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on April 20, 2013
I just received these yesterday, and am very pleased with their performance. They paired easily with my older android phone and sound quite good. I wore them for about 2 hours this morning at the gym and they were very comfortable and plenty loud for the noisy environment. I wanted something that I could use for listening to audio books without the necessity to pull out my phone to adjust volume or to rewind to repeat sections of the book. The control buttons on the headphones are convenient and easy to master. As a bonus, they work pretty well for making and receiving phone calls.

I checked out several models before purchasing the SoundBot brand. As best as I can determine, there are several "brands" that are identical. The SoundBot label was merely a sticker on the packaging, and the headphones themselves show no label at all. I suspect that this is a generic product that is being marketed under a variety of different labels. Regardless, I am pleased and am considering buying a second pair for my wife.
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on August 19, 2016
Try a different version of this headphones. I purchase a pair a couple years ago and didn't any issues at all. This new model/version is terrible. the finish quality sucks but thats not a big problem. The issue was connectivity. I guess they went with a cheaper antenna and now it has a very unstable connection. I received them yesterday and tried them last night after charging for a few minutes. I thought maybe I was having issues because it wasn't fully charged. It's 5am and it's been charging since 10 last night. Still having same issues. I'm not going to waste anymore time trying to troubleshoot. It either works or it doesn't. You really cant troubleshoot these kind of devices.


Just received the soundbot BSH10 from ebay. Works great. I had purchase the BSH10 about 2 years ago from amazon and they worked great but I gave them to my wife so she can use while walking on the treadmill. I plan on biking but I wanted comfortable headphones and these fit the bill. Unfortunately the SB220 suck. Go to ebay and order the BSH10. Might take a while to receive because they are discontinued and come from china. Range is pretty good compared to the 1ft range I got from the sb220. The way to make sure you get the BSH10 is to check the usb port. The BSH10 has a mini usb the SB220 has micro usb port. Hope this review helps you guys.
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on April 16, 2015
This was a guilty pleasure gift for myself since I like soothing music in the background while reading or working on the computer. I was attracted to both the Bluetooth and Noise Reduction aspects of the earphones. They synched beautifully with both my iPad and my Lenovo laptop. The sound is high quality, and I'm able to be in a room reading with the headsets on and not be distracted by the TV.

It's awesome that you can regulate everything--volume, turning it on or off and moving to the next track just by pushing parts of the right ear piece without taking off the headphone! The headphone rests comfortably over the top of my ears with the brace behind my head. It takes 2 hours or less to charge it, and a LED indicator lets you know when its charged. The play time is up to 25 hours. Impressive! It has a 30" black cord for charging in a USB port. The headset folds up very compactly for fitting in the little black pouch for storing everything.
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on January 27, 2015
I was extremely skeptical when I made this purchase, even with the great reviews. After a week of use, I have to say, I am very impressed with them. I use them almost exclusively for music/games on my phone and tablet, though I did make one VOIP call via hangouts while wearing them. The person on the other end said I sounded "fine" but maybe a bit like I was in a tunnel. That could have been the fault of the voip connection, but was more likely the headphones' fault.

For music and games the sound is really, really great for the price point. I don't think I could find a pair of "regular" headphones that sound this good for the price, much less these bluetooth ones. I have gotten hours of use out of them with one charge, and it doesn't take too long to charge either.

Some people may not like the unique, behind the head fit of the headphones. I was a little put off the first time using them, but after about an hour's use, you get very used to the style/fit and it feels fine. The fit is secured behind the ears to the back of the head. The headphones remain snug, without coming off. It is not adjustable, so I suppose it is possible they just won't work for some people. They seem to be a "perfect" fit for me, though, and I think I have a pretty big melon.
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on December 12, 2014
After winning a PowerBeats 2 headset in a raffle and eagerly trying them out I had to leave a review for this headset as it is a great bargain compared to more expensive alternatives. The headset works equally well with Android or Apple devices. Surprisingly the PowerBeats 2 and some other expensive headsets are really made for Apple devices which is not obvious until you try them out. The Soundbot headset has easily accessible buttons that allow you to adjust the volume, pause, and skip forward or back very easily even with gloves on. The much more expensive PowerBeats are poorly integration with Android devices and only allow you to answer calls and adjust the volume through a single button. The sound on the Soundbot headset is certainly not as good as the PowerBeats, but the quality is more than acceptable and the volume can go quite high. I have not tested the durability of either headset yet and the Soundbot's are not advertised as waterproof, but you could get 10 pairs of these for the price of the PowerBeats 2. For true audiophiles you may need a more expensive headset, but if you are looking for something to use while working out these are great.
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on July 19, 2014
Could use a little more range and some button improvements.. but overall.. it is a winner. Works as advertised with my Samsung S4 to provide wireless music and phone calls. The only issues I have is the range is a little short (limited even more by head position relative to phone) and the buttons are all the same.. so making sure your hitting volume up instead of next track isn't as simple as it could be. For bluetooth, the range is on the short range. It would work perfectly, say in your pocket.. and works across your garage.. but forget upstairs bedroom to garden and stuff like that. I have other Bluetooth devices with much longer range. This one's range is on the short side. Still it's a very useable range. The button issue also is just cosmetic. I seem to find the right button time and again. BUT.. for the next model.. I would suggest raised dots to indicate volume up, down, etc.. be put on the buttons themselves to aid button selection. Overall.. I use these while washing my car and doing chores around the house.. and they work without any major issues. The only real issue I have found is the limited range.
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on February 27, 2015
These totally changed my life since my old headphones were constantly snagging on machinery and ripping the audio jacks out of many Kindles. These work great and I can walk about forty feet away before they cut out and if I come back within a few minutes they pick up the signal again. Otherwise I just have to hit the on button again. I charge them at night and they last for at least ten hours. It took me a while to figure out how to wear them properly. The side bar has to rest BEHIND your ear. They are stiff at first but after a few days you get the hang of it and they stay on through just about any activity. The Blue Tooth pairing was easy with my Kindle, just save the paperwork so you know the password to change from one device to another. It is something simple. Anyway, I am sorry to see the exact ones I bought are not available but I think the new versions will be great too. This is an excellent product and a MUST-HAVE if you listen to books on your Kindle a lot. I've been using these for a month or two now and only like them better!

