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on October 20, 2013
I have several winter boots. I need these to grab and slip on when there is deep snow here in Wyoming. But for an all around boot, I kind of wish I would have looked around for one that was geared more towards comfort too. Don't get me wrong, these are warm and keep the snow out. I need boots that are tall. I am 5'4" and these are 4" below my knee. These snowlions are rated for -40 degrees. The only problem is that they are not geared towards support and comfort for feet. The felt liner is comfortable, don't get me wrong but not like the better brands like north face or merrell that have more comfort. Although the other brands don't seem to have the height I need on the leg for deeper snow. I wear 7 1/2 and I ordered 7's and these fit great. My toe almost touches the end but I would have room to put on a heavier sock if needed. These are made in China. My older ones from 15 years ago that had nice leather uppers were made in Canada. My husband still has his and somehow I lost mine. I wish they laced all the way up like before but they do have the drawstring at the top and these were on sale for $79 on prime amazon so I bought them for an extra pair, but I probably wouldn't want to hike & elk hunt all day in them like I did with my Canada pair. For the price, you can't beat it if you need a warm pair of snow boots to keep snow & cold out.
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on October 13, 2013
This was my 1st pair of snow boots so my review may be tainted by my inexperience. I wear a 9.5, but I ordered a size down because on the internet I read that this boot ran large. This is far from the truth. I initially ordered a 9M, but I had to send them back because they were just too small. The 10M that I have now are so much better. They are still slightly too tight, but I expect them to loosen up after a couple of wears. I also felt like an 11M would be way too large. My concern is that they won't loosen up enough to allow me to be able to tuck my jeans in them. I am also concerned about whether my wool socks will fit into the boot. I have not experienced snow yet so I will update my review when that happens. They are warm because my feet were sweating inside them. They also seem like they would be comfortable to walk in.
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on December 25, 2013
The foot bed is a little wide and I do not wear socks - I go barefoot like my old Snowlion's instruction card suggested (bought my old boots 18 years ago). Besides, these are taller, I have trouble getting into them. Socks would make it impossible to get them on.

That said, when I went out to clear snow in -9 degree weather I had ZERO problems. I spent 2+ hours blowing and shoveling snow and never once did my feet even feel a hint of cold. I came back in the house warm and dry!

Something I've learned: Because of a spinal injury, bending to get into the boots was difficult as I mentioned, BUT! I have found that if I roll the outer boot down a couple of inches and "gently" pull on the liner, they slip right on and I can roll the outer boot back up and I'm good to go! I'll say it again, I LOVE these boots!

I couldn't recommend these boots highly enough.
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on December 18, 2013
Let me start my saying that I am a mail carrier, and out in the snow a lot. I expected that these would keep my toes warm, but they haven't been the best.

The pros-

They are comfortable.

They keep my calves VERY warm. No problem with keeping my legs warm...just my toes.

The height is great, I very rarely have to go in any deeper snow (maybe a few drifts).

The in between-

I wear a 9-9.5 so I bought a size 10, they are a bit big, I probably could have gone with the 9. This may be why my toes get cold (too much space?).

Tread is just okay... still slippery at times (slush/ice).

The Cons-

Heavy. These boots are heavy. Guess it's good to work out the legs, though. ;)

Overall, this is a pretty good boot, I just don't understand why my toes are left icy!
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on February 6, 2010
I had just recently moved and I had been used to my old apartment having very little snow on the ground due to either a roof over the porch or the tree cover--and then parking lots having already been plowed. At my new apartment, there isn't a roof over my porch and there's not as much tree cover so when it snows it has a tendency to pile up quite a bit.

What urged me to buy the boots is because of the snow drift outside my door one night was quite literally up to my knees. Not to mention other snow piles were up to my shins and my old ankle snow boots just weren't cutting it anymore. I had done a lot of research on snow boots (I hadn't bought any new snowboots since my feet stopped growing about 13 years ago) and found these to be a possible suitable match.

