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on September 17, 2016
I got this radio in Aug 2016. Have always loved Sony quality. Used to have Walkman radio headset. It worked very well for many, many years. Finally it just quit this spring.

What I want is a unit I can wear while gardening, doing yard work, housework and walking. Something that stays tuned to a station, has reliable reception, is durable and *won't get in my way.*

Because the headset was rather bulky it would fall forward off my when I was doing gardening, and the buttons were hard to use while wearing - I kept looking for something that better fit my needs. Over the years I have also tried a Sony radio armband and numerous other headsets & over-ear radios.

Based on my experiences here are the pros/cons with this Walkman unit.

Excellent tuner. Finds nearby stations easily and clearly.
Reception itself is excellent compared to others I've had. Does not cut out due to trees or houses as with a cheaper headset I bought on Amazon. SEE ALSO CONS
-The HOLD-SETTINGS button is gold! Eliminates so much frustration.
-Six station pre-set buttons. Easy to set.
-Well placed buttons - soft, sueded plastic make them easier to locate without looking, also not slippery.
-Clip is removable.
-Seems sturdy so far overall considering the number of times it has been pulled off. Remains to be seen if the tuner and volume wheel parts are more waterproof than other radios I've had.
-Has digital station ID and constant time display. Must turn power off to see time.
-Easy time set.
-Battery compartment easy to get to. Nothing needs unscrewed. SEE ALSO CONS

-Reception and stereo signal thru earphones can be lost if unit tilted - or if the ear line plug is turned. Varies.
-Battery compartment door does not lock securely nor is it attached to unit otherwise. I lost it outside after less than a month. Tip: if you buy this radio - gorilla tape over that sucker.
-Earbuds that came with are TOO BIG! Some people have small ear openings.
-Cord length: The cord with it is long and a nuisance for working. I already owned a number of earphones that don't have buds. For most the cords are too long for this belt clip radio. They snag on everything!! The shorter ones just barely reach the plug when on your belt or waist band.
-This is relevant because the radio is too front heavy to clip to any light weight cloth pocket or t-shirt neckline in a secure manner with shorter cords. I have no tops with shirt pockets. I searched online but have not seen any good solution for this problem.
-Not Bluetooth so my wireless dongle doesn't work.
-Belt clip snaps well onto the unit but the clip fit itself is not very tight. Mine has slipped off blue jeans and been snagged off many times. Has slipped off just by leaning over.
Ear phone plug on side. This placement to allow slide unit into a narrow pocket, but those darn things are so vulnerable sticking out!
-Digital display not lighted. This is minor issue for me.

That is my experience so far. Basically, if not for the belt clip and battery door problems I would easily give this 5 stars.
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on July 7, 2016
I am writing this as a retro review due to my fondness of the SRF-M37W. I acquired my 1st back approx. 2005 and may still have had it, had I not finally beat it into submission a couple years ago (2014) when I immediately replaced it. I decided to write a review as I am ordering another just as a back-up device.

DURABILITY: As noted above, this unit has proved reliably durable for my use over time. I've worked in the utilities industry since 2005 and anything on my person is going to be bumped and abused by way of climbing in/out of manholes, up/down buildings/hills/mountains, crawling under/through walls/fences, slips and falls, etc etc. This was mostly in extreme desert heat, but plenty of rain and snow as well for upwards of 16 hours a day.

FORM FACTOR: I originally wore it clipped to my belts (snaked under shirt) but began to keep in front pants pocket (also snaked under shirt) after a couple years to minimize above noted abuse. If kept in pocket, I would liken it's size to being a little smaller than a hard-pack of cigarettes. If kept on belt, it does stay rather secure.

EASE OF USE: Easily, my most favored aspect of this unit is the size and spacing of the buttons. I've never really used this for music, but instead for listening to talk radio as I work, both on AM and FM and as such will frequently jump around to different shows. As stated before, I prefer keeping it in my front pocket and can still easily change bands or stations through the fabric of pants even when wearing gloves. The volume wheel and power button are also very easy to adjust through pants pocket with gloves as well.

