Customer Reviews: Soul by Ludacris SL150BU Hi-Definition Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on January 20, 2012
I bought these headphones for $205 from Amazon a few weeks ago. In this review I will go over the important points about these headphones.

These headphones are by far the best headphone in Beats/Souls/SMS by 50 in terms of sound. These cost the same as the Beats Solo HD, but sound even better than the Studios. The bass is great, not overpowering but evident and strong when necessary. The mids and highs are the clearest I have heard on a pair of headphones (I've listened to about 20 all under $200). The mids are sharp and evident. The highs are clear and precise. The sound is perfect in my view.

These are an on-ear headphone, which usually aren't as comfortable as around-ear headphones. These have quite large earcups for an on-ear headphone. They sit on all of your ear, not just the middle like the Solos do. The cups are soft and stay comfortable for long stretches(I used them on a flight SFO-LHR). However, these are quite bulky and heavy for an on-ear headphone. They are not very compact, but mainly the fact that they are heavy means that they are not stable on your head at all. I used these at the gym and they actually slid right off my head while I was working out. Not recommended for an active lifestyle. These are definitely better for in-house listening.

Like a lot of "designer" headphones these have really mediocre build quality. The hinges are loose, the extenders are stiff and everything is kind of fragile. I will say that the materials seem high quality and are definitely better than on the Beats range. As I said before, if you only use these at home and maybe travelling these will be fine. However I was hoping for these to be my main headphone for everyday use and these are just a bit too fragile.

I like these headphones. The sound is great and you really get the feeling that these are a special headphone. However for me, the build quality just wasn't good enough.
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on October 6, 2013
My 12 year old son wanted Beats headphones for his birthday. I checked into pricing and just found them to be so expensive. I decided to start reading reviews on other brands to see if I could find a pair comparable. The SOUL headphones received amazing reviews and were less expensive. I purchased them and he is extremely happy. His friends have tried his SOUL headphones and compared them to the Beats they have and said the SOUL are so much better. It does a great job at blocking out external noise, they are comfortable and the sound quality is excellent! Don't hesitate to buy, they are so worth the money.
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on April 10, 2012
For years, I've been searching for the ultimate portable headphones. After countless hours and dollars, I have finally found them. I have already found the ultimate headphones for home use which is the Senn HD650. However, you won't go wrong with the highest end Senn, AKG, or Grado. These headphones are rather easy to find as they can be found even in popular lists like CNET's, but I always had trouble finding a good pair of headphones for the go.

The problem is there are many criteria for good portable headphones. For starters, they have to be closed back for privacy. This alone eliminates a lot of great-sounding headphones like the Senn PX100 or any of the flagship Grados. Comfort is another factor that is important and because of this, I automatically exclude all the in-ear headphones. I own some good ones like the Shure SE535, Head-direct RE0, and the Etymotic HF5 - all super headphones providing precise clarity but also not too comfortable and frankly, I never like the music coming from inside my head.

The Soul is in direct competition with the Beats Solo but I can guarantee that if you try these for a few minutes, you will never use your Beats Solo ever again - they sound just horrible in comparison.

Here are other areas it excelled on:

The soul has a rather nice build quality which exceeds the Beats tremendously from its cross-stitching on the bottom of the headband to the smooth contour shape. When I put these babies on my head, it felt really good - fits like a glove. The cups are oval shaped to basically cover your entire ear but these are still on-ear as opposed to over-the-ear. The Beats Solo's design in contrast is less streamlined and looks rather outdated. The plastic headband is also too tight and hurts my ears after an extended period of time. This is also the same problem I have with the AKG K81DJ - extremely, almost unbearably uncomfortable after a while which is a shame because it's a really good neutral sounding set of cans. The oval shape of the cups is a plus because they will shield outside noise better than the circular cups found in the Senn PX200 and AKG K450. These are both pretty good headphones but they do a horrible job of noise isolation and I also find the sound smaller because of the circular ear cups. Basically, the Soul is almost as comfortable as my Bose on-ear but sounds 10x better.

Here is where the Soul does not excel as much. The best sounding headphones for portable use in my opinion is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50. But only one problem - it is an over-the-ear design so it's big and bulky. You would basically have to wear it on your neck, but it sounds great even without any portable amp. After that, the Audio-Technica ATHESW9A is another amazing set of cans but would you believe a lot more expensive? Goes to show you, expensive doesn't mean better (I'm talking to you, Bose). But honestly, I rarely even use these headphones because they're made of special wood and I can't bear to see them damaged. In terms of more portable headphones, I would say the B&W P5 and the V-Moda M80 are among the best in sound. Listening to the Soul, I feel they are not too far behind these guys. The sound is actually much warmer with a closer sound stage compared to the M80 which sounds very distant. Another highly rated set, the Phiaton MS400 has an even colder sound which actually sounds very weird like you're listening to a small speaker from a distance. I would avoid the MS400 if you're a bass head. The Soul's bass is just enough but not overwhelming which is similar to the M80 and P5. The Beats Solo do have a slightly thumpier bass but mids and highs are nowhere to be found.

