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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I tested this using a wide range of music types and found the following:

First and foremost is the portability of this speaker. This speaker is amazing for its compact size which is 7" x 2" x .65". It easily fits in a handbag, pack or briefcase. This is a perfect travel buddy and works fine in the confines of a hotel or guest room for listening to your music or videos. It would be perfect to use for a cabin or boat. It also is great for the home in rooms that do not have their own sound system. Notes are fairly well distinguished at each range and voices have a moderately clear and distinguished output. The bass is surprisingly strong for the speaker size. The Bluetooth strength of the speaker on the tested unit was approximately ten feet. When the kindle was placed in one room, the speaker did work in the room next to it. This speaker came charged and ready to use. I have used it for five hours at varying volumes and it has not required a charge.

The size will limit the quality of musical notes at high volume. This was not as much of a factor with vocal music as it was with jazz or classical. There are larger Bluetooth speakers that have more depth and range of sound, but they are not this size. The Soundmatters speaker charges with an USB connection, which seems to be the standard charge system now, however when traveling or camping, it's easier to find an outlet than it is to find a USB port.

Overall, the strong suit for this Soundmatters speaker is its portability and ability to put out music in an above average quality.
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VINE VOICEon January 28, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very simple and easy looking speaker and it is very easy to carry around. It has a couple of small buttons on the edge but nothing else interferes with its look. It can be used with Bluetooth and it pairs very easily with different devices. So far, I have gotten it to pair with my Samsung Note cell, my iPod Touch (4th G), and my Macbook.

This works very well as a speaker for audible books. You can plug it into the source or use it through Bluetooth connections. The voices of the books are perfectly clear and easy to understand.

That being said, I find it grating to listen to music with. It reminds me of those old alarm clock speakers that absolutely ruined the sound of any music it was playing. It does not resonate sound the way many of the small speakers do, including Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker. This Soundmate speaker IS better than the speaker on my iPod.

There is music in the world that makes you want to stand up and dance on tables. But not when it is played through this speaker.

The other funny thing is watching it rumble its way across a table when the music is turned up.

If I had purchased it, it would have already been sent back by now. Not being able to play music is a deal breaker.
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on December 11, 2013
 Video shows you what you get with this Amazon exclusive speaker for your Kindle.

Its very slim, portable, and sounds great given its size and intended purpose. It also distorts at high levels, and I wouldn't call it room filling sound but its great for personal use. Bluetooth speakerphone option is fantastic, but I wish there was a clip so that I can also use it in the car for that purpose.

The foxL Dash A is a lower priced version of the pretty good sounding Soundmatters foxL DASH 7 Wireless Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Sound Bar (Red).

The differences were not immediately shown on the website, but I gleaned a couple of things about this vs the Dash 7. I have not made a sound comparison between the Dash a and the Dash 7.

Dash 7:
Costs More
Comes with a case
Has a Sub-woofer output port to work with Soundmatters foxLO Palm-Sized Powered Subwoofer - US Version (Black)
Advertises 2 more hours of battery life
Different color choices

Dash A:
Amazon exclusive
Designed for Kindle
Costs less
10 hours of battery life vs 12
All black, no currently available color choices (as of Dec 11th, 2013)

I did not post a sound comparison or sample here because of high compression Amazon uses on their videos. For that you can find it on my website (check my profile).

Update - Jan 6th, 2014, and mentioned briefly in video:
Speaker suffers from above average interference from 2.4 ghz frequencies (ie bluetooth, wifi), and probably other frequencies as well. I tested two speakers from similar serial numbers. I find it annoying in a quiet room with nothing playing, but most people won't notice when its actually playing something.
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on January 3, 2015
Sound quality is great but almost too good for it's size. The back of the speaker has a rubber backing and when you play this device it vibrates a lot from the bass which is normally good. But in this case it came with no holder or stand so when you set it on the table or wherever (Even holding it in your hand) it moves around not staying still and making an additional vibrating sound from hitting the table or whatever surface you set it on making it unpleasurable to listen to music. I returned this item also because it stopped pairing with my phone almost immediately.
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on July 19, 2014
I really like this. As someone else said in their review it can be used for many things behinds the kindle. My I pod and anything that has a place to plug speakers or headphones to. I can listen to my book while doing dishes or something else in the room. It is great to for music you have on your kindle.
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on January 29, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Being optimized for Kindle Fire HD and HDX just means it fits perfectly to your device. But it's a soundbar that does not have to be attached, so it's perfect for a small space, on a bookshelf, in the kitchen etc. Also great for a day trip or picnic to have music for a small group, in a slim little powerhouse.

Connects instantly with no bluetooth pairing issues. I was able to go a couple rooms away while leaving the speaker on at the other end, and the connection was still clear. No interference or quality issues. I am impressed. With all the wi-fi and bluetooth things running in the house I was expected some type of disturbance, but none so far.

