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on August 19, 2016
As a blind baseball fan, I appreciate that the Astros broadcast their games on the radio in real time rather than a slight or longer delay like other teams do. Knowing this, I would usually take a CD walkman with a built-in radio with me to the ball park, and reacting at the same time as everyone else to every pitch and every play is simply refreshing. Having said that, I decided I wanted a portable radio with no CD player so that I can take a smaller unit with me. Clarity and excellent reception were necessities in searching for the right radio, followed by battery life. I ended up choosing this Sony radio, and while I haven't gone to a game yet, it seems that this radio should perform without fail. It's easy to use, and it took only minutes to figure out most of the features, such as switching bands and configuring presets. I love the volume knob this radio offers rather than digital volume buttons, as I will constantly and quickly need to adjust how loud or quiet to have the broadcast during a game so as to keep from being drowned out by screaming fans awaiting big moments, and then turning the station back down when things get calm again. The fact that it only takes one AAA battery is a big plus, and it's supposed to last a good while. I'll report back once I've had a chance to take this baby to the ball park and run the battery through its paces, but I have a feeling that this will end up being the right choice.
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on October 7, 2013
The good part is that it does have very good sound. It's bright and full for most of the FM stations. I bought this to use while working around the garage and yard. After having used it for a few months, here are my thoughts to help potential customers on their decision. GOODS: good sound, uses AAA battery (easily change out so don't have to wait for charge if you didn't plan ahead), lots of preset stations, locks in tuned stations well. BADS: The worst for me was the size and clip. It's WAY too big for what it does. I finally reverted back to my Sansa Clip which is less than 1/4 the size and 1/10 the weight. I couldn't find a good way to carry it without it constantly falling out of my pocket or getting caught on things when clipped to my belt. The volume control is analog, and even though the unit is "locked" I was bumping the volume wheel constantly and getting a blast of volume in my ears, And lastly, there is no way to easily tune the stations - it doesn't seek the next stations, etc. You need to manually push the "+" button and find the frequency of the station you want. When you don't remember exactly what that frequency is and off by 0.01 mhz, it comes in fine for awhile, then fades away. Eventually I was able to dial in all my preset stations, but WHAT A PAIN to use. I've seen on previous reviews that people were buying this for the AM reception, but I rarely listen to AM. If you only listen to FM, I'd skip this one. I think this thing was good maybe 10 years ago, but in this era of electronics, you can do much better - especially for the price that's still charged for this radio.
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on July 7, 2016
I am writing this as a retro review due to my fondness of the SRF-M37W. I acquired my 1st back approx. 2005 and may still have had it, had I not finally beat it into submission a couple years ago (2014) when I immediately replaced it. I decided to write a review as I am ordering another just as a back-up device.

DURABILITY: As noted above, this unit has proved reliably durable for my use over time. I've worked in the utilities industry since 2005 and anything on my person is going to be bumped and abused by way of climbing in/out of manholes, up/down buildings/hills/mountains, crawling under/through walls/fences, slips and falls, etc etc. This was mostly in extreme desert heat, but plenty of rain and snow as well for upwards of 16 hours a day.

FORM FACTOR: I originally wore it clipped to my belts (snaked under shirt) but began to keep in front pants pocket (also snaked under shirt) after a couple years to minimize above noted abuse. If kept in pocket, I would liken it's size to being a little smaller than a hard-pack of cigarettes. If kept on belt, it does stay rather secure.

EASE OF USE: Easily, my most favored aspect of this unit is the size and spacing of the buttons. I've never really used this for music, but instead for listening to talk radio as I work, both on AM and FM and as such will frequently jump around to different shows. As stated before, I prefer keeping it in my front pocket and can still easily change bands or stations through the fabric of pants even when wearing gloves. The volume wheel and power button are also very easy to adjust through pants pocket with gloves as well.

