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on February 11, 2014
So I think I can write a pretty valuable review as I purchased these, along with 3 other BT headphones to compare them all. The prices were so similar, the reviews were neck and neck and so were the specs (except for one pair). It was just impossible for me to tell which ones I'd like. The biggest reason is anatomical. You really have to try them on to know.

So these are the 4 total headsets I bought:

- Arctic P311 - ~ $28
- Kinivo BTH240 ~ $31
- SoundBot SB240 ~ $25
- Sony MDR-AS700BT ~ $95

I'll do a quick sum up of each and why I returned or kept it.

- SoundBot SB240 - These are probably, to me, the ugliest ones. The buttons are cheesy-looking and big. The sound was also the worst on these. Not BAD per se, but I could tell the others sounded better. Also, the rattling sound was hugely prevalent while jogging in place. So it made it a no-brainer that these would go back.

- Sony MDR-AS700BT - I kinda wanted these to blow the competition away to make my decision easier. They didn't, unfortunately. The first thing I want to address is that these are not particularly heavy at all. In some of the reviews people note they are heavy. I'm pretty sure I know why they would say that though. These headphones squeezed my head tighter than any wrap-around headphones I've ever had. I believe this was done to ensure they would stay on your head during exercise, but after about 15-20 minutes of use, my head actually started to hurt. Also, they didn't share room well with my glasses. Lastly, the sound. These things were definitely the most powerful-sounding of all 4, but as mentioned in another review, these were SUPER bass-y. To the point where it sounded muffled. And I like my bass as much as the next person, but it was too much. You could tell the songs you're listening to weren't meant to sound like that. I also did mess around with the EQ on my iPhone but it didn't really make it that much better. Considering all of those factors and being 3x the price of the other headphones, these had to go back. I also thought these were gonna look cooler than the others. It doesn't, the headphones flare forward almost like making monkey ears out of you. These possibly looked the dorkiest while wearing them.

- Arctic P311 - I wanted these ones to be the one. Simply because, it didn't rattle, had an all black finish and sounded pretty darn good. Also, the battery life is twice of what I ended up with. The reason I chose the Kinivo's over these was simple anatomy. The Arctic P311 was comfortable enough, but the Kinivo felt just right on my head. It even felt lighter. It also sounded slightly better. These went back.

- Kinivo BTH240 - Obviously the winner. If the Sonys were balanced better, I think those would have won outright in terms of sound quality. These sounded 2nd best, with the Arctic P311 right behind it. Again, the main reason I went with the Kinivo was simply the comfort. I kept going back and forth with these and the Arctic P311 because i really wanted the all-balck finish but the Kinivo's were so much more comfortable on me. I could probably talk anyone out of the SoundBot and Sonys, but the last two are neck and neck (no pun intended).
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on April 22, 2014
Sound and Performance

I was surprised by the quality of sound this headset produces. It can handle decent amount of bass and will not falter for a higher range too. It can cancel enough noise and ambient sound for you to enjoy the music but you can still hear some sound that will make you aware and not totally zoned out. I find this useful when I'm jogging around the block.

Also since this is using bluetooth, it is very convenient for me. No more worries about cable getting entangle around body. And I can place my phone at safer place while I'm doing my exercise. In regards to battery life, I usually charged it for an hour or two and can last for about 4-5 days for 3 hours usage at the gym.

Looks and cost

The only thing that I can say improve on this is the look of the headset. It looks weird when you wear it. Its like have a big earmuffs . When I jog, I hear a "clinking" sound. I guess since its really not snug-fit to my ear, it moves and produces some sound. but for the price of the headset, I can ignore that little annoying sound.

