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on June 1, 2015
I bought this 4K UHTV to replace a Panasonic 42" plasma that died. I bought the Sony when it was priced at $1300. Now it's $800. I did get the difference back from BB, since they honored their low price guarantee.

A brand-new Sony 43" 4K for $800? Yep. I was happy with it at $1300, now I'm absolutely delighted.

This TV has one of the best pictures I have ever seen. And for me, that's the bottom line. Netflix in 4K, which was added 5/31/15, has to be seen to be believed. It really is as good as you've heard.So is YouTube in 4K. Amazon Prime Instant Video in 4K isn't here yet, but the 1080 version is, and it looks great.

Every source you play through this TV is upscaled to 4K, and everything looks wonderful. Regular TV, recorded HD TiVo programs, streaming shows, Blu-Ray, AppleTV, the Playstation 4, and even a PC when using this as a computer monitor. Plus, I use a Google Nexus 6 smartphone, which shoots video in 4K. I uploaded some clips to YouTube and they look insanely good on the TV. Everything looks better than ever.

It has a lot of inputs: 4 HDMI (all support 4K) 3 USB, one component, one composite, ethernet, antenna, etc. One great feature, for those of us who have older AV receivers without HDMI capability - all the audio that enters this set, whether HDMI, streaming, OTA or analog, is output via the digital optical cable. So I can just leave my receiver on TV input, and everything comes out great. It does produce surround sound - but the 5.1 lights on my receiver don't come on. No big deal - the surround sound is excellent.

To use this for 4K streaming, you will need fast internet. But that's true of every 4K set. I have 75/75 and it's great. The only issue is sometimes on YouTube or Netflix 4K, the picture stutters a bit from time to time. It will stop...and a second later start again. I'm not sure whether that's this TV, or my internet. I'm going to try a test with the Nvidia Shield 4K STB, to see if that stutters, too. I'll let you know.

In a way, this TV is like an enormous smartphone. It's powered by Android TV, using Google's Lollipop OS. It has apps like a phone, has to be updated like a phone, and even needs the occasional restart like a phone. It connects to the Google Play store, as well as Google Music and Movies.

Sony is gradually releasing the software for this set over time, when it becomes available. A lot of it is just being approved for Android TV. That's why Netflix just came out - Google just released 4K Netflix for Android TV three days ago. I believe a browser will arrive soon, along with Amazon 4K, and perhaps Ultraflix (4K movies). So far, the updates happen every two weeks, on Sunday morning. So we'll see what, if anything, we get June 14th.

This model is Sony's entry level 4K. It does not come with the voice-activated remote, and does not feature some of the the ultra-high-end picture elements the huge screens do. But I had to fit this into a specific cabinet, and I needed this exact size screen.

For me? The unbelievable picture quality, the price, the features and the size make it a home run.
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on November 18, 2015
I didn't think we needed a new TV.
My wife disagreed so we ordered the XBR43X830C.
It arrived a day before it was supposed to.
Two bumps in the installation.
First, there is no master On/Off switch on the back but the Installation Guide
packed with the unit insisted there was. Three sets of eyes searched for it
until we finally gave up.
The other bump we had in installation was inputting the WiFi Password.
No alpha keys are on the remote and no on screen keyboard was displayed.
The manual was of little help.
Finally I chose the on screen option of "Manual Input" and up came an onscreen
The device upscales everything to a remarkable level of clarity.
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on January 12, 2016
Excellent TV. I was skeptical about having Android as my "Smart TV OS" but its performance (with the Dec '15 update to 5.1.1) is excellent. My old Sony HDTV was just over the 5 year mark. I guess I was afraid that the newer Amazon Instant Video app would be worse but am pleasantly surprised to find that's much improved. This TV feels a lot like my older model but just improved (in almost every way.) The up-scaled 4K picture quality is amazing with my Sony Blu-Ray player. And there's nothing like watching NFL playoff games in 4K!

Very happy to have a dedicated heaphone jack with this TV for late-night viewing. The headphone volume is adjustable from the remote so you never have to unplug the headphones! (The jack placement could have been better but won't complain!)

BTW, the built-in speakers are not bad. I read complaints about these and I love them. They're much better than my old Sony 40" HDTV.