RECEPTION: Its reception works as well as one would expect for its size; it will suffer indoors if structure is caged in a lot of steel (e.g. commercial buildings) or concrete/rebar (e.g. manholes, tunnels) but is otherwise just fine in a setting such as a house or office. The reception is also fine in the cab of a vehicle so long as the engine is off and any laptops in cab are powered off or in sleep.

OTHER NOTES: I've never had any complaints on battery usage, which runs on a single AAA. As noted before, when not listening to my IPOD, I have this on for anywhere from 10-16 hours a day and (if you include accidentally leaving it on overnight between use) I still seem to only need to change the battery every 3+ weeks.

I've tried a couple other models/brands in noted time, but ultimately prefer and will continue to use this. Hope this review is helpful.
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on April 10, 2016
I have a Honda GL500I tour bike with an in-dash Sony Marine CDXM20, 20 watt x four speakers that you can hear at 70mph+ , and another Honda VT1100C2 ACE Shadow with no place to put one. I bought the Sony for this. I had to buy ear bud speakers from Walmart as the Sony came with headphones,wouldn't fit under the the helmet. I live near and in the mountains in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and FM is spotty at best, this radio did as well as my in dash Sony car radio and is clear enough once you find a station .Loud enough at about 70% as well as my other bike plus nobody else has to hear it as I go by. The weather radio does not do as well but was cheaper on sale than the one without it.I am happy overall with it and clipped it to my jacket cuff to be able to adjust it.
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on October 15, 2015
The very best small radio out there ! It has a strong, digital tuning system for AM, FM, and Weather stations and you can lock them in and still change them later. Do read the directions on how to set the clock and use the 2 bands of AM, and FM, so you can set many stations. Digital tuning: which means you just have to run through the stations and choose them instead of setting them across a row of numbers. If you use the headphones that come with them, your own or small basic ( not bluetooth) external will feel like you are in a concert hall. I did not know this radio sounded so fabulous until I was looking for one to give a friend in Rehabilitation. I gave him that one with headphones and ordered myself another one. Worth the money.FABULOUS SOUND ! Updating this review as I ran across this radio by accident. 4-13-2017 : This small radio is FABULOUS and packs a TON or SOUND and is amazing. Small just means it is easy to carry. I originally gave mine to a bed ridden friend and while testing and replacing the batteries, and replaced it for me with a second one. I forgot it was WONDERFUL.
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on April 10, 2017
This little radio is very convenient. It has five AM presets and ten FM, plus weather. But I don't like it because of one design flaw. To change the single AAA battery you have to slide the battery door outward to loosen it, then it hinges upward for access to the battery. It is very hard to get the latch to release to slide the door out. Inevitably, when you press hard enough to overcome the latch, the door jumps out and snaps off the little plastic hinge pins for swinging the door upward. The result is the door won't stay put. If you jolt it or drop it the door pops off and the battery jumps out. When this happened the first time I liked the radio so much I bought another one. Soon the same thing happened. I intend to shop for a different radio, and that's what I recommend that others do, too.
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on September 20, 2014
I wanted a radio to listen to talk radio while I slave away at work, but this radio has terrible reception indoors as well as out. Even the directions give you special instructions as to how to position the radio for better listening along with a special switch to maximize reception (which doesn't work.) I find myself turning into a contortionist trying to find a clear signal. I do not recommend this radio and would appreciate a recommendation for something better.
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on June 10, 2008
I bought this Walkman for mowing the lawn and have ended up using it all the time, riding my bike two miles to work, while putting around my shop,and mowing the yard. The reception is crisp and clear, and even here in "Radio Free Wyoming", I can pick up several F.M. stations and the weather band. It is like having a mini-stereo system.
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on May 15, 2008
Comments for prospective buyers:

1) PLL (Phase locked loop) digitally synthesized, am/fm/weatherband radio with very low noise, i.e., very good sensitivity as well as good selectivity (the ability to distinguish between adjacent frequency, interfering signals).

