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on January 7, 2015
This stuff cured me.
I didn't want to take it because of the is very strong.
My candida was so bad that I thought I was loosing all my good health.
First Some of my hair fell out & wouldn't grow back, then adult severe acne& brown areas on my face near my mouth (like dirt under my skin had set in , then body odor also a puffy stomach. These were all things I hadn't encountered I was pretty scared & first just started Paleo dieting & exercising, that made me exhausted & was not working like it had in the past. So I stopped drinking wine & I started taking candida killing products Grapefruit seed extract & cyprilic Acid I could feel some differece but not total healing, just enough to let me know that I had a serious candida problem that GSE & CA didn't seem addiquit to help.
Fast forward four months &Those problems are gone & People are amazed by my hair,,,& I am amazed by my hair.... I have not had healthy hair like this since I was a teen. My acne & disquisting body odor are gone also . Also strangely IBS that I had for many many years is gone.

If you have Candida,DON'T WASTE time with stuff that helps slightly. take 2 or 3 drops of this Oregano Oil in 8 ounces of water mix well then just chug it down! do this 2 or 3 times a day for a while then back down the amount and continue treatment for a few months.((I don't know about other Oregano Oils I have only tried this one & I will not switch). From my experience Don't just discontinue any candida regiment because candida will come back maybe stronger. Eventually you should be able to back down to a few drops in water once a day. but remember candida is in ALL of our bodies all the time waiting for enough carbohydrates and sugar or alcohol (wine in my case) to spring into action & reak havok on your health. I will keep this in my arresenal forever!!!
this container lasts a very long time, but I will re-order before I ever run out
This product does what all the other candida killers try to do but 100 times better.Because of the water it seems to reach every part of your body. I wasted a lot of healing time letting this sit on my shelf because of the taste. I tried ALL of the other products.They just bandaided the problem. I am so happy that I fanally wised up!!!!
I also want to warn people to WORK their way up start with 1 drop in 8 OUNCES of water 2 times a day then work your way up. There is something called the HERXHEIMER reaction. I had it. it was sivere chills & sleepiness when I got to 3 drops after that I started noticing pretty quick good changes!!! Look all this up... dont' just take my word. The other great product is just at your grocery store it is APPLE Cider vinegar in water(look that up too)
When I read over this review to submit it I realize that I sound like a commercial ...I am just a regular lady who is so happy to feel healthy again...I took many wrong avenues to get healthy (my sister & my hubby who both had been very worried about me will tell you that) Thank you GOD for putting a great, acessible cure to a serious problem right here on this earth for us humans (that's how I feel)
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on December 25, 2015
This works wonders for so many things, regardless of what is wrong with you it's worth trying.

This stuff is potent (strongest oil), so take one drop to start. I believe its best to drop on your tongue, and wait a couple minutes before swallowing. That will cut a lot of the heat. Mixing this with water = more to drink and doesn't cut the heat.

I've heard that some people put a drop on their toothbrush, and that works for them. I've never tried that, I just drop a few drops straight into my mouth, let it sit, then swish around and swallow.

Start with one drop... It takes awhile to get use to, and it takes awhile to work (2 weeks plus).
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on May 22, 2014
I live in East TN., have three inside dogs, and four birds. I have bad allergies, very bad. I bought this as someone recommended it to me. To be honest I was very skeptical.
The method I use is I put three drops on my toothpaste and brush my teeth with it twice a day like normal. It does burn a bit for a few seconds and you do get whiffs of pizza. But it does go away quickly. :)
The first week I did not notice much so this is NOT an immediate miracle cure all. But, in the first week was I did notice that my sinuses would open for a bit of time allowing me to breathe normally for about an hour. I thought, wow, so this is what breathing is like. One odd but nice side effect was my gums stopped bleeding. I had a horrible problem with my gums before using the Oil of Oregano, it was very bad. Now I am a disappointment to the horror show fans as I no longer spit blood upon rinsing. I went on using it for that reason alone and stopped worrying about it helping with my allergies.
About three weeks into using it I suddenly realized that I was no longer taking the over the counter allergy tablets that I used to take like candy. I was also breathing a lot better. The change happened so slowly that I did not realize it. My wife also commented that I am not waking her up with snoring anymore, just Monty our Pug is. So that is another unexpected but nice side effect for me.
Now after using it almost two months I am just amazed that it is working for me for my prime reason of buying it. Allergy relief! Currently the Tree, Grass, Mold, and Weed pollen levels are all in the high range and I am still doing fine. Yes, I still have a sneezing fit every once in a while mainly when I am mowing. BUT!! My eyes are no longer all watery and itchy, my nose does not stay packed solid, and I am NOT constantly sneezing my head off! It is so nice to be able to be on the rider mower and not worry about suddenly having an explosive sneezing fit and running the mower into a tree from not having control or not being able to see. :)
It worked for Me! Will it work for you? I do not know, but it did work for me.
Please keep in mind that for me it was not an immediate miracle cure. It took about a month of using it twice a day to really kick in and for me to tell a huge difference. But it was well worth it.
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on March 14, 2017
I am a huge fan of Oregano Oil (alongside some essential oils), and I like this one. I was running low and the store where I typically purchase it was not going to have a new shipment for another week. I could not wait that long, so took a risk and ordered from Amazon. I will note, I purchase Source Naturals when purchasing the product, so that helped remove some of the anxiety of purchasing the oil. After I had received it, I was so glad I had ordered it. It was exactly what I regularly bought from the local store, and I had it delivered to my door. Not to mention, it was a bit cheaper. So all in all, a win! I will admit I have returned to the store locally to purchase the product, but if I am ever in a bind again, will come back and buy this exact one, no questions asked!
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on April 19, 2017
I worked in the Product Development Department at Threshold Enterprises (manufacturer of Source Naturals products) in Scotts Valley, CA. You can always trust their product is of the highest quality and contains exactly what is stated on the label (e.g., weight, amount, concentration, purity). I whole heartedly recommend their entire product line.
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on March 13, 2016
If you suffering from a cold or trying to get over the flu you should definitely give oil of oregano a chance. This oil does wonders for your body and helps your body to quickly overcome those common sicknesses. The oil is very strong in taste and can taste weird when you first try it once you see the results you don't even care about the weird taste. To me it taste as if you ate pasta or something in that category, you can either take several drops and place them inside of a capsule and take it like that or you can simple just put it in your water and drink it that way. Oregano is a high antioxidant and antiviral and will definitely help you over those colds in a fast manner.
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on March 24, 2015
Powerful stuff! I used a drop of this in some coconut oil for my eczema, really helped to clear it up. I had to keep using it though to keep it cleared up. But I definetly recommend it, I also recommend that you do your own research on how to use it.
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on October 13, 2015
This is a potent oil that works well for a variety of purposes. I use it when I feel any kind of potential "bug" coming on and it seems to stop them from taking hold. I have also used it as part of a cleanse a few times. It can be pretty intense, so I recommend placing it into capsules and swallowing it that way.
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on October 17, 2016
What a great replacement for antibiotics. I have been using this for over 11 years and it works in 1/4 the time that antibiotics do, with no side effects to my gut flora. I will never ever need antibiotics again.
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on October 30, 2014
I use to take internally via a capsule but additionally use to brush my teeth. My immunity to common virus strands that everyone else seems to get appears to be improved over the rest of the family that does not use the product. I have been using this for over two years! Love it!
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