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on February 21, 2006
Man, I wish I knew about this radio a year ago when I bought a highly-rated but, as it turned out, temperamental digital pocket radio. This one has most of the digital radio's virtues and none of its flaws. Reception of the stations I listen to is fine, AM sound is good, and FM sound quality is fantastic, comparing quite favorably to the digital. The local classical station sounds sublime, and "Coast to Coast AM" doesn't fade out on me. Construction is lightweight and extremely rugged. The tuning dial is a little difficult to fine-tune; if Sony wants to improve this model, they'll make a large disk-type dial with a recessed window that shows the frequency instead of this tiny and ambiguous linear scale. The included headphones don't do justice to the radio's clean sound--an extra $8 to $10 and you're good to go. The belt clip appears to be rugged, but only time will tell. It holds the radio firmly in place.

If you want a simple pocket radio, this one is the best value for the money. Sony still makes really good low-end stuff.
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on September 17, 2015
I have bought two of these radios, both at very low prices. Initially, in both cases, I was happy with both the reception and low price. However, both times the radios quit working suddenly, without any indication something was wrong. After the first one, which I had bought new but at a low price, went belly-up, I decided to buy a 2nd one new, which I also got at a low price, figuring the first one going bad was just a rare occurrence. Nope. The 2nd one did the exact same thing: it started out working great. Then it just quit, without any indication that a problem was developing. All I do is walk, no jogging, carrying the radio usually, or in the winter time, maybe having it in a pocket. Neither radio received any rough treatment of any kind. If you do purchase this radio, absolutely don't pay the higher prices for it. And do, in my opinion, pay for the warranty. You may be likely to need it.
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on January 19, 2008
Sony is offering a nearly-free gift. For fifteen dollars, you can purchase a phenomenal AM and FM Walkman radio complete with headphones. Light as a feather, the SRF-59 is so sensitive that Internet groups have popped up just to discuss its use. Sony's radio has become the standard in a new category of 21st century portables known as ultralights. Hobbyists who relish exotic long-distance reception have heralded the SRF-59 as a technological miracle.

The unit houses a little printed circuit board with two integrated circuit chips. One is a self-contained complete AM / FM tuner and the second is the audio amplifier to drive the headphones. Due to its concise nature, its single AA battery lasts for over 100 hours. The SRF-59's performance is comparable to other radios costing hundreds of dollars. Sony's ultraweight Walkman has been compared favorably to legendary units such as the GE Superadio, The Sony ICF-2010 and the Sangean CC Radio. If you are looking for the ultimate receiver to hear distant ball games or talk shows, this is it.

Seasoned DXers, the skilled sophisticated listeners who often homebrew their own equipment, have devised several modifications for the radio itself along with ideas to augment its circuitry with powerful outdoor antennas. Even as a stock unit, right out of its plastic bubble packaging, SRF-59 owners have heard AM radio stations all the way across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from places like Japan and Saudi Arabia. The SRF-59 truly has enormous ears.

After using Sony's miracle for several years, only a few criticisms can be made. The headphones are only average quality. Tuning the Walkman is a little fussy. The knob provided to adjust what station you are listening to is pretty tiny even for petite thumbs. With ferocious abuse, you can wear out the radio. After about a year of pounding during train commutes, and walking across Manhattan, I had to buy a new one because I wore out the tuning capacitor. The SRF-59 is worth the price of admission. I used to listen to WWKB in Buffalo, New York, on AM radio, while sitting in an electronic noise nightmare (a steel Metro-North commuter train) on my way to New York City. WWKB was 300 miles away!

Whenever you need a little casual entertainment, the SRF-59 can't be beat. Leave one in your purse or coat pocket or in your attache case. The SRF-59 is low maintenance. You don't need to download to it. It almost never needs a battery. You can hear amazing things nearly everywhere you go. It weighs so little, you'll have to feel into your pocket just to know it's there. For in-depth information, take a look at two radio hobbyist web sites: [...]. As a dyed-in-the-wool radio listener, I couldn't recommend a purchase more highly! At this incredibly low price, you can't miss!
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on December 28, 2014
It's a good radio for the price and the included headphones are also pretty good, good base and a confortable feel.

Tuning stations is easy and the tuning nob turns with ease. I am able to tune in to one of my favorite local FM stations 107.7 the bone and it came through pretty clear. They were doing a football game at the time I got it so I was a bit dissapointed I couldn't listen to any rock music the day I got it.

