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on January 31, 2017
Soul Eater is already a good anime- funny, dark, and knowing exactly when to be serious or silly- and this is a good version of it. Even the non-Blueray DVD's fairly high quality, from what I can tell, equivalent to or better than streaming it online. But the real clincher is the price- many full series go for around a hundred dollars, making thirty dollars a steal. Every episode is included, as are little bonus content on most disks- the opening/ending songs without lyrics on them, some episode commentaries, and these little 'late night' shorts. And maybe this is standard, but it included both the Japanese and English vocal tracks, so you can listen to whichever you prefer. Not a whole lot of bells and whistles, but it's pretty solid.

Overall, I'd say this is a good buy if you just want to own the series outright and not have to stream it, or worry about it not being available due to rights issues.
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on June 16, 2014
Bought this on my Canadian account I think, but anyways, this is the first 30+ episode series I really appreciate. I won't fully review the series itself, but I'll say each episode has a point and there's arguably no filler...coming from someone who's patience has gotten smaller and smaller with anime (sadly). Another thing I enjoy is the varied cast. I believe one of the common staples of a GOOD anime show is a cast with supporting characters just as (if not more) interesting than the main characters -- and this show has it for sure. While it's certainly inevitable to not be episodic at some points (which is fine honestly), many episodes and arcs (arcing storylines) can be viewed completely on their own, which I love.

While not a spoiler, I'll say I hated the ending at first, but after watching it twice afterwards, I finally began to understand and as cliche as it sounds, I've kind of experienced the same thing In real life & I can relate.

The Blu ray case it comes in is wonderful. A solid case not too flimsy with the same dimensions as a normal Blu ray case. However it still manages to feel "thick" and I really like that. Does t really have any booklets or paper inserts but I'd rather that than ridiculous separated volumes, forcing you to pay more. The paper sleeve it comes In is a tad delicate but as long as you don't toss it around it'll be fine.

Get this.
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on March 16, 2017
This is another great anime to add to the collection. Colorful characters and a great story. I've watched it about 3 times on Netflix, but decided to own it. Came on time in excellent condition. Thank you.
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on July 14, 2013
one time i gave soul eater a watch. i liked it and got around 14 episodes in and simply moved on as i didnt feel like continuing. then the show came to toonami(CN/adult swims great anime block! if you like anime check it out saturdays at midnight on CN! support it!) and to some extent i regained interest. then like most anime i went on amazon to see the dvd/bd releases and consider collecting the anime. i found this amazing complete series set for $30! when it arrived the next 3 days of my life were spent solely watching the rest of the series(eps 15-51). but please know this set is for those who wants all the episodes and dont care for too many special features. also the packaging is barebones compared to funimations regular releases. the 6 discs are just one solid color(theyre numbered of course). theres only a slip cover and a plain clear case with an insert that has the exact same thing as the slip cover but with a cool picture of the main characters on the inside.i do understand this is a rerelease that is made cheaply and is affordable. im glad this is an option but i wish funi would do cheaper rereleases that combine multiple releases closer to after all or some "parts" sets are released(while one piece's collection sets are great the season 4 sets burn your wallet. but then again they are high quality sets!). as for soul eater itself its pretty awsome! as i said i marathoned it which means its probably good. the fact that your reading this means you already know the characters and stuff so i will keep this short. the first half is great. however like bones' series fullmetal alchemist the series departs from the source material partway through(most likely because chapters of the still running manga are released monthly not weekly unlike most shonen manga). while the last half is still good the ending is trash(its just so bad. its generic and cheesy and youve seen it before without knowing it) and there are times when its hard to feel and understand the characters and their actions(Small spoiler you have been warned-run maka run!).the english dub is great and has all the talented voice actors youd expect from funimation! the animation is done by bones and that alone means the animation is great(besides 1 character thats terrible drawn in a few scenes toward the end. trust me you will learn who he is). all in all i reccomend this for those who dont own any prior releases and simply want to watch the entire series(especially in english dub since toonami isnt even past the first half). if you already own the parts or weapon and meister collections you can pass!
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on February 12, 2014
I already seen it on Netflix but I had to own it on dvd as it wouldn't be fair to the author. It's a great series! It has a variety of characters, great story with very MINOR filler, and awesome animation. There's many sub plots going on in the anime, so if your a picky person, I'll bet you can find at least one character that you'll love and want the anime to continue their character only. The main three plots revolve around the meisters Maka (A+ student), Black Star (Largest Ego that rivals Naruto when he was a kid), and Death the Kid (Symmetry, either he loves whoever has symmetry or will want to cry/kill whoever is not symmetrical.) Along with the Weapons they are partnered with. If your expecting this anime to be parallel to the manga then you'll be sadly disappointed as the series diverges around episode 35ish. I recommended the anime and manga of this franchise!
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on August 16, 2015
Love this item! The digibook photos/prints are beautiful! Amazing item a must have for any soul eater fans
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on May 19, 2013
First of all, despite giving the show a five star rating, I'm not going to say Soul Eater doesn't have its share of problems. (The ending is pretty much a joke, as multiple reviewers have stated.) And the series is certainly not for everyone. But where it's good, it really excels. This is an anime that I imagine different people linking for different things or disliking for the same qualities that some people are really drawn to. Though the first few episodes were fun, I wasn't completely sold on the show until around episode 7. By this time, the main characters have been introduced and things take a more dramatic turn than the previous episodes.