Overall this is a very good for gym use. It's affordable and you wont worry about it getting wet by your sweat. I highly recommend it.
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on September 7, 2014
I just received this item. I had no problem charging the unit, and it took about 1.7 hours. I made a mistake in paring it with my phone, which resulted in my thinking that the unit was not working. As far as my phone was concerned, the headphone was connected, with phone audio going to it--NOT! I deleted the paired connection and did it carefully the second time. I then fought with the unit, trying to figure out how to actually cut it ON. I found out that I had to hold the multipurpose button until the blue light flashed on. This turned it on. I hooked it up to my Samsung Galaxy S2 I777 phone, and sometimes have to say 'hello galaxy'. The music sounds decent, for the price paid. This is a concept that apparently some reviewers don't get. For not having to deal with wires, and having voice control to listen to music, make telephone calls, AND send text messages using voice (yes, my phone will accept my talking, which it translates into text, and I 'send' by simply saying 'send'. The music automatically stops playing when you make a call/make a text message, and starts playing again when you are done. Summarized, I love my little economy headphones! In fact, I ordered a second pair, to have as standby. I have also just ordered two more pairs to give away as Christmas presents. Take note that you can find these on Amazon in different colors, if you wanted to buy multiple pairs for the same household. I got red and blue, but there is also black. I don't know if there are other colors as I did not look any further.
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on March 21, 2015
I'm very satisfied with this product . I paid 6.50 using a gift card and I couldn't be happier. So convenient I Don't have to hassle with cables any more and the sound quality is very good for a product this cheap. I would have given it 5 stars but I think the stem is a little flimsy . Other than that , I couldn't be happier . Go ahead order yours .


After using this for a good period of time I have to say this is a good good product. I love it. Specially since I didn't pay that much for it. I use it at work everyday to listen to audiobooks. Charge last a long time, I don't recall ever being stranded and charging it takes less than few minutes and you are all set to go. Works great with my laptop, desktop and I have 2 phones, no a single complain... oh yeah I don't like the LED flashing at night but I put a small piece of black electric tape to cover it up.

2017 update:

I still use it. still sounds great and hold the charge for a long time.

This headsets are great.
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on March 18, 2017
Has intermittent sound issues when connected to any of my apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air). Sounds like a record skipping. My other BT speakers & headphones have no such problems. No issues with my Surface connecting. Overall sound is ok. For the size, I expected better low range performance. But for the price, it's good.
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on January 23, 2016
SoundBot products are seriously undrated. After looking through many items to concider, we chose SoundBot! Always pleasantly surprised by their products. They are a good quality, well built, dependable pieces of audio equipment. We've purchased 3 headsets & 4 Bluetooth speakers. And not once have we been dissappointed. The price is just a bonus, don't let a great price lead you into thinking it's not a good product. I rarely make time to leave a review, but this company deserves the recognition. And here's why: with this particular item, we purchase first for our teenager to be able to watch TV without disturbing our 2 soundly sleeping babies. (One being 4 years old) She loves them. Easy to use, no need for a manual. When left within reach of the little ones, they have survived without any damage what so ever. I wish I only had the knowledge of the spec for those of you that are tech savy. I can tell you I'm quite picky on sound quality and these meet my standards. Now for the real kicker on another SoundBot product. The Bluetooth speaker. Absolutely love ours! I received one as a gift and it forever stays in my beach bag. So, sand and the occassional water splash has never been an issue. Loved it so much I bought one for my husband (he's a Schwan's truck driver) for handsfree phone ability while driving. He's super hard on electronics...may even be cursed. He's gone through 3 phones while having this speaker, and all work great with this speaker. Two weeks ago, the speaker fell out of his truck during one of many stops through his day without his knowledge. He thought lost it..until yesturday that customer picked it out of his driveway and gave it to him. To his disappointment it was got ran over by his 3 ton freezer truck but only had a slight indentation to it. Minutes later he was shocked that it had no impact on sound quality. It still functions the same as the day he bought it. AMAZING! Just purchased 2 others as gifts for others. Wordy review here I know....if you made it this far I hope you've found the one you're looking for. You won't be disappointed. I paid full price for these products and I know they aren't listed highly in an amazon search, but they should be.
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on November 3, 2015
While these aren't necessarily waterproof they make great workout or yard work headphones, even in light rain. I wear these while I bike for miles and miles of rough terrain and sweat buckets and they work great. I also wear them while I'm swinging a pickaxe and shovel all day in the summer and they worked great. Mine eventually fried out, but my infant daughter tugging at them and messing with them may have also helped wiggle something loose inside. They're cheap enough though that I figured a year+ of great work from them deserved anther set so I just bought the same thing again.