2) This radio can only be manually tunned by pressing the + (forward/up) or - (back/down) frequency tuning button. It will even advance semi-automatically if you hold the button down and you will hear the stations as the radio sweeps through the frequencies so you know how/where to locate stations (unlike Sangean pocket radios which mute during automatic scan and seek functions). Thus, there is no fully automatic, press and scan or even a seek function, but I have found this manual tuning capability totally adequate because of the simplicity of the five preset tuning buttons for each band (with 2 sets of five presets on the fm band). It is quite silly that Sony didn't take the time right now to also add 5 more presets on a second set of am bands just as they did on fm on the SRF-M37V for example which has 25 presets available and not 20 presets as on this newest model. This is especially because the am reception on this radio is quite exceptional in addition to all of its other very nice features.

3) It is as good as the Sangean pocket radios that I have recently tried as well (including the famous DT-200VX). It remains to be seen if the new (June 2008) Sangean DT-400W (with NOAA weather coverage and broadcast alerts) will compete with the Sony SFR-37W.

4) It has a one year limited warranty and clearly not just 90 days as listed on numerous websites, including This time limit is clearly listed on the instructions with the radio (the included Sony warranty certificate comes attached to the radio instructions).

5) I get excellent reception here in the mountains of New Mexico for a super-portable am/fm/weatherband radio receiver with 20 presets (5 on am/10 on fm and 5 for weather) that lasts 30-54 hours on one AAA battery. Weatherband signals are weak by the nature of the short range, low power NOAA transmitters and you must turn up the volume to adequately hear them and then adjust it back down for most am/fm stations especially.

6) All presets are very intuitive and extremely easy to use (a one button press system) as well as very easy to set. They are also easy to change as needed, especially if you travel a lot. Also, as long as you change the battery within 3 minutes of removing it, no presets will be lost (fortunately changing the battery is a snap).

7) The SRF-M37W is as extremely durable and well made and should last a very long time. In fact, my son's SRF-37V (its immediate predecessor) was extensively chewed 3 years ago by his young puppy (whose name is his gal Friday since he first got her on a Friday) and it still works quite well! Also, the battery cover is normally hinged to the radio so that it can't be lost (unless excessive force is used when it is opened and in this case it is designed not to break, but instead to simply pop out, but can easily be reinstalled as shown in the Sony manual). It also comes with a belt clip that nicely and firmly attaches to the radio for convenience. It also has a lock switch to keep all settings unchanged (except for the volume control) with an LCD screen indicator for the locked position as well as a battery level indicator, etc.

8) When using it inside a building go as close to the windows/doors as you can to get the very best reception. Radio waves do not penetrate very thick structures well so the best reception should generally be found outdoors for hiking, jogging, just plain walking, etc.

9) As others have stated you probably will want a better set of earphones to fully enjoy listening on all bands, but the supplied pair is certainly adequate for most purposes. In addition, however, I have found that if you use a set of headphones with a longer cord (such as the ~1 m cord on the Sony MDR-Q22LP clip-on earphones), substantially improved fm reception results since the cord acts as the fm antenna on these radios.

10) For those like me who will use this device near a computer, some degree of RF (radio frequency) interference (static on both the am and fm bands) can be expected. The RF interference is substantially reduced the further you move away from the computer or if you hold the radio in your hand or if you can extend the headphone cord fully.

This Sony is my personal update for an old analog Sony radio (the SRF-19W am/fm stereo radio Walkman) from the late 1980's that is still working (also with no speaker and with a DX RF (radio frequency) gain switch even way back then)!
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on April 12, 2017
My husband's old Walkman finally died so of course we came back to Sony for it's replacement. He's very happy with it. I found it very easy to set up the preset stations. Only uses 1 triple A battery at a time but he's only had to change the battery once so far. He uses it for lunch time listening at work. He likes the belt clip as well.
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