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on October 15, 2015
The very best small radio out there ! It has a strong, digital tuning system for AM, FM, and Weather stations and you can lock them in and still change them later. Do read the directions on how to set the clock and use the 2 bands of AM, and FM, so you can set many stations. Digital tuning: which means you just have to run through the stations and choose them instead of setting them across a row of numbers. If you use the headphones that come with them, your own or small basic ( not bluetooth) external speakers...you will feel like you are in a concert hall. I did not know this radio sounded so fabulous until I was looking for one to give a friend in Rehabilitation. I gave him that one with headphones and ordered myself another one. Worth the money.FABULOUS SOUND ! Updating this review as I ran across this radio by accident. 4-13-2017 : This small radio is FABULOUS and packs a TON or SOUND and is amazing. Small just means it is easy to carry. I originally gave mine to a bed ridden friend and while testing and replacing the batteries, and replaced it for me with a second one. I forgot it was WONDERFUL.
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on May 26, 2016
I bought 2 of these for early Mother's Day gifts, and after a month of use, I can say that this is a competent product, but not without it's weaknesses. First, it seems to be sturdily built, and the buttons give good response. A single AAA battery keeps it running for a long time - probably close to the 50+ hours claimed. My tech-challenged wife had no problem setting the presets. The included headphones don't do the radio justice - use a better set of 'phones; you won't regret it. I loop the cord through the detachable belt clip, since I tend to hang up the cord & yank it loose as I move around - btw, belt clips from other Sony models (e.g. the srf-59) also fit the m37w. Audio quality is acceptable, if a bit bass-heavy, but I guess that's what the buying public wants. The analog volume control works well, and I can mow the lawn while listening. The lock-out switch turns off everything except the volume control. The DX (long distance) setting only works for the weather band - in fact I have to set it to DX to get any reception on this band. DX-ing on other bands is so-so. Local station reception is rock-solid, and the PLL tuning works well. The AM band is susceptible to RF (radio frequency) interference, so I can't use it near other electronics. Also, the internal AM antenna is sensitive to orientation, so signals fade as the radio is moved - not a good trait for a wearable radio. To sum up - if you can live w/these shortcomings, I'd say go for it.
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on March 1, 2016
I purchased this primarily for its AM radio band, which I could take with me on exercise walks. Because of the orientation of the built-in AM antenna, it is sometimes necessary to physically reorient the radio during a walk. Nonetheless for this purpose it works very well and I am happy I got it. However, I live in AZ and need to wear a sun shielding hat. The headphones are not very comfortable and earbuds would be much more useful. I have tried to use substitute headphones, but the headphones also act as the FM antenna, and sometimes I prefer the FM programs. I have tried a few different alternatives, from cheap, knock-off ear buds to expensive noise-canceling headphones. None provide FM antenna capabilities as well as the original companion headphones. I would certainly be open to suggestions from someone who have found more headphone success than I. In spite of it falling short of the ideal, I am happy I made the purchase.
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on December 17, 2011
I've 3 of these radios, one in my gym bag, one in my car so that I can listen to AM if out eating by myself and a third as a spare. I learned my lesson on this. Some years back, Radio Shack under their Optimus brand made the finest little AM/FM radios. In particular what they offered was the ability to preset stations, and just as in your automobile you could push a single button to call up the station that you wished.

Additionally what made these pocket radios(and yes they were true pocket size) was that they had speakers, therefore you were not forced to wear earbuds when listening. You were able to clip the radio to your belt or carry it in your hand or lay it on a countertop or your desk(try this with earbuds) as you went about your daily routines. I've always suspected that postal workers on their daily rounds were keen fans of these pocket radios.

I had purchased some 4 or 5 of these radios(Optimus actually had 2 similar designs but different models over the years), but over a period of years and much abuse they were all eventually broken,,,and then I could no longer get another as for some reason Radio Shack no longer offered them and Optimus no longer manufactured them.

I was then forced to buy pocket radios without this "preset digital capability" and could only obtain those with the very primitive "preset" with the so called "scan" "feature" where you had to scan thru all your presets to select another station that you wished to listen to. To my knowledge no one has ever built such a radio since,,,,except in China, but they only function properly on Chinese standards for radio stations,,,,each station is 9 numbers apart and instead of the USA standard of 10,,,I think that the way it works.

Sony addresses the tuning issue with this fine little radio with their presets,,,but alas no speaker so when out walking your dog or just slepping around the house or working in the garage, you must use earbuds which are of course uncomfortable if worn for long periods.

In this day of 50 different smart phone models, 40 different MP3 players etc. you would think that one manufacturer would build a small high quality radio with both the correct preset capability and a speaker. I guess no one listens to radio anymore and so they feel there is no market. I would think that some major radio broadcaster would design such a radio,,,,perhaps more people would listen to it again.

Yes,,,,I've the Sangean type radios with speakers,,,but again the "scan" thru to the next station is beyond my understanding of "why bother" when with just a bit of ingenuity they could do what Optimus was able to do in the 1980's or early 1990's.

