Customer Reviews: Sony SS-F6000 Floorstanding 4-Way Speakers (Pair, Black)
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on March 4, 2010
I am an audio engineer that work as a POST SOUND in Hollywood. SONY has always made some solid speakers and subwoofers in the past... this series (strangely the only ones available from SONY) ain't a high-end but really worthy of mention.

I purchased these because I wanted some floor-stand speakers to add to my 7.1 setup for concert style music, classic, and of course movies in my 200 sq ft den. Didn't want to spend a fortune on this one (i have two other setup). Unlike most people, I have used previous sony speakers and have been impressed with their value so I decided to purchase this one (a pair of floor stands for less than $150? u kidding? dirt cheap). Since I could return 'em, why WOULDN'T I try these? When the speakers arrived, i did not realize how big they'd be. The pictures make them look small and I haven't read the dimensions. You probably need two people to carry the box... although i barely managed by myself. Came in a VERY well packaged box. FAST shipping.

I set these bad boys up and currently i'm punching in 140 watts each. They sounded unbalanced and distorted at first but that's normal for a brand new speaker set that has not gone through manufacturer's pre-test. Like your boots, the straight off the factory grill speakers first need to be "broken into." The cones are made of really durable material so it took about 7 hours of music play to get'em in balance (this happens automatically as the cones vibrate). You can always leave them on at low volumes and go to work. Make sure your setup has a surge break setup of some kind since your setup will run unsupervised.

Now for the important part: SOUND QUALITY. I rate these speakers a three star... but the only reason i gave it four is because of one reason: They did not blow me away but for the price it blows all other speakers out of proportion! It handled 140 watts (not peak but RMS) very well even at high volumes it handled all the frequencies without "thinning out." The response of the speakers are impressive across the board and the THUMP it creates is comparable to a much higher end speaker set. Comparing these speakers with other brands I've tried, I found the SONY to be more true to accuracy. The other brands seem to have enhancements especially to their higher frequencies which in a quick listen seem to sound better but it is an ILLUSION of sounding better. It's like an HDTV you see at a store, they over exaggerated the colors and saturation that make it look awesome at the store but once brought home it's crap. SONY was definitely my preferred choice to extended listening.

To my surprise, I was able to hear frequencies not heard of from my Klipsch floorstands. But my $1200 (for pair) Klispch still outperforms the SONY (duh) but not be much.. it actually underperforms in the power handling area which I give SONY mad props for. But I'm mentioning this to let you know I think SONY has an EVEN performance. Even speakers at higher end have great performance in one area but not the other. SONY performs well ... and lacks .. the same in all aspects. This ended up being a plus when you crank it since all the frequencies came out about the same.

It looks like these speakers have been specifically designed for classical music. They perform superbly in classical tracks but despite its midrange, the vocal mids were lacking (but not by much). These speakers lack the "brilliance" of highs and mids but what do you expect from a speaker at this range (or even twice this range!).

It's true what other reviews say about these.. You can't beat this for the price! But I don't understand those people that say these speakers blew them away in quality alone. The speakers are definitely an out-performer for its spec and a definite improvement over stock speakers on your 7.1 systems but it is not an audiophile or high-end.

These speakers are trooper! Great solid set. But they are not high-end speakers. But indeed worthy of every penny in its value! You wont' find better speakers in its range or even a bit above its range. I recommend getting these (rather than the higher end ss7000). These have more accurate 6.5" drivers especially if you have a 2.1/5.1/7/1 setup.
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on July 27, 2007
I got these speakers a couple of months ago. I used it replace my little satelite speakers from my sony home theater system. A definate upgrade in sound quality. It make subtle sounds like wind chimes clear and life-like. I was very impressed. One warning for online shoppers. These suckers are huge. You cannot imagine it by looking at the picture online. It came in a giant box that make you think you just bought a small sofa. If you have a TV smaller than 50 in it's going to make your TV look small. It still looks big next to my 52 inch but I love it because I am a total loser :). If you want to go for the sophisticated, clean look don't buy this. But it's awsome if you want to tick your significant other off with 2 big and ugly things in the living room. Take off the cover for the full effect!
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on November 30, 2007
I normally stay away from sony and would never think of buying speakers from SOny. But i needed 2 speakers for the bedroom, and they were cheap enough. When i hooked them up i was shocked how good they sound.
The sound that these speakers produce is way beyond my expectation it has a wonderful distinct, deep yet thumpy bass while it doesn't loose any of the other range.
With these speakers you do not need a woofer.
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on August 4, 2010
I am a home theater enthusiast. I love sound. I am a music fanatic who could sit for hours in a dark room listening to the nuances of all my favorite artists. I also love theatrical sound, and relish in hearing all the details of a movie's accompanying audio: dialogue, sound effects and score.