The Soul headband folds just like the Beats Solo. You may need a slightly bigger pocket because it is somewhat bigger than the Solos but not much. Comparison to the other guys: M50 - huge, P5 and ATHESW9A - only the cups can turn flat, M80 - not foldable at all! No contest here.

If you do some research on the web, you will find that the almost-undisputed portable champ among the audiophile community is the Senn HD25-1 II. Quite an odd name. If you search for this, you can see what it looks like. This is one set of cans that I do not own because it's quite ugly-looking. Even uglier than the Koss PortaPros but at least they have a retro look and you could pretend they're cool ;) But seriously, it's all very subjective. M50s don't look too bad but their sheer size will make you look like a dork. The woodies will make you 10 years older. P5s are actually pretty elegant looking...if you're a 40 yr old businessman. And the M80s? From far away, people would be smirking at you because they'd think you have skullcandies. The Souls are beautiful and looks even cooler than the Beats which I used to think are the coolest looking headphones and which is why I got them. Thankfully, the Souls not only look great but sounds awesome as well.

In terms of comfort, portability, sound, and, most importantly, design, I don't think there is any equal to the Soul SL150.

UPDATE: I still think they are 5 stars, but the soft cushy big ear cups providing excellent comfort and sound isolation come with a price, it's quite BIG! I was barely able to fit this in my jacket pocket which is quite big (it is big enough to carry the unfoldable M80 and P5). Therefore, it is not as perfect as I thought previously and I shall continue looking for the perfect portable headphones. For now, I may switch between this and my AKG K450 just so not to tear my jacket pocket.
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on September 23, 2013
The bass is amplified and the mids are a bit distorted. If you can deal with that, the audio quality is pretty much on point- there's not as much clarity to the sound as there is with the BBD Studio headphones, but again, these aren't the top of the line headphones you'd want for such.

Overall, I like them because for what the price is -less than $100- they sound just as good as the BBD Studio headphones, minus the clear mids and minus the requirement of having to use batteries. Yes, the SL150s don't use batteries for noise cancelling, and I have to say, the durability on these are better than BBD Solo HDs.

These SL150s are comfortable, look great (you can get custom skins on skinit), seem durable so far, and the audio quality really isn't that bad as most people imagine. I tried these first from a friend who had them, and bought a pair of my own once I figured out I needed a decent pair for both school and work. Having the iPod/iPad/iPhone cord to up the volume, lower the volume, and pause/play the songs is also nice if you have applicable devices.

If you've been a fan of Bose headphones, this probably isn't the pair for you to switch to- I've noticed with the Bose headphones that the highs and mids are fantastic, but the bass is always lacking (from trying on/listening to multiple Bose model headphones).
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on October 20, 2013
I bought these for my son. He wanted closed, folding headphones that sounded good and looked nice. For the money they seem to be very decent headphones. My daughter has a set of the $200 Beats by Dr. Dre and I certainly can't hear anywhere near >$100 difference between the two. The headphones themselves are attractive and seem to be well put together. The case and cords also seem to be good quality. I purchased through Amazon from AV House and order fulfillment/shipping could not have been better.
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on October 4, 2011
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Having owned my fair share of $100 - $300 headphones I was excited to get these.

They fold up nicely into a little case (a plus). They have nice quilted padding on the top band (feels nice and looks nice). The are shiny and draw attention to themselves - thats for sure. Im not sure this is a plus for me as I usually don't try to draw attention. Day one of wearing them in public to a library I get asked 'yo, yo - how you like dem beats?' I had to correct the gentleman that these ain't no beats - but were SOULs. But the point is that someone took notice of them.

I believe speakers need to be worked a bit before you can tell how they are actually going to sound. So as soon as I got these I attached them to a computer, turned the volume to about 75% and let my MP3 collection play. There is a wide variety of music in there and I let it play for a week. You can tell a difference between what they sound like on day one versus day 8. The sound is good. There is lots of clarity even playing MP3s. You will be able to tell the difference between the bitrates of your MP3's. I have a set of Beats to compare these to and I can honestly say they are about even. I still prefer my sennheisers as I think the sound is just warmer.

I like that they come with two cords. One has ipod controls on it and the other doesn't. Ive been known to break a cord a time or two so it is nice to have a spare. The controls worked like they are supposed to with my iPhone and my nano. One thing I don't like about them is the size of the ear cuffs fits snugly around my ears as opposed as having more space. It feels weird and I don't like it.