How about you Sony,,,,create a slightly larger version of your neat little radio with a speaker,,,,,it is evident that your current radio is a good seller as you've been selling it for many years,,,,perhaps an added speaker would sell many more. With a built in speaker, your radio would deserve a strong 5 stars and I would pay double the price as you currently sell your current product for.

And of course C. Crain,,,,where have you been? C. Crain does sell a clever little radio with recording capability. They sell it for about a 150.00 which is expensive,,,,but it does not have push button tuning support even at this price. If it did, I would consider buying it.
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on April 4, 2015
This is a decent pocket personal radio. Its practically the only model available these days
(without a speaker). I have owned 4 or 5 of them over the years so I am very familiar
with their benefits and pitfalls. The reception is very good. The sound quality is clear
and static free. The single AAA battery is easy to load & unload. The case is solid.
The presets are easy to lock in. On the negative side: one or more of the preset buttons
becomes very hard to push (10 - 20 lbs presssure) after many months of use (maybe
a couple or few years). It will pick up static if held near a running laptop pc or some AC
electrical circuits (less than 18 inches). The volume dial only reduces the sound to
very low, not fully muted. The characters on the preset buttons (12345) will wear off
after a lot of use (but you'll have memorized them by then).
Over all, its not bad, but Sony had better models in the past. Who knew this would be their last.
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on August 7, 2014
My favorite radio. It stays clipped on my belt. I listen to talk radio. When a commercial comes on, I change channels by pushing a button. I can adjust the volume easily too. No remote control needed.

The radio doesn't last forever though. They last me 2 to 4 years and then I buy another.

There are 2 modes of failure and both are mysterious. After a couple of years I have to press hard on the buttons to have an effect. It's easy to take the front off the radio and I find the rubber buttons and the printed circuit board they make contact with are covered with a thin film of oil. I clean the board with isopropyl alcohol and I remove the rubber button membrane and wash it. That fixes the problem but the film of oil comes back in a few months. Very strange. I have no idea where the oil comes from.

The other failure is total loss of radio audio in the earphones. It happens while the radio is sitting unused. I'll pick up the radio and all I hear is hiss and the hiss volume is still controlled by the volume thumbwheel. I do have a clue of what causes it. The last time it happened, I had left the radio in my car for months. Maybe the high temperature in the car in the summer somehow caused it.
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on September 27, 2016
I ordered the one with the weather band but received the SRF-M37. Don't get me wrong, it is a suitable option as a Postal worker to have a compact radio such as this with something to listen to as you walk your route all day. It fits in a fanny pack, jacket pocket, or what have you.

This was just an honest mistake that anyone could've made but the digital tuning is what sold me on it versus digging one out of the attic that has that roll-dial tuning.
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on July 29, 2013
I am a total Sony fan. Usually I don't even bother with their competition and just buy the Sony product because Sony has always proved to be the best value. Let me start by saying this SRF-M37W Walkman is full of nice features like pre-set stations, local and boosted long distance signal switching, weather band and even a clock. I have used this unit with the supplied headphones and with noise blocking "ear buds" and the sound was "iffy" for a unit in this price range. I chose this digital tuner because the sound quality should be superior to analog, old school tuners. Outside and in 90% of my world the tuner works great however I give the Walkman only 3 stars because of that 10% of the time I can't get a decent signal. AM gets a little "iffy" when I move around indoors under florescent lighting an some local FM and AM stations won't come in properly, even when I switch between local and distant. Outdoors, I still give 3 stars because my car radio works better than the Sony tuner picking up various stations. Would I buy it again ? No. I don't think it is a good buy for the money.As of 8/21/2013 the receiver dies after 20 minutes of play - I am sending this piece of junk back -- don't buy it !!!
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on April 8, 2014
This is a sweet little Walkman radio with some neat special features. The headphones are light, comfortable and adjustable. The radio is sturdy, a nice size and the features are easy to use. Having the weather band is nice, as is the ability to hone in on small stations to improve reception. It's great having the presets, of course. One of the best features of this radio is that you can lock the phone in the "on" position, lock in your choice of station, etc., so that when the radio gets jostled, it doesn't turn off, shift to a different band or a different station. I initially thought this feature wasn't working properly and rated it accordingly, but eventually realized that the problem was that the battery I used, while previously unused, had been sitting around for some time, and wasn't providing enough "juice" to the radio. I replaced it with a lithium AAA battery, and that solved the problem. Mea culpa! The reception is poor under florescent lights and in big stores, especially as one moves deeper into the interior of stores, but I believe that may be true of other radios as well. Otherwise, the sound quality is ok, not great, but fine for my needs (listening to NPR). I figured out how to run a leather cord through the belt clip (which took some doing) so that I can wear the radio hanging securely from the cord around my neck. I have had the radio for almost two months now, and use it regularly when I am out and about. I would definitely purchase this model again!
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on May 4, 2014
great little unit but it only worked for 33 days and it quit working. the radio comes on but when you tune for a station you get nothing. all you get is static on all the bands, am fm fm2 and weather. the really sad thing is amazon won't take it back because the thing broke about five days too late. apparently amazons policy is 30 on electronics. if that is the case i will not be buying electronic items from amazon. sad really!!
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