RECEPTION: Its reception works as well as one would expect for its size; it will suffer indoors if structure is caged in a lot of steel (e.g. commercial buildings) or concrete/rebar (e.g. manholes, tunnels) but is otherwise just fine in a setting such as a house or office. The reception is also fine in the cab of a vehicle so long as the engine is off and any laptops in cab are powered off or in sleep.

OTHER NOTES: I've never had any complaints on battery usage, which runs on a single AAA. As noted before, when not listening to my IPOD, I have this on for anywhere from 10-16 hours a day and (if you include accidentally leaving it on overnight between use) I still seem to only need to change the battery every 3+ weeks.

I've tried a couple other models/brands in noted time, but ultimately prefer and will continue to use this. Hope this review is helpful.
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on September 20, 2014
I wanted a radio to listen to talk radio while I slave away at work, but this radio has terrible reception indoors as well as out. Even the directions give you special instructions as to how to position the radio for better listening along with a special switch to maximize reception (which doesn't work.) I find myself turning into a contortionist trying to find a clear signal. I do not recommend this radio and would appreciate a recommendation for something better.
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on May 28, 2010
I was looking for a simple FM radio with digital tuning to listen to my satellite radio on my motorcycle without any wires. This radio works better than I expected. It has a sturdy belt clip and it very light. The sound is very good quality almost as good as a direct connection to the satellite radio. The radio has a lock feature so the accedental change of the radio channel cannot happen. Despite the keys being locked it is still very easy to adjust the volume of the radio, a very important feature while on a motorcycle. The headset that comes with the radio are a total waste. The quality sound I enjoy with this radio is with a quality headset. It was well worth the investment in a quality headset.
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on March 11, 2013
I had one of these Sony radios before. It has good sound, picks up stations well, and the buttons are easy to use and program. The main problem with it is that the clip is useless. Don't clip it to a pocket if you are jogging or just apt to bend over, The radio will fall off as if it were not attached at all. Put it in you pocket instead and lock the buttons so the station won't change. It's odd that in the 21st century the biggest problem with this electronic device is a mechanical one. Sony, the good people at Bic pens have solved this problem; why not try again?
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on September 21, 2012
I have been using this Walkman for years and bought the last one through Amazon in 2008 and it has started to break down and I wanted another one. The company selling this is awesome - Web's Best Deals. The item is refurbished, but to me it is new and didn't notice anything different about it. The shipping was free and it came much faster then the estimated delivery.

If you like AM and FM radio, this is a great product and I will continue to listen to my radio always!

Chef Mindy
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on November 18, 2013
This little gem has digital tuning, with ten FM presets, five AM, and tunes all weather band channels. Uses the headphone cord as antenna and uses only one AAA cell, which gives very good life. My wife and I take ours to basketball games.
The radio comes with usable headphones, but we use Sennheiser PX 100-II on-ear headphones, making the audio quality excellent.
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on August 16, 2013
My second Walkman radio in many years. Very nice for walking, taking to the beach, sports events, etc. Nice sound. I like the "lock-feature", so that you accidently do not shut it off, or change stations. The only "con" is the weather band doesn't really work in the Hartford area, not sure why. None of the weather channels that are supposed to pick up the NOAA broadcasts. Overall, nice radio, of Sony quality.
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on January 21, 2010
Happy with the AM, find the FM is ok. The FM stations drift in and out occasionally. After trying out two very poorly built Sangeans, I am very impressed with the build quality. Will keep it cause its the best so far that I've found. Very small and no frills besides the clock. But that's all I need.

UPDATE 2.18.11. I've been using this radio daily for over a year and I am very happy with it. Its GREAT on battery life too!
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on March 21, 2017
Great radio! Good size, good reception, and like that it has a lock button so the battery doesn't get worn out if it is accidentally turned on. Very pleased!
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