Obviously being shaped for the kindle makes it easy to slip in the case. So that is where I keep it protected. But most of the time, it's in the kitchen. An easy way to watch a video while prepping dinner etc. It boasts that it has a 10 hour battery life, but I have not used it more than 8 hours at a time, and I just recharge anyway when done. But with that amount of time on one charge is very appealing for a outside use.

If you are looking to invest in sound, without breaking the bank, you will be quite pleased with the quality. If you have a Kindle Fire HD/HDX, look no further.
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on August 9, 2014
I was looking for a low profile speaker that I could use when watching a video on my iPad2 & the soundbar was the only speaker I found. It advertises that it's for the Kindle but can be used with any Bluetooth device - whether it eliminates the humming/buzzing noise is not known. Sound is above average due mainly to the bass that it can somehow output for such a low profile speaker. I have the Logitech UE Mini Boom which is my fav BT speaker for under $100 ($89 at BB) because of the sound, automatically powers off and the volume control is tied into the volume control on my iPad or iPod so you don't have 2 separate volume controls. The soundbar does not have this volume control feature so I could have the volume maxed out on the speaker but have the volume set to zero on my iPad & not hear anything and vice versa.

1) Small low profile which is perfect when placed at the base in front of my iPad2 when propped up to watch videos.
2) Bass is impressive for a low profile device. It will actually move if the volume is turned up high enough.

1) Volume control independent & not tied into the volume control of my iPad2 or iPod.
2) No audio indication when the volume is maxed or minimized. Since the volume on the UE Mini Boom is tied in with the volume controls on my iPad2 or iPod, you can graphically see the volume level.
3) Blue LED flashes when powered on. The UE Mini's LED is on when you power it on but turns off after.
4) It does not power itself off. The UE Mini powers off after about 15 minutes if there is no audio signal which is great if you listen to music when you go to sleep; you will still have a good charge in the morning.
5) There is distinct buzzing/humming noise but isn't really noticeable when sound is playing but if there is a silent gap you porbably will notice.
6) Volume buttons could be larger.
7) There are times when my iPad2 can't pair with it. I have select "forget this device" and re-pair with the speaker which is annoying.
8) The speaker cover is not metal, it's some kind of mesh which is too flexible in my opinion.
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on October 7, 2014
I purchased the original foxL 4 years ago and the Dash A looked to be even more portable due to the thinner profile along with micro usb instead of mini usb on the original. The Dash A is less expensive than the Dash 7 and (according to soundmatter's website) has almost the same specs minus the round power port and subwoofer out (the Dash A is also a bit thinner). The original foxL (and the Dash 7 I believe) can play louder when using the AC adapter but I almost never use it or the subwoofer out; nice to have but negates their portability.

Unlike its siblings, the Dash A is meant to be used laying flat instead of on its side or angled. The back is fully rubberized so it doesn't slide around like the original when playing bass heavy songs. The lay flat design and rubber also seems to help amplify the sound through whatever surface the speaker is on.

Bluetooth pairing (tested with several devices) is easy and works well but I rarely use the phone handsfree feature though reviews say its much improved over the original. Unfortunately, the Dash A doesn't support the apt-x codec to maximize bluetooth sound quality with capable devices. Like the original, there's still a 3.5mm line-in jack if you don't mind using the included cable to get the most out the Dash A.

Soundwise, the Dash A sounds incredible for its size. At first listen I only thought it sounded good after doing side by side listening with the original foxL. The original can play louder even on battery power but its also twice as thick. However, the Dash A is loud enough to hear throughout a good size room and, at equal volume, is actually clearer than the original. I was able to hear more separation, instruments sounded better, and vocals/treble in general were much improved. So much so that I prefer to listen to it over the original and the Dash A still puts out a lot more bass than you'd expect for such a small speaker.

Since the first foxL was released, the portable bluetooth speaker market has been flooded with tons of models from companies including well known audio brands. The sound continues to improve despite the speakers increasing in size. I began to get the impression that Soundmatters decided to go in a different direction like making an even smaller speaker while still improving the overall sound. Other, larger speakers are louder but less portable and don't put out the clarity of sound that the Dash A does.

I would have given it 5 stars if it had apt-x but the price, pocketable size, and overachieving sound quality make the Dash A a great value. I also with Soundmatters would include (or at least offer) a protective case for it like the Dash 7's.
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on January 21, 2015
Cheap and not a very good sound. I returned it. to much money for little to no sound.
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on January 27, 2015
I received this product yesterday. I would give the sound 5 stars. . It sounds very good for a speaker this size. And if I could have used it with my KindleFire HD I definately would have rated it 5 stars. But, although it pairs fine with every other device in my house, it won't pair,with my kindle. It comes up as incompatible. Seems kind of ironic since it was supposed to be specifically for use with the Kindle. Too bad. Guess it's going back.The odd elongated shape that would have made it perfect for the kindle
makes it ackward to use withother devices.
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