What I don't have, is a home theater enthusiast's budget. Family comes first, of course. Got the mortgage to pay, got the wife I love to give everything she wants and recently we've added a little one to the mix who is the most precious thing in the world but sure is expensive! I simply don't have the money to spend on $2000-each speakers made by the speaker company elite. Much to my frustration, I've been living for years with a Sony HTiB (HT-DDW790) that came with serviceable-at-best speakers. Most of all, the center channel was horrid and made dialogue thin and often unintelligible. What I did know, though, was that this set did come with a decently capable receiver and seemed meant to have its speakers upgraded. Unfortunately, though, I had to put this off for years.

Last year, I upgraded my setup with the Sony center channel SS-CN5000 that I happened to see on sale at a local electronics store. I had been looking at a Polk audio one and hadn't really considered Sony because I wanted to go "higher end". Still, I couldn't beat the price at $99 so I decided to give it a shot. What an upgrade!!! It wasn't the BEST, I'd ever heard. But it was a HUGE improvement over what I had and I've already come to terms with the fact that I cannot have the best at this point in my life when it comes to home audio. But it is VERY GOOD. So I started to research and found that there was an entire line to go along with this center channel.

As soon as I had a little bit of a budget surplus, I realized the time was right to fully upgrade my system. I decided to pursue this Sony line. Now, I found that there are actually three sets of speakers in the front speaker lineup: the SS-F5000, the SS-F6000 and the SS-F7000.

I heard the SS-F5000 at a local Best Buy and almost bought them because I liked the sound, even though they were a bit bass heavy. But the salesman, in an unusual fit of honesty, revealed to me that of the three in this line, the F6000s were probably the best because they had the best balance of the other two's assets: ample, punchy low end, full midrange for when you're playing 2-channel music and reasonably crisp high end that benefits both music and movie audio. I managed to take a listen to the SS-F7000 at another electronics store, but I couldn't really discern that much of a difference from the SS-F5000 other than highs being a lot crisper but the bass still being a little bit too boomy and not punchy enough for my tastes.

He admitted that BB doesn't carry them, so I came to look on Amazon. I really loved the price I was able to get here, too. The pair was $125! I snatched them up right away, and also bought a pair of matching bookshelf speakers (SS-B1000) for the surrounds ALL for under $200 after tax and shipping.

Now that I've got everything set up, I must say, I could not be happier and my wife is also ecstatic because even she hears the difference and knows that I did not break the bank.

Bottom line is, I fully understand these are not the best speakers in the world. I've been studying home theater for years and wish I could have spent $2000 a speaker on something from Definitive Technology or even a few hundred more on something excellent from Polk Audio or Klipsch. But when you love your audio but have a lot of other responsibilities in life and other ways to spend money than to off a month's salary on speakers, you CANNOT do better than this set of Sony speakers. The sound is full, especially when combined with a decent subwoofer (which I also kept from my HTiB because it was adequate) and absolutely rocks with both music and with cinematic audio. I know Sony doesn't have a top tier reputation, but if you're on a budget, don't think twice about adding these to your HT setup.

As long as you recognize that these are very good and not "the best of the best", you will not be disappointed -- especially when you realize how little your bank account decreased. Overall, in the grand scheme of speaker quality, I'd probably rate these a 4/5 based purely on how they sound -- and I've heard a lot of speakers in my life, spending hours in high-end shops during my college years fantasizing about what I'd one day be able to afford. I don't think you can ignore the price here, and therefore bump the rating here overall up to a 5/5. I don't think there's another way to go about it.
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on April 6, 2009
I will start by confirming what other reviewers have pointed out : you're unlikely to find better sounding floorstanding speakers at this price. The F6000s offer convincing depth despite not being constructed out of real wood. I have two pairs hooked up to a Yamaha RX-V663 receiver along with the CN-5000 center channel speaker.

I compared these at a store against a pair of JBL ES80 and similarly priced Yamaha floorstanding speakers. The F6000 offered the least warmth but most clarity out of the three. I rated the F6000s with 4 stars because it has a very uneven response curve (though somewhat expected at this price range) and needs delicate equalizing. The bass is slightly boomy, lower mids come out too strong and upper mids are relatively weak, highs are OK. I am amazed at the reviewer who wrote the bass isn't deep, he must be a subwoofer junkie. I can certainly feel the bass in my chest.

