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on November 6, 2012
I have had this laptop for about a week. Here are some of my thoughts:

It is super portable. I did not want a larger laptop, because I have to carry it around all the time.
The screen has a widescreen effect so it creates the illusion of a larger screen. I don't feel much difference from a 15.6" screen when I use this.

It is very powerful. I can run many programs at once when I'm doing my research. It was always a problem on my old computer, but this one handles everything nicely and doesn't even get warm. This was one of my other requirements. I needed the laptop that doesn't get hot, because for me it is really annoying.

The screen is glossy. Would have preferred matte, but it is OK if used indoors. In general, glossy screens are more precise, but matte screens are more versatile and look better (IMO). Anyway, the screen is very bright, the colors look great.

This laptop comes with Windows 7, it does NOT come with Office (I believe none of the new computers do), and it has some Sony software, like Soundforge and Vegas. Not sure if I will ever use them, but keeping for now. It also has an "app center" type of thing on top of the screen - you know, the same kind that Mac's have on the bottom. So far I haven't used it, but it looks interesting.

The speakers are average, but pretty loud. You may want to invest in good speakers if that's really important for you. For me, they are fine.

I have not played games on this one. I am not a gamer, so I would not be able to tell you anything about that, but based on the overall performance, I think it would handle most games. Don't quote me on that, though.

It does have the optical drive, which was also very important for me. There are 3 USB ports side by side on the right side of the laptop, next to the optical drive. Probably not the best design, but I'll live with that. Fan exhaust is on the left, along with the power adapter, speaker/mic, and another USB port. There is also a LAN port, port for connecting a projector, and HDMI port. On front, it has SD slot and a similar slot called PRO Duo [I'm not sure what it does].

The keyboard is pretty decent. It's backlit and it's also pretty quiet when I type, which I like.
The touch pad is a little weird. it does not have separate left and right mouse buttons, but if you click in a specific place it will do a left click or right click for you. Of course, you can left click by just tapping on it also. Right click is sometimes kind of tricky, but it's not bad enough that I have to get a mouse. I have used laptops all my life and have never had to use a mouse with them. So I guess I will adjust to this new touch pad.

Amazing battery life. With average use, it lasts 6 hours. In power saver mode, it showed 8 hours at 87% battery today. I'm not sure how accurate that would be, but I can certainly attest that 6 hours is not an exaggeration. I never have to take power adapter with me again when I'm at work/in classes.

I recommend buying a sleeve for this one because it doesn't look like it would be able to handle much stress.
Will be glad to answer additional questions.
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on November 19, 2012
I spent a good deal of time researching laptops with the following requirements.

Mobile 14 inch or ultrabook
At least 6 Gigs of RAM for multi-tasking
Backlit keyboard
SSD/HD hybird for quick start ups
At least 4 hours of batter life
Good speakers/video capability
I preferred an optical drive for handling a large collection of old CDs.
Windows 7
Under $700.

Pros: Mobility requitement are solid. A little heavier than I thought. The battery life for me has been around 4-5 hours.The size is a good compromise with an optical drive.
Backlit keyboard is excellent and provides a great typing experience.
Performance is solid, with 8 Gigs of RAM. It handles numerous business applications simultaneously. I don't game so I don't know....
Trackpad: I think it works great. I have read a number of reviews complaining. I not only find it effective...I think it is accurate and the advanced scrolling features are very helpful.
All of the peripherals work well. Bluetooth USD 3.0 drive, etc. Lots of bells and whistles for the dollars spent.
Rapid wake works well when the machine is sleeping.

Neutral: Webcam is adequate
Speakers are adequate. They are fairly loud, but the sound quality is meh.Not sure what the XLoud thing really does...Fit is solid. Case seems just a little flimsy. The back cover picks up fingerprints easily.
You give up a number pad with the 14 inch profile. This is occasionally an impediment with Excel, but not a huge deal for me. A 15.6 ultrabook with similar specs would be a better choice if your need that....There is a decent Toshiba ultrabook for the same price point with many of the same features with this feature. I needed an optical drive worse.
I haven't used the built in software from SONY much. It appears to be solid....but I can't give it a rating.

The lack of a SSD leaves you with a pretty standard start up time from a cold reboot. Not horrible. Not a big deal. But Ultrabooks in the price range of 600-700 are available with this feature. I sacrificed this for the other features. Not a huge deal but if that is what you are looking for...this machine will not work for you.
This is a minor gripe but the condensed keyboard has the home and end buttons only usable as a function key. That is kind of annoying.

This is a solid machine. Specs are good. It will blaze through business applications. The keyboard is great. With the minor gripes I mention this is a great value.
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on December 20, 2012
While I run a primarily Mac operation, I do need the occasional Windows machine for testing and development. This Sony provides an adequate, although generic, platform. I appreciated the HDMI output, which allows me to use a spare TV as an extension monitor. The onboard graphics do support an extended desktop so you can get the working space you need. Of the 4 USB connections, only one is USB3--but I'll take it. The trackpad is awful. It requires too much pressure and isn't all that precise. I attached a mouse immediately. Keyboard is OK, although I can feel some chassis flex. It might not be harmful, but for extended work you're going to want a keyboard.

