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on January 4, 2016
As in other reviews, mine too stopped working today, after only 3 weeks. I cannot get any power except for a few clicks. I have contacted SONY as I no longer have the original box to send it back to Amazon in and its still under warranty with SONY. It is a hassle going thru them but after a day of trouble shooting (duh, no power to the unit!!) I think I have an exchange set up. Hopefully. The blog at sony mentions this problem too and says it needs some kind of firmware update or something but is is something a Sony dealer has to do. **** DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM*****

From the others that have dealt with SONY, I will probably have to pay shipping for the unit too which doesn't make sense to me. Customer satisfaction should be key here and paying have of the purchase price in shipping costs seems ridiculous.

See my follow up comment below

To the Sony rep who told me to follow the link: I had already called and I have been dealing with your awful customer service department for over a week and have gotten nowhere!! Still waiting to be told what do with this.
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on August 13, 2012
As a classical music lover with an extensive stereo-only CD collection, I have been content with a basic system in my study consisting of a receiver, CD player, and tape deck. My receiver recently died. Given my record collection, the current state of classic-music releases and my age (78), it make no sense to opt for a whole surround sound system. Thus, my needs are specialized.

After much surfing at all the logical sources, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that simple stereo receivers are still made and sold at current dollar prices below those I paid for either of my earlier purchases. My checking clearly indicated that the Sony receiver selected had more than enough power and features to meet my needs, and that pricier alternatives only added features that I would not use. It is convenient to use and works well with my speaker system. As usual for Amazon, I had learned enough before purchase to know what I would get so there were no unpleasant or pleasant surprises. As also usual with Amazon, the price was right and the shipping speedy.
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on May 26, 2015
I was fine with this product until a defect previously reported by many other reviewers surfaced in my unit. I'll explain that further at end of review. This two-channel stereo receiver encorporates a simple easy-to-use design. Large knobs on front select volume and input mode, an improvement over the smaller buttons now on many devices. Rotating a knob brings up a lighted setting display. Most can be accessed on both main unit and remote. Balance, however, can be adjusted only by remote. Evaluating "sound" is always tricky - it being dependent on three separate components: receiver, speakers, and source. But it's difficult to fault the sound from this receiver.

It's a pretty basic unit by today's standards. One drawback is the lack of a subwoofer output. Subs greatly enhance listening enjoyment. Not only do they add bass, but on better receivers they can free-up the mains from having to do extra duty delivering bass, resulting in better mid and high range performance. (There are ways of wiring some subs to units without an output, but it's much easier having an output.) A second limitation is in the input connections. There are several to accommodate a variety of devices, but all are of the older RCA/analog type. These limit the benefit of the higher quality signals many of today's devices send to the receiver through digital or optical cables. I bought this as a "second" receiver for occasional use. I've teamed it with a good quality CD player and a pair of mid-priced BIC-America DV62 speakers. The resultant sound is beautiful in this configuration - far better than I have a right to expect.

Defect: Initially, I submitted a 4-star review for this product based on an initial 2-week experience. But a problem earlier reported by many others soon surfaced. About a week past Amazon's 30-day return period, the unit failed to power-up when switched on. Like others, I got it working again by unplugging and than plugging it back in. For my purposes (placement in a garage/workshop) this "reset" is only moderately difficult. But were this unit part of a larger home entertainment system having the plug hidden in some hard to reach spot, it would become more serious - a real PIB. I've lowered my initial rating by 1 star (from 4 to 3) due to the issue. Interestingly, after three months now of occasional use (25+ on/off cycles), the defect has appeared just once. Should it become more prevalent, I'll add updates.
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on November 28, 2012
I just put together my own budget audio system after plenty of research on multiple speaker systems. I already own a 5.1 home theater surround sound but wanted a 2.1 audiophile system to listen to music, watch movies, and play video games. I opted for the Sony STRDH130 as I've had good experience with Sony receivers before, with my other audio system being connected to a Sony receiver. I was able to turn this into a 2.1 system by using a Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer that allows you to hook up this receiver to it, and then output the audio from the subwoofer to the two speakers, which are Pioneer SP-BS21-LR. Install took approximately 1 hour including cutting and preparing my own 16 gauge speaker wire that I purchased along with the receiver. The AUX port on the back of the receiver is great for hooking up an MP3 player/smartphone directly or hooking it into an Airport Express which allows you to stream music wirelessly to this receiver. I left all of the settings on the receiver at the default as I controlled the equalizer directly on my MP3 player wirelessly over Airplay. Total cost for this system including the 50ft of 16 gauge speaker wire cost approx. $245 give or take a few dollars. The sub was $80, the pioneers were $40 for the pair (on sale), and the receiver was $118. This is much much better than a soundbar and subwoofer setup. The sound is very deep, rich, and warm with great high notes. I uploaded a picture of my complete setup under the user pictures for this product. I highly recommend this alternative if you're not looking to break the bank.
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on December 16, 2015
This Sony stereo receiver has a defect in its operation. The remote will not talk to the stereo unit unless you first unplug the amp and plug it back in. The remote will operate the receiver for maybe three or four days then quits talking to the amp. The amp must then be unplugged and plugged back in again in order to get the remote to work again. Because of the location of the amp the unplug/plug in operation makes it about worthless.