### The bar goes behind, NOT on top of your head. ;) P.S. Right after I got used to these, they banned headphones in the factory where I work. I guess that is a business trend now. I am looking for mini speakers to carry around now, but I still use these at home and walking the dog.

UPDATE: After almost a year of very heavy use these headphones are still going strong. Got a new boss at work that lets me wear them and they stay charged for even a ten hour day! One plastic cover started to fall off but I fixed it with superglue, then later duct tape. Pretty wonderful. :) update 2: Okay, it's almost January 2016 and these headphones ears are still going strong despite incredible use and abuse. The volume seems to be dropping but that could be my hearing. I am going to switch to bone conduction headphones because they are less likely to get banned at work, the sound is louder and apparently they cause less hearing damage, but I will always remember the Soundbot brand as high quality and look for them next time.
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on July 4, 2016
I have purchased many bluetooth headphones in the last couple of years trying to find the perfect set - one that had good sound for both music as well as for phone calls, is light foldable and portable, hassle-free in bluetooth connectivity, and reasonably priced. I'm very happy to say this pair of SoundBot headphones fits the bill perfectly. I tested it out listening to music on my commute, watching movies on my iPad, and also paired with a Bluetooth transmitter, watching movies on the airplane and it performed flawlessly the entire time. The headphones fit snuggly enough so that they stay on your head but not so tight and constricting that it causes sweat or discomfort to the ears (something other headphones do after leaving them a long time)... I had them on for 4-5 hours of my flight and felt perfectly comfortable... all this at a very reasonable price. The only thing I was not sure of is the noise-cancellation feature - I've owned other pairs and this one doesn't seem to have the feature or it is very weak, but since the sound can be turned up loud enough with no loss of fidelity I did not take a mark off for that. in terms of portability the set folds flat in one position which was great for me to slip into my laptop bag without making an unwieldy bulge - you can further compact it by twisting and folding the ear pieces so it becomes more of a compact cylinder taking up very little space. Great pair of headphones!
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on March 20, 2014
I have been using Motorola blue tooth headphones for over two years, I like them because well? they still work, only reason I got these new headphones was because I was looking for some bass and better volume and they delivered, I don’t know how long there going to last comparing to my Motorola’s that are much more sturdy then these, time will tell.. My Motorola’s were retail 80 dollars...these less than 30 so you can imagine ,not made for wear an tear, but the “ but” is they sound great haven’t used the calling feature yet..Only tried them on for music, the battery life no idea yet? time will tell...I’m going to use them today will update my review in a few days...
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on February 14, 2015
I have used these headphones for almost a year now and I am still very pleased with them. First of all the battery life is very impressive, I can usually go a week or longer, using them everyday. I don't know how much continual use they get, but I would say at least 25 hours. The sound quality is especially impressive for the extremely affordable price tag. I have used $200 + bose and beats audio head phones, the sound is definitely better on both of those, and the noise cancelling is certainly better but I don't think they are 100 times better. For the price the sound is actually very good. As far as noise canceling...well I would say this provides a little protection and does an ok job, but ear buds actually do better. In a quiet environment these work wonderful, in a loud environment they still work well but you need to really crank up the volume.

After a year, I haven't had a single issue, good battery life, easily connects to different devices, has decent range, is fairly comfortable.

My only negative comments would be the actually look of them, they really stick out and make your ears look huge. Also after a while the joints where they fold up have gotten fairly lose and need to be tightened with a screw driver periodically.
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