The overall look would have been cutting-edge ten years ago. Nowadays, it looks a little fussy. But I don't buy 'em for looks.

The laptop comes with some sort of Sony front-end to make it 'easier'. Besides the fact that the driver for the onboard disk didn't work (found a good one online), I find these front ends to interfere with the experienced user. Yes I'm a Mac-head, but I've been running Windows for decades. I was a joy to get rid of all the Sony junk and get down to basic Windows. It would be awfully nice if they added a button to blow that stuff away.

The reason I selected this unit was the package. I deal with a lot of audio and video, and the bundle would have cost the price of the computer if I bought it separately. Acid and Soundforge were the attractions. It doesn't hurt to have Vegas either.

Summation: It's a laptop. Meh. If you're a musician, it's a strong contender because of the software bundle. If you're not a musician, it's another laptop.
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on December 3, 2012
I have had my little pink Vaio for a few weeks now and I am pleased with my purchase.
I find the back lit keyboard a real bonus, and I'm delighted with the screen - no real difference in the experience between this and the 15.5 inch screen.
I'm glad I got the windows 7 version because windows 8 is uninspiring unless you have a touch screen. Its a little heavier than expected, but it has a CD/DVD drive. The specs are excellent, its got a big brain! But I have to say for all its i5 -ness, it doesnt feel that special; although I dont do much more than surf the web and write in MS word on it.
The pink color is glorious! And the size makes it much more portable and easier to use than the big old 15.5 inch that I tried first.
I am not a techie - I just know what I like. If I could change anything, the pad thingie would have clicker buttons and the machine would be a pound lighter. The video camera would be sexier and the speakers better quality (they are not dreadful, just average). All in all it was a good deal even though the prices jumped just before Christmas, but it is still a lot of computer for the price.
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on March 4, 2013
I buy a new laptop every couple years, and have had a bunch. This one is the worst so far, partly based on keyboard function and partly customer service who were very friendly and tried hard but I am not going to get those hours back. Keyboard has "lagged" since shortly after I bought it, meaning the words on the screen don't keep up with my typing (which is NOT 100 wpm!), and sometimes just stop appearing, i.e. it gets stuck. I have had multiple long conversations with customer service, and also a technician came to replace the fan, with no resolution. Finally, they want me to wipe my hard drive and reinstall all programs to see whether that works. That appears to represent a bunch more time reinstalling programs not to mention risk of losing data, so I am, before making that decision, writing this review to vent. At this stage, I think it's laptop replacement time- either for Sony to do if they want to try to keep a customer and stand behind their product, or for me if I want to cut my losses, i.e. better use of resources to write off the $600 or so and buy another manufacturer's machine rather than keep pursuing this. OK enough venting, time to use my old laptop to get some stuff done!
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on January 6, 2013
If you're looking at a computer like this, I'm sure you're aware that this isn't a lightning fast, super graphics, liquid cooled system.

This is just your standard working laptop. And it works fine with no major hiccups. For the asking price (around $650 when I bought it), this is a pretty good deal.

You get an i5 which is a pretty good processor and will last for a good amount of time. The 750GB HD and the 8GB RAM is a nice touch as well.

I also liked how this is a 14-inch screen - which is better than the 13-inch standard for laptops like this. The one inch difference is a noticeable one.
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on December 13, 2012
We bought this computer for our 11 year-old son to use for school and entertainment. So far, it has performed well for routine uses such as the Internet, Skype, gaming and word processing. It has good processing speed, enough RAM and hard drive space. It has a trial version of MS Word which seems to be slow and quirky. We went through the steps to get the discounted upgrade Windows 8 but it turns out some of the software on this computer is not compatible with Windows 8 so don't buy it unless you are OK with Windows 7. Not sure how good this would be for heavy computing but for everyday use at home, this is a sound buy.
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on December 9, 2012
Very satisfied with my purchase, computer is stylish and has good performance. Battery life with surfing and regular work use is around 5 and 1/2 hours, charge rate is a bit slow though, although I'm sure it's just because the battery has more mAh than my previous laptop.

Comes with very little bloatware and what is there like VAIO care is useful and is not intrusive to normal computer users. anybody with a little bit of technical skill can uninstall the unnecessary modules and streamline the computer back down for minimalistic tastes like mine.
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on December 13, 2012
the computer meets my travel needs, but it wireless is very sluggish, it's spotty, even at home i have to be close to the router for full bars. but I am overall satisfied for hat it was purchased for and that was my Adobe Cloud products and I can spend my time on the train to work designing my e-learning products, battery life is awesome, 3 1/2 daily commute time running full graphic programs, sometimes 3 at a time and the battery works perfect.
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on December 15, 2012
Awesome laptop with great features. Battery life is great, laptop is fairly lightweight, start up time is fast. I have not been able to get the USB3 charging devices while the laptop is off, but I probably do not have something configured right. The WiFi does not have a manual switch, so to turn off the WiFi you have to turn off via the Windows Control Panel or with the Sony VAIO software. Overall I am very please with this laptop.
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