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on July 8, 2013
The beginning passages of Southern Scotch are so intense and attention-grabbing that I found myself forgetting to breathe! Poor, defeated, slovenly Pete McGregor is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is brutalized to within an inch of his sad life. After a long recovery Pete transforms himself into the cunning, determined, charming, and very sexy Southern-Scot Boss MacTavin. Boss MacTavin sets out to find the individual responsible for his horrific beating, but when Boss finds and questions the man he believes his beating was meant for, Boss gets the shock of his life! That information sends Boss on a quest to find and 'correct' all individuals involved! And Boss and his 'corrections' are something to behold! There is a fight scene between Boss and a man-eating beast some called a dog-- I think it was half-demon/half-bear myself-- that is just WICKEDLY awesome!

I couldn't get enough of this Southern-Scottish rogue with the sexy as sin accent-- a seductive mix of the South and Edinburgh.

I caressed my Kindle a little too lovingly when Boss and Vivian were getting... friendly! They were very sexy together!

I loved this book! All I wanted to do was lay my wee body on Boss'! I still do. I guess that's why I started the sequel---The Alcatraz Correction--- mere hours after finishing Southern Scotch! I'm not ready to leave Boss MacTavin's world quite yet.
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on March 25, 2013
As I read this novel, Jim Croce songs kept playing in the back of my mind. Suddenly Bad Bad Leroy Brown turned into Boss MacTavin the Southern Scot. Colorful characters inhabit the crazy world created by this talented author. (I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't bought every word he writes.) Boss MacTavin starts out life as Pete McGregor, a fat collections agent who lost the love of his life. The Scotsman reinvents himself after a near death experience and learns to fight like a demon (like a Scottish Rambo). Five years later Boss is determined to track down the lowlifes responsible for nearly killing him and gathers a wild cast of characters to assist him on the journey.

Invading the seedy underworld of Atlanta's porn producers, Boss MacTavin pokes at a dangerous enemy and risks his life to "correct the situation." Be prepared for violence and death in this tale of vengeance laced with love, friendship, and loyalty. It's a story you won't forget, so put on your favorite Jim Croce music and enjoy the tale of Boss MacTavin...he's meaner than a junk yard dog and stronger than ole King Kong...a character you'll learn to love.
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on July 25, 2014
An over-the-top rambling adventure combing the South and Scottish cultures with rollicking mayhem galore.
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on January 29, 2013
Award-winning horror writer Kelley Wilde reinvents himself as Reb MacRath in a
riveting hardboiled thriller about revenge and redemption in the New South. Pete McGregor, a
former track star, has flamed out in Atlanta. Lost, divorced and overweight, Pete tries to reclaim
his lost honor by collecting a small sum of money scammed from his employer. But Pete's
mistaken for the con man when he shows up to collect--and he's beaten terribly, losing his left

Five years later he returns as Boss MacTavin, head of Boss Corrections: thin, rich and
hell-bent on revenge. When he finally tracks down the con, though, Boss learns that Dodge
Cunningham had been a victim in turn. And the two men set out on a cross-country drive to
learn who ordered the smackdown--and why. The bloody trail leads them to the porn business
in Atlanta, run by Ramsey Michaels, a former Golden Gloves champ with secrets he'll kill to
keep hidden.

No more spoilers. Surprises abound here. This first entry in the series is Boss's genesis
story. And he's half-thug when meet him, rich but crude and still unformed, more in the vein of
Mike Hammer than we might like to stay with for long. But wait. As the book progresses, Boss
is moved by the plights of other victims that he meets and he starts to grow in stature.

In this genesis tale, MacRath takes a bold tack by having the con tell the story. We see
Boss through Dodge's eyes--disapproving, mocking and finally admiring. This allows us
distance and the chance to make up our own minds about Boss. And our impression of Boss is
enriched by the positive change he inspires in Dodge. The book has some strong violence. But
skillful writing and editing combine to make the roughhousing easier to read. And if you're
worried about the porn business, please don't. One of the cleverest things about the book is the
way MacRath handles that aspect--allowing us to see the business through the porn players'
eyes. The porn king is an entrepreneur, the porn stars are serious actors, body parts and sexual
acts have cool names, and the sex toys are simply The Product.

