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First off, the reason why the price of this unit has more than doubled in recent months is because it's been discontinued. And what a shame that is. I've read awesome things about this little Sony online. It has fantastic reception. Quite a good DXer, as it picks up AM stations far and near. The headphones that come with this radio aren't any good. Use any pair of ear buds you like. $40.99 sounds pricey and is pricey for this radio. Until fairly recently this radio was selling on Amazon for $15. I highly recommend this radio to those who especially love AM or DXers. Enjoy and buy it while you still can!
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on January 30, 2016
:I have three of these. Classic lines, easy to use, mobile, rugged, and most important, the best AM/FM reception that any radio lover could want.

I have other designed, updated dated hand held radios that can not perform anywhere as well, are awkward to use. The others fail to satisfy, have poor reception, unfreindly to use, nonsense designs have poor AM reception, that do not measure up to this Sony...

The other portable i used seem designed by individuals that have no radio use nor a radio lover's tradition.

I take this model all over the world, use it jogging, bicycling, sometimes even to put me to sleep at night. I listen with ear buds or over the ears hones. Once in a while I use with external mini speakers.

This revered by me radio is one that delivers. Never fails me.
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Top Contributor: Cyclingon December 28, 2014
It's a good radio for the price and the included headphones are also pretty good, good base and a confortable feel.

Tuning stations is easy and the tuning nob turns with ease. I am able to tune in to one of my favorite local FM stations 107.7 the bone and it came through pretty clear. They were doing a football game at the time I got it so I was a bit dissapointed I couldn't listen to any rock music the day I got it.

The quality is decent enough but I wouldn't really trust dropping it as it's made in China. And like most things made in China are usually built cheap to save the company money. It's put together pretty well but the battery compartment feels like it could break if I dropped it.

It's also got a switch for FM SENS for local or DX tuning. Another switch above that allows you to switch from AM to FM and vice versa.

Because smartphones still lack the ability to aquire local radio stations this was a good buy. I think it's because allot of tech companies are more invested in smartphones now days that nobody really researched ways to minimize radios to be small enough to fit into smartphones.

This radio is pretty small. It's a little thicker than my smartphone and a little shorter plus it's got a belt clip which makes more room in my pocket for my phone and other stuff.
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on June 13, 2017
I bought this radio back in 2009 and as I'm now looking for a radio I almost forgot I bought this. The reason being is that the tuning sensitivity was so bad that I only tried using it for about a week and basically tossed it in the drawer before I tossed it in the trash. I thought since it was a SONY it was going to be of good quality, If cost is an indication of quality-spend more money and get something better.
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on August 28, 2015
I bought this for my father. He barely used it only while doing household chores. Purchased it in August and it stopped working in November , pretty much a waste for the money you spend. No returns or replacement because it's been too long . Don't waste your money on this product.
review image
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on April 12, 2016
I bought this when I went from driving to work to taking the train (radio is the best part of driving.) Anyway, I think this is a pretty great product and I used it every day when commuting. One star off because some of the plastic in the headphones chipped easily when I threw it in my bag. Wouldn't normally care especially because the headphones weren't why I bought this, but I feel like the product should be somewhat durable since most people use it while commuting.
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on February 12, 2014
I stumbled upon the Sony SRF59 by accident at a local retailer, I liked it so much I bought another. Now that I haven't come across a small portable that compares I bought one more from Amazon. Yes, I now have 3 and am prepared if or when they are discontinued.

The SRF59 is reaching near cult status among AM DX listeners. We're the folks who like to dial around on AM who try and listen to stations from far distances late at night and during the early morning hours, and the SRF59 delivers. Sensitivity and selectivity on AM is outstanding. Tuning is razor sharp and can sometimes take a surgeons patience but this is part of the fun. Being able to dig out a 70 watt AM station located 400 miles away nestled between two 50KW blowtorch broadcasters is nothing short of astounding. These results have not been uncommon for me. Image rejection is unsurpassed compared to any of the many radios I've owned over the years. Those looking for technical info about the unique IF stage and image rejection of the SRF59 will have to Google the radio for more details, I'd rather not bore anyone reading with techno babble. To the layman this means there is no detectible squeals or whistles on AM when dialing around...NONE. Nulling strong stations on a frequency to hear others is very sharp and narrow when turning the unit, I can routinely eliminate an unwanted signal down to about 1dB no matter how strong it is.

FM? Well, I don't listen to very much. But I can tell you when I do, and paired with a good set of ear buds (ditch the supplied headphones) fidelity and dynamics is near DJ quality. Bass is big and tight but not annoyingly boomy. Highs are crisp and clear without being shrill. If you like your music loud the SRF59 fits the bill. But be careful, you can really crank up the volume on this.
Reception on FM is very good, but you will encounter times where weaker stations will need the headphone cable repositioned since it doubles as the FM antenna. This is common to most radios designed like this and shouldn't be a black eye on the SRF59.

The SRF59 sips on batteries. You won't find yourself replacing the single AA anytime soon, especially if you use alkaline. I use rechargeable NiMH batteries and one lasts 30+ hours of continuous use in the radio. Not having a speaker contributes to this power saving ability and is a clear indication the SRF59 was designed for intimate listening for both AM and FM fans alike.
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on October 19, 2015
This was a great little radio..until it it stopped being reliable, which happened way too soon. I bought this on the recommendation of a friend who has one. She's had hers for ages and it only just started acting up. I used mine for a couple of months, very happily, before it started to be so unreliable, I've stopped using it. I turn it on, get sound, tune it, the sound dies and doesn't come back. This happens so randomly. I never know if it's worth bringing this with me. It's now useless and I feel I've wasted $50. Very disappointed.
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on February 8, 2016
I'm knocking down the review because Amazon has been wildly hiking the price of this product.
Forty beans for this product is ridiculous. At half or less that, it was a good deal. However, having purchased a half dozen or so over the years, one was a failure, only bringing in one station and not able to move off it. I didn't mind so much, because for what they used to cost, they were serviceable radios.
Don't get fleeced by the jacked-up price, particularly for a product that is the same it was way over a decade ago.
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on March 30, 2017
Pretty clear reception. It does have some trouble with static around computers, but it is crystal clear when no interference is around. I use this radio about 8 hours a day at work. The AM stations come in pretty clear, and the FM sounds great. The battery didn't die until about 2 months of my constant use. The headphones that came with the unit aren't the ones in the picture. They were earbuds, and I didn't like them, so I just plugged in a headset I already own. Price seemed a little on the high end, but this kind of technology is on its way out the door anyway, so I didn't mind paying it. I read some reviews saying the tuner is too sensitive and hurts their fingers. I haven't encountered that issue and don't really understand what they are talking about.
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