The quality is decent enough but I wouldn't really trust dropping it as it's made in China. And like most things made in China are usually built cheap to save the company money. It's put together pretty well but the battery compartment feels like it could break if I dropped it.

It's also got a switch for FM SENS for local or DX tuning. Another switch above that allows you to switch from AM to FM and vice versa.

Because smartphones still lack the ability to aquire local radio stations this was a good buy. I think it's because allot of tech companies are more invested in smartphones now days that nobody really researched ways to minimize radios to be small enough to fit into smartphones.

This radio is pretty small. It's a little thicker than my smartphone and a little shorter plus it's got a belt clip which makes more room in my pocket for my phone and other stuff.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 3, 2014
Terrific portable radio. Reception on a par with my digital tuning walkmans of old. Battery life on FM radio must be in the 100 hour range - longer than on my old panasonic that featured extended battery life. The earphones double as the antenna - not quite as good as expandable antenna, but much more convenient. This is a diminutive version of the walkman - smaller than a pack of cigarettes by a good measure. Entirely satisfied

NOTE: in 2015 Sony discontinued this radio and consequently Amazon's price has changed from $15 to $45 as it unloads existing inventory. I went to get a replacement radio as I gave the first one away - but I'm not going to pay $45.
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on October 19, 2015
This was a great little radio..until it it stopped being reliable, which happened way too soon. I bought this on the recommendation of a friend who has one. She's had hers for ages and it only just started acting up. I used mine for a couple of months, very happily, before it started to be so unreliable, I've stopped using it. I turn it on, get sound, tune it, the sound dies and doesn't come back. This happens so randomly. I never know if it's worth bringing this with me. It's now useless and I feel I've wasted $50. Very disappointed.
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on February 8, 2016
I'm knocking down the review because Amazon has been wildly hiking the price of this product.
Forty beans for this product is ridiculous. At half or less that, it was a good deal. However, having purchased a half dozen or so over the years, one was a failure, only bringing in one station and not able to move off it. I didn't mind so much, because for what they used to cost, they were serviceable radios.
Don't get fleeced by the jacked-up price, particularly for a product that is the same it was way over a decade ago.
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Love this AM-FM small Sony radio as it is perfect for when I take a walk, shop or work out, even carry to listen to while around the house.
1) Small size.
2) Belt clip is snug and keeps the radio safely attached to my belt or pants.
3) Great sound for such a small radio.
4) Picks up AM fairly well (I live in the mountains and getting AM to come in clear is not easy. However, this Sony does a great job of picking up my favorite AM stations.
5) Wonderful stereo sound on FM stations and the Sony headphone has a good sound to it. However, while walking I carry my iPod type of headphones and the sound is just superb using them.
6) Uses just one AA battery and it is said to last about 30 hours of listening or more.
7) Small size, small enough for a pocket or purse with ease.
1) No digital settings for the stations, however, it is easy to change the stations.
2) The belt clip is rather tight, but this is so it will not easily come off.
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on March 30, 2017
Pretty clear reception. It does have some trouble with static around computers, but it is crystal clear when no interference is around. I use this radio about 8 hours a day at work. The AM stations come in pretty clear, and the FM sounds great. The battery didn't die until about 2 months of my constant use. The headphones that came with the unit aren't the ones in the picture. They were earbuds, and I didn't like them, so I just plugged in a headset I already own. Price seemed a little on the high end, but this kind of technology is on its way out the door anyway, so I didn't mind paying it. I read some reviews saying the tuner is too sensitive and hurts their fingers. I haven't encountered that issue and don't really understand what they are talking about.
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on December 22, 2013
Reminds me of the ones I used way back when. It's light, the headset fits perfectly (it's adjustable), sound system is good even with only getting a couple of decent stations out in the desert. One of them is an oldies, but goodies station, so I'm a happy camper. LOL...

Battery life seems to be good. I walk every day, but don't always take the radio & thus far I haven't had to replace it.

Trying to get the darned thing out of the packaging was like pulling teeth the old fashioned way!!! Lord have mercy... I finally got out the X-ACTO knife out & managed to get the little guy out. That was pretty frustrating.

Nothing but pros all the way for this purchase & you can't beat the price. Am loving it!
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