And they were! They are quite comfortable and the inner layer helps keep my feet nice and warm! Other reviews will tell you they come a size bigger and I will have to attest to that. I wear about a 7.5-8 depending on the brand so I bought these as a size 8 and they feel more like a size 8.5-9. This is ok because I usually wear layered socks in the winter.
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on January 8, 2013
I already have a pair of snowboots that don't even go halfway up my calf. They're great for walking around outside, but you can't feasibly do ANY activities with them without getting snow in them. I decided to invest in some taller boots that would allow me to run around in deep snow.

These are absolutely FANTASTIC. In fact, even with thin socks they're almost TOO warm. Minnesota weathers are cold, and often the temperatures can go into the negative double digits. I haven't really put these through the ringer yet, but they're ridiculously warm and nearly go all the way up to my knees! The cinch at the top is great to make sure no snow sneaks in. I can't wait to really give these a thorough test of their true durability.
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on December 22, 2013
So I like these shoes and they do a decent job of keeping my feet warm. (I work on film crews and we often spend 12-16 hours outside in the snow so I desperately need shoes that keep me warm.) My only complaint is one of the cinching straps broke on the third day I wore it. THE THIRD DAY. So that's extremely disappointing.

Also the shoes are heavy and sort of clunky. I've tripped over my own feet while wearing these and trying to move quickly. But they do a decent job of keeping me warm despite the hours outside and they're waterproof, so it's worth it. I just wish my drawstring hadn't immediately snapped.
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on January 9, 2014
After reading tons of reviews of people that said these were excellent in the cold weather and the snow, I purchased. Unfortunately, I waited too long to try to return them so I am stuck with them now. For $90 I do not think they are worth it. Then I saw that they raised the price to $149 and I thought what!?!?!?!? If I liked them, I would be happy to have bought them at the lower price but like other reviewers have said, because of the insert (the part that is supposed to keep you warm) the legs are very tight. Unless you have superskinny jeans on, you will not get pants tucked into them unless you take the insert out.

If you take the insert out, doesn't that defeat the point? After being in cold weather for about an hour with 2 pairs of socks on, my toes began to feel the cold. :/ Sigh. Also, I usually wear a 6 to 6.5 so I ordered a size 7 based on reviews that they ran small and the legs being too tight, they are too big.

So they are too big on the feet even with 3 pairs of socks on, too tight on the legs (my calves may be slightly more muscular than most), and let's talk about the weight and clunkiness of these! They weigh a ton! I got these to be able to go sledding etc. in the cold, but I cannot walk up the hills with these on without becoming excessively tired because these are very HEAVY and CHUNKY! I guess I will start putting 4 pairs of socks and suck it up for the couple of times a year I will need them. But again, for the price, I am not impressed. (Btw, I live in Ohio)
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on April 7, 2018
Warm! dry, stylish, easy to slip in and out of. Worth the $. I receive numerous compliments on these boots every time I wear them. I have owned them 4 years and they still function, look, and feel great. At the end of the season I wipe them down and put them away.
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on January 30, 2013
I bought these boots in preparation for a January weekend of steelhead fishing, wherein we'd sit in a metal drift boat for eight hours at a stretch in temperatures around 30 degrees. Since these boots were rated for really, really cold weather (I believe somewhere around minus 25 degrees), I was hopeful they'd keep me warm and comfortable despite not generating any body heat of my own to help them out. Suffice it to say, they didn't quite do the trick--hence the four star rating instead of five. While I didn't suffer too terribly bad (no frostbite or painful rewarming), my feet were definitely chilly after several hours, even with huge wool socks added to the mix for good measure. (I bought a half size larger than I normally wear so I'd have plenty of room for the giant woolies.)

On the up side, they seem well made and should last at least ten or fifteen years. Yes, they are heavy and bulky, but in my opinion that's a small price to pay for relatively warm toes.

As another reviewer said, if you're looking for boots to stylishly run to the supermarket in, these aren't it. But if you need something durable, functional, and relatively warm, you might give them a try.
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