All and all I think they are a nice set of headphones. I don't think I would buy another set if these break but they are nice.
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on October 28, 2013
This is my first review ever so bear with me. I bought these headphones from Amazon on Aug 18. I was debating between Beats or these, ended up getting these. When they came, I was so happy, they were the greatest headphones I ever had. My ears were on ecstasy. I only use these when I commute (walk/bus/train) to places, so I am not reckless with these things. A month later after I got it, the wire with ipod controller just went out, doesent work, cant hear anything. Of course im disappointed that the wire is busted after a month. I switch to the replacement wires, and they were working again. Now a month after that, same issue. A couple of days earlier this wire starts going out, I can only hear sound on the left side. Its only a matter of time before I cant hear anything. These are my first headphones that I bought that wasent $10 or less, and frankly im disappointed. These are great headphones, but if they dont work after 2 months, whats the point. I can look for cheap aux wires at the dollar store or something but I feel that I dont have to resort to this with $90 total headphones.

Bottom line: Great Headphones, Great Sound. But apparently the wires cant handle the back and forth swaying it does when you are walking around for long.
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on January 24, 2013
I love music. I like a wide range of genres. Jpop, country, country rock, rock, alternative, techno, oldies, rb, pop, top 40, some classical, and some rap. My Bose headphones are incredible. Amazing sound, isolation, large sound stage, amazing acoustics, and superior noise cancelation. Over 90% of my library sounds perfect on the Bose headphones, but there are a few songs like boom boom pow from the black eyed peas that just sound a tiny bit off. Mainly in the bass area where it tends to be a smidge soft and not super punchy. The Bose headphones are advertised as acoustic headphones so you kind of knew that's the way it was designed. My tax refund this year was a little higher than expected so I started looking at beats headphones. I had heard them before and almost blindly bought a pair. After hors and hours of research I switched my decision to soul headphones. Now that I know the brand, time to pick the model. 300vs150. Most reviews said the 150 has better sound. The only reason I was tempted by the 300 was the over ear design. That is the only real issue with the headphones is the on ear design. Not ideal, but they are comfortable. Nearly over the ear, but they are on the ear. These are some great looking headphones. Bose were great, but a little bland in style. The brand and sound quality was all Bose had. Although the headphones are great looking the plastic is a bit wobbly and kind of feels cheap. Durability tests on YouTube saw a different story, but they do feel fragile. Regardless, these are expensive headphones so you should treat them like babies. Now for the sound quality. Amazing. Bass is strong and clear. Plenty of punch, but not muddy or over powerful like beats. I'd saw these have 80% the bass of beats, but with control. Besides for poor durability with beats the sounds beyond bass take a hit. With soul the bass is strong and punchy, but the kids and highs are balanced. You can listed to rap and strongest bass tracks while also listening to your other songs. No need to swap headphones as you switch to songs with less bass. You can enjoy all your music. I don't regret buying these for a second. I love them. The only thing I can knock it for is the plasticky feel and feeling fragile. Just doesn't feel solid, but makes up for it in sound and style like they advertise. The sound does escape like they saw, but it is not as bad as people say. Max 10% escapes. Unless it is close quarters or listening to music with language it shouldn't really be an issue. These do cut out a lot of background noise with the on ear design.

I love both my Bose and soul headphones. Strong bass definitely goes to souls. Strong acoustics with the Bose. I can easily use either. Songs with strong acoustics and light on base will shine on Bose. Listening to any rap, dance rb, dub step, or rock will shine on soul. Even if you are listening to softer music with souls it still sounds great and the bass is still enhanced but not so much that you can't enjoy the song. When it comes to souls the mids and highs are about 92-95% of the quality of the Bose. The technology behind the Bose and souls are mostly company secrets so you can't really compare drivers or frequency charts easily. Just my opinion on how the fair and how they are great quality. I know there are other brands like sennheiser and v moda that are amazing as well, but my ears like the souls and Bose better. I highly recommend the souls. I advise trying them out before buying. Just to test out your heavy bass songs and softer songs. For me black eyed peas and fleet wood Mac songs were my benchmarks.
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on February 12, 2015
My headphones just snapped! I've had them for just over a year so they are just out of the warranty period. I've barely used them though. I don't carry them around with me. They just sit on my desk at work and I occasionally listen to music. I went to put them on and the plastic just cracked on one side. I wasn't even stretching them much. Just opening up the normal amount to put them on an averaged sized head. They are now unusable. Upon inspection after the break, I can see that a lot of the plastic is starting to crack along the edges. I could see this happening with some older headphones but not after one year.
review image
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on August 8, 2013
This product is amazing. It was shipped and got here in 2 days in perfect condition! The sound quality of these headphones blows Beats out of the water. The case for this item is perfect size and is just hard enough to protect it from any hits or drops, The audio cables work great with the iphone and droid products. I would choose the SOUL SL150 over Beat solo any day. Great Product. I love them. and the price is amazing! I have no idea why they are so much cheaper on Amazon then in the store, but it is a STEAL! Very satisfied. Extremely happy no issues at all.
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