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on May 6, 2014
This cover does not fit a6000 - it sticks out on the left unless you mount it upside down. Too bad I realized this only after I removed the protective plastic. Normally, I think it is up to me to buy the right product, but how can I tell if there is not a single camera mentioned in the product description? I guess it's my loss, but I hope other a6000 owners won't repeat my mistake!

Update on 5/08/14:

After I read in the instructions that you can remove the protector and reapply it if not set correctly I decided to mount it rotated by 180 degrees - that's what I meant by "upside down" in my original review. I guess my camera screen is protected for now while I try to figure out what to get next that will actually match the camera and won't offend my sense of aesthetics.

Some more thoughts on the mounting process:
1) the border around the viewing window does not leave much room for error, hence it is good to prepare well before applying the protector
2) I was not sure if I would get the whole display showing, so I took a picture of a white surface and put the camera in the playback mode to light up the whole screen
3) I wish I had the screen laying flat on a hard surface for easier mounting. You will have to prepare for this - I think setting up two stacks of books, so that the camera could rest firmly on them on with the lens facing down between the stacks should work fine (leave some extra room if you lens extends on power up.)
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on February 1, 2014
FYI...This is not a fit for the Sony a7 or a7R body. It comes up as an optional accessory when viewing the camera body on the Amazon page. One will need the screen protector model Sony PCKLM16 Digital Camera Screen for the Sony a7 and a7R.
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on May 10, 2014
The Amazon product description is very weak; but the Sony product number is provided. I checked the Sony website for the a6000 and saw this product pictured on the a6000 page as a "featured product." Thus, I assumed it fit properly.

The actual product packaging I received states that it fits the NEX-6, NEX-7, and ILCE-3000.

The cover itself is a perfect size match for the glass LCD screen on the a6000. But the viewable portion of the a6000 LCD is smaller than the glass; with a wider black margin on the right side than the left side. If you look at the screen cover picture you see a wider margin on the left side. It will fit perfectly if you turn it upside down. Thus, functionally it is fine; but aesthetically the "Sony" name will now be upside down on the top of the screen.
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on May 6, 2014
Let me say I seen this while shopping for some filters for my new NEX-6 camera. I read a few of the reviews and thought I would try it. I have an iPhone 5 and have had iPhones for years now. I never liked screen protectors as they always looked like a screen protector was stuck on your phone. Besides that, it is an iPhone and almost impossible to scratch the glass (I did say almost). Now I have applied screen protectors before and was never satisfied with the end result until now. I cleaned the LCD display with a clean cotton Tshirt. As I had a hard time seeing the display for lint, I put on my LED headband light. Wow did that sure light it up and make it ten times better. Well as fate would have it, I did not get it squared the way I wanted it the first try. I grabbed my Xacto knife and lifted at the corner. The protector came up and this time I did get it right. After double checking, I pushed it down gently and pulled the protective film off. What I saw was pure magic. The most beautiful screen protector I have ever seen. The designer should be awarded as this looks gorgeous on the camera. Now I feel comfortable knowing I won't scratch my screen and it looks like the factory did it. I am so impressed and positive you will be too!
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on May 20, 2014
When I first got this screen cover for my NEX3-NL, it worked great. I felt super comfortable handling the camera in a way I hadn't before, for fear of damaging the LCD.

And then I caught the camera as it was about to fall off a table someone ran into, and in that catch, the screen protector came loose. From that point forward, it would not seal to the camera again. I didn't know that, though, until I went to use the camera and the protector slid off of it and, you guessed it, scratched the holy hell out of my LCD lens. This is not okay. I am soooo disappointed.

There are, however, no other viable screen protectors out there, so I am ordering another one. The screen is already scratched, so what am I protecting? I'm not sure, but I am going to try to prevent it from being worse than it is.

I paid ~$14 for it. It was great until it really, really wasn't.
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on September 11, 2013
I recently purchased the Sony NEX-6L/B 16.1 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens and 3-Inch LED (Black) for a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. Even though I've brought semi-professional dSLR's to beachy/sandy environments before, I was still nervous about accidentally scratching my new screen.

There are a wide variety of screen protectors to choose from at all different price ranges with varying levels of quality. I ended up going with this Sony-branded one because the price point is surprisingly perfect, and that I am always careful with the handling of my dSLR's (e.g. I don't need space rocket material to protect my screens).