My only nitpicks so far:

1. The default picture settings are pretty awful in my opinion. This is clearly subjective but I prefer the Sony vivid profile on all of my sources. A few tweaks and the color hue/saturation and sharpness is perfect.
2. Sony changed from a standard 3-Prong A/C socket to a 2-Prong A/C cord that isn't removable nor long enough. Bah!
3. While in apps, I cannot access the sleep timer w/o having to exit the app, go back into HOME menu and then set a timer. I then have to re-launch my app. This is OK but in the previous OS I could set a sleep timer from any source and not lose my source.
4. The remote is fine and lightweight but it's a little busy. The buttons are clumped together so you have to really be sure you're pressing the correct one. Also there's no finger groves or button nibs to let you know what button you're on -- such as Volume or Channel. A NETFLIX button??? Really? I wonder how much they paid Sony for that one! This could have been designed better.
5. The update process takes FOREVER!

February 2016 Update:

Sony released a software update and unfortunately a few bugs have regressed. My Amazon Instant Video app seems to get corrupted after watching videos that I have to reset it and re-enter my username and password. Not a huge deal but it's happened multiple times now and gets annoying. I've hit a few "crashes" while setting the sleep timer. Crashes on the TV are not very graceful. The TV will just immediately switch off and reboot. (You can tell it's rebooting because you see the Google color swirl logo.)

Hopefully the March update will make the current update back to being stable again. The Android OS is still 5.1.1 -- would be interesting if they could move to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

May Update: Haven't had any Amazon issues in a while now. Everything seems more stable on that end. The only quirk I have now is with the Android O/S randomly locking up when I'm pressing the buttons (usually while searching for movies or TV shows.) (The TV no longer accepts remote input.) The only solution is to remove the remote's battery and that usually clears it up and the remote is working again.

Was able to download and install the Masters Android app which allowed me to watch exclusive Masters Golf tournament coverage in real 4K video (meaning the cameras used on course where actually capturing 4K data) and it was streamed over the internet to the TV. The first day was quite choppy but the next three days were nearly flawless and the quality was stunning.
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on November 5, 2015
There isn't a single thing I don't love about this TV. The biggest advantage that it has is that It is very flexible in its software, meaning that it practically lets me stream anything digital, connect USB to see any file, install apps from third parties (cough: Kodi and Grand theft Auto), it supports bluetooth, beautiful 4k screen, built in streaming, many connections allow for USB, RCA connections, older Antenna connections, enough HDMI plugins, beautiful medal frame, very slim, and overall worth every penny.
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on September 15, 2015
Hey there. I just set this thing up yesterday - so far so good. I'm not as big a videophile as some of the reviewers so I'll just say it looks great and the stand assembly was simple. I am however, a long time android user and google user and I did want to post something I thought might be helpful...

Run the initial software update - don't give up. I had the spinning blue thing along with the ethernet cable unplugged symbol for nearly an hour. I waited it out and the update completed without a hitch. Very nice unit and it's nice to have access to netflix and amazon via an ethernet connection without plugging cable directly into the tv (I run the cable to my tivo).
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on May 11, 2016
I use this as a Pc monitor, the picture looks great and 4k is stunning even the older games just look very clean and crisp. For the price this is a good buy. Also my ps4 looks just a bit better maybe due to the better 1080p picture from my old 1080p panel. Once u game in 4k there is no going back some games just look absolutely gorgeous.
review image
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on January 12, 2016
I purchased the TV to replace an aged 37" Vizio TV we have in our master bedroom. The TV sits in an armour so space was tight, but the TV fits nicely and looks very good. I am very impressed with the overall look of the TV, the thin bezel, etc.

It took me around 5-10 minutes to attach the stand. The instructions mention eight screws, but there are only six packaged so this had me stumped for a minute or two.

Hooking up the TV was pretty simple since I only have a couple of HDMI connections. HDMI 1 was connected to the Dish Joey, and HDMI 2 was connected to a 3rd gen Apple TV.

I connected the TV to my WiFi network. It was fairly simple to do. The TV offered an update (of course), but the download failed for some reason that the TV didn't share. I went ahead and set up the Netflix app, and then tried to set up the Amazon app. The Amazon app would not start until the update was downloaded and applied so I went ahead. The second time there were no problems, other than the update taking a really long time. I would estimate 30/35 minutes after the download completed. This has me worried for a while, but eventually the update completed, and I was able to set up the Amazon app. Some kind of progress bar, or step x of y notification on the screen would be nice.

The Dish Joey needed to be reset to 1080P from 720P, but otherwise the picture looked awesome. Netflix and Amazon again look awesome. I did notice the soap opera effect on Netflix and Amazon, but not Dish, so I have to turn off ClearMotion in the settings.