On his blog, the author has referred to his fondness for Have Gun Will Travel. In this
outing, we don't see much of that, except for Boss's calling card--just as cool as Paladin's. But
in the second entry, THE ALCATRAZ CORRECTION, Boss tells the tale and he is a changed
man. So, a story arc's at play here and I look forward to following the growth of Boss MacTavin.
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on February 19, 2013
Like Quentin Tarantino movies? Like violence and mayhem? Enjoy a bit of magical realism in a retribution tale in America instead of discovering ice as in One Hundred Years of Solitude? This is your book. Southern Scotch is fast paced, twisty, and even has a good sense of character growth (or retardation) in it. It is well written and without many of the grammatical gotchas that plague many self-published books. It even has a dark sense of humor sprinkled throughout it reminiscent of Elmore Leonard.

All-seeing (despite one eye) and seemingly all-knowing Boss McTavin starts out as a lovable lump with issues, but a mistaken beating changes his life, and he becomes some sort of Avenging Angel with Jackie Chan-like physical abilities. With a reluctant grifter as Robin to his Batman, they move forward to avenge wrongs done to both of them. The story is centered in Atlanta and delves into the seedy side of life. It is a world that most of us probably have never seen or know about, but which the author does a good job bringing to life as the Dynamic Duo execute Boss's plan, that unfortunately has holes in it, relies on some good luck, and features some horrific bad turns for the Duo.

While I enjoyed the book, I must admit that there were times when I got lost in what was really happening. Sometimes the descriptions weren't grounded enough for me to form the necessary mental image. This may be unimportant to some readers just along for the ride, but it did bug me. The author took risks with the point-of-view, but pulls it off. The ending was awkward: every time I thought I was done, there was another ending and then another one. To me, it took away some of the magical nature of Boss and his situation. I have no problem with those who give this book a "5" rating. For me, this is top-shelf "4".
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on August 14, 2012
Vicious violence, black humor, quirky characters, a style that races along--McRath's novel takes the reader into a murky world of crime and retribution (not strictly legal retribution, mind you) and a Boss who deals out what he calls Corrections. It's told with verve and the people you meet populate the murky underworld of America. When a perfectly innocent working guy is mistaken for someone else and tortured, he undergoes a sea change. Slacker becomes vigilante for hire, and the adventure is on.

The author has written intriguing speculative fiction, and this is a new direction. If you like your thrillers hard as nails, cool as ice, and smooth as Scotch, give this one a try. I think you'll enjoy it.
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on November 30, 2013
In Southern Scotch, by Reb MacRath, Pete McGregor, a Scot in Atlanta, takes his job at the City Business Weekly seriously. He receives requests for information, he fills them, and the customers make the payment. When World Investigations, with its white linen business card with gold letters and a purple globe, defaults on its payment, Pete takes it personally. He contacts card services and the bank. He threatens the proprietor.

When Pete’s friend, with whom he had hoped for more, left the city to try again with her ex, he’s hurt. When her plane never makes it to its destination, he’s devastated.

Starting a new list headed Corrections, Pete places collecting the money from World Investigations first. When he goes to the investigations office, he’s shocked to find an abandoned building. And then, he’s viciously beaten, a beating meant for another man.
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on July 9, 2013
Pete McGregor finds himself in the right place at the very wrong time. Attempting to correct a wrong, he is mistaken for another man and is severely beaten. Pete McGregor died that night. And, like the mighty Phoenix, the big, bad, Boss MacTavin rises from Pete's ashes in all his Southern Scottish glory. MacRath takes us on an incredible journey of Boss and his desire to make these terrible men pay for their sins.

MacRath creates a very sexy leading role for his book, Southern Scotch. Boss MacTavin has what every girl wants, and he knows how to give it to her. You know a character is very well-developed when you wish he were a real man standing in front of you! I couldn't help falling in love with him!

He creates fast-paced action throughout the book, leaving the reader wanting more. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this book. I can't wait to read The Alcatraz Correction, which is the next installment of good ol' Boss MacTavin.
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on December 7, 2012
Absolutely loved it! SO well written that I was able to actually get to know and watch as the characters grew from what they once were to what they had become due to fate dealing a nasty hand. Couldn't put it down!
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on October 4, 2013
Likable characters and story line premise. The jaunt around the country to less than commonly encountered locales helped maintain my level of interest. Some confusion due to leaps in logic and typos.
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