Unit was purchased on February 27th, 2013. I contacted Sony regarding this problem and they assigned a warranty repair work order #?????1622 but I had to send it in at my cost for a warranty repair. I do not recall if they offered to reimburse me for the shipping cost or not if they determined it was a valid warranty repair. I did not have the original shipping box. Plus I felt the “repair” of a brand new stereo amplifier was inappropriate. Sony should have sent me a prepaid shipping label and offered a NEW replacement.

This problem is the identical one described in a review by RD on March 24, 2013; he referenced a review on Jan 19th, 2013 with the same problem on multiple units. A review on May 26ht, 2015 by MI Feller describes the same problem.

Based on the date spread of the reviews concerning this problem it appears to me that Sony has chosen not to fix the problem at its source and instead is letting the purchasing public perform its quality control responsibility and sort the defective units for return and repair.

Just my opinion and disappointing experience with this Sony item.
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on February 20, 2014
Given the mixed reviews on this unit and especially the recent reports of out of the box failures I felt that I was rolling the dice a bit on this purchase. On the other hand the reviews gave me a pretty good idea of what I might expect. I decided to wait for a week or so of use before writing a review to see which of the reported issues I encountered.

I was looking for a low cost, low -powered 2 channel amp. Low power to drive my big high efficiency Altec speakers, and that is what this unit is, or can be. The speakers are rated at 50W continuous power max, and I actually damaged them a few years ago by giving them too much power. Fortunately I was able to have them repaired, but that was expensive in itself. My old Denon amp finally gave up and I needed a replacement. You can still buy quality low-powered amps, but they're an audiophile specialty and cost more than I could spend. I also wanted a tape monitor circuit so that I could use my 'legacy' 12-band Teac stand-alone equalizer, nothing like it for fitting the sound to the room, and wanted to be able to play music easily from Windows Media Player.

First of all, it did operate out of the box, a plus based on the experiences of some. The tape monitor circuit works fine for what I want to do, plugged in my EQ and tuned it to the room. The thing that I miss most is having a switched power outlet for the equalizer on the amp; turning that on and off independently is an annoying extra step. However, I knew that was missing when I ordered the unit, so can't down rate it on that score.

The FM tuner has good reception and produces good sound, sometimes with a little background noise, from my favorite classical station about 20 miles away. Maybe I'll try a better antenna. I also have been using the 'Portable' input to play music from my Netbook. That works OK as well, but you do have to remember that in using a computer the quality of the computer's sound card affects the quality of the music. Mine is fine, some might not be. Some reviewers have remarked that there is no balance control. Read the manual. There are three functions that are accessed only from AMP MENU on the remote, balance, naming inputs and pre-set radio stations, and auto-standby on and off.

I encountered two of the problems documented in earlier reviews right away. On the first day I turned it off and it wouldn't power up again. Fortunately I recalled a reviewer saying that he got it back by unplugging the power and re-plugging it. That worked, except that I had it on a wall switch and surge suppressor and It would not power on by just flipping the wall switch. I had to leave the switch on and physically unplug and re-plug it. As the outlet is difficult to get to I hope that won't happen often. Later I found that another reviewer had remarked that he thought that the unit could be reset by pushing one of the input buttons; I haven't had occasion to try that, but it would remedy the problem. One reviewer remarked that the sound was a little thin. With high-compliance speakers I found it to be a little shrill. I took care of that by setting the treble to -2 and the bass to +2.