- The screen protector is applied via an adhesive of sorts. The adhesive does not any leave residue on the physical screen.
- Screen quality is identical before/after applying the protector.
- You have to be *very* careful when applying the screen. When I first applied it, I had a very tiny eyelash that was stuck in the center. This forced me to peel off and re-apply the protector, which left a tiny air bubble.
- The screen protector is good at resisting fingerprints and smudges. I have to try really hard and/or get really sweaty to leave fingerprints.
- I never once had the screen become foggy due to extreme changes in temperature (e.g. going from a cool indoor hotel room to a hot outdoor environment).

Final Thoughts: For the price, quality, and fact that this is an OEM product, Sony's semi-plastic screen protector easily deserves a 5 out of 5 rating.
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It sticks on nicely and is nice and thick, so it doesn't curl up like the cheap cell phone protectors you can find. One thing that annoys me is that there is a spot in the center that looks like a air bubble but it's not. It gives a slight moire effect and makes it more difficult to see the screen. The spot is 3/4" by 1/4", right in the center. The instructions even warn about this and say you should never touch the center of the screen or this moire will appear. It's really hard to never put any pressure there, especially with an articulating screen. To get rid of it, you have to lift the protector away from the screen about half way, but it will come back again in 5 minutes and you risk dust getting under there.
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As a professional photographer my livelihood depends on all of my equipment working 100% of the time, I don’t have another option. Yet if you watch a pro photographer at work they rarely if ever use any protective accessories on their equipment. No cases, no neckstraps, no screen protectors and often no lens protectors (i.e. so-called skylight filters). All of those simply get in the way. Part of the reason we are paying $8000 for a camera rather than $800 is that we expect it to already be built like a tank. But not so at home with me. My “fun” cameras that I take with me for family gatherings, trips to the zoo, etc. are babied like crazy. The first two things I buy, in fact, are a good skylight filter and a good screen protector for the rear LCD screen.

For most of my cameras I just cut a screen protector intended for a cell phone to size and stick it to the LCD screen. But Sony (being Sony) has custom screen protectors already made to size for many of their most popular enthusiast camera. I bought one earlier this year for my A7 series camera and it is an absolute perfect fit. Even on close inspection no one could tell there is a screen protector on the camera. It has saved my camera’s screen from dings and scratches many times and worst case scenario if the protector gets scratched I can simply throw it away and get another one.

So when I bought a NEX-6 recently to replace another “bridge” camera that will be the one I am most likely to take on trips and outings of course I wanted a custom Sony screen protector. This one is it. It will fit several of the NEX series (now renamed the a-series) and trust me, it is cheap insurance. Installation takes a couple of seconds but I do caution you to be sure your camera’s screen is meticulously clean and dust-free and that you are patient and take time to align the screen protector right the first time.

Which brings me to the mysterious little cutout in the lower left corner of the protector. My understanding from Sony is that the screen protector is designed to be repositioned if you don’t get it right or perhaps some dust got lodged underneath … and the notch is to help you remove the protector with your fingernail.

As far as how well it works, well I would say perfectly. Once installed it is almost impossible to know it is on the camera. It even has a Sony logo on it exactly where the one on the camera is located. In my opinion it is not exactly the same quality as the one made for the A7 series and despite being more expensive than that one, it seems a little thinner. The two are not interchangeable; however, they are a different aspect ratio.

To me, this is a “must have” product if you own one of the cameras it fits and I suggest you don’t even think of kludging your own with a cutup cell phone protector. Do it right the first time and spend a few bucks. You will thank yourself that day when your nice Sony camera accidentally swings against your belt buckle and the $15 protector saves you a couple of hundred in repairs.
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on January 3, 2013
I bought this for my Sony NEX-7 after viewing a YouTube video which referenced this product. I have to say it appears to be a very sturdy piece of material. It installed very easily and when installed on the large view screen, it is hard to identify as an added piece. For the price of cameras today, I would highly recommend purchasing this as an insurance policy for your investment.
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on September 8, 2015
Awesome!! I was bummed that my screen on my Sony NEX 5N went to crap. The true black starting getting foggy and it just looked terrible. I got this and replaced the factory screen protector. It wasn't hard either. Just take a knife or a razor blade and get a corner peeled up a bit, once you have that up gently pull the old film off. It is fairly thick and definitely on there, take your time pulling it off. Buff the screen and place the new screen on. Done! BTW, my touch screen still works.
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