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on March 1, 2016
I purchased this primarily for its AM radio band, which I could take with me on exercise walks. Because of the orientation of the built-in AM antenna, it is sometimes necessary to physically reorient the radio during a walk. Nonetheless for this purpose it works very well and I am happy I got it. However, I live in AZ and need to wear a sun shielding hat. The headphones are not very comfortable and earbuds would be much more useful. I have tried to use substitute headphones, but the headphones also act as the FM antenna, and sometimes I prefer the FM programs. I have tried a few different alternatives, from cheap, knock-off ear buds to expensive noise-canceling headphones. None provide FM antenna capabilities as well as the original companion headphones. I would certainly be open to suggestions from someone who have found more headphone success than I. In spite of it falling short of the ideal, I am happy I made the purchase.
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on April 4, 2015
This is a decent pocket personal radio. Its practically the only model available these days
(without a speaker). I have owned 4 or 5 of them over the years so I am very familiar
with their benefits and pitfalls. The reception is very good. The sound quality is clear
and static free. The single AAA battery is easy to load & unload. The case is solid.
The presets are easy to lock in. On the negative side: one or more of the preset buttons
becomes very hard to push (10 - 20 lbs presssure) after many months of use (maybe
a couple or few years). It will pick up static if held near a running laptop pc or some AC
electrical circuits (less than 18 inches). The volume dial only reduces the sound to
very low, not fully muted. The characters on the preset buttons (12345) will wear off
after a lot of use (but you'll have memorized them by then).
Over all, its not bad, but Sony had better models in the past. Who knew this would be their last.
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on September 27, 2016
I ordered the one with the weather band but received the SRF-M37. Don't get me wrong, it is a suitable option as a Postal worker to have a compact radio such as this with something to listen to as you walk your route all day. It fits in a fanny pack, jacket pocket, or what have you.

This was just an honest mistake that anyone could've made but the digital tuning is what sold me on it versus digging one out of the attic that has that roll-dial tuning.
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on June 10, 2008
I bought this Walkman for mowing the lawn and have ended up using it all the time, riding my bike two miles to work, while putting around my shop,and mowing the yard. The reception is crisp and clear, and even here in "Radio Free Wyoming", I can pick up several F.M. stations and the weather band. It is like having a mini-stereo system.
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on April 15, 2017
haven't updated this in twenty years. this is my third one. love it. very good reception and it only takes ONE battery.
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on July 25, 2017
It arrived promptly. It is lightweight and has reasonably good reception. It will not receive in problematic areas, such as a basement with overhead pipes and not many windows. The design is clear and simple, the small LCD screen is easy to read. The sound it produces through my Bose stand-alone speakers is wonderfully clear. The price was appropriate. The belt clip on the back seems sturdy, but put a label on the device with your contact info in case this little device goes walkabouts on its own.
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on April 12, 2016
Works with the included (large) headphones. Does not work well (poor reception) with my normal "ear bud" style headphones. I suspect this is because the FM antenna is in the earphone cord and probably not included in 3rd party ear buds. This is mentioned in the specs, but I still thought it would work for news/sports stations. I'll probably return this.
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on May 26, 2016
I bought 2 of these for early Mother's Day gifts, and after a month of use, I can say that this is a competent product, but not without it's weaknesses. First, it seems to be sturdily built, and the buttons give good response. A single AAA battery keeps it running for a long time - probably close to the 50+ hours claimed. My tech-challenged wife had no problem setting the presets. The included headphones don't do the radio justice - use a better set of 'phones; you won't regret it. I loop the cord through the detachable belt clip, since I tend to hang up the cord & yank it loose as I move around - btw, belt clips from other Sony models (e.g. the srf-59) also fit the m37w. Audio quality is acceptable, if a bit bass-heavy, but I guess that's what the buying public wants. The analog volume control works well, and I can mow the lawn while listening. The lock-out switch turns off everything except the volume control. The DX (long distance) setting only works for the weather band - in fact I have to set it to DX to get any reception on this band. DX-ing on other bands is so-so. Local station reception is rock-solid, and the PLL tuning works well. The AM band is susceptible to RF (radio frequency) interference, so I can't use it near other electronics. Also, the internal AM antenna is sensitive to orientation, so signals fade as the radio is moved - not a good trait for a wearable radio. To sum up - if you can live w/these shortcomings, I'd say go for it.
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on December 12, 2015
Bought for my husband. He has went through so many of these I can't count. BUT it is because HE broke it or dropped it, it was his fault. But the last one I got for him wore out. He was heart broke. I went to Walmart which is where I bought the other ones. BUT they did not sell them anymore. So I came on my trusty Amazon site and typed it in and here it was !!!! I gave it to him already, one of his Christmas gifts. Like a kid in a candy store....I would recommend to a friend. I am so glad I found a place that sells these walkmans, THANK YOU Amazon for making an old man happy:} MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!
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on February 7, 2014
The only issue I have, and I cannot fully blame the radio, is that the weather band will not pick up my station. I even put it next to my dedicated weather radio and it barely was heard but I am pretty far from the transmitter. Aside from that I'm fully satisfied. Operates on a single AAA battery and has a removable belt loop. I use a mono earphone most of the time with no issues.

I bought this model primarily for the digital tuning. The run time is not very long (about a week using it 8 hours per day on AM) but I also have rechargeable batteries. The included headphones will never be mistaken for Beats but they're OK. If you are serious about your music I would buy a set of buds.
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