Then, it shut itself down while watching an HD movie. I purposely chose a complex soundtrack in Blu-ray, 'Top Gun,' to see if I could make that happen; it did, during one of the noisy flight scenes, but I just turned it back on with the remote and it was OK. There have been questions about how to connect video sources. That depends on your TV. If it has plenty of inputs and a non-volume controlled pass-though audio output, you can plug your input devices into the TV, the TV audio output to the video input on the amp, turn down the TV sound and be in business. Whatever is active as input to the TV, including the TV tuner itself, will go through to the amplifier.

On the whole this is a good unit for the price. Why 4 stars instead of 5? It just seems that with a little up-front work in engineering a few annoying flaws could have been prevented without much, if any, increase in production cost. On the other hand, perhaps their market research people missed, or ignored, that there might be a miniscule market of old guys looking for a competent low-power 2 channel amp at a reasonable price to use with some great components from another era and adding a few new gadgets rather than just a cheap sound system, and would understand the difference.
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on December 19, 2015
This is a great receiver. I am an audiophile from the old days when it was very important to review receiver specs for frequency response and THD. When my tube amplifiers bit the dust many years ago I first went to a Lafayette solid state receiver that lasted many years. When it bit the dust I went to an earlier version of this Sony. It lasted many years as well but lately had been starting to show signs of age. I was pleasantly surprised to find this newer version that, especially for the money, is an excellent product with Sony quality. This is what I would call a basic receiver. AM/FM plus all the inputs you need to connect various devices such as CD player, DVD audio, tape, etc. It even has an input jack for IPods, MP3 players, IPhones, etc. It also allows you to change the display using the remote control to rename the devices you connect to it in your own terms. And, of course it has many channel presets. It does not have quite the power of my earlier Sony, but it is more than ample to drive both of my sets of speakers at once.. It has auto shutoff if an input signal is not detected for 30 minutes, which is a nice feature. I had first thought I would buy a version with built in Blue Tooth, but I really preferred this simpler model. So I also purchased an Amazon Basics Blue Tooth receiver for $20 and now I have excellent Blue Tooth for use with my Iphone as well. If you want a high quality basic receiver do not hesitate to buy this one.
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on July 12, 2016
We hooked the Sony up to our speakers that we bought for outdoors for our flowerbeds and it's great it does the purpose while it's got radio and we hook it up to your iPad . Sound quality is great I can't complain
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on May 12, 2015
Great stereo receiver for the money. Now that I'm converting all of my record albums to digital files on my computer (thanks to the Behringer U-Phono UFO202 Audio Interface, at for under $30, free shipping - it also does cassettes), I'm not missing the phono (pre-amp) input. However, the rotary input selector is taking a little time to get used to, as you can't tell which direction to rotate the knob to get the input you want. It does have a "Personal" input that inputs your personal device (iPod, phone or mp3 player) with a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack. Overall, it has good power (for my needs) and the AM and FM tuners pull in the stations well. It also has an FM Mono button for those hard to reach FM stations. It actually has more inputs than I'll ever use, but I guess that's the way the receivers are going these days. The part that sealed the deal was, when I purchased it in mid-March, several of the Amazon vendors dropped their prices $20 (to $128) and offered free shipping. The other receiver I was considering for the past 6 months, the Yamaha R-S201BL, is still at the $149 level and had very similar features and specs. I recommend the Sony and have been happy with it (with the above mentioned inconvenience) for the past 2 months.
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on March 22, 2014
I am pushing two cerwin vega ve-12's and two cerwin vega xls 28's with this reciever. These are big speakers and this sony will run you out of the room without any clipping. I also have an active sony sub hooked up through the "b" speaker line outs.

You CAN hook up an active sub with this receiver if the sub has line level inputs. You just run the speaker wire from the receiver to the sub line level inputs terminals first, then run a separate wire from the sub output terminals to your speakers. I am using it with the am/fm antenna, my ipod, and for movies.

Your t.v. has to have analog audio out (unless you find some adapter) to connect to this receiver.

For what this is (a stereo receiver) it is awesome. the next step up would be an a/v receiver with a 5.1 or 7.1 setup. Upgrading to surround sound is worth considering if you are going to use this mostly for television and movies. Overall, you can't beat this sony for the price.
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