The mixture of cartoony and silly, dark and surreal can be jarring for some, but I found this to be a big part of what I personally loved about the show. For the most part, the balancing act of these different elements was handled quite well. The silly moments often acted as a breather for some of the darkest moments. This series could really have you laughing one scene and really break your heart in the next.

Sometimes, the writing could seem a bit weak. Sometimes, concepts were brought up and ignored or explained and never really explored later in the series. Occasionally, I feel this is even to the story's advantage. Episode one, for example introduced the two main protagonists and the concept of hunting down 99 corrupted human souls and 1 Witch Soul in order to turn a weapon into a death scythe. This seemed to set the series up to be a "collect 'em all" formula which I personally find to be boring and I'm glad the series didn't go in that direction. In fact I often found myself questioning what would happen next in many points throughout the series.

I won't call it "a masterpiece" or "BEST ANIME EVER", but I found Soul Eater to be very entertaining shonen series. When this anime succeeds, it's a captivating ride that really left me wanting more, but not in a bad way. For the differences between the anime and manga, this is one series I could imagine a FMA Brotherhood styled remake since the manga is still ongoing.

The animation is a really fun ride, and it especially shines in the battle scenes. And everything especially seems to shine on Blu-Ray. As a matter of value, this 51 episode series would be a fantastic price on DVD for under $30, but on Blu-Ray, it is a must buy for fans of the series.
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on June 23, 2013
Any Anime Fan should Watch and have this show in their Anime collection.

Soul Eater is an Anime that's unique, funny, and amazing. The Story follows students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Each team has Students who are and turn into Weapons and Meister's who use the weapons. All students work to turn their weapons into Death Scythes, and become one of Lord Death's personal Weapons, but also to Defend the world from Evil and the raise of the Evil Kisan.

You follow 3 Teams of Students. Maka, perfect student and scythe meister, and her all times cool weapon Soul; Black Star, talkative egoistic assassin, and his gentle natured ninja weapon Tsubaki; and Death the Kid, symmetry obsessed grimm reaper, and his street smart twin pistols Lisa and Patty.

Thru the series these students will have to fight evil while handeling Teachers tuning into Zombies and Professor's trying to cut them up for Study, weapon duels, black blooded mad swordsman (or Woman?), and school nurse's that are a real Witch. You know, typical school stuff.

Animation wise this show is great, the style very gothic and crazy, Sun and Moon Laughing in the sky kind of crazy. The Characters are all beautifully designed to fit their Characteristics and Craziness. I don't like to give away story plots but the each Team has their one story and the main story and they all join back together in the end to fight the main badie.

Really the only way the see the coolness of the story is to watch this Anime. It has Amazing Characters, both good and bad, with wonderful voice acting in english, which is rare in Anime. The music is good and memorable, and the Animation is unique and above par for it's time. In the end all I have to say about this Anime is that you Should.... WATCH IT, OR I'LL TAKE YOUR SOUL!
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on November 2, 2014
Discovered Soul Eater not so long ago on Toonami; really enjoyed the little bit I saw so I figured I'd watch the entire show. Not terribly deep in the story as of now but am in love with this show, definitely one of my favorite anime series out there. The animation/art style at first is strange, but after the first episode or two I fell in love with it. I actually prefer English dubs over the original Japanese, and this show's dub is pretty funny in my opinion. The writing and is entertaining and the dialogue is well-timed. The DVD set itself is what I expected and am absolutely excited to have discovered Soul Eater; by the way Death the Kid is freaking hilarious!
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on February 20, 2014
Considering how expensive anime series can be, even on DVD, I love that Funimation decided to offer the entire series in a single blu-ray box set, instead of solely breaking it up into multiple volumes which individually cost as much as, if not more than, this single box set of the complete series. As far as the show is concerned, I found the characters to be hysterical and goofy for a lot of it while also portraying their completely serious and driven sides at times, especially when in battle. This completely bi-polar aspect of the characters personalities is pretty much mirrored in the drastic differences in animation and artistic styles which are great portrayals of the differences in the mood being represented depending on character interactions and settings. Overall, I loved the series and I hope they will decide to create a continuation series based on the rest of the manga being released. If all anime shows were made available in single blu-ray box sets like this one, it would make buying entire anime series much easier and less expensive.
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