The loss of upper mid frequencies might be because the speakers are 4-way and the signal may be degrading going through too many crossover filters or it may be a safe design decision to make the sound pleasing to the average Joe. This won't be an issue for most people but I would not recommend these speakers to you unless you are using a 9 band equalizer. Listening to Guns N' Roses "Use Your Illusion" albums I get the feeling the guitars sound distant and muddy. Other reviewers with sharp ears have pointed out this muddiness, it is certainly caused by the strong lower mids (NOT caused by low driver quality) therefore it can be corrected.

My Yamaha receiver has a 7 band graphic equalizer and below are the settings I recommend for obtaining a 'flat EQ' (amplifiers and room acoustics affect the sound but you should get a general idea) :

63Hz : -1.5 dB
160Hz : -0.0 dB
400Hz : -1.0 dB
1kHz : -2.0 dB
2.5kHz : +0.0 dB
6.3kHz : +3.0 dB
16kHz : +0.5 db

What I would have liked is a control point around 4 kHz because boosting 6kHz too much can make guitars and drums sound harsh or fatiguing but with only 7 bands I had to make a compromise. Thats why I recommend at least 9 bands for these speakers. Nevertheless, the settings above will have the effect of removing a blanket from over your speakers.

I use my Yamaha 663's automatic parametric EQ for classical music which makes the violins from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" sound amazingly detailed with no trace of harshness. I must say I was impressed with Sony's tweeters and midrange driver's clarity. With just a graphical EQ I would recommend starting with my 'flat' settings as reference followed by a little boost of the 8-12kHz range ( if you can ) to your taste.

The only weakness I can find with these speakers is the excessively strong lower mid frequencies but it shouldn't be too big of a deal if you are willing to spend some time correcting it. As long as you are subtle EQing, the tone will remain clear. These speakers won't have the depth of a 1000$ speaker but at 1/10th the price that can hardly be considered a fault.
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on December 31, 2009
I am not a person that normally sits down to write reviews, however, these are truly deserving of 30 minutes of my time.
I bought these because I was limited by the width of speaker that I could put beside my projector screen in the den - see pics!
I held out a little hope of these being reasonable speakers because of the good reviews they had received, but originally stayed away because of the low price and as for the reviews - lots of fan-boys told me the iPhone I bought was the best thing out there, yeah right!..
I have had some very good speakers hooked up to my HiFi equipment so I had an idea of what was acceptable to my ears and what sounds like crap. You usually get what you pay for..
Let me just say that of the speakers that I have tried that are narrow enough to fit in the space I have to work with - 9", these are awesome. The Yamaha 555s available on Amazon were fine for home theater but for those that like to listen to a variety of music in good old full range stereo, these Sony's win hands down for so much less money!
The Polk Audio cherrywood 50s look better but sound like something packaged with a 49.99 shelf system, the Polk Audio 70's sound better than these Sonys but are 6x the price yet don't sound 6x better!
I'm grateful that Amazon used to have free return shipping! -This time however, I wouldn't have needed it.

I have also used these Sony's as fronts with my Harmon Kardon AVR-354 and my old Yamaha naturalsound receivers, they work well - nicely filling in the lower notes before the sub kicks in and reproducing the highs very nicely.
G.Serpen's review is pretty damn accurate when it comes to 'tuning' these speakers for a good response.
As you can see from my pics I have now connected these to my B&O Beocenter 9500 for daily use in stereo only. They are remarkably good, not just for the price, but for my discerning ears. I have also had them hooked to my Beomaster 8000 receiver which is Bang and Olufsen's most powerful receiver ever made (I call it the speaker eater due to it's fondness to blow cones left and right!) The speakers performed waaaay better than expected. Those of you who have heard an 8000 know it's capabilities. There is a reason they cost so much.
The sound is very nice and balanced with rich bass, mids clear enough for good dialogue and highs to very clearly hear the crisp tinkle of glass breaking.
I should note a couple of practical things before bringing this ramble to a close..
1. If you are using these in a surround sound setup in a large room or live in an apartment with understanding neighbors - buy a sub. The bass is way better than you would imagine (my biggest fear when ordering these) but they simply cannot give the movie theater WHAM punch below 50hz that a sub can. Nothing in this price range can. That said, if you are using these for stereo like me, forget the sub, even modern music bass thumps play nice low and tight.
2. When I first hooked these speakers up, they sounded terrible, very unresponsive accross the range. I owned a pair of Athena FS2 speakers some time ago and still miss them, however I remembered the same problem with those out of the box - something Athena noted in the manual. These Sony's need a short breaking in period, just like a new car engine. Even after 1/2hr of lower level music listening they started to sound 200% better. Now, they sound wonderful. To sum up, give these a day or three of music playing and then consider how they sound - leave them on low even when you go out.. My first words when I fired up the amp were 'These are going back'. Now I am very very glad that I gave them a chance.
3. If you are considering these and the 7000s, buy these. The 7000s get really boomy on certain mid bass notes, these do not, they stay tight and controlled throughout the range but still produce enough bass with ease.