My wife occasionally watches the TV with headphones on. After connecting the headphone transmitter to the appropriate socket, the sound from the TV cut out. There is a setting in the audio section to allow output from both at the same time. Problem solved.

The included remote is a little basic. I went ahead and ordered the Harmony 650. Good remote. Backlit so perfect for the bedroom. Setup took me 15 minutes, and all three devices are recognized right away by the Harmony software.

The screen is more reflective than I was expecting. This isn't a problem in our bedroom, but I would be cautious purchasing a larger version of this TV in our family room which has windows on two sides, one of which is opposite the TV.

Overall, I'm very happy the TV. The picture is excellent, and the size is perfect for a bedroom or a smaller family room where there isn't a lot of ambient light.

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on January 10, 2016
This set was bought to replace my old 32 inch Sony for our bedroom. I have owned it now for three weeks. It is true there is limited 4K programming out there, but the upscaling has made it worth the investment. I have watched a couple 4K movies, and the realism is outstanding. It's almost like 3-D, but without the glasses. My television provider is DirecTV, and this set is DirecTV ready via an app, but it will not work wirelessly. Set must be hard wired directly to router for best results. Sony has thought of everything with this tv, it's packed with features. I have replaced the Remote with an app on my iPhone. It works quite well.
In my opinion the price is right considering all the TV will do now, and is ready for future developments in the 4K evolution.
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on September 25, 2015
The television came in a few days after purchasing. Did not take very long. UPS delivered it straight to my home. Came in great condition. At first it was a little difficult setting up the stand, but then I got it together and turned out to be quite easy. I love what can be done with the tv. Netflix button on the remote is just awesome. The screen quality is amazing. I only had a problem with google voice but that's not such a big deal.
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on December 7, 2015
This is more an opinion piece than a thorough review.

I was in the market for a big monitor to replace my two 30" screens on my desk. I've spent the better part of 6 months browsing around and comparing options. I was quite intrigued by those ultra-wide screens but the problem is that none of them are as tall as what I already had. I found a few UHD/4k monitors but they were either too small, too expensive or reviewed as being very unreliable. More me, my price ceiling was $1000 and my preference was for under $800 if possible.

So, my search narrowed down to 4k televisions. For size, I decided that roughly 40" was my target but there just aren't very many viable options at that size. rtings.com has wonderful information on the various factors but, in a nutshell, I wanted HDMI 2.0, support for chroma subsampling at 4:4:4 and somewhat respectable viewing angles.

I found absolutely nothing usable at my local Costco or any other brick/mortar store here, at least not in the size I wanted. There are some cheaper Samsungs and Vizios but didn't meet my requirements.

Anyway, I've been using this Sony for about a week now and am absolutely happy with it. At 43", it fits very nicely on my desk but does not overwhelm it. (The stand for this screen is fantastic, by the way.) Here's some rough notes on how I set this up as a monitor.

First of all, I have an nvidia GTX 970 graphics card which, like the other 9xx series cards, has an HDMI 2.0 port. I connected it to the Sony on its first HDMI input using a 6' generic "high-speed" HDMI cable. In Windows 10, I made sure that the resolution was set to 3840x2160. Everything's good so far.

To get chroma subsampling where I wanted, in the Sony settings, I enabled "enhanced" under HDMI Signal Format. I then selected "graphics" for the picture mode. My TV says it was built first week of 2015 and these options were available without a firmware update. In fact, I have not set up any networking on this TV as I do not intend to use any of the "smart" features at all.

Also, in the Nvidia control panel under "change resolution", there are a few things I adjusted:
"Output color format" -> YCbCr 4:4:4
"Output dynamic range" -> Full
Once done, there was a striking difference in clarity!

The final issue was with scaling and Windows 10. Long story short, I ended up using a small hack called Windows10_DPI_FIX. If I recall correctly, I went with 150% scaling. This really has nothing to do with Sony, of course... but might be helpful anyway.

I have not calibrated this TV yet and will do so in the coming weeks. The reviews that claim this TV has poor contrast and horrible IPS glow are not wrong per se but they are perhaps a bit harsh. Yes, contrast is not great compared to TVs intended for movie watching but I'm using this as a monitor and it looks great for that. IPS glow is very real and is exaggerated the more off-angle you view the screen. It's not something that you notice except with dark content on the screen. My previous screens were also IPS, so I'm a bit used to it.
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