about any other wx radio in the house. This crappy unit has no WX reception on the presets. There is no way to change them on the SRF-M37W so it is useless for me on WX even though the station is available locally. Before you buy this one shop around for something else.
My little SENSA MP3 player has better FM reception than this Sony.
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on April 15, 2017
haven't updated this in twenty years. this is my third one. love it. very good reception and it only takes ONE battery.
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on July 25, 2017
It arrived promptly. It is lightweight and has reasonably good reception. It will not receive in problematic areas, such as a basement with overhead pipes and not many windows. The design is clear and simple, the small LCD screen is easy to read. The sound it produces through my Bose stand-alone speakers is wonderfully clear. The price was appropriate. The belt clip on the back seems sturdy, but put a label on the device with your contact info in case this little device goes walkabouts on its own.
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