These came very well packaged. UPS did their best to destroy them - the box looked like it had been dragged behind the truck instead of riding in it! I made the UPS driver stay while I opened it, they were super-well packed in styrofoam so they stayed perfect. Use Amazon prime, even if you cancel after the free month trial, I ordered them using the 2day free shipping and they arrived overnight despite the holiday season!

After a long time spent trying different speakers below $700ish I have now found the best all-rounders for most applications in my home. I am ordering another pair for the bedroom. These are so damn cheap I stayed away for a long time, my loss. I can buy 2 pairs of these for less than 1 speaker from other manufacturers, speakers that you would be hard pressed to rate much higher...
Happy 2010 all!
review image review image
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on September 24, 2007
I purchased the Sony SSF-6000 speakers as part of a modestly priced home theater system. A 57" Toshiba DLP HDTV is the "heart" of the system, with a Yahamha receiver and center channel, Radio Shack subwoofer, and Proficient in-ceiling rear speakers.

For the money, it's hard to imagine a better choice than the Sony's. The dual mids provide ample "oomph" for any broadcast programming or DVD. The clarity and separation are outstanding and the tweeters provide clear highs without being harsh.

If you want more than a typical "theater in a box" but don't have mega-bucks (my entire system, including the HDTV and custom installation, was right at $3,500), I'd definitely recommend the Sony speakers for your front towers.

Rob A.
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on October 14, 2009
I got this pair of speakers because i recently upgraded from a 5.1 to a 7.1 receiver. I had 4 ss-b3000 3 way speakers and the CN5000 center, all sony. I chose the f6000 because it seemed like a big high performance speaker. I am please with the sound and i think the price is adequate for what you get. The only thing is that my B3000 which are smaller speakers have better louder bass.

So if you are thinking about a big sound system i would go with the 3000 instead of these ones. The 3000 are less expensive and perform just as well if not better. Also they take less space.
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on April 21, 2010
I purchased these speakers 3 weeks ago from Vanns for $149 plus free shipping. I read the reviews here, particularly the one from the audiophile who gave these speakers a 4 star rating. Let me say first I am no audiophile, and I purchased these speakers for a home stereo system with an old school amp for a turntable, not a home theater set-up. The amp I am using is powerful at 330W and 2 channels, but it doesn't have the greatest sound. Had my husband hook up the speakers when they arrived and he immediately has to test them at half the receiver volume which nearly blew me out of the house-NO DISTORTION. I did as others suggested on their reviews and allowed a break in period for the speakers. The sound out of these speakers is very balanced, which I am very happy about, as I do not want certain frequencies to overtake others. It makes the music MUCH more pleasing to listen to. For those of you that are fans of bass, these speakers have it in abundance without sounding boomy (and I am not a fan of boomy). The more I listen to these speakers, the better they sound. I'll have to agree that these speakers are outstanding , or should I say as the audiophile did "better suited" for classical music. I listen to a variety of musical genres-pop, hard rock, metal, country, classical, and all sound wonderful with these speakers. This is the best purchase I have made in awhile, and when I upgrade my amp, I can't wait to hear what my music will sound like with these speakers. If you are on the fence, take a chance with these speakers, you won't regret it.
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on December 1, 2007
Well...after carefully researching speakers in my price range, which isn't much and seeing I literally hate to get ripped off, I opted for these Sonys. I made the right decision. At first I had them hooked up wrong...had one connected as a front speaker and one as a back. Alright, So now you know I'm a dork. I thought I might need extra tweeters when I had them wrong, but after rectifying my mistake I discovered I needed no such thing.
Bass is strong and solid, mids are great and the highs are ample...very pleased. I am an Infinity speaker fan and seeing I can't afford my glorious infinities these were their substitutes. I had a pair of Infinities once and these are serious contenders. I am astounded at the sound and power. I was looking at some Acoustic Audio's on ebay due to the price and the claims...yet was told they are garbage, actualy I suspected as much. So for $132 delivered, you cannot possibly go wrong with these Sony's. Yet I will confirm what the other reviewer stated...order 14 gauge speakerwire when ordering these, it's just shy of 6 bucks and worth it. These come with what I expect is 25 gauge.

I am Daniel's wife and am totally glad Daniel's research for the "Best"
speakers has ended.
I have personally had very expensive equipment in the past and have to admit I am impressed with the sound system and speakers he has chosen.
Daniel was very concerned that the product would not deliver what was promised and I have to say that these speakers deliver.
You won't be disappointed.
Don't let the price tag fool you.
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