The sound quality is great on my end and my friends can't tell I'm on my headset instead of my phone when they call supposedly.

I'm very happy with these.
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on March 22, 2014
Just received my SoundBot® SB240 Kermes BT headsets. What a nice surprise! They are compact and fit in my gym bag side pocket quite comfortably. Pairing with my Samsung Note 3 was a breeze. What really got me was the sound and volume quality. I had expected some tinniness, but was please with the quality of the sound. The phone call quality was better than expected too. Also pleasing is the BT range. I was able to get about 25-30' with a few walls in between before the signal started bouncing. I will have to check line-of-sight. But for my purposes range is more than sufficient.

For a $20 device you cant go wrong.

6 stars, minus one star because you can only go to 5 :D
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on May 22, 2014
Can I rate something with 8 stars? No? Well, 5 will have to do.

I L-O-V-E LOVE THESE HEADPHONES! I've been using them for a little over a week now, and I just can't seem to take them off!

- They click around the ears perfectly and solidly, yet are easy to remove with a swipe of the hand.
- The insides of my ears don't hurt after hours of using them like any earbuds do.
- My ears don't heat up and sweat with long-time usage as with larger noise-canceling headphones.
- Oh yeah, did I mention it lasts for HOURS?? All day. Practically nonstop. I've forgotten to charge them sometimes, and they've just kept on working.
- I don't lose awareness of the outside world! By setting my volume right, I can listen to what's going on around me AND listen to my music! It's like I'm just living my life, but with an added soundtrack!
- They're so comfortable! I barely even notice they are there! Sometimes I'm not listening to music and people ask me why I'm wearing headphones, and I realize I didn't even notice they were there. They even keep my ears cozy, and often I don't even want to take them off!
- Not using them? No problem. Push them down and they'll dangle around your shoulders - no extra thought required.
- Like constant music, but don't want it dangling around your neck all the time? Not carrying a bag or pack to throw it in? No problem!! These headphones bend at two different points, and when bent, they become really compact - less bulky than a computer mouse, much lighter, and pocketable. AWESOME for the hands-free lover.
- Speaking of hands-free... it has a microphone, yes! I've been using these to call people while I walk or bike around everywhere, and the comfort and convenience I experience is delicious. And the basic call controls are all accessible on the buttons on the right side, and they're so simple that you really don't need to look. One click to answer, one click to hang up, hold for 2 seconds to redial, and of course volume controls.
- The music controls are just as convenient. Basics: forward, backward, volume, and play/pause. And they all work superbly! And the buttons all purposely stand out from the surface to recognize each of them.
- They're so compact! I put shirts on and take them off without having to take my headphones (my music) off. The fact that they don't arch on top of the head is genial! (They arch around the back of your head). I've been everywhere and biked roughly with them, and they do NOT come off.
- The price! Come on - bluetooth headphones this good for ~$20?!

Imagine biking down a wooden trail on a breezy afternoon, your phone in your pocket, no wires anywhere, listening to your favorite uplifting track... then someone calls you! Your music stops and you hear a pleasant ring. One click on the headset, and now you're talking on the phone! Then you hang up, and your music keeps running! Want to start the track over? Just click the back button once. All this while never taking your eyes off the trail.

Anyway, IT. IS. AN. AWESOME. PRODUCT. Looking for bluetooth headphones? Buy these. NOW. You'll thank me. Well actually, you'll thank SoundBot. Thank you SoundBot. And send me another one for free for writing such a positive and verbose review ;D

- Not a darn itty bitty thing.
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on June 18, 2015
Use them for working out. Get's the job done. No issues.

I bought these about two years ago for a little bit cheaper than they are now. I used them frequently (3-5 days a week). They held up against heavy sweat sessions during my cardio on the treadmill. Eventually they broke due to a combination of wear and tear and abuse. At first the buttons stopped working but I was still able to turn them on. Eventually they stopped working altogether. By abuse I mean that I never wiped them off and I dropped them a bunch of times and at some point bent them the wrong way etc.

If you treat them right they should last years and years. The battery holds up great. They don't bounce around while jogging on treadmill or street. Sound quality is great.
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