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on November 2, 2009
The first time I bought spacebags I went to the spacebag website and got a whole kit which included three (3) totes: 2 jumbos and 1 under-the-bed. The regular spacebags are not good, sometimes they hold the vacuum and most times they don't. I still use them though, mostly to separate different sizes of baby and toddler clothes and then I put then inside the totes. The totes are great. Since that first purchase I have gotten more. I own seven(7) of them and they have never fail me so far. I read some reviews about the handles ripping of, that has not happened to me and believe me I pack mine full, and they are always heavy. Don't waste your money on regular spacebags, get the totes instead and you wont be sorry. Keep in mind that when packing regular clothes as they are not bulky as sweaters you won't be able to fit as much, as there is not much air to suck out. But your clothes will come out nice and clean and fresh smelling. In the case of wool sweaters they will be protected from moths. I used to keep my sweaters in an unused drawer and they all got holes from moths. Spacebags totes are a great investment!
Some people wrote that they can't get a square shape once vacuumed. Don't expect to get a perfect boxy shape like the adds. It simply is very hard. Some of you clothes may be some bulky than others and therefore will compress less or more
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VINE VOICEon November 19, 2008
I purchased some original space bags and loved how they sealed up things nice. Unfortunately I had a few of the bottoms rip out (just pushing big items in) and they didn't seal all that well.

Enter the tote's. The totes are essentially the normal space bags, but much better. The weakest part of the bag is now attached to a canvas/cardboard section (the bottom of the tote), the valve to suck air out is much nicer, and the zipper is now doubled up. Plus the tote provides safety for it when you toss it in a closet/move with it.

They lose a star because it doesn't fit perfectly into the tote, and for how much more expensive they are than the original ones. I'd like to see an original bag upgraded with the new options without the tote, kind of in the middle.
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VINE VOICEon August 4, 2012
I've tried Space Bags a number of times over the years with various results. I don't like the fact that the shape is odd after you suck the air out, making it difficult to lean against a wall in a closet or lay flat. I've also had a number of them that slowly regained air over time.

But I liked the idea of this design and bought one because I've got so many blankets. I was able to get a queen-size comforter, 4 acrylic throws and another queen-size blanket in it. That's a lot more than I expected.

There are buckled straps that you put on that apparently will keep the bag from refilling with much air if a leak did occur afterward. With a double row of closure, the only leak you would get is if the bag tore or punctured, which would be difficult when it's surrounded by a canvas-like body with a stiffer bottom and 2 stiff sides. There are handles on two sides that make it easy to carry and a plastic window in the front that allows you to see what's in it.

I immediately ordered a second one which I've just filled with pillows. One is a long body pillow (folded over), another is a contoured memory-foam pillow and I got 4 other pillows in there with them.

The totes are stackable and together the two take up less room than the jumbo space bag that held some of my pillows and managed to refill with air.

The only thing that could make this better is if the top also had something in it to make it stiffer. You don't have a flat, even surface because you'll get different results depending on how much air you suck out. So if you were to stack a few of these on top of another, I don't know if you'd end up with a leaning tower.
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on January 7, 2013
Purchased this to a cross country move and it was a god send! I loaded a queen comforter, a queen fleece blanket, a fleece throw, 4 large bath towels, 2 pillows and few other small items. I loved it!

It took two times to get it all in there and within the box shape to get it to fit in the canvas carrying tote. If you work with it, you'll get it. The trick is to try to neatly place everything in there, close it up and connect the vacuum. Once about half the air is out, I stopped the vacuum and placed it in the canvas tote. Gently shaped it. If I couldn't get it move, I let some air out. Don't be too rough with it or you may rip the bag. Once I was satisfy with the shape, I continue vacuuming until all the air was out. It took about 25 minutes to get it but it was worth having that much extra space in the car as I moved. I placed the bag in my cousins garage for about two months. And when I brought it to my new place, I was amazed at how much stuff I got in... I had forgot that I had 2 queen pillows in it.

Keep in mind when you fill it, it will be heavy. I think mine was close to 40 lbs. But it never ripped or had any issues with.

I prefer this one over just the bags because the carry tote really helps keep the shaped and makes it easier to store.
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on January 26, 2012
My husband and I are both military, and when we moved in together, combining ALL of our items, crowded our very small apartment... and over time, adding a baby to the mix? We were OVERCROWDED with all sorts of bed linens, pillows, and clothing between us all (again, with no space). I decided that I would try Space Bags after reading many a review, especially about this one, and I have to say...

As far as not folding down into it's own tote-- it all depends on how you pack it. I folded all the clothes and blankets and stacked them in my closet ahead of time, as a part of my "Declutter project"... so I neatly piled them into the bag, up to the fill line... but I WILL say this much, I guess because it was clothing, such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, pants, t-shirts galore... (no denim) that once I vacuumed all the items, the compressed bag didn't COMPLETELY fit into the jumbo tote. I had to take it about 4-5 inches down from the fill line, which was more than a little disappointing. Nonetheless, the bag works. I've had it in my closet for over two weeks, suction hasn't broken, and the jumbo tote looks VERY nice. I was pleasantly surprised at how BIG it was. Because SO MUCH fits into a smaller, compressed bag, it's VERY heavy... and I have a back injury so I tried to slide it across the floor to the place I wanted it without my husband's help, and I DO regret that... the handle ripped a little, because it IS canvas material. I didn't think about how much these suckers would weigh whenever they've got so much in them!!

I would definitely recommend Space Bags. If you order one and it has a hole- that's the only reason it's not going to work, simply return it and get another. The great thing is that the plastic is protected inside of the canvas tote. I feel great knowing that.
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on February 27, 2015
this is the 2nd time i bought this set. It works great! I only hunt one weekend a year and after i get home and wash all my hunting clothes its so easy to put them in here folded seal it up to save space, and then next year...No packing rquired! just grab the tote and go and all my belongings are in there waiting neatly!
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on September 12, 2011
Bought these to store items on our boat when we put it away for the winter. At first I was skeptical as to how these bags would perform. I placed our bedding set, 1 king sized blanket, 4 memory foam pillows and a set of sheets in the bag. There was still plenty of room before the items reached the "fill line", so it probably would have held much more. The valve where you place the vacuum hose has an easy snap-open, snap-close feature. Once I placed the vacuum to the valve and sucked the air out I was amazed how all those items condensed into such a small space. Airtight - and the zippered, two handled outer shell is an advantage for stowing these items away. I had only purchased three for use on the boat but will most likely order three more for store at home.
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on October 26, 2007
The storage totes are much better than the plain vacuum seal bags. The canvas outer bag keeps the inner plastic bag from tearing. If you don't overfill the totes, then they vacuum down nicely. I'm very pleased with the amount of clothes that I can fit in a tote. The jumbo totes hold the equivalent of 2-3 large vacuum seal bags. I also love how well they stack in a corner. The regular vacuum seal bags are lumpy and just slide off of a pile and onto the floor. The jumbo totes are great!
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on March 31, 2012
I know it *said* it can hold 3 bedding sets but I always wonder if they mean twin-sized. Not in this case. In about 5 minutes (most of it spent folding the comforter and duvet) I got a king-sized comforter and a king-sized duvet vacuum-packed in something about the size of a medium suitcase. And there was space for at one more! It's not heavy either - these are ideal for extremely bulky items like sweaters and comforters which weigh very little. I am definitely going to buy more of these for out-of-season clothing, currently stored in huge totes in the basement.
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on January 8, 2013
I received my tote yesterday and promptly filled it. I was able to fit 2 queen size quilts, 1 twin comforter, 3 standard pillows, and two throw pillows. Once I had vacuumed out most of the air I sat on it to help compress it down. It vacuumed down into a nice shape and fit into the tote easily. It is now sitting nicely on a shelf in the closet without the threat of a blanket avalanche!

Do note that as you are zipping up the vacuum bag part to make sure you press well. When I went to fold one of the corners of the bag down in the tote I got some air leakage. All I did was press the zippers together again. Apparently I hadn't gotten a good seal on them.

My only small disappointment is that this isn't supposed to be stored above 130 F. My original plan was to put this in the attic, but I live in Oklahoma where our summers can get up to 110, so I'm pretty sure the attic gets close to that 130 mark, if not above. I'm not going to take the chance, so I'll just store it in the closet.
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