Customer Reviews: Southwest Specialty Products 51003C Dr Pepper Diversion Can Safe, 12 fl oz/ 355 ml
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on May 24, 2011
I bought a couple of these for my kids, they had problems with their cousins stealing their allowance money and wanted to hide it. After seeing these items, I puchased more for other uses as well.

These are made from real product containers, so they look outstanding. Without picking them up and shaking them, there is no way to tell its not the real thing. If you pick it up, it just feels like an empty container unless you have something heavy inside it.

Keep in mind, this is not a safe, nor is it secure, it is simply a tool to HIDE something in. If you keep a DrPepper can in a drawer, it is obviously out of place. If you keep the hairspray can version in your closet, it is going to get attention. I personally use this to store items in my car. You can leave a can of warm DrPepper rolling around your floorboard or passenger seat without anyone even batting an eye at it. You may lose your car stereo, but this can will still be under your seat. These are great for extra house keys, personal items (femenine products if youre a woman who doesnt want to carry them in her purse or leave them laying around your car for your date to see), obvious uses for the 'hippy' in your life. I wouldnt recomend storing something truely valuable in it, but thats your call not mine.

Couple minor potential problems:

-Make sure EVERYONE in your household knows about this, otherwise it could potentially get tossed into the garbage as an empty container. Even if there is weight inside, if anyone tried to open it they will figure it out, or just throw it away.

-Once you unscrew the lid to the secret compartment, it leaves a sharp edge. I understand that if they clean the edge up it will make an obvious mark on the outside, but beware that the edge on the opening is sharp. This is the case with all of the containers I purchased.
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on December 14, 2014
I ordered 27 of these and literally EVERY ONE OF THEM was damaged. 7 were dented so bad that they would not fool anyone. The remaining 20 all had scratches on them. They are still functional but seriously...?...scratches on every single can? If you are not worried about cosmetics then these are functional like I said but isn't the whole point for them to blend in? Quality control has failed big time here.
review image review image
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on April 4, 2008
this little puppy looks and feels like a full, warm can of dr pepper. unless somebody tries to shake it (no liquid in the membrane, this is something they may want to think about) or open it, they will never be able to tell it is not a real can of dr pepper. it will easily be pushed or thrown aside by the unknowing. the inside is not wide enough to hide a passport unless you role it up but it will hide plenty of other things ie money, jewlery, things you just don't want others to find...

the lid (the silver part with the "tab") screws off and inside you have a stash spot that is as deep as the coke can is and a few inches in diameter (sorry, don't have it with me right now) but no more 2 1/4". when the lid is screwed on, it connects seamlessly to the body with no gap. the whole thing is made out of the same material as a dp can and it even has all the miscellaneous markings and such.

i just keep it on my window sill, mixed in with some old liquor and wine bottles. nobody looks twice at the little guy and all my valuables are safely stowed away. my advice, keep an actual safe with some of your valuables to fool others but keep the real goods in this guy.
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on September 4, 2012
I bought this as a gift for my sister. No instructions were included, so she stuck it in the refrigerator when she received it. She was very close to opening it to drink it before I told her over the phone that it was not really a can of soda. She didn't believe me initially. Even the weight feels like a full can of soda, so she had no clue.

After speaking to me, she immediately went to the refrigerator to check it out. She said she initially thought that she must not have received the correct product, because even upon close inspection, she thought it was a can of soda. After a few minutes of experimentation, she figured out how to open it.

Although no instructions were included, they are probably not needed, and it made for a fun story. If you give this as a gift, as I did, you might want to let them know what it is. We assume that if she had tried to open it, she would have probably broken off the tab and maybe bent the top a little.
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on October 8, 2012
Super cool concept, but poor construction. I bought this can safe for my Mom, and it broke the first time she opened it.
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on January 26, 2009
I purchased this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. He loves it! The outside of the can is indistinguishable from a real can of Dr. Pepper. (The only difference that we could come up with--and it's not a serious one at all--is that there's no time/date stamp on the can. No big deal: I doubt a thief or a nosy roommate would even notice.) As others have commented, it's heavy and solid like a full can of Dr. Pepper. The compartment inside the can is relatively small, so you can't hide that much in there. Also, when you shake it, you can hear coins or jewelry. This can is probably best for hiding items that don't rattle, like cash or documents.
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on July 16, 2016
Just received mine today. At first glance, it looks and feels great. It does have enough weight to it that it seems full.
The con: I did not notice in the description, but it's there, that this can opened from the top. Which in itself is no problem, but the issue
I have is that the opening is only 1 1/8" wide. You can't hardly get more than one finger in to remove anything that doesn't just fall out,
like coin or jewelry, whatever. I think paper money will be difficult to remove. That's what I wanted it for. So with that in mind, I only gave
it 3 stars. And I cant return it, so I'll make do.
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on February 28, 2016
Simple in its' design yet effective. It's basically a Dr Pepper can filled with plaster with a pill bottle in the middle. The top of the can opens to allow you to put things in it. This would not be for very large things. You could probably fit money, small pieces of jewelry and maybe a USB drive with important information. Since it's made from a real can, nobody would be the wiser, even if they happened to pick it up. The plaster weighs it down. One note of warning: Things can be a little difficult to get out.
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on November 9, 2014
A great way to hide a roll of cash, jewelry, or anything small you want to hold on to. The can is weighted. There's no way to tell it's not a can of DP. I just stick it in the door of the fridge among the pickles and mayonnaise. No one is the wiser.
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on December 6, 2013
Cans were dented, gave off an offensive chemical odor, had what looked like mold growing the white substance on the inside, and raw edges where the tops had been cut off. Very disappointed and sent them all back. These were the least expensive of the ones I looked